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General Information
Full Name N/A
Nicknames Vapor
Species Cybernetically/Genetically Enhanced Naquatican
Planet Trincea
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Silvery-Blue
Powers Hydrokinesis
Moisture Absorption
Bubble Shield
Underwater Breathing
Thermal Vision
Night Vision
X-Ray Vision
Advanced Strength
Advanced Durability
Advanced Agility
Advanced Reflexes
Sharpened Claws
Weaknesses Electricity
Energy Attacks

Vapor is a cybernetically and genetically enhanced Naquatican from the oceanic planet of Trincea.


Vapor is covered in a natural armor, akin to an exoskeleton. This armor is mostly a silvery-white, paired with deep red details. Lining her arms are black ports with silvery-blue centers. Rather than regular fingers, she has sharp claws. She doesn't often show her face, leaving it a mystery to most, usually having it covered in a hood-visor combination which she attaches to her exoskeleton. She has a slight hourglass feminine figure.


  • Vapor's species has hydrokinesis, allowing them to generate and manipulate water. However, Vapor's enhancements and training have given her more advanced techniques of using these powers.
    • Vapor can manipulate moisture in the air, allowing her to give herself a way to take to the skies, or to launch enemies at one another through the air.
    • Vapor can surround her fingers in water and then move her hands in a slashing motion, sending the now blade-shaped water flying at her enemies.
    • Vapor can create hydrokinetic constructs, such as making models to use as visual aids when creating plans, or creating weapons out of water.
    • Vapor can generate a bubble-like shield around herself. This shield can also be generated around enemies to either trap them or destroy them.
  • Vapor can breath underwater and swim at high speeds.
  • Vapor's visor allows her to use thermal, night, and x-ray vision.
  • Vapor's enhancements and training have heavily increased her strength, durability, agility, and reflexes, being able to catch some of the fastest creatures without much effort.
  • Vapor's claws can be sharpened at her will thanks to her enhancements.


  • Electric attacks and ice-based attacks can be used on Vapor's water to her disadvantage.
  • Vapor's ability to generate water stems from how much water she has in her body, meaning she has to rehydrate every so often, whether by simply drinking water or by swimming in a body of water.
  • Vapor's exoskeleton can be cracked, burnt, or broken by energy attacks.