Upgraded XLR8
Malware XLR8 Final Phase.png
General Information
Species 1/2 Kineceleran
1/2 Galvanic Mechamorph
Planet Kinet
Body Type Liquid Metal Velociraptor
Powers Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Jumping
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Recovery
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Dexterity
Enhanced Durability
Sharp Claws
Wall and Water Running
Wall Crawling
Prehensile Tail
Vortex Creation
Tornado Hands
Technological Possession
Speed Absorption Optic Beams
Clairvoyant Mask
Adaptable Feet
Weaknesses Electricity
Magnetic Waves
Malware's Influence
Debut TBA

Upgraded XLR8 is the Upgraded form of XLR8, fused with Malware's DNA.


In his first phase, Upgraded XLR8 just has Malware's patterns on his legs.

In his second phase, Upgraded XLR8 gains Malware's patterns on his arms.

In his third phase, Upgraded XLR8 gains Malware's patterns on his tail.

In his final phase, Upgraded XLR8 gains Malware's patterns all over his body.

In all of his forms, Upgraded XLR8 has the glowing yellow infected Omnitrix on his chest, and red eyes.


  • Upgraded XLR8 retains his original powers.
  • Upgraded XLR8's tail is able to stretch further due to his Galvanic Mechamorph phsyiology. He is also able to bypass the weakness of his tail being grabbed due to his phsyiology.
  • Upgraded XLR8 possesses some Galvanic Mechamorph powers, such as technological possession, shapeshifting, regeneration, and optic beams, the later of which is able to absorb the speed of its target, slowing it down.
  • Upgraded XLR8's physiology allows him to spin his hands at the wrists, creating mini-tornadoes.
  • Upgraded XLR8's mask is able to predict how his opponents will act, allowing him to move fast enough to dodge and counteract them.
  • Upgraded XLR8's feet are able to adapt to different terrains.


  • Upgraded XLR8 is weak to electricity and and magnetism, which will retract his Malware shell, turning him back into normal XLR8.
  • Like all Upgraded forms, Upgraded XLR8 has Malware's influence, causing him to feel doubt and increase his hostility.





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