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The Upgraded forms were a special secondary form of the Omnitrix aliens.

Concept and Creation[]

When Ben and his team were baited onto Galvan Prime by the distruction of Malware's petrified statue, a remnant of him, revived by Alpha, merged with the Omnitrix.

While merged with the Omnitrix, Malware's remnants would be merged with a transformation every once in a while. Merging with the transformation causes Ben's aliens to have more advanced versions of their powers, along with weapons made from them that they otherwise wouldn't be able to make.


Malware's remnants merging with the aliens is seemingly at random. When it happens, the Omnitrix changes from green to a glowing yellow-white like the inside of Malware's mouth, and the alien's eyes turn red. After the initial transformation is done, a red energy wave goes over a part of the alien, changing it to black and giving it Malware's red patterns. The more times Ben uses an Upgraded form of an alien, the more Malware appears on it.


The Upgraded forms acted as a catalyst for Malware regaining his power. Once Malware awokened after enough time in the Omnitrix, he started to fill Ben's head with doubt, whispering things into him. This made Ben more irritable, and thus more dangerous when using his Upgraded forms. When Ben accessed the fully Upgraded forms of his aliens, Malware had even more influence, and even began to take control sometimes.

Upgraded Forms[]


  • The Upgraded forms were inspired by Venom from the Spider-Man comics.