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The Top 10 Potential Ultimate Forms is an upcoming episode of The Top 10 Adventures.


I'm sure you all know about the Ultimate feature. And if you don't, what the fuck are you doing here??

Even so, we may as well do a basic rundown of the gimmick before getting into this. The Ultimate feature is a gimmick that artificially hyper-evolves DNA samples to their "Ultimate" forms through a simulation of a worst case scenario of their respective planets. Doing so amps up their existing abilities, reworks others, and gives new abilities that are related to the main power and typically fix the weaknesses of the base aliens.

This list will cover what I think would be the top 10 most interesting Ultimate forms to potentially see in The Alan 10 Adventures. Now, keep in mind, I'm purely using Ultimate forms of fan aliens of mine, so no one else's free use or otherwise are here. And as the title suggests, these are only potential Ultimate forms, there's no promise they will actually show up at some point.

The Top 10 Potential Ultimate Forms[]

Ultimate Chemarro[]

Starting off, we have Chemarro, a Wadienforsparo from the planet Plageste. If we want to get technical, this species has kind of already experienced a "worst case scenario." Plageste used to be called Wadien, tying into the species name. However, a plague eventually covered the entire planet, and heavily altered its inhabitants, thusly changing to Plageste. The Wadienforsparoes survived, but painfully. Exposure to the atmosphere was far too dangerous to their skins, so they developed a plague doctor/cowboy aesthetic that would protect them in the harsh new environment. More importantly, however, is the powers they gained. Wadienforsparoes can solidify their breath into bullets or liquify it for their syringes, and this has a wide variety of elemental effects, including super powerful things like gravity.

So, what does this mean for a potential Ultimate Chemarro? Well, let's start simple. His basic skills would need to improve. If you've read RWBYAdventures, you know Chemarro can be subject to his own bullets. To counter this, his Ultimate form would increase in reflexes and accuracy, while also gaining some foresight. Moving up, he would have to gain additional weaponry as well, such as grenades that can be filled with a powdered form of whatever elemental breath he gives it. Something I bet you didn't know Chemarro can't do is use his breath to increase powers, everything he does is meant to have a destructive effect on the target. Ultimate Chemarro would expand on this however. For example, if he injected someone with a lightning syringe, it wouldn't shock their system, but instead allow them to manipulate lightning themselves. This process is entirely selective with Ultimate Chemarro being able to choose if he's being destructive or helpful.

Ultimate Nuckelavinity[]

What exactly is Nuckelavinity? Well, he's a Mannullum from the planet Equepatet. Contrary to his demonic horseman appearance, Nuckelavinity actually manipulates divine energy. He calls upon heavenly powers to smite demonic beings. So what's the step up from this to an Ultimate form?

Ultimate Nuckelavinity would be an absolutely pure being. Pure mind, pure heart, pure soul. So pure, in fact, his salivatory glands make holy water. More importantly, Ultimate Nuckelavinity would ascend to a pseudo-godhood. He wouldn't necessarily be a "god" of anything or have an omnipotent power, but rather, he would become stronger the more he is revered. The true power of gods doesn't come from electric hammers or the presence of the sun, it comes from the worship they get from followers. Ultimate Nuckelavinity's divine presence would give him a massive religious following that would increase his power with each use of him, as each time would be seen as equivalent the Second Coming.

Ultimate Reverbatim[]

Reverbatim is a Tacetacean from Ad Soratio. This small, robotic, crab-like alien absorbs sound and can manipulate speech. Now, let's dive into what happens when he becomes Ultimate.

Ultimate Reverbatim would have a much higher radius for his sound absorption. So much so that if you don't find and stop him, the deafening silence will eventually drive you insane. Expanding on the speech manipulation, Ultimate Reverbatim would be able to swap voices between people. It wouldn't simply be a matter of speaking with someone else's voice, either. If you were voice swapped with someone else and tried talking, your words would come out of the other person and vice versa, essentially making the two of you ventriloquists to one another. The limit to this power is so high he could drive a whole city insane trying to figure out where everyone's real voice is supposed to be.

Ultimate Season's Greetings[]

Season's Greetings is an Aequinoctium, a mysterious race that has individuals as four individuals, from the planet Solsitium. They are mde up of four aliens that each represent the seasons: Fons represents spring, Aestas summer, Cadere autumn, and Heims winter. Each one gains powers based on those seasons, which also is dependent upon the hemisphere they're in. Ultimate Season's Greetings is a very interesting case. For starters, this Ultimate has to be collectively decided to be used (moreso an Alien X scenario needing 3/4 to decide on it), otherwise it won't work. For another, let's talk about their seasonal prowess. Each of them would increase immensely, effectively becoming god-like embodiments of their respective seasons. However, only one of them can achieve this status at a time, while the rest are just more powerful than the base form.

If you've read up on Season's Greetings, you're probably aware that each of them becomes more powerful on a certain day, whether it be one of the solstices, or one of the equinoxes. Ultimate Season's Greetings plays this up even more. Rather than one of them being more powerful for a single day of the year (out of the four possible days depending on which it is), the Ultimate form would be increased for about three months. For example, Fons would achieve the seasonal god status as of the vernal equinox, and have it until it reaches the summer solstice, wherein Aestas achieves this status, and so on. The time of this god status also allows them to evoke the powers of the zodiacs in their respective times. Fons can evoke the power of the Aries, Taurus, and Gemini; Aestas the power of the Cancer, Leo, and Virgo; Cadere the Libra, Scorpio, and Sagitarrius; Heims the Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. I've not thought out the specifics of what these powers would be, but that's the basis at least.

Ultimate 6SixSicks[]

Going into this list, I knew this one would have to show up. It was inevitable. 6SixSicks is a Hermora from the planet Bolag Mal. The Hermoras by nature are a blank slate species, having no default personality. When they interact with someone from another race, however, they will take on the opposite personality of whoever they're interacting with, which either results in an opposites attract scenario, or causes extreme conflict between the individuals. In the case of 6SixSicks, this personality slate causes him to be the opposite personality of the user. Where Alan is easy-going and only thought that killing was necessary in the case of villains, 6SixSicks was ruthlessly violent in unnecessary situations and was willing ot kill innocents.

A situation that gets brought up a lot is how would Ultimate 6SixSicks work? What are the logistics of the evolved form? Well, here you go. Ultimate 6SixSicks' personality is a coin toss. Heads, you get an over the top version of Alan's base personality. Tails? Well, if you thought eating an innocent family in the middle of the night for no reason was bad, you ain't seen shit. The reason that each possibility is so over the top is to contrast with the blank slate of the base form. The Hermoras would eventually need to get along with other races, but they will overcompensate needing to agree by being a mimic of those around them turned up to eleven.

Ultimate Mad Hatter[]

Mad Hatter is a Merciplier from the planet Morburius. While not belonging to any of the specialized playlists, he is still an extremely dangerous one, and it's all in the name. Mad Hatter comes from mad hatter disease, which is associated with mercury poisoning. Every time this transformation is accessed, the user (assuming they aren't immune to mercury before the transformation) ends up with mercury in their bloodstream, which has bad implications regarding them transforming back. This is why Alan follows up Mad Hatter with Ouroborosaurus: the latter is immune to mercury and can expel it from his system before it harms his human form.

Now, the powerset for Ultimate Mad Hatter was actually made by WTB. His suggestion was that Ultimate Mad Hatter would gain "infectious mercury." Essentially, Ultimate Mad Hatter would be able to generate a mercury that would turn the targets into mercury zombies akin to himself. He would also be able to manipulate his thermometer into a bunch of different mercury-based weapons for combat. Ultimate Mad Hatter wouldn't give the user mercury poisoning, but that doesn't really matter since you have to become the base form before becoming Ultimate.

Ultimate Ouroborosaurus[]

Following up Mad Hatter, we fittingly have Ouroborosaurus, the alien who always has to be used right after. A Mortuus Est Piscinae from the planet Sulucnumoh, Ouroborosaurus has the ability to heal others through touch, as well as heal himself, and he's immune to mercury. As established in RWBYA, he also has a pacifying aura about him so prey is easier to catch.

Now, how would Ultimate Ouroborosaurus work? Well, firstly, his pacifying aura would double as a healing aura, able to heal anyone within a radius of his choosing. He'd probably have instantaneous regeneration, something akin to the Homonculi from FMAB but even faster. If he doesn't reattach a limb he can starfish it and grow a new one, while the limb grows a new Ultimate Ouroborosaurus, effectively giving him duplication as well. And probably my favorite power of Ultimate Ouroborsaurus is his health stealing. Although he can essentially just heal through his pacifying aura, he could also "conduct" health from one person to another, such as giving the health of a normal person to someone with cancer, which would in turn give the healthy person cancer. This move is purely spiteful, and in terms of lore, was probably developed prior to the healing aura, and it just never went away.

Ultimate Rabbiture[]

Rabbiture is a Khara Gosh from Aquanavis Descendit, and is a robotic rabbit-like alien that can create portals and fire bullets from his ears. Initially, this powerset seemed limited in that he could only place portals where he can see, but this eventually was expanded to the point he could open up any secondary portal to a place he's been before in his respective timestream. Though, he still has the limit of only two portals: a black portal in one location that links up to a red portal in another.

Ultimate Rabbiture would heavily increase the amount of portals he can make, letting him go essentially anywhere. Rather than being restricted to a place he's been, he can now access places he's seen in pictures, videos, visions, etc. He could also generate different colored gel-like substances to increase his speed or let him jump higher, an obvious nod to the Repulsion and Propulsion gels from Portal 2.

Ultimate Chaotick[]

Chaotick is a Skordyrapien from the planet Stjóreiðu. As it stands, Chaotick is already a super powerful transformation, being a part of the Cataclysm playlist. He has the ability to manipulate chaos energy, which gives him prowess over wars, plagues, emotions, and natural disasters. How do we step it up from there?

Well, as it turns out, Chaotick actually has a major restriction. His powers are terrestrial. What I mean by that is despite how much power he has already, he can't affect anything in his typical powerset on a different celestial body than the one he's currently on. Ultimate Chaotick, however, lacks this restriction. This Ultimate form would have the ability to control the entire orbit of a solar system, create cosmic storms, manipulate black holes, generate solar flares, etc. Remember that whole war manipulation thing? Playing off of that, Ultimate Chaotick could create intergalactic war across galaxies at a time.

Honorable Mentions[]

Ultimate Continental Drift[]

Ultimate Continental Drift is a fun idea, but he falls short of being on the list proper because he'd be such a basic idea for an upgrade. Where regular Continental Drift can break tectonic plates, his Ultimate form would be able to shatter planets. Think the 5YL scene with Divinity except Ultimate Continental Drift would do it on his own and not need to yeet a disgustingly bad Way Big redesign through the planet to do it.

Ultimate Quantum Stone[]

Ultimate Quantum Stone would be able to make temporal illusions so that people around him can't actually see which one he's supposed to be, allowing him to catch them and fling them through time. This includes flinging them into the future, which his base form is incapable of. Fun idea, not enough to make the top list.

Ultimate Cash-A-Check[]

I mainly threw this one in as a joke. I'm not entirely sure what he could do, but I have a baseline idea. He essentially would have a universal Midas Touch. He could increase the value of anything and everything in existence to the point that it's so high, there may as well not even be a value on it at all. Though, I'm not sure how this helps in combat, really. What even is a worst case scenario for the Pupapupapupacashes? Not paying taxes?

Ultimate Decayed/Psiomnic/Omnitricks[]

Lumping these three together because it's essentially the same reasons for all three, but they should be mentioned. What would I even do with Ultimates of these guys?? They've already got nearly unlimited prowess in their fields that an Ultimate Form would just make them Infinity Stones but less interesting. But with them being such powerhouses they did need to be mentioned regardless, just to show I have no idea what they'd be like.

Ultimate Matter Trio[]

What better way to end off the list than three notorious aliens in the franchise? It's time to discuss Ultimate Antidisintegratematerialism, Ultimate Hippovacuumonstrabyssquippedaliovoidia, and of course, Ultimate Pneumaterialultratransmutationsilicovolcanoconiosis. The three of them share a common ancestor which had to adapt to Reshorizon's layout after half of it had been sucked into a black hole, thusly making the planet now Reshorizon Nigrumforaminus. In doing so, the common ancestor evolved into the Negarems, Nilirems, and Posirems, each gaining powers over a type of matter: The Negarems over antimatter, the Posirems over matter, and the Nilirems over void.

Now, I'm not just lumping them together for the hell of it or just because they're an iconic trio. I'm lumping them together because of the lore reasons as to how an Ultimate would come to be. And yes, I did mean to use a singular there. You see, with the way Ultimate forms work, it's in regards to a worst case scenario on their planet. What could be a worst case scenario for a planet that's already halfway eaten by a black hole? Well, as suprising as it may be, it'd actually be if that half was suddenly flung back onto this side of the black hole and merged with the planet. There would be absolutely devastating damage caused by the matters meeting, and the species would have to adapt to it. Instead of individually evolving, the three species would have a lot of intermingling and eventually create a fourth and final species that acts as their Ultimate form: The Trinimarems, a species capable of manipulating all three matters. The Ultimate form transformation would be called Ultirem, and can be accessed by using either of the three base form aliens.