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The Fallen
The Fallen.png
Episode information
Release date TBA
Number 4
Writer(s) Alanomaly
Previous Innocence Lost
Next To Kill an Empire
Other information
Character Debuts Alan Nomaly
Jessica Nomaly
Alien Debuts TBA

The Fallen is the fourth episode of the unnamed Richard sequel.


A flashback episode explores the mysterious disappearance, and supposed death, of Alan Nomaly.

Major Events[]

  • Alan's last moments are shown.
  • Alan Nomaly and Jessica Nietzsche make their first reappearances.


Flashback Characters[]

  • Alan Nomaly (first reappearance)
  • Jessica Nomaly (first reappaearance)
  • Alexis Dwyer

Present Characters[]

  • Richard Nomaly (cameo)


  • This episode shares its title with the fourteenth quest of the Main Storyline from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.