A New Day

[The scene opened up in Gearo's lab. Within the DNA sampling chamber was a Nemuina almost identical to Pesky Dust, but with blue eyes and a black and white dress. Gearo worked at the control console before speaking into the microphone.]

Gearo: Are you ready, Mananofy?

Mananofy: Define "ready."

Gearo: ...I don't think I will.

[Gearo activated the sampling chamber and Mananofy was briefly zapped with a white streak of electricity. Gearo curiously eyed him soon after. A screen near Gearo lit up with "DNA Sample Acquired: Nemuina."]

Gearo: Well, that went a lot better than I expected.

Mananofy: What were you expecting?

Gearo: I was expecting-

[The machine started to backfire, more white electricity blasting Mananofy who proceeded to cry out in pain.]

Gearo: ...That.

[Mananofy was consumed in a pale red flame as his body turned into a pitch black, his hands notably turning into grey bone. Gearo simply hid behind his console as Mananofy's screams echoed throughout the lab.]

[Late in the morning, Alexis stepped into the Nomaly home, taking a deep breath as she closed the door. She walked up the stairs where she met Mason in the hallway.]

Mason: Where have you been?

Alexis: I, um... Met someone.

Mason: An all-night meeting?

Alexis: Mhm. Don't tell Alan, he might get jealous.

Mason: You sure that's the best joke to make right now?

[Alexis' face dropped and she sighed.]

Alexis: Yeah. You're right. Where's he at, anyway? I didn't see the Scion outside.

Mason: He and Jessica are... trying to sort things out. With all the stressful stuff lately, they've been trying to do things for each other. Do something one of them wants, do something for the other. They left to go see Phantom of the Opera earlier.

[Alexis nodded then headed off towards her room. Mason turned to her again.]

Mason: Who'd you meet with?

Alexis: ...A Valkyrie.

[Alexis entered her room and closed the door, leaving Mason with a confused look.]

[The scene cut back to Gearo's lab. He got up from behind the console and noticed the DNA sampling chamber was broken, plumes of dust escaping from it, prompting him to groan.]

Gearo: Great. I have to fix it. Again.

[Gearo looked down at the console, seeing the Simplicitrix's core glowing green before it changed to red. He then looked back to the chamber, studying it.]

Gearo: ...Hm. Maybe my losses cut themselves for once. I don't imagine he could've survived that.

[Gearo grabbed the Simplicitrix core and left the lab. The scene panned back and revealed the boney hand of Mananofy reaching out of the smoke and landing on the floor, causing red dust to fly into the air and mix with the smoke.]

[The front door of the Nomaly house opened and closed as Alan, as Intimachi, and Jessica returned. Intimachi walked through to the kitchen, whistling a song from the musical which slowed to a stop as he turned to Alexis with a confused look.]

Alexis: ...What?

Intimachi: ...Nothing.

[Intimachi tapped his chest, becoming human and the Stabilized Simplicitrix appeared on his arm again. He continued his path to the fridge to get a water as Jessica and Devin entered the room.]

Devin: How was it?

Jessica: Pretty good, actually, especially for a first musical experience. Though, someone kept quietly singing along to every single song the entire time.

[Alan closed the door and turned to see everyone looking at him.]

Alan: ...OH, you mean me. Yeah, that'll happen for every musical.

Jessica: Didn't realize you were that passionate about it.

Alan: Are you kidding? If I didn't have this stupid alien thing going on, the world would instead know me across several musicals.

Mason: You can sing?

[Alan put on a fake offended look as he gave a joking gasp.]

Alan: ...I wanna be in the room where it happens, the room where it happens, the room where it happens. Loathing, unadulterated loathing, for your face, your voice, your clothing. I didn't wanna be a Half-Blood, I didn't ask to be a hero seaking praise, being a Half-Blood is scary and mostly gets you killed in many nasty ways.

Mason: [annoyed] Okay, I get it.

[Alan put his arm around Mason and proceeded to sing louder.]


[Mason angrily pushed Alan off of him, only for the latter to easily play it off by spinning around then stomping his right foot to the ground twice.]

Alan: Ladies and gents, this is the moment you've waited for.

Mason: Trust me, the moment I'm waiting for is the one where you shut up.

Alan: Been searching in the dark, your sweat soaking through the floor.

Mason: I get it, you can sing.

Alan: And buried in your bones, there's an ache that you can't ignore. Taking your breath, stealing your mind, and all that is real is left behi-

[Alan was cut off in surprise as he fell back, finding Mason had shot webbing onto his mouth, causing laughter from the other three. Annoyed, Alan activated Igknight's powers to melt the webbing.]

Mason: Never. Do that. Again.

Alan: Fine. Uncultured fuck.

[Alan walked out of the kitchen past Mason, but then silently approached him from behind and whispered.]

Alan: You ain't never had a friend like me.

[Mason's hair stood on end before he lunged at Alan, tackling him as the two became encased in a cartoony ball of smoke. The two fought into the living room where the smoke disappeared temporarily as Diamondhead held Mason up by his tail before the smoke came back.]

Alexis: With everything since Alan left, I was starting to miss the goofy side.

[Red Harrowing was shown trying to escape Mason's grasp.]

Devin: It came back pretty quickly, too.

[Mason tried to get at Bottom Feeder, who was holding him in place by his his forehead.]

Jessica: ...Something's gonna come around and fuck it all up.

Devin: Yep.

Alexis: Totally.

[The three left the room as Mason and Alan kept at it.]


Mason: Who the hell says "nincompoop?"


Mason: Wrong. The answer is only nincompoops say nincompoop.



[The two literally butted heads while growling.]

[Later that night, the lot of them were all sleeping in their respective rooms and beds. As Jessica slept, red dust formed around her, causing her to frown before waking up, gasping, not seeing the red dust as it disappeared. She then jumped slightly as she felt a hand on her shoulder, turning to see Alan had woken up as well.]

Alan: You alright?

Jessica: ...Y-Yeah. I'm fine.

[Alan cocked an eyebrow, noticing she obviously wasn't that fine.]

Alan: Hey. Our thing isn't just going to dances or musicals, we've gotta be better about talking to each other. So. What's wrong?

[Jessica hesitated, tears forming in her eyes.]

Jessica: It... It was him.

[Alan let out a quiet gasp, his eyes starting to shake. He then looked down at the Stabilized Simplicitrix.]

Alan: M-Maybe I could... [pulls up Pesky Dust's hologram] ...make it easier.

Jessica: No.

[Jessica put her hand on Alan's, surprising him as he looked back to her.]

Jessica: I... I want to get through it naturally. Normally[shivers at her own use of the word] Despite his use of the word, things haven't been "normal" for ages. This may not be the best thing to choose, but... I want at least something normal, again.

[Alan thought silently for a moment.]

Alan: Are you sure?

Jessica: [pauses before nodding] Yes.

[Alan smiled at her but then his face fell as he looked past her to the window.]

Jessica: What is it?

[Alan's brow furrowed, seeing red dust particles by the window.]

Alan: ...Stay here.

[Alan slowly crawled over Jessica out of the bed, getting closer to the window. Looking out, he jumped back as he was surprised by Mananofy appearing on the other side before phasing through the window. Mananofy shot out a concentrated blast of red dust, to which Alan blocked with his Stabilized Simplicitrix palm. As the dust hit his palm, it suddenly dispersed around him then concentrated again behind him, continuing its trail until it hit Jessica. Alan turned around, his face gaining a look of anger and fear as the dust put Jessica to sleep, her falling to her side on the bed. He violently turned back, seeing Mananofy was gone. Still angry, he ran to Alexis' room and forcefully woke her up.]

Alexis: Hey, hey! What's-

Alan: Keep an eye on Jessica!

Alexis: Wh-

Alan: Just keep an eye on her! I need to take care of something!

[The scene changed to outside the house as a red flash was seen in an upstairs window. The window suddenly shattered as Wildmutt jumped through it. Growling and roaring, he sniffed around before running off into the woods.]

The Nightmare

[Darkness. There was only darkness until suddenly the illuminated figure of Jessica appeared, seemingly falling further into the dark void. Her eyes filled with fear and confusion, Jessica suddenly found herself having fallen against the ground. Getting up, she saw the Nomaly house in the midst of the darkness. Heading to the front door, she opened and entered, seeing the other four friends in the living room, with Mason and Devin in their human forms.]

Mason: Oh, hey, Jess.

Jessica: Hey guys, wh-

[Jessica cut herself off as she became even more confused. She looked at Alan and Alexis, and noticed the two of them holding hands.]

Alexis: ...Jessica?

Alexis: What's wrong?

Jessica: I... I don't... [holds sides of head] I'm so confused. What's going on?

[Mananofy quickly flew through the woods, quickly dodging some trees while phasing through others. Stopping, he breathed heavily to catch her breath.]

Mananofy: [sighs] That didn't go as planned.

[The bushes ruffled near Mananofy. He turned nervously, hearing a low growl within them before Wildmutt lunged out of the bushes and tackled Mananofy, grabbing him in his mouth and swinging him around before throwing him against a tree. Mananofy held his head while looking up at Wildmutt becomign Alan, who angrily breathed heavily.]

Alan: What exactly was the plan then?!

[Mananofy looked from Alan's face to the Stabilized Simplicitrix.]

Mananofy: ...That.

Alan: Oh? Oh, you want this[holds up Stabilized Simplicitrix] This is what you want? Is that it?! [grabs Mananofy by the neck] I'll fucking give it to you! And when you have it, when you try to do whatever it is you're wanting to use it for... [leans in and whispers] You'll see what kind of monster I become.

[Mananofy gulped as he looked back at Alan. Alan looked Mananofy over, his anger changing to realization.]

Alan: ...You're... A Nemuina?

Mananofy: Was a Nemuina. Until that thing destroyed me.

[Alan looked back down at the Stabilized Simplicitrix before removing his grip on Mananofy.]

Alan: You're an... Imperfect.

Mananofy: A what?

Alan: An Imperfect. It's what I call the DNA donors.

Pride (voice): Ahem.

Alan: Aside from the Ectonurite. [sighs and turns, holding the bridge of his nose] ...It can't help you.

Mananofy: What can't help?

Alan: The Simplicitrix, it can't help. It's too busy trying to stabilize my DNA. Even if it could help, you'd still have altered DNA in some fashion. I'm sorry.

Mananofy: How do you know that?!

Alan: Because I've met other DNA donors and it wasn't able to help them. [groans] Why do you people always end up being attracted back to the device instead of the person who made it? The person who made you... this?

Mananofy: Are you insane? Do you have any idea the level of security Locuss Carceran has?

Alan: And do you have any idea the level of consequence you'll have if Jessica doesn't pull out of whatever you did to her?

Mananofy: ...That was your fault anyway.

[Alan stared daggers into Mananofy.]

Alan: I fucking beg your pardon?

Mananofy: I said, that was you-

[Using his Stabilized Simplicitrix arm, Alan hit Mananofy against a tree, almost knocking him out.]

Alan: I heard what you said. I was giving you a chance to change what you said.

Mananofy: [sitting up while groaning] I'm not wrong. When you used the Simplicitrix to block the attack, the dust recollected behind you to hit her.

[Mananofy suddenly found himself on the ground again, holding his stomach where Alan had kicked him.]

Alan: Do not pin your attack on me.

[Mananofy attempted to get up, only to get swarmed with a red light as he became paralyzed, Alan having used Clockwork's powers to freeze him in time.]

Alan: Come with me. We've got some business to attend to.

[Alan picked up Mananofy and then made his way back to the house.]

[The scene cut to the living room, where the others had moved Jessica to the couch. Alan entered through the front door and tossed Mananofy on the ground before undoing the paralysis, prompting a groan from Mananofy before he looked around, then back to Alan.]

Alan: Whatever you did, undo it.

Mananofy: ...I can't.

Mason: Can't or won't?

Mananofy: I can't! Ever since my DNA was altered, I've only been able to utilize it to a certain extent.

[The conversation was interrupted by the sound of Alan transforming, the group turning to see he had become Pesky Dust, prompting an uncomfortable look from Mananofy.]

Pesky Dust: Fine. If you won't do it, I will.

[Pesky Dust flew over to Jessica and put his hand out, generating dust that dissipated when it got close to her.]

Pesky Dust: Huh?

[Pesky Dust tried it a few more times, each not working to wake Jessica up, and then he turned angrily towards Mananofy.]

Pesky Dust: Why isn't it working?!

Mananofy: Are you some kind of idiot?

Devin: Jury's still out on that one.

Mananofy: It's not working because you're using your Nemunia form! My dust is more powerful because of the Umbra Exterreri DNA I've been merged with.

Pesky Dust: I'm sorry, the what?

Pride (voice): May I?

[Pesky Dust hit the Simplicitrix and transformed back. Alan then closed his eyes as he let Pride take over, dark markings surrounding his eyes as they changed to purple. Mananofy backed up slightly in fear.]

Mananofy: An... Ectonurite?

Pride: Correct.

Mananofy: So, instead of having your DNA mutated, you just got trapped in the device?

Pride: It has its perks.

Mananofy: Such as?

Pride: Not being a mutant, half-breed low-life like yourself, for one.

Mananofy: I could very well put you into a nightmare as well!

Pride: Wrong.

Mananofy: What?

Pride: You're incorrect.

Mananofy: How?!

Pride: The Umbra Exterreri come from Anur Espedee. In the Anur System. Which is also the location of Anur Phaetos. My homeworld. Anur species aren't affected by their nightmare powers.

Mason: Pause on the banter for a minute. What exactly is the difference between Pesky Dust and... those things?

Pride: Nemuinas essentially create illusions based on dreams and nightmares. The Umbra Extererri, however... Are a bit more deadly. The nightmares can get a lot more physical, and anything that happens inside the dream will affect the physical body in the real world.

Devin: So, all Alan has to do is turn into one of these things and get Jessica out?

Alan (voice): Sounds simple enough.

Pride: If only. [begins scrolling through the Stabilized Simplicitrix] It's a simple manner of getting into the dream. But Alan's conscioussness is his own. It's human. Once inside, he will be susceptible to the nightmare, as well. His body won't be affected in the same way, but his brain is a different story. If we do this right, however, both of us will be transported into the dreamscape. I can then use my immunity to help.

[Pride finished turning the Stabilized Simplicitrix's core as the hologram of a humanoid with a flaming head, skeletal hands, and flat feet appeared.]

Pride: There. Interactions with Mananofy probably unlocked the sample. Just... Be careful.

Alan (voice): Aw, you do care.

Pride: Do not confuse my wants for this vessel to remain intact with actual compassion for you.

Alan (voice): Whatever you say, darling.

[Pride groaned as he relinquished control back to Alan, who then studied the hologram on the Stabilized Simplicitrix before transforming. He lifted up his left hand, of which the skin retracted to reveal dark grey bones. His body was covered in a dark shadow as it thinned and elongated, then his feet lit up with a pale red flame. This red then lit up on a stripe on his chest, and then around his head, including his eyes and mouth. He lifted up his right hand, just as skeletal as the left, and the Simplicitrix appeared on a ring on his middle finger before flashing red. He stood there in his new transformation: Phantasy.]

Phantasy: Alright. Let's do this.

Alexis: Be careful.

Phantasy: I'm always careful.

Alexis: That's a fucking lie.

Phantasy: You're absolutely right.

[Phantasy put his hands out to Jessica. His body then disintegrated into pale red dust that fell over Jessica.]

Alan: Jessica, you're acting weird.

[Jessica continued her confused gaze at Alan and Alexis holding hands, the two of them soon realizing this.]

Jessica: You just... You guys never... Do that.

Alexis: ...We do it all the time, though?

Alan: That's part of dating, y'know?

[This remark further confused Jessica and also seemed to hurt her.]

Jessica: Wh- No. N-No! That's not right! 

Mason: Jessica, they've been dating for years.

Devin: Yeah, what's going on with you?

[Jessica turned around as she heard footsteps entering the room, seeing Ember behind her.]

Jessica: Ember?

[Ember simply nodded in response before she quickly ran up the stairs. Jessica looked up after her.]

Jessica: Ember!

Voice: What's going on in there?

[Jessica's eyes swelled with fear as she recognized the voice. She slowly turned to the kitchen to see Samael walking out. Samael saw Jessica then a soft smile came over his face.]

Samael: Oh, Jessica, dear. How lovely to see you again.

[Samael approached the apprehensive Jessica, quickly pulling her in for a hug and planting a kiss on her forehead.]

Samael: It just isn't normal here without you.

[Hearing his trigger word, Jessica violently pulled away, beginning to hyperventilate. The others came closer, concerned. She suddenly bolted out of the room, running up the stairs and entering a different room, closing and locking the door behind her. She slid down to the ground, putting her arms on her knees as she buried her face in them. Her voice broke as the memory of Samael replayed in her head.]

Jessica: ...What the fuck is going on...

[Alan found himself falling through the void before ungracefully landing on a black, metal mesh with papers strewn over it, a dark, gooey liquid below the metal. He groaned as he stood up, looking around to find himself in his own mind's visual representation.]

Alan: I thought we were in Jessica's dream?

Pride (voice): We are. This is what I was talking about, though. Your consciousness being affected by the dreamscape.

[Pride suddenly and effortlessly phased out of Alan, causing the latter to turn back in surprise.]

Alan: Is that part of the dreamscape, too?

Pride: Indeed. Though I'm immune to the effects of the dreamscape in regards to my consciousness, I can bypass certain laws of physics. Including this.

[Pride lifted his arms up, and the shackles on his wrists abruptly shattered, as did the ones on his upper arms. His neck and waist shackle then followed suit, and the chains on his chest crumbled. Sharp spikes then shot out from his shoulders, and his chest opened up to reveal black and purple tentacles. His arms became larger as his outer skin disappeared, revealing his inner self to have dark purple skin, and his fingers long and pointy. As the remaining skin tore off, his true face was revealed to be an upside down skeleton with a single eye.]

Alan: ...Are you sure Mananofy is the one causing the nightmares?

Pride: You hush! You're lucky to feast your eyes on such a prime Ectonurite specimen as myself!

[A sly grin came over Alan's face.]

Pride: Don't do it.

Alan: Wh-

Pride: I know what you're thinking. Don't.

Alan: I don't-

Pride: Don't.

Alan: Fine.

[The two stayed silent for a moment.]

Alan: More like Pride Ectonurite specimen.

Pride: I'm going to kill you.

[Suddenly, a blast of fire hit just before the two of them.]

Voice: You won't.

[The two looked up to see Cinder approaching, another fireball primed in her hand. Following behind were Emerald, Mercury, and Neo.]

Alan: This is my nightmare? Taking you four out was easy! I'm not scared of you.

Cinder: True. But what about them?

[A loud grunting was heard as the gigantic, lumbering Hazel jumped down to meet them. Alan's face fell as he realized what was happening. Next to Hazel landed Adam, readying his sword. The wind picked up and the stray papers swirled around in a cyclone before revealing the death-glaring Salem. Finally, there was a bird-sounding screech. Looking up, Alan's fears were fulfilled, as the sight of the deep-blue colored Kickin Hawk landed, being consumed in cyan light before looking up, revealing it to be Richard.]

Hazel: They may not be your nightmares.

Adam: But what about us?

Salem: The ones you can't forget.

Richard: And the ones you killed.


[Alan stared down the nightmare images of his once-fallen foes.]

Alan: Pride. Go.

Pride: What?

Alan: These are my nightmares. I need to take care of them.

Pride: But-

Alan: You can't be harmed by the nightmare. You're immune to the dreamscape. It'll be easiest if you try to find Jessica while I handle this.

Pride: ...Are you sure?

Alan: Go. Now.

[Pride hesitated before flying up into the air, then going back towards the ground, phasing through it and out of sight. A smirk came over Richard's face.]

Richard: That was one of the stupidest choices you could've made. Your only backup is gone now.

Alan: On the contrary, having him go search for her while I fight you was one of the smartest things I've ever done. And since I know you're all nigthmares... [primes the Stabilized Simplicitrix's core] I can kill you without remorse.

[Alan hit down on the device. In a red flash, his flesh becan to decay before his body was covered in a brown and tan overcoat. Grey pants and brown boots covered his lower body and he gained brown cloves. A strap with three red canisters appeared on his chest. Before his face could finish decaying, a white plague doctor mask formed over it with red lenses, and he bore a cowboy hat with the Simplicitrix on it which flashed red. Looking up, Chemarro eyed the villains. He pulled out his gun and twirled it around before putting it up to his mask, allowing a high pitched whistle of pressurized air sound as he filled the gun.]

[Chemarro outstretched his arm, firing off a bullet that created a deep indigo colored explosion, causing all the villains to fly up into the air and remain there. He fired another of the same bullets underneath him, causing himself to fly into the air, then fired off a third bullet behind him, propelling him forward and kicking Neo back down to the ground. Chemarro went to follow her, but found himself suspended before being thrown into the ground by an unseen force, then pulled back into the air and into the clutches of Negative Gravattack.]

[Negative Gravattack's smirk left when Chemarro, in another red flash, swithced over to the large and purple Quaker Waker. Quaker Waker's back spires stretched out and around Negative Gravattack's arms, violently vibrating and causing the two to fall to the ground, Negative Gravattack badly damaged. Quaker Waker stood, then heard the roar of Hazel. He turned to see Hazel injecting his own arms with lightning Dust. Hazel then rushed Quaker Waker, throwing a punch that didn't land as another red flash was seen. Hazel looked around confused, before turning around completely to see the small, snake-like Charade on the ground behind him. Angered, Hazel fired off blasts of lightning at Charade, who dodged each one before spinning around in a circle and growing much larger, becoming a form more akin to a Chinese dragon.]

[Hazel jumped up, charging his fists with electricity as he went to hit Charade, who simply swatted him away with his tail, knocking him far off into the deep sludge. Bullets suddenly fired off at Charade, who turned to see Mercury kicking in his direction with his boots firing bullets at him. Mercury fired one at the ground to jump into the air towards Charade. Charade blasted fire at Mercury, who proceeded to block with his legs. The fire burned away the majority of Mercury's pants, revealing his metal legs keeping him from being harmed as he landed on Charade's face and fired point blank, bouncing off of the harmed dragon.]

[Flying up in the air, Mercury turned as he reached the peak of his upward climb, then shot back down, only to be grabbed mid-air by the red-armored TenTen flying up to meet him. TenTen twirled Mercury around before flinging him towards the ground. A compartment on TenTen's arm opened and several rockets flew out, hitting Mercury dead-on. TenTen found himself pushed back by a blast of fire against his chest. He looked and saw Cinder flying up to meet him, her eye lit up with the power of the Fall Maiden.]

[TenTen and Cinder rushed each other, the latter finding herself hitting the ground as yellow elecitricity flashed over her body. She groaned and sat up, seeing the blurry, staticy figure of the small, black and yellow Black Lightning in front of her. Cinder scowled and activated her Maiden powers again, floating into the air using wind. Vibrating in place, Black Lightning shot off to his right, running around in a circle around Cinder's cyclone. The more Black Lightning ran around, the faster he became, and the more elecricity he generated. Cinder increased her power, attempting to blast away the rodent. However, the sound of thunder caused her to turn, her anger changing to worry as she saw the red glow of eyes and a Simplicitrix symbol in the clouds around her. Cinder's wind and Black Lightning's electricity were absorbed into the cloud and she was struck down to the ground, tumbling to the side with heavy scar marks.]

[The cloud, revealing itself to be the living tornado Stormform, looked off ot see Emerald aiming her weapons at him. Stormform's lightning hand reached up and touched the Simplicitrix, changing into the green and thin Czechmate. Emerald began firing at Czechmate, who dodged each blast before spinning around and roundhouse kicking the air, kicking dwon the real Emerald near him, revealing the other to be an illusion. Laying on the ground, Emerald quickly grabbed up her weapon and pointed it at Czechmate who kicked it into the air out of her hand. Czechmate smiled down at her before moving his head slightly to the side, letting her weapon come back down and the blade end land right in her chest.]

[Czechmate dodged another attack as he turned his head to see Neo having got back up, slashing her blade-wielding parasol at him, the alien dodging each attack. Czechmate jumped up, attempting to knock Neo down from above but ended up landing on the umbrella as she opened it up. Neo forced him back, with Czechmate using the force to his advantage by jumping towards a tower of books. He began climbing, with Neo following. As Czechmate got higher, books fell off towards Neo who blocked them with her umbrella. Reaching the top, Czechmate jumped up and did cartwheels in the air. Neo eached the top as well, and opened her umbrella. Suddenly, the wind picked up and Neo was swept away, only to be abruptly stopped as she turned to see Czechmate having grabbed the umbrella. Czechmate then flung Neo back to the ground, knocking her out as she tumbled. Czechmate jumped down and smugly smiled down at her before dropping the umbrella.]

[Czechmate's smile left suddenly. Footsteps were heard quickly approaching. Czechmate speedily spun around and transformed into the metallic, bug-like Rustic, using his arm to block the blade of Adam Taurus. Rustic forced Adam back, then changed into the mustard-colored Blisteroo. Blisteroo jumped and kicked at Adam, a fiery aura forming over his foot as it came in contact with Adam's blade. Blisteroo kept attempting to hit Adam, each of his kicks, punches, and tail whips infused with fire, only for Adam to block each blow. Adam then kicked Blisteroo and jumped over him, landing and gripping the hilt of his sheathed sword. Blisteroo gathered himself, turning to Adam. Alan grinned, and his hair, along with the red of his mask, outfit, and sword, vibrantly glowed as he unsheathed the blade and sent out a rapid wave of energy towards Blisteroo.]

[Blisteroo narrowly dodged the energy blast, with it managing to singe the fur on the end of his tail. Catching Adam off guard in his dodge, Blisteroo landed a fiery kick to Adam's chest, knocking him back and causing him to drop his sword. Adam sat up, his mask gone and his SDC scar on his eye revealled. He looked at Blisteroo from afar. Angrily, Blisteroo charged up his whole body with flames. Blisteroo began walking to Adam, which changed to a run, then to hopping, then sprinting on all fours, then finally him cartwheeling into a fiery ball towards Adam, blasting him far and away into the dark sludge. Blisteroo changed back to Alan, breathing heavily before turning around to face Salem.]

Salem: Quite impressive. But how do you intend on continuing your victory?

Alan: ...If that dickhead with the cyan watch can defeat you... Then so can I.

[Gathering his remaining strength and energy, Alan hit the core of the Stabilized Simplicitrix. Alan was split into four of himself, each with a different color aura surrounding them: green, yellow, red, and blue. Each of the four became smaller in size, and their body type changed to be a bit pudgier, with the yellow and blue becoming more feminine. The green-aura'd Alan gained pale green skin, and his hair changed into a flower atop his head. Blades of grass grew over his body, as well as a colorful, floral necklace that bore the Simplicitrix. His eyes opened, being green.]

[The yellow-aura'd Alan gained pale yellow skin and orange hair. Her outfit changed into a pale blue dress with sun and cloud patterns, as well as brown sandals and a blue wristband that held the Simplicitrix. Her eyes opened, being yellow.]

[The red-aura'd Alan gained pale red skin, and his naturally colored brown hair. His outfit changed to a brown shirt with fingerless black gloves, dark grey overalls, black boots, and a red hood. The Simplicitrix appeared on the pocket of his overalls. His eyes opened, being red.]

[The blue-aura'd Alan gained pale blue skin, and white hair. She gained a blue jacket, indigo pants, black boots, and teal gloves. She wore a scarf with pale cyan, blue, and purple stripes, as well as a black top hat with a blue stripe and the Simplicitrix on it. Her eyes opened, being blue.]

[Salem stared at the four, small aliens, collectively known as Season's Greetings, quite unamused.]

Salem: That's how you intend to defeat me?

[The green Season's Greetings clapped his hands together, causing several tree roots to sprout out of the horrific sludge and wrap around Salem, and a storm cloud formed above her.]

Season's Greetings (Fons): SPRING!

[The others followed suit in the clapping.]

Season's Greetings (Aestas): SUMMER!

Season's Greetings (Cadere): AUTUMN!

Season's Greetings (Heims): WINTER!

[Aestas spawned intense heat that burned Salem's pale skin, causing an additional stinging sensation when contrasted with the pre-existing rain. Cadere manipulated the wind around the rain, ensuring it would constantly be swirling around and hitting Salem. Heims manipulated the clouds, causing hail and sleet to form within it alongside the rain, using them as ice projectiles against the witch.]

Salem: You REALLY think that mere discomfort will hurt me?!

Season's Greetings (Aestas): That was just us warming up!

[Each member of Season's Greetings formed an energy ball of their respective color within their hands. All four of them simultaneously launched their magic orbs at Salem, and in a colorful flash, their weather manipulation disappeared along with her. Season's Greetings flashed red before becoming human. Alan looked to the side, seeing Richard sitting there, watching.]

Richard: Shall we settle this?

Alan: Gladly.

[Jessica sat in her room, the door locked still. A knock came, startling her.]

Alan: Jessica? Are you alright? You're not really acting nor-


Alan: ...Like yourself.

Jessica: ME?!

[Jessica went to the door and swung it open, much to the surprise of Alan.]


[A third voice spoke up after approaching.]

Samael: Jessica, please-

Jessica: You get the fuck away from me.

Samael: Dear-

Jessica: I said get the fuck away.

Samael: B-


[Jessica pushed Samael back as he tried to get closer, causing him to tumble down the stairs. The sound of his neck snapping as he hit the floor echoed throughout the house. Alan stared in shock before slowly turning to Jessica.]

Alan: J-Jessica?

[Jessica was silent, staring down at Samael in a mix of shock and fear. She ran down the stairs, and attempted to get past his body, only for her to trip over it and fall. Jessica turned to get up, seeing the others enter in confusion, and Ember frozen at the sight of her dead father. Still speechless, Jessica managed to stand up and run out the front door of the house, getting the equivalent to a block away within the dreamscape where she collapsed to her knees, tearing up.]

Jessica: I... I don't... I-I... I don't under... I want this to stop...

Pride (voice): Jessica.

[Jessica looked around, startled by the voice. She looked around before seeing Pride's eye glowing in the darkness.]

Jessica: Oh, no. Not you, too.

Pride: This is quite unorthodox, I know, but... trust me. I'm not part of this nightmare.

Jessica: "Nightmare?"

Pride: That's what's happening. You're in a nightmare enduced by an Umbr- ...An alien.

Jessica: Like Pesky Dust?

Pride: Worse.

Jessica: ...Come out, then, if you're not a part of it.

Pride: I am out. I'm just invisible aside from my eye because the form I've taken may frighten you even more.

Jessica: Please. Please, Pride. If that's actually you, and you want me to trust you. Show me.

[Pride waited a moment before sighing.]

Pride: Idiot.

[Pride became visible, showing off his true form. Jessica stared at him for a moment before sighing with relief.]

Jessica: Thank fuck.

Pride: What?

Jessica: You said this is a nightmare? Nightmares are fears, but... I never imagined you looking like this, and I've never really been that scared of you. So... You are real.

Pride: ...Okay, maybe not so much of an idiot. Now, let's-

Alan: Jessica?

[Pride and Jessica turned to see Alan had followed Jessica outside.]

Pride: Don't listen to that one. That's the Nightmare Alan. We need to go and find the real one.

Nightmare Alan: She's not going anywhere.

[Nightmare Alan primed the Simplicitrix, readying himself. Sighing, Pride readied himself as well.]

Tears, Regrets, Anxieties

[The Apocrypha-themed environment became twisted and distorted, chunks of rocks shooting out of the ground with lightning forming out of nothing from the sky. The chaotic ensemble of attacks was orchestrated by a green humanoid rhino with several cyan Simplicitrixes across his body: Negative Reality Check. The loud honking of a horn was heard as a red, brown, tan, and grey truck with bright red highlights, as well as the Simplicitrix symbol on its grill, shot through the anarchic scene, ramming into Negative Reality Check before changing into his humanoid form to skid to a halt: Ten Wheeler.]

Ten Wheeler: You've been hit by, you've been struck by, truck.

[Ten Wheeler turned to see a flash of cyan light, seeing Negative Reality Check having transformed into the small, orange, glowing Negative Digi-Crisis. Negative Digi-Crisis lunged at Ten Wheeler, merging with him and causing his red parts to glow orange, with orange electricity going over him. There was an orange explosion and Alan was flung forward while the metal bits of Ten Wheeler stayed. He groaned then turned to see Negative Lodestar manipulating the remains into a mass of explosives before changing into the heavyset, pompadour-bearing Negative Decagon Vreedle.]

Negative Decagon Vreedle: Time to go boom!

[Negative Decagon Vreedle activated a button on one of the explosives and all of them went flying at Alan before creating a massive explosion. When the smoke cleared, Negative Decagon Vreedle was revealed to have a smirk, which quickly faded.]

Negative Decagon Vreedle: Huh?

[In the midst of the explosion, Alan had transformed, being completely unharmed by having become the small, purple, and dense Heavyweight.]

Heavyweight: Interesting party trick you had there.

[Negative Decagon Vreedle groaned in frustration, striking the Negative Simplicitrix to transform into Negative NRG. His grates glowed with purple radiation, before he launched several radioactive beams toward Heavyweight, who entirely withstood the attacks through redirecting his body’s own density to become virtually intangible. Walking through Negative NRG’s beams like they were nothing, Negative NRG gawked and changed into Negative Armodrillo, releasing violent earthquakes that immobilized Heavyweight.]

Negative Armodrillo: No matter what you do, what alien you transform into, what special powers you pull out of your ass, you’re NEVER best me, Alan! Your attempts only just prolong the inevitable, and all your ego can do is DENY it!

Heavyweight: HOW exactly do they prolong the inevitable?! You’re fucking DEAD, BITCH!

[In retaliation, Heavyweight managed to break free of Negative Armodrillo’s earthquakes, quickly changing into Spitter and spraying a stream of acidic bile from his mouth that corroded straight through Negative Armodrillo, sending him sprawling back in pain. Sprinting forward, Negative Armodrillo was blinded by a flash of red light, and once it was cleared, was violently struck straight in the face by Puncherbot, his pressurized strike cracking his helmet.]

Negative Armodrillo: YOU SON OF A-

[Blasting Puncherbot off with a sudden transformation into Negative Water Hazard, he temporarily stunned his robotic systems with the scalding temperatures of his water blasts, giving him the time to again transform in a cyan flash, this time into the gargantuan Negative Lavalamp. With the gurgling of molten bubbles, Negative Lavalamp launched streams of magma from the volcano on his back down on Puncherbot, burying him under the molten rock and seemingly destroying him.]

Negative Lavalamp: Like I said… I’ll never be bested by you, brother.

[Seemingly staring down for any further movements, Negative Lavalamp remained still for several moments, before starting to turn away, only to be suddenly tripped and sent crashing to the ground by a strange tail slithering against the ground. Recoiling back to its source of the massive puddle of magma, a massive rocky humanoid begins to rise, completely unaffected by the molten rock clinging to them, purely because of the fact they themselves had become an even hotter transformation: Ultimate Heatblast.]

Negative Lavalamp: HOW?!

Ultimate Heatblast: You must be starting to regret giving me this feature right about now, huh?

Negative Lavalamp: [getting back up] I can say for a fact, that I may have had a contingency at that moment, brother.

Ultimate Heatblast: You’re so cocky in thinking I can’t beat you that you haven’t even considered the possibility that the reason why is because you aren’t seeing me at my best.

Negative Lavalamp: Perhaps.

Ultimate Heatblast: If you haven’t taken the hint… [fists light on fire] ...I’m ready to end this.

[Not even responding to him, Negative Lavalamp instantly raised one of his rocky hands to strike the Negative Simplicitrix symbol on the front of his volcano with an open palm, rapidly growing in size and becoming the towering Negative Way Big. Ultimate Heatblast looked up toward him in shock at his sudden size difference, and with his pyrokinetic propulsion, sent himself flying backwards to avoid Negative Way Big attempting to immediately step on him.]

[Extending out his fiery whips, Ultimate Heatblast shot them out and rapidly wrapped them around Negative Way Big’s vulnerable ankle, using his pyrokinetic propulsion to again push himself back in an attempt to send Negative Way Big crashing to the ground, although Negative Way Big’s superior strength allowed him to simply just pull his partially-entangled foot back in response, sending Ultimate Heatblast flying forward and smashing into the ground just several feet behind Negative Way Big.]

Ultimate Heatblast: You think THAT can-?!

[Before Ultimate Heatblast can even finish his sentence, Negative Way Big whips around and swings his leg to send his foot flying into Ultimate Heatblast, kicking and sending him literally flying through the air, eventually smashing into the ground several meters away, and going straight through several structures in the process. Negative Way Big lowered his foot, awaiting for him to get back up, as a red flash suddenly emitted from where the reverted Alan laid amongst rubble.]

Negative Way Big: [smirking] ...Yes, I think it can.

Pride: She doesn't belong here.

Nightmare Alan: This is her home now. She'll be coming with me.

Pride: No. I don't think she will.

[Pride shot out his chest tentacles, attempting to keep Nightmare Alan from transforming, but was just a tad too slow as his tentacles instead wrapped around the arms of Nightmare Gutrot. Nightmare Gutrot shot out a brown gas from his body, prompting Pride to pull back and cough. Pride then flew up then tried to fly into the ground, but ended up bashing his head then reeling in pain, getting a laugh from Nightmare Gutrot.]

Nightmare Gutrot: This is the transformation Jessica's most familiar with. You think she hasn't thought up interesting ways he could use his powers? Like, say, a gas that nullifies intangibility?

[Nightmare Gutrot turned to the sound of Jessica coming at him, but grabbed her arm to keep her from striking him.]

Nightmare Gutrot: Or, even better... Fear gas.

[Nightmare Gutrot put out his arm and shot out a gas right in Jessica's face, causing her to cough as she backed away. Everything around her distorted into darkness. Looking around in fear, she heard a mechanical stepping behind her. Slowly turning, she was met with the sudden appearance of The Bat from Tacopolis. Negative Gutrot watched Jessica flail around horrified, believing herself to be terrorized when in reality there was nothing around her. He turned around when he heard Pride groaning whilst getting up.]

Pride: That doesn't make sense. How am I- AGGGGHHHH!

[Pride was suddenly hit with the blaring pain of Nightmare Echo-Echo's sonic waves blasting him. Nightmare Echo-Echo duplicated, surrounding Pride in his echo chamber. Still crying out in pain. Pride shot out one of his tentacles out and grabbed a Nightmare Echo-Echo clone by the leg, swinging him around and knocking out the other clones. He flung the one in his grap through the air, only for the clone to hit the Simplicitrix and transform into Nightmare Ultimate Echo-Echo, with his clones converting into sonic disks. He landed on the ground, but before he could command his disks, Pride rushed him, entering his body before flinging him around in the air then throwing him against a tree while escaping him. Picking himself back up, Nightmare Ultimate Echo-Echo tapped the Simplicitrix again, changing into Nightmare Terraspin. Changing his limbs into their fanblade form, he began spinning his body around to generate a cyclone. Pride evaded the wind before passing Jessica, the wind causing the nightmare gas to disappear and her to come to.]

Nightmare Terraspin: Shit.

Jessica: Wh-What just happened?

[Pride floated in front of Jessica as Nightmare Terraspin returned to his normal stance.]

Nightmare Terraspin: Fine. If I can't stop you... [hits the Simplicitrix to become human] ...then I'll stop the other one.

[Nightmare Alan disappeared in a cloud of red dust. Jessica looked at a now worried Pride.]

Jessica: What does that mean? Where's he going?

Pride: Oh no. He's going after the real Alan. We need to move.

[Pride merged with Jessica, prompting an awkward expression in response.]

Jessica: Nope, don't like that.

[While merged with Jessica, Pride made the two of them intangible then phased through the ground.]

[Negative Way Big plunged his fist towards Alan, only for there to be a bright red flash of light, followed by a large and scaly black hand grabbing the fist before it could hit him. Negative Way Big looked surprised before being punched away, then looked back to see Mongilla before him.]

Negative Way Big: This again? Aren't you tired of the same trick over and over?

[Negative Way Big went to cross his arms at the wrist, but was hit by a whack from Mongilla's tail. Mongilla's spinal plates began to glow purple before he shot out a toxic beam at Negative Way Big, who proceeded to block it with his arm blade, then charged up cyan cosmic energy in his other hand, resulting in an uppercut to Mongilla. Mongilla responded with a low growl before swiping his tail against Negative Way Big's headfin, sending a wave of cyan energy over his body that paralyzed him. With his opponent stuck, Mongilla slowly charged up another toxic beam, which he held in his mouth for a moment before oppening it up, letting out his most powerful attack yet that sent Negative Way Big flying off into the distance before falling and drowning in the black sludge below. Huffing, Mongilla transformed back to human, and cracked his neck.]

Alan: That wasn't so difficu- [eyes dart around as he turns around in a fighting stance] ...Who's there?

[Alan cautiously stepped forward, feeling something was off. As he walked, red dust manifested behind him in the form of a smirking Nightmare Alan.]

Nightmare Alan: Boo.

[Screaming, Alan rushed forward and turned around surprised, then became confused.]

Nightmare Alan: Hm. Too easy.

Alan: Seriously? We're really gonna do the "true fear is-"

Nightmare Alan: "-True fear is the person themselves," trope? Yes. Heh. [leans in] You're not the only one who can break the fourth wall here. [winks at the audience]

Alan: What the fuck are you doing here?

Nightmare Alan: Oh, I just got done terrorizing your friends. The ghost and the so-called girlfriend.

Alan: She is my girlfriend.

Nightmare Alan: Is she, now?

Alan: I'm not fucking letting you mess with me.

Nightmare Alan: I don't believe you've much of a choice.

Alan: ...Leave me alone.

Nightmare Alan: I don't think I will.

[Nightmare Alan decked Alan with the use of his Simplicitrix hand.]

Nightmare Alan: I suppose she does care, after all, her nightmare was you being with someone else. But we both know she deserves better.

Alan: Shut up.

Nightmare Alan: What, with the killings and running away, and secrecy, it's no surprise she's been questioning it for a while.

Alan: I said shut up!

Nightmare Alan: I'd even go as far as to say part of her enjoyed what Samael did.

[Alan violently got back up, some blood coming from his nose and a few tears in his eyes.]

Alan: SHUT. THE FUCK. UP'''''.

[Alan went to throw a punch at Nightmare Alan, who easily dodged the hit whilst grabbing Alan's arm, flipping him over and back onto the ground, the sound of a few bones breaking.]

Nightmare Alan: Pride was right. You choose to ignore your issues and tell people to shut up when they're mentioned. It's pathetic. [looks at Alan's Stabilized Simplicitrix] The Alan Nomaly they knew, the one you're trying to be, was gone a long time ago. We both know the truth: The real Alan Nomaly is that monster. Why don't you just go ahead... and embrace it?

[Nightmare Alan turned to red dust again, disappearing from the scene. The reverse sound of breaking bones was heard as Alan sat himself back up, using Ouroborosaurus' powers to heal himself. He sat there in silence for a moment.]

Alan: ...You're right.

[Alan reached his hand over to the Stabilized Simplicitrix, hitting the core and causing it to decouple from his arm, falling to the ground next to him.]

Alan: You're right.

The Awakening

[The Pride-merged Jessica appeared from the ground, with Pride leaving her body as soon as they arrived in the Apocrypha-based world. Jessica looked around confused as Pride started on his way.]

Jessica: Where are we?

Pride: Alan's subconscious. Your dreamscapes merged to some extent when he entered the nightmare.

[Pride floated forward and Jessica followed, but stopped when she almost tripped on something which made a metallic sound as she hit it. Looking down, her eyes quivered.]

Jessica: P-Pride?

[Pride turned back and followed her gaze, his own eye narrowing. Jessica reached down and lifted the object, revealing it to be the Stabilized Simplicitrix.]

Jessica: A-Any chance this belongs to the other Alan?

[Before Pride could answer, the sky was lit up by a gigantic plume of fire from somewhere else in Alan's dreamscape.]

Pride: I'm afraid that's wishful thinking.

[The two of them took off in the direction of the fire plume. As the flames died down, the two found Alan in the form of Gravattastic, with what appeared to be acidic tears coming from his many eyes.]

Jessica: Alan?

[Gravattastic spun around, putting his hand out and activating Indombrittable's holy light, which caused Pride to have to retreat to the shadows. Gravattastic hesitated before keeping his guard up.]

Jessica: A-Alan, it's me-

Gravattastic: How the hell do I know you're not part of the nightmare, too?!

Jessica: Wh-What?

Gravattastic: How do I know the nightmare isn't trying to use you against me?! It's already used everyone else!

Jessica: Alan-

[Jessica went to take a step forward but was cut off by Gravattastic shooting a Chromastone blast just before her feet.]

Gravattastic: Don't fucking come closer!

Pride: ALAN!

[Gravattastic turned, seeing Pride coming out with his second skin back on to protect him from the Indombrittable light.]

Pride: You need to calm down.

[After essentially just having a stand off with the two of them, Gravattastic lowered his arm and turned away, sitting with his back to them.]

Gravattastic: Get her out.

Pride: I can't do that without you.

Gravattastic: Then fucking find a way. She needs someone that can actually protect her. Not... me.

[Pride looked visibly uncomfortable, not entirely sure how to continue. Jessica looked at the ground solemnly, her expression slowly turning into a scowl.]

Jessica: (whispering) ...Fuck you.

[Gravattastic seemed unphased but Pride looked over to her. Her breathing increased as she looked up at Gravattastic, her expression now full of rage.]

Jessica: FUCK YOU!

[A blue light flashed over Jessica as her Deadpool suit appeared, along with her already wielding its katanas.]

Pride: Jessica-

[Jessica got a running start then jumped, slashing her katanas at Gravattastic's back, which of course did nothing. She jumped over him and sliced at his arms, growing angrier the more he appeared unphased. Jessica slashed a katana at his core, but it was grabbed by his Blisteroo arm, which proceeded to heat up and break the sword. Screaming in frustration, she thrust the other sword to his face, but it went right into one of the glowing red Decayed veins, resulting in it aging to dust. With her swords gone, but still determined to hurt him, she went to punch him, only to be pulled away by Pride.]

Pride: Enough with the melodramatic theatrics! You two are pathetic! [sets down Jessica and turns to Gravattastic] If I didn't know better, I'd call you the prideful one! Every time someone has a problem, you just have to make it about yourself! Whether it's you needing to "save the day," or you actually being the "victim" of something! And you! [turns to Jessica] You've obviously got several pent up anger issues! As justified as some of them are, do you really think hurting someone trying to do what he thinks is best is the right course of action?


Gravattastic: Didn't Hitmas? Hagan? ...Richard?

[Jessica fell silent, as did the whole area.]

Pride: ...You two need serious therapy.

[Jessica kicked the ground in frustration, ignoring Pride's comment.]


Gravattastic: I'm not right. That's why I haven't done what you want. It's not right.


[Jessica cut herself off before she could say the word, her hands shaking as she collapsed to her knees. Pride eyed her.]

Pride: Correct me if I'm wrong, but you did say that's how you wanted to go about it. Jessica: I... I just... I don't have a choice....Not when he refuses to help the way I need it...

[The area fell silent again. Pride looked between the two, then saw the Stabilized Simplicitrix. He reached a tentacle out to grab it, then brought it close to Gravattastic.]

Pride: Do it.

Gravattastic: That's not my place.

Pride: Shut the fuck up and do it. Do you sincerely believe that getting your god complex in check is more important than making sure your signifcant other is okay.

Gravattastic: As if you'd know anything about that, "Pride."

[Once again the area fell silent for a few moments, Pride clenching his fist before speaking up.]

Pride: I was born knowing my destiny as the Sin Alien of Pride. Or I suppose, fate is a better word to use than destiny. I tried to avoid it. I guess in a way I was fulfilling it regardless; it's quite egotistical to believe you can overcome the universe's plans. In any case, I... I had a family, for a time. A lover and a few children. But the Anur System is riddled with anarchy. They were... taken from me. That era of my life filled me with regrets. I'm not even entirely sure if I truly loved them, or if it was solely me trying to spite the universe. But if I didn't... If I didn't put myself that far forward, perhaps she'd still be here, and the children we had could've been had with someone a more worthy father.

[Jessica and Gravattastic exchanged glances.]

Jessica: Pride...

Gravattastic: I-I'm-

Pride: I don't need your fucking pity! I need you to understand. This is not a road you want to travel. Even now, my attempts to spite the universe have proven to be in vein. I thought sampling myself for the Simplicitrix would allow at least some version of me to do better than what I myself was fated for. Instead, I ended up wrapping five earthlings into it. You need to be better than me, Alan. Especially since you've become a part of this. I understand your hesitation, Alan, but if you don't use your powers when you need to, then you'll lose everyone close to you.

[After a moment of silent thinking, Gravattastic reached for the Stabilized Simplicitrix, immediately transforming back into Alan with the device once again on his wrist. He looked to Jessica.]

Alan: Just this once.

[Jessica exhaled with unfathomable relief, tears forming in her eyes. Alan sighed, reluctantly activating his device, and pressing down on Omnitricks' hologram.]

[With a loud gasp, Jessica woke up from the nightmare, startling everyone else in the room. As she sat up, red dust manifested around her before forming into Phantasy standing beside the couch, who then proceeded to revert to Alan, facing away from Jessica with a disheartened look. Alexis ran over and hugged Jessica tightly.]

Alexis: Are you okay?

Jessica: I-I think so. At least, I am now. [turns to Alan with a smile] Thanks, babe.

[Alan took a moment to force the most natural-looking smile he could before turning back to her.]

Alan: It's my job, isn't it?

[Jessica reciprocated the smile, albeit genuinely, as Alexis pulled away from the hug.]

Alexis: What happened?

Jessica: It was.... A pretty bad nightmare. I think. There's a bit I don't remember.

[Alan looked away, regaining his uncomfortable look.]

Alexis: Well, you're back now. That's what's important.

[Jessica nodded and Alexis helped her to her feet. As she got up, Jessica put her hand to her mouth.]

Alexis: What?

Jessica: ...I don't feel good.

[Jessica stumbled some, with Alexis helping her keep her balance as the two made it to the bathroom. Mason noticed Alan's expression.]

Mason: What's up with you?

[Alan remained quiet. The bathroom door could be heard closing and Alexis came back, sensing some of the tension in the room.]

Alan: ...I had to erase some of her memory.

Devin: You did what?

Alexis: I thought you weren't going to do that!

Alan: I wasn't! And I'm not going to do something like that again! But this... This has been killing her. So, against my wishes, convinced by her and Pride... I erased all her memories of Samael. She doesn't remember meeting him. She doesn't remember the manipulation. And she doesn't remember the r-... The r-... Ra-....

[Alan clenched his fist when trying to say the word. Seeing he was about to have an emotional outburst with one of his powers, Alexis ran over and place a hand on his arm, using her powers to calm him down. He took a deep breath, pulling her in for a quick hug.]

Alan: Someone's gonna have to let Ember and Finn know. We don't want them to bring him up without knowing she doesn't remember.

Devin: Are you gonna handle that?

Alan: If no one else does. For now, though... [cracks neck] I'm going to go cook something to relieve stress. [begins walking out of the living room to the kitchen] I'mma make a blooming onion if anyone wants some.

Mananofy: I'd love some!

Alan: Get the fuck out of my house.

[The scene changed to the night sky before panning down. Jessica was seen sitting on a chair on a balcony of the house, staring up at the stars while getting some fresh air. Inside a ways, Alan stood staring out at her. He took out his phone while taking a deep breath, and began making his way to the balcony. When he got there, he placed his phone down on a small table, having it start to play music as he cleared his throat.']

Alan: No more talk of darkness...

[Jessica didn't respond.]

Alan: Forget these wide eyed fears. I'm here, nothing can harm you. My words will warm and calm you....

[Alan stepped forward just a tad, hoping for some response.]

Alan: Let me be your freedom, let daylight dry your tears. I'm here, with you, beside you, to guard you and to guide you...

[Alan stopped, and turned away to walk back inside when he got no response.]

Jessica: Say you'll love me every waking moment. Turn my head with talk of summertime. Say you'll need me with you now and always. Promise me that all you say is true.

[Alan turned back a bit surprised, seeing Jessica having stood up from her chair to face him.]

Jessica: That's all I ask of you.

[The two approached each other and began dancing as they continued singing.]

Alan: Let me be your shelter, let me be your light. You're safe, no one will find you. Your fears are fare behind you!

Jessica: All I want is freedom! A world with no more night! And you, always beside me, to hold me and to hide me!

Alan: Then say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime! Let me lead you from your solitude. Say you'll need me with you here beside you. Anywhere you go, let me go, too... Jessica, that's all I ask of you.

[Jessica finally put on a smile.]

Alan/Jessica: Say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime! Say the word and I will follow you! Share each day with me, each light, each morning.

Jessica: Say you love me.

Alan: You know I do...

Jessica: Love me, that's all I ask of you...

[Alan twirled and dipped Jessica before bringing her back up to face him.]

Alan/Jessica: Anywhere you'll go, let me go, too! Love me, that's all I ask of you...

[The two shared a kiss. However, it was pretty short lived as they were interupted by the sounds of clapping and condescending "Aww"s. They turned to see Alexis, Devin, and Mason standing at the doorway.]

Alan: What the fuck are you doing here?

Mason: ...We live here?

Devin: Also, you left the door open when you started your little musical number.

Jessica: You guys are interrupting something, y'know?

Alan: Trust me. They know. That's why they're doing it.

[Jessica rolled her eyes then sniffed a bit, looking confused.]

Jessica: Is that... blooming onion?

Alan: Yeah, I... May or may not have made some on a whim.

Jessica: ...I'm gonna get some. You coming with?

Alan: I've had enough, trust me. I'll stay out here for a bit.

[Jessica nodded then headed inside with the others, closing the door behind her. Alan turned to the edge of the balcony, leaning on the railing as he looked uncomfortable with his decision earlier again.]

Alan: ...Pride?

Pride (voice): Hm?

Alan: If it's alright... Your wife. What was her name?

[The voice in his head fell silent.]

Alan: I-It's alright if you don't... Want to talk about it. I just-

Pride (voice): Harmony. Her name was Harmony.

Alan: [smiles contently] Harmony. I like that.

Pride (voice): You remind me of her.

Alan: Is that why you've stuck around?

Pride (voice): I've suck around because I have no choice. I'm bound to that device on your wrist. I keep you in check because you remind me of her. When the Ectonurite DNA sample was unlocked and I regained consciousness, I was hesitant to allow a chance to connect with the Simplicitrix's user. Twice, I tried to defy the universe, and twice, I failed. My immediate actions dealt with the prophecy of the Sin Aliens.

Alan: Why haven't you tried to go back again?

Pride (voice)​​​​​​​: Since meeting you, I've realized something.

Alan: That osteoporosis is a sham by the medical field to leech more money off innocent citizens?

Pride (voice)​​​​​​​: Wh- No, I-

Alan: Oh, you've realized daylight savings time is unnecessary and should end permanently?

Pride (voice)​​​​​​​: I- No!

Alan: ....Ice Wall is canon?

Pride (voice)​​​​​​​: Be quiet you imbecile! [sighs] Since meeting you, I've realized that... There's more than one way to reach your goal. And while this prophecy may not be my goal, I think... I think that working with you is the way I'll still be involved.

Alan: Oh. Right. That. ...How did I help you realize that exactly?

[Pride didn't answer, simply giving an exasperated sigh as Alan made his way back inside. The scene panned down and away from the house, showing the dark treeline. The faint outline of something moving could be seen. For a split second, three triangular eyes could be seen: the right being white, the middle blue, and the left red, and a blue hourglass far below them was seen as well before everything went black.]

Major Events

  • The team meets Mananofy, Pesky Dust's DNA donor.
  • Pride's true form is shown for the first time.
  • Red Harrowing, Bottom Feeder, Wombastic, Quaker Waker, Charade, TenTen, Black Lightning, Stormform, Czechmate, Rustic, Blisteroo, Season's Greetings, Reality Check, Ten Wheeler, Digi-Crisis, Decagon Vreedle, and Heavyweight debut.

Stabilized Simplicitrix Debuts

  • Red Harrowing
  • Bottom Feeder
  • Wombastic
  • Phantasy
  • Quaker Waker
  • Charade
  • TenTen
  • Black Lightning
  • Stormform
  • Czechmate
  • Rustic
  • Blisteroo
  • Season's Greetings
  • Reality Check
  • Ten Wheeler
  • Digi-Crisis
  • Decagon Vreedle
  • Heavyweight

Credit Scene 1

[The Branwen camp was seen from above as Raven flew in while in her corvid form. She landed and in a mass of feathers became human again, revealing her to be wearing her Grimm-like mask. The camp was slowly being rebuilt from the damage caused by Adam. As she made her way to her main tent, she was stopped by one of her new subordinates.]

Lackey: Raven. Shouldn't we attempt to find a new location? 

Raven: No need. The one who destroyed it the last time is already dead, and his organization has since been either incarcerated or reformed. We'll be fine for now. Keep rebuilding, I've got more important things to do.

[The lackey nodded and went back to help the other bandits. Raven went to her tent and entered, walking across it and placing her helmet down on a desk before exiting through the back.]

Raven: Are you ready?

[The scene panned over to show Richard turning to her. He wore a black coat that hung down almost to his knees. Under the coat, he wore white bandages that covered up his stab wound. His pants were light grey and he had darker grey boots that went halfway up his calves. On his arms he had gauntlets that went from his wrists to halfway up his forearms, and they were painted the same blue as the metal of the Negative Simplicitrix. On his face he bore five o'clock shadow.]

Richard: Yes.

Raven: Good.

[Raven reached back into the tent, grabbing her helmet and putting it back on before turning back to Richard and drawing her sword.]

Raven: Let's begin then.

[Richard swung his arms out, his gauntlets each protruding a large blade over his hands.]


  • Alan Nomaly
  • Alexis Dwyer
  • Jessica Nietzsche
  • Devin Lorenzo
  • Mason Babadzhanov
  • Pride


  • Mananofy


  • Dr. Gearo Morphanewal


  • Nightmare Alan Nomaly
  • Nightmare Alexis Dwyer
  • Nightmare Devin Lorenzo
  • Nightmare Mason Babadzhanov
  • Nightmare Ember Wugu
  • Nightmare Samael Missbrauch
  • Nightmare Cinder Fall
  • Nightmare Emerald Sustrai
  • Nightmare Mercury Black
  • Nightmare Neopolitan
  • Nightmare Hazel Rainart
  • Nightmare Adam Taurus
  • Nightmare Richard Nomaly
  • Nightmare Salem

Aliens Used

Alan Nomaly

Actually Used

  • Intimachi
  • Diamondhead (cameo)
  • Red Harrowing (debut, cameo)
  • Bottom Feeder (debut, cameo)
  • Wombastic (debut)
  • Wildmutt
  • Pesky Dust
  • Phantasy (debut)

Powers Only

  • Igknight
  • Clockwork (2x)


  • Chemarro
  • Quaker Waker (debut)
  • Charade (debut)
  • TenTen (debut)
  • Black Lightning (debut)
  • Stormform (debut)
  • Czechmate (debut)
  • Rustic (debut, cameo)
  • Blisteroo (debut)
  • Season's Greetings (debut)
  • Ten Wheeler (debut)
  • Heavyweight (debut)
  • Puncherbot
  • Heatblast (offscreen)
    • Ultimate Heatblast
  • Gravattastic (unintentional)

Nightmare Alan Nomaly

  • Gutrot

Nightmare Richard Nomaly

  • Negative Kickin Hawk
  • Negative Gravattack
  • Negative Reality Check (debut)
  • Negative Digi-Crisis (debut)
  • Negative Lodestar
  • Negative Decagon Vreedle (debut)
  • Negative NRG
  • Negative Armodrillo
  • Negative Water Hazard
  • Negative Lavalamp
  • Negative Way Big

Potential Appearances

  • Alaquartzam
  • Bomb Voyage
  • Poison Dart
  • Bow-n-Marrow
  • Simpleten
  • Mimecraft


  • The songs Alan sings are:
    • The Room Where it Happens from Hamilton
    • Loathing from Wicked
    • The Day I Got Expelled from Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
    • Do You Hear the People Sing? from Les Misérables
    • The Greatest Show from The Greatest Showman
    • Friend Like Me from Aladdin


  • Alexis references the events of Character Short: Alexis Dwyer.
  • Mananofy's original origin for the episode was going to be that they were Pesky Dust's DNA donor that originally didn't have any issues like most other DNA donors, but did get some when Alan would have used Omnitricks to hyper evolve the Nemuinas into Umbra Exterreris, becoming a mutation of the two. When My Dear Nemuina was scrapped, this origin was changed.
  • The scene where Alan and Jessica sing That's All I Ask of You was the first scene written of the episode.
  • Although Phantasy himself is immune to the nightmare effects of his kind (as well as the Nemuinas), Alan's subconscious is not, which is why his own demons and nightmares leak into Jessica's when he enters her nightmare.

Credit Scene 2

[The scene opened up on Beacon Academy, showing the remains of the central tower before panning down to the ground. A trail of blood was seen leading into the woods, and at the start of it was the remains of the Negative Simplicitrix. Suddenly, a mix of red and cyan light flashed around the remains as they lifted up into the air before the screen went black.]

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