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Excambalir: I hear that you, as well as the infamously dangerous Dictator Hitmas, were both defeated by some human.

Starbeard: Ah, yes. Alan Nomaly.


[Dictator Hitmas was then blasted with electricity from the inside out. His screamed intensified as well as the electricity. His screams eventually faded, as his heartbeat slowed. He fell to the ground, lifeless.]


Excambalir: Don’t you think it would be beneficial to have some sort of way to take him down?

Starbeard: Let’s say for a second I agree to this. If, for whatever reason, Alan did become corrupt, what team could stop him?


[The criminals were all lined up, and still restrained, in the departing corridor. In front of them stood Excambalir and ElevenEleven.]


Excambalir: I’m so glad all of you could come. As you know, you’ve broken several laws, whether it be of your own choice or not. And you all also know you have the chance to have redemption, which is why I’m here. There’s a possible threat, and you six can get out of your jail time by helping me apprehend said threat. [to guards] Pack em up into the ship. We’re headed to Earth.

[The guards began putting the criminals into the ship. The ship doors closed, and took off.]


[Meanwhile back on Earth, suddenly a boom was heard. Alan and the group stood up and looked in the direction, and saw Excambalir’s ship entering Earth’s atmosphere.]


Kyle: So, you never exactly told us the name of our target.


Excambalir: The target’s name is Alan Nomaly.


[Alan ran around the side of Tacopolis. He pressed down on the Simplicitrix, and a red flash occurred. His body was covered in black shadow and his eyes glowed red. He began changing color and started morphing through various parts of his body. Another red flash occurred, and Fasttrack appeared. He zoomed out to the others.]


Excamblir: But your job is to defeat him. Not kill him. We need him apprehended. That way we can have him under our control.

Kyle: “We?”


Excamblir: We as in we who are in authority. You’re only included in the apprehension part of the process. And then you go free. That’s reward enough for criminals such as yourselves. Now, we’re going to find Alan, and we’re going to apprehend him.

[A noise was heard coming from the city. All eight of them turned to the noise, and suddenly, Fasttrack zoomed out from the city to the group. He looked up at them.]

Excambalir: Or… he’ll find us...


[Theme song]

[The scene opened up where the last episode left off. Fasttrack looked confused as he gazed upon the team.]

Fasttrack: Well, this just proved Jessica wrong. Unless you guys are here for the circus or something. Please tell me that’s what it is.

Excambalir: Why, hello, Alan Nomaly, it is a pleasure to have finally meet you.

Fasttrack: Same goes to you… whoever you are?

Excambalir: I am Excambalir, and these… Well, we never did think of a name for us, now did we?

[Fasttrack looked up. The title of the episode appeared above him in credit format. He pulled it down and turned it around.]

Fasttrack: Uh… How about… The Annihilators?

Excambalir: Hm. I like that… Now, Annihilators… Attack Alan Nomaly!

[They all charged at Fasttrack, who then sped around them.]

Fasttrack: So, no circus then. Got it.

[ElevenEleven stopped running. He turned around, flew up above the group, then fired missiles from a panel on his wrist. Fasttrack sped towards them. He jumped up, seemingly walking on each of them. He grabbed one of them, then threw it at ElevenEleven. An explosion occurred, knocking the green armored gun for hire back. Fasttrack landed on the ground then started dashing towards enemies in sort of a pinball style. He hit Shadow in the face, drug his arm spikes into and through Techadon 59260’s chest, then he dashed back and ran forward right into Cilocub. However, Cilocub was unaffected, and Fasttrack was thrown back by the stopping force, and he fell to the ground, unconscious. He transformed back. Kyle scoffed.]

Kyle: That’s what you needed us for? Looks like he took care of himself.

Excambalir: I will admit [steps forward] he is anti-climactic. The man who took down Starbeard and Agorm Hitmas… Gets taken down by the calm Appoplexian who isn’t even doing anything.

[The camera panned down in front of Alan. He slowly opened his eyes, as to not cause any alarm. Suddenly, Devin’s head was seen phasing out of the ground. Alan winked, then Devin nodded, going back down into the ground. The camera went to Excambalir’s foot, and Devin’s arm was seen phasing out of the ground, but turned tangible on the end, wrapping around his foot. Devin then sent an electric current, shocking Excambalir. While the Annihilators were distracted by this, Alan slowly moved his arm to the Simplicitrix. A red flash occurred, and Devin stopped shocking Excambalir. Before he could let go, Excambalir kicked up, pulling Devin up out of the ground by surprise. Excambalir was surprised by him, but quickly turned to Alan, seeing he had transformed into a samurai-like alien, wearing brown armor. Cilocub began backing away from everyone, only to get tackled by Mason. Cilocub began frantically trying to get Mason off.]

Cilocub: Stop it! I don’t want to fight you!

Excambalir: If you want your freedom, you will fight him! Kyle! Get Alan!

[Kyle nodded, then focused. He crouched a bit, and his muscles began flexing. His fur grew out all over his body. His legs changed structure as his tail grew. The fur around his head and neck turned into his mane, and his mouth and nose extended into a snout. He howled, then charged at Alan, knocking him down. Alan got back up rather quickly, then pulled a sword out of the sheath on his back. He readied it, but then Kyle’s snout opened, and he shot out sound waves. Alan was blown back, and he dropped his sword. He looked up at it, then tried to grab it, but a flash zoomed by him, and Lord Mitos was seen to have gotten it.]

Alan: Little duplicating motherfucking piece of weasel cock. Give me that! [jumps up] Can’t fucking transform back from Blamurai without it.

[Blamurai jumped at Lord Mitos, who zoomed out of the way. Lord Mitos then zoomed around the ship. Devin quickly phased into the ship, going through the wiring of it with incredible speed, and showing up on the other side just in time to blast Lord Mitos down. Devin then grabbed Blamurai’s sword and flew around, dropping it down, only for it to be caught by Blamurai. He ran toward a charging Maklar, the screen turned white as a slash occurred. In slow motion, it was shown that Blamurai had slashed his sword through Maklar, but in such a way that he was just knocked down, rather than killed. Everything turned back to normal and Maklar fell down. Blamurai placed his sword back, and gasped as he saw a figure fly above him. The figure was revealed to be Jessica as she started shooting at the Techadon’s chest. The Techadon grabbed her and placed her to the ground, its face lit up as it was about to fire a laser. Suddenly, his face changed, and he looked to his side to see Alexis. He knocked her away, and then punched her, sending her flying against the side of the ship. Blamurai saw this and ran at him. The Techadon went to turn back to Jessica. His face turned confused, and the camera zoomed out. Suddenly, his arm fell off. He turned and saw Blamurai had charged past him with his sword, having cut it off. The Techadon began rebuilding his arm. Blamurai pressed the Simplicitrix, and transformed into a brownish-red Vaxasaurian. His back and shoulders were covered in black armor. He wore a red helmet with a black mask on it. There were spikes all over his body.]

Vaxasaurian: Alright. Let’s get this over with.

[The camera panned down, and Shadow moved from the ship’s shadow to Alan’s shadow. His eyes changed from red to silver. Shadow-Alan grabbed onto Mason, pulling him off of Cilocub, then throwing him. Devin caught Mason with his lower arms, then blasted Shadow-Alan, causing Shadow to leave him to prevent being hurt. Devin saw him and stopped shocking Alan, then moved to shocking Shadow. Alan whacked the Techadon with his tail, right into Shadow, causing the two villains to be shocked. Alan transformed back and helped Jessica up, then went and helped Alexis up.]

Alan: Try to hold your own out here for a bit. I’m gonna take on the ring leader.

[Alexis and Jessica nodded. Alexis ran and grabbed Maklar by the tentacles, preventing him from moving forward. Jessica pulled out a gun-like device, and shot out a high pitch frequency, blasting and hurting Kyle. Alan ran into the ship, seeing Excambalir and ElevenEleven.]

Alan: Defeated a Tetramand Hitler and Starry Night Edward Teach. Are you forgetting that?

Excambalir: Quite the opposite. Those two victories are why I’m here. You’re too powerful. You need to be controlled.

Alan: I can control myself, thank you.

Excambalir: Forgive me, but your word is not enough for me. You’ll be coming with us.

Alan: No, I won’t. [activates Simplicitrix] Someone just called the…

[Alan activated the Simplicitrix. His body was covered in dark shadow while his eyes glowed red. Red energy went over his arms, causing them to be more muscular and covered in greenish-grey scales. The tips of his fingers turned to claws. Red energy went over his legs, and they became more muscular, his feet changed structure. He grew a large tail. His head grew scales, and his mouth and nose bulged out a bit as his eyes changed shape. His outfit changed into a sleeveless jumpsuit that went down to his knees. The Simplicitrix appeared on his right pectoral and a red flash occurred. Excambalir and ElevenEleven looked on in apprehension.]

Alien: EXTERMIGATOR! Been since last season since I’ve done any name shouts.

Excambalir: Is that so? Then let’s see what’s in store for you this season!

[ElevenEleven flew at Extermigator. Exterminator’s hands and arms transformed into katana-like structures. ElevenEleven generated two energy swords from his wrists, and the two engaged in a sword fight. Excambalir turned around and saw the device with inmate information was activated. There were three mugshots shown. A blonde female with bright blue eyes, a dirty-blonde female with dark brown eyes, and a male in a blue and black hood covering everything but his eyes. ElevenEleven opened a compartment on his arm, and a small grenade shot out. The panel on his shoulder then opened and a small arm came out, grabbing the grenade. ElevenEleven forced open Extermigator’s mouth and threw the grenade in, then blasted him away. Extermigator fell out of the ship, then stood back up, looking directly at ElevenEleven. The grenade detonated, but it didn’t affect him, smoke simply coming out of his mouth from it. ElevenEleven went to attack, but he was stopped by Excambalir.]

Excambalir: I’ve been to the Rüstung Marsh. I know how Arwaffians work.

[Excambalr pressed a button on the circle on his chest. The core opened, and a cluster of golden berries came out. Extermigator began sniffing, and his eyes narrowed. Excambalir threw the berries, and Extermigator instantly ate them.]

Excambalir: I also know they have a natural craving for Nervfrucht, a special type of fruit that completely and utterly fucks with their bodily constructs.

[The end of Extermigator’s tail rapidly turned into a chainsaw blade, then his feet turned into skate-like structures, and his fingers changed into random structures, making his hands seem like swiss army knives. He opened his mouth and his teeth turned into mini-axes, while his tongue turned into an arrow head. Extermigator threw himself against the wall, and the Simplicitrix was hit, transforming him back into human. Alan fell to the ground, groaning in pain, then he stood up in pain.]

Alan: Second time I’ve been Trumped in this goddamn show. Motherfuckers.

[ElevenEleven dashed toward Alan at nearly sonic speed. Before Alan could do anything, he grabbed him by the hood and flew out of the ship, flying up into the sky. Alan activated the Simplicitrix. The hologram of an alien in a containment suit showed up. He pressed down, and a red flash occurred. The screen changed to show Alan’s blood. His blood turned from a deep red to a bright silver color. Alan began coughing. His skin began cracking as it changed to a metallic material. A thermometer-like structure grew on his back and filled with the material his blood turned into. A red flash occurred, and Alan was now in the transformation of a metallic alien with a corrupted-looking body.]

Alan: Oh for fuck’s sake.

[Alan reached up and grabbed ElevenEleven’s hand. The instant Alan touched him, his armor began melting on his wrist and onto his under-wrist. ElevenEleven cried out in pain, and dropped Alan. Alan fell to the ground, and the container on Alan’s back shot out the liquid, hitting the Techadon, who also screamed in pain. Alan stood up, then threw his hand forward. The liquid shot out and hit the Techadon’s foot as he cried in pain more. The camera panned as it followed a drop of the liquid, which hit Jessica on the thigh. The liquid went through her suit and to her skin, and she cried out in pain. Alan’s group turned to the sound of her screaming. Alan’s eyes widened and he slammed the Simplicitrix, transforming into a small, white, robotic rabbit-like alien. He put out his right hand and shot a red blast of energy into town. He then put out his left arm, and a black blast of energy shot under Jessica. A portal opened under her. He swiveled his head around, and his back, left foot shot another blast of energy, under Alexis, then under Mason, then behind Devin. Devin’s arm stretched and grabbed Alan by the ear, pulling him into the portal.]

[The scene changed to inside Excambalir’s ship. Excambalir pulled a small device out of the circle on his chest, and put it on ElevenEleven’s wrist. The device began filling up with the silvery liquid.]

Excambalir: The idiot clearly has never been a Merciplier before. The damage he did to you two was obvious luck… and he unfortunately hurt his companion. Unfortunately for them, that is. That device will remove all the mercury from your system before any permanent damage can happen.

[Excambalir turned to the Techadon, and went to put a device on him. The Techadon lifted the hand he still had.]

Techadon: I can repair myself.

Excambalir: I know that. [places device on Techadon] This is to make it faster.

[The device began glowing and the Techadon’s body started reforming itself at a much faster rate, no less than three seconds.]

Excambalir: Told you.

ElevenEleven: Nshblebiza.

[Excambalir turned back to him.]

ElevenEleven: B prak, uinbdn.

[The two walked to the front of the ship, secluded from the others.]

ElevenEleven: Z’l tjnddzot vrj dbp gwn gwann rgwna uazdronad Z pbd irrfzot bg.

Excambalir: I did, yes. Who were they?

ElevenEleven: Gbvira Fnokbii, gwn gninfzongzh rq gwn Hrdlzh Anbil. Enhfv Dlzgw, gwn lbtzhzbo rq Inktnakrlbzo. Bok Lrauwnjd, gwn lvdgnav fzk.

Excambailr: And do you know perchance what this child can do?

ElevenEleven: Wzd tirmnd pnan lbkn ev gwn Rlond Urgnd.

Excambailr: I see.

ElevenEleven: Bibo'd grr kbotnarjd qra nmno wzd biiznd. Dwrjik Z tng gwndn gwann gr wniu jd, grr?

Excambalir: You make a good point. I’ll look into their backstories. You go get them.

ElevenEleven: Joknadgrrk.

Excambalir: This wasn’t part of the original deal with Starbeard… So kill anyone who gets in your way. I’ll get the rest ready for attack again. You’ll be taking the ship.

[ElevenEleven nodded. Excambalir grabbed the device and walked into the other section. He nodded at the Annihilators, and all of them walked out of the ship, which then took off for Locuss Carceran. Excambalir pressed a button on the device, which shrunk down. He put it into the circle on his chest, and the information of the three prisoners began pouring into his mind.]

Device A.I. (voice): Taylor Kendall. A telekinetic human from the Cosmic Realm.

[The scene changed to show Taylor dressed in formal attire, with another woman next to her, also in formal attire. The other woman looked like her, with obvious differences. They stood in a dark cemetery with a bright silvery sky, and both were in front of a diamond-plated tombstone, with the name Hans Maddox Kendall written on it.]

Taylor: They’ll want someone new in charge of the realm, you know, Halor.

Halor: I’ve already been approached.

[Taylor looked at Halor.]

Taylor: What?

Halor: The Naljians approached me in my dreams, their usual way. I’m to be the next leader of our kind.

Taylor: That’s ridiculous! I’m the older twin, Halor, I should be in charge!

Halor: Older doesn’t mean more mature, and in any case, it’s only by a few minutes. You’ve been acting out lately. They don’t want to put a juvenile as a leader.

Taylor: Juvenile?!

Halor: It’s better you hear it from me now than it be told to you directly by the Naljians. [turns to Taylor] I’ll see you at home… My home.

[Halor began walking off. Taylor’s eyes flickered orange a few times. She shook her head as they returned to blue. She turned and stormed off. The scene changed to Taylor standing at the base of a stone staircase, with a large, elliptical portal at the top. She placed her foot on the first step, and suddenly, a bright ball of energy teleported in behind her. She closed her eyes.]

Taylor: What do you want, Mundi?

Mundi: What you’re doing is wrong, Taylor. I know it seems right, but-

Taylor: [turns around quickly, eyes a bright orange] But what?!

Mundi: You must learn to control your anger, Taylor. There’s no room in the Cosmic Realm for that.

Taylor: Then that’s the Cosmic Realm’s problem for not letting us show emotions!

Mundi: Anger hurts us.

Taylor: Oh, and keeping it in does so much better!

[Taylor turned around and began walking up the stairs.]

Mundi: Taylor.

[Taylor kept walking, ignoring Mundi’s calling.]

Mundi: Taylor Kendall!

[Taylor reached the top of the stairs, and entered the portal. Mundi looked down in fear and shame, and teleported away. The scene changed to within a cosmic storm. The portal opened, and Taylor stepped out. She looked around, and titanic, armored creatures were floating around. Several looked at her. One floated down to be face-level with her. She looked at the creature and smiled. The scene changed to a gigantic, marble citadel. Inside were more humans, more of Mundi’s species, and white, glowing beings. At the throne of the citadel, a glowing being and Halor stood there.]

Halor: [whispering] I’m a bit nervous, Altivur.

Altivur: [whispering] You’ll do fine, Halor. You’re more than qualified.

[Altivur put her hand up, and a book appeared. The book floated over to Halor who grabbed it as it opened to about three fourths of the way through.]

Altivur: Halor Kendall, please read the inauguration ceremonial pledge.

[Halor breathed in heavily, then looked down into the book. She went to speak, but was interrupted when a loud noise was heard. Everyone looked around. The noise was heard again, closer. Everyone became curious, some worried. The scene changed to a small building right outside. There were two guards standing there, highly alert from the sounds. Suddenly, the guards and the building were crushed by a large teal foot. The camera tilted up, without panning, and was revealed to be the foot of the gigantic creature. The scene changed to back inside the citadel throne room. Everyone was terrified, frozen in fear. An insert song began playing as, about halfway through the group of people, the arm of the gigantic creature came crashing through the citadel. The creature then took a step back, and crossed his arms at the wrists in an X fashion. Magenta energy began materializing at the wrists, and a beam shot out, destroying the half of the citadel that Halor wasn’t on. The creature reached into the citadel. Halor put her hand out but was blasted back by an invisible force.]

Altivur: Halor! What happened?

Halor: Something’s already controlling it… [grunts] Or someone…

[The creature’s hand went right through Altivur as it grabbed Halor, pulling her out. The creature turned and began walking away, as the blade from its arm knocked down the rest of the citadel. The scene changed back to the Cosmic Storm, and the portal was seen. The creature came out of the portal, the nature of the portal causing it to change size to go through it without harming it. The creature flew towards the edge of the Cosmic Storm, Halor crying and pleading in its hand. The creature put its arm out of the storm, and simply let go, leaving Halor in the vacuum of space. She looked at the storm, and saw Taylor move into view on the creature’s shoulder, looking intently at her, then smiling. The scene changed to another realm, this one a vibrant purple sky and dark indigo ground. The camera panned around to a large castle, and then zoomed into the window, going into a room full of artifacts, and in the middle of the room was a woman with brown eyes and dirty blonde hair. She wore a red outfit with black markings.]

Device A.I. (voice): Becky Smith. Thief of valuable, powerful, ancient, magical artifacts. Resided in Ledgerdomain.

[Becky held up a small necklace that had an eye-shaped medallion on it. She tossed it onto a pile of artifacts, and it shot out a small electric burst. A knock was heard at her door, and she walked to it. She opened the door, and an alien walked in. The alien had light green skin, and dark purple armor. She had tentacles on the bottom of her face.]

Becky: It’s about time you got here, Fiskur.

Fiskur: Do you have any idea how difficult it is to get in and out of Ledgerdomain secretly?

Becky: It’s not that hard.

Fiskur: It is without magic. Anyways, I’ve finally got our big break.

[Fiskur got out a piece of paper and laid it down on a table in the room. On it was a strange, wooden mask.]

Fiskur: The Mask of Egurra. Legends say this is what gave Chronosapiens and Time Lords the ability to tap into time.

Becky: And soon, legend will say our names, too. Where is it?

Fiskur: That’s… the problem.

[The scene changed to show Becky and Fiskur standing in what looked like deep space, with the Mask of Egurra floating right out of reach. Becky reached her hand out, only for her hand to be blasted by it. She pulled it back as she yelled a bit in pain.]

Fiskur: Told you that was a problem.

Becky: It’s nothing a simple temporal spell can’t fix.

[Becky’s eyes glowed a vibrant purple and so did her hands. She began moving her arms and hands in different motions.]

Becky: Frigidus in tempore non, tempus a larva, da mihi in salutem.

[An orb of purple light shined around the Mask, and then disappeared. Becky went to grab the mask, but a portal opened, and a starry hand reached through, grabbing it. The portal expanded, and Starbeard came out of it. Becky stepped back in shock, only to be grabbed by Fiskur. Becky turned to her in disbelief.]

Fiskur: It’s over, Becky.

Becky: Fiskur, we… we were gonna be-

Fiskur: You never wanted to share your fame. Besides, the Mask of Egurra could only be worn by one at a time. You’d be the only one you’d give the power to.

[Becky began floating up to Starbeard and his portal. He pulled her through as she looked back at Fiskur.]

Fiskur: Goodbye, Becky.

[The portal closed after Starbeard and Becky went through and the screen went black.]

Device A.I. (voice): Morpheus. Real name unknown and erased from all of time, Morpheus possesses gloves tailored by the Omnes Potes. Celestialsapiens are not able to find his real name, as his gloves allowed him to hide forever. He calls this the god paradox, in reference to the paradox that a person with omnipotence can create a rock they cannot lift, and thus are not omnipotent. He has omnipotence, and the rock that no Celestialsapien can lift is the secret of his name.

[The scene opened up on the Mask of Egurra again, and the camera panned back, showing all kinds of traps in place in front of it in the long hallway. When the camera finished panning back, a golden creature made of slime was seen. Right in front of him, flames began shooting out. The UFO-like device above his head flew up as his body divided, going right around the flames. Next, the hallway shot a light blue gas. The UFO went over the gas as his body went through it, freezing. Once through, the UFO spun around, causing his body to spin and come out of the ice. Several lasers shot out of the wall, and the alien easily passed between them without touching them. The next area was covered and filled in web-like material. The alien’s hand opened, and acid shot out, creating a pathway for him. Once through, the UFO went near the Mask, and spun around. After spinning, the alien reached in, and grabbed the mask. Morpheus suddenly teleported in behind him.]

Morpheus: Put it down, Prelinge.

Prelinge: Not happening, and not even you will stop me.

[Prelinge put the mask on, and quickly turned to Morpheus, and froze him in time.]

Prelinge: You should probably use those gloves to your advantage more often… You wouldn’t get beaten so easily if you did.

[Prelinge time traveled away as Starbeard teleported in, grabbing Morpheus and leaving. Hours later, Morpheus woke up in an interrogation room, with Starbeard right in front of him.]

Morpheus: Where am I?

Starbeard: A more important question would be where is the Mask of Egurra.

Morpheus: Wherever Prelinge is, or whenever, would be where you’d find it.

Starbeard: I never took you for the type to team up or commit crimes.

Morpheus: Hold on a second. What? Team up? Crimes? I was trying to stop Prelinge from stealing the mask!

Starbeard: You just so happened to know where and when he was going to show up? How am I supposed to trust you? You prevented every being in existence from knowing your identity. You don’t want ties to anything.

Morpheus: It’s better for my identity to be a secret. I can’t be known as a vigilante… And I can’t be known as a criminal either. You have to believe me. Prelinge has the Mask of Egurra, probably causing all kinds of trouble! If I wasn’t telling the truth, I’d just use my gloves to get out of here!

[Starbeard pointed at Morpheus’ hands. He looked down, and saw he wasn’t wearing his gloves. He looked back up.]

Morpheus: Where are they?!

Starbeard: We don’t trust you. So you don’t get your gloves.

Morpheus: You’re locking up the wrong guy! Prelinge is out there! You have to find him!

Starbeard: Oh, we will. But not because you say he’s got the mask. He’s wanted for crimes already, and in case what you’re saying is true, he’s wanted for that as well. But we’ll only know once we find him. For now…

[Starbeard put his hand out, and Morpheus was teleported away. The scene changed to a cell, where Morpheus was teleported in. He hit his shoulder against the door.]

Morpheus: You’ve got the wrong guy! Time itself is in trouble! You’ve got to listen to me!

[As Morpheus’ screams echoed, the scene changed to in Alan’s living room, with Jessica lying on the couch, the wound on her leg exposed. Her skin around the wound was cracked and bloody, and the wound itself was a deep red with shiny mercury in it. Alan began to activate the Simplicitrix, but as soon as he went to do so, he began coughing heavily.]

Mason: I don’t think you’re doing any transforming any time soon.

Alan: [coughing] If I don’t… neither Jessica or I am getting better. That was... [coughs, spits blood into cup] That was motherfucking mercury. It got in her, and my blood changed into it. We’re both infected… [coughs] And only one alien can help.

[Alan flipped his arm upside down and activated the Simplicitrix. He was transformed into a large, brown and red Tyrannosaurus-like alien, with black spikes over his eyes and down his back. He walked over to Jessica, and put his head down, pricking the injury with the spike over his right eye. Mercury began pouring out as blood stopped draining, and once the mercury was gone, her wound sealed up. He then stood back up and shook his body around a bit, then went over to the trash can. He put his foot on the step, and the can opened, allowing him to spit up all the mercury that was in his system. Once he was done, he transformed back.]

Alan: Remind me to never turn into the mercury alien ever again.

[A loud boom was heard outside, causing everyone to turn to the sound. Alan activated the Simplicitrix, and transformed into a yellow, manta ray-like alien.]

Alan: Hey, look, I filled the quota. Happy now, Alien Force?

[Alan flew out the door and looked around, seeing the Annihilators’ ship leaving. He smiled a bit.]

Alan: Leaving so soon?

[Alan began flying higher to try to follow the ship, but stopped when he saw the Annihilators walking towards town. He zoomed back towards the house and inside.

Alan (quickly as fuck): Thealienguysarebackweneedtogohurryupokayokaylet’sgodamnit!

[Alan quickly flew out of the front door, leaving the other four in a confused state. He flew high up into the air, then shot down at the Annihilators. Mid flight, he pressed the Simplicitrix, and was transformed into Water Hazard. He shot water from all of his pores, forming a water formation around him. He landed right in front of the Annihilators, blasting them all back. An electric blast shot down beside Water Hazard, and transformed into Devin. Water Hazard shot water out in a semi-circle formation, hitting all the Annihilators, and Devin shot electricity at the water, electrocuting all of them.]

Devin: You’re lucky I can read minds, otherwise none of us would have had any idea what the hell you said.

Water Hazard: Less talky, more kicky assy.

[Water Hazard jumped and began spinning around, shooting water out of each of his pores, and becoming like a water tornado. The tornado shot out blasts of water at the Annihilators. Water Hazard stopped spinning, stopping the tornado. He then generated water around his fists. And jumped at Excambalir, rapidly punching him with water. Kyle, the Techadon, Lord Mitos, and Shadow tried to get to him, but each were grabbed by one of Devin’s arms, and he began electrocuting them. Maklar went to grab Devin with his tentacles, but they were stuck to the ground by webbing. Maklar turned and saw Mason shooting webbing at him, causing him to be stuck in one place. A red flash occurred, and Diamondhead was seen holding Excambalir up by the neck.]

Diamondhead: You seem to be missing someone. Did I hurt your little, green friend that badly?

Excambalir: Only about as badly as you hurt your own friend!

[Diamondhead tightened his grip on Excambalir’s neck at the sound of this. While being electrocuted, Kyle managed to transform into his Loboan form, and grabbed onto Devin’s arm, throwing him, stopping the electrical current to himself and the others. Excambalir grinned, and his suit built a helmet around his head. Diamondhead seemed confused, but then was hit by Kyle’s sonic waves, shattering his diamonds, causing him to drop Excambalir. Excambalir then grabbed Diamondhead by the spikes on his back, and then threw him. Diamondhead landed on his back, and looked up at Excambalir, who punched his face. As he punched, the scene changed to Locuss Carceran, which was shown being somewhat destroyed. The Cerebrocrustacean at the front desk was dead, the top of his head open and his brain now liquid. The sounds of several aliens talking were heard.]

Petrosapien: It was a green Sotoraggian, pretty sure he only had one eye.

Tetramand: He took three prisoners. I think one of them was a telekinetic.

Galvan: The magician’s gone.

Sonorosian: Wasn’t there a guy with no identity? He’s the one who took the Mask of Egurra, right? He’s gone, too, so are his gloves.

[The camera panned out to show Starbeard, shaking his head in disappointment. The scene changed back to the fight scene. Smack-Magic was seen being thrown by the Techadon. Smack-Magic clapped his hands as the Techadon came closer, then grabbed the Techadon’s hands, and fused them together. The Techadon charged his hands, and the metal blob where his hands were was destroyed, leaving his hands once again missing. He thrust them at Smack-Magic’s chest, shocking him. Smack-Magic screamed in pain as he pressed the Simplicitrix, transforming into Brainstorm. The shocking no longer affected him, and he opened his head. His brain shot out an electric beam and put a shield and the Techadon, throwing him back.]

Brainstorm: Back away, you ruinous winter-cricket!

[Jessica dodged a punch thrown by Maklar, then jumped on his back, kicking him away. She backflipped off of him and landed next to Brainstorm.]

Jessica: Okay, what the actual fuck did you just say?

Brainstorm: I believe it would translate to fucking garbage-drinking sewer-elixir in Alan terms.

Jessica: That makes even less sense!

Brainstorm: [smirks] The charm of my insults knows no bounds.

[Shadow began running at Brainstorm and Jessica. Brainstorm shot an electrical blast at him, the brightness of the direct hit damaging him badly.]

Brainstorm: The pitiful lumpish knotty-pated horn-beast. His abilities are easily countered by excessive amounts of brightness… Or highly insufficient amounts of brightness.

[A familiar boom was heard. Brainstorm and Jessica turned to see the ship re-entering Earth’s atmosphere.]

Brainstorm: Let’s take care of their transportation.

[Brainstorm slapped the Simplicitrix, and was transformed into a giant, white creature, being the same species as the creatures from Taylor’s backstory. His feet and chest had light blue designs, his shoulders and cheeks were light blue, he had light blue blades on his arms, waist, and head, and a black blade on each shoulder. He flicked the ship with his finger, and sent it flying. A purple force was seen generating around the ship, and it quickly gained control, flying back around. Alan attempted to grab it, but it slipped right through his fingers, and landed right beside the rest of the group. The ship opened up, and the passengers walked out, Morpheus being forced by the barrel of a gun held by ElevenEleven.]

Devin: Sending in the reinforcements?

[Devin blasted Maklar away while the other four approached. Taylor looked up at Alan.]

Taylor: A To’Kustar. I got him.

[Taylor focused. Alan held the sides of his head and screamed, shaking everyone else. He fell to his knees away from the group, while still shaking them more. He turned and then fell onto his back. Taylor stopped, then Becky used her magic to float over Alan’s body. She got to his stomach, then Alan’s arms quickly came up, crossing at the wrists in an X-formation. Red energy generated at the wrists, and a large laser shot out, blasting Becky. When Alan stopped shooting the laser, he gasped, seeing Becky had protected herself from it with a force field. She then surrounded Alan in magic, and lifted his body, maneuvering it so as to not hit anyone else. She then sent him flying higher into the air and far away, as he screamed to the stars, with a star shining bright, making a “ding” sound.]

Becky: Now that that’s taken care of…

[Jessica started hitting Cilocub with her staff in the face, and he continuously tried to say something each time she smacked him.]

Cilocub: Lemme tell ya someth… [smack] Lemme tell... [smack] Let me [smack] Let me… [smack] Let me…

[Cilocub was smacked for a final time. Before she could do it again, Cilocub grabbed the staff and threw it back, then pounced on top of her growling. Jessica frightened, she kicked him in the testicles, and he fell down to his knees, falling back in pain.]

Jessica: You’ve been a bad kitty.

[Jessica kicked him in the face knocking him out, then ran toward her staff knocked a few feet away, but just as she grabbed it, Lord Mitos duplicated clones into a circle surrounding her. She picked up the staff then started smacking the clones hit by hit, each feeling each other’s pain. She then noticed and grabbed just one then started beating the ever living shit out of it, the clones felt their pain and all the clones fell into the ground unconscious. A green aura of dust surrounded her face, she then fell down to the ground, just for Alexis to grab her in time.]

Alexis: I GOTCHA!

[She set her down, as she took a glance at Becky, smirking. Alexis stood up and their eyes locked. Alexis smirked, too, as her eyes went from brown to a glowing blue. Becky floated closer, stopping at a safe distance. Alexis opened her mouth, and Becky’s was forced open, a little bit of her chi leaving and going to Alexis.]

Alexis: Did that feel good?

[Becky nodded.]

Alexis: There’s more where that came from.

[Due to the effects of Alexis’ powers, Becky smiled and walked closer. From behind she got kicked by an uppercut-like attack by Mason, who caused her to fall to the ground.]

Mason: Try to wake up Jessica, Devin and I will hold them off!

Alexis: Do your things.

[They started charging to another group of villains. Kyle shouted a sonic howl, Devin and Mason just barely dodging it. Mason jumped to kick Kyle back. He tried webbing him into a cocoon but shredded out with his claws, he attempted to charge at Mason, but Devin wrapped his arms around him, giving a zap, and before Kyle fell unconscious, Devin let go for Mason to knock him out with another kick. Maklar ran at the two, only for Mason to shoot webs at his tentacles, causing them to stick to the ground. Devin took this opportunity to blast Maklar, causing him to faint. Taylor was watching from a distance.]

Taylor: You two seem to be working in sync as a team, but now you shall turn against each other, with no holding back…

[Devin’s eyes started to change color as he turned to Mason slowly. Mason with his eyes wide with a chibi face, he grabbed a white flag and waved it. Devin chased after Mason as he made a break for it. Mason tried to run at his fastest, then circled toward Taylor noticing her eyes were glowing too.]

Mason: Aha, so you’re the one giving the chase. Well not anymore!

[Mason jumped to knock Taylor off her defenses and she fell, then Devin snapped out of it.]

Devin: ….What? What happened?

[Taylor turned to Mason.]

Taylor: Foolish Arachnichimp. [thinking] Once I take over his mind as well, I shall use him and then his friends to turn the tables for the Annihilators.

[Devin’s head shot up at hearing her voice in his head.]

Taylor: Your mind is mine now!

Devin: Head’s up!

Mason: What?

[Mason ducked and an orange electrical shock hit Taylor, knocking her out.]

Mason: Whoa, how did you hit her so fast?

Devin: I read her mind, apparently that’s something I can do, she was about to take control of you and the others and…

Alexis: Save the small talk for later! Villains to fight!

Devin: Right.

[A sonic boom was heard. Alan’s teammates and the remaining four Annihilators turned to the sky, seeing Ultimate Echo-Echo shoot through the sky, stopping high in the sky right above the ship. Ultimate Echo-Echo hit the Simplicitrix. He was transformed into a bulbous, lavender creature, with purple bulb-like structures on his arms, legs, and back. He curled up, and was turned into a sphere. He immediately began falling. Devin grabbed Jessica and flew back a bit, with Mason grabbing Alexis then swinging back a bit with his webs. ElevenEleven pointed his missiles up, but when they hit Alan, they had no effect. Alan landed on the ship, causing it to explode, and the explosion shot him up again, causing him to land right in front of his teammates. A red flash occurred, and Alan was transformed into a humanoid, robotic alien. His body was a vibrant, silvery chrome. He had a visor over his eyes, a structure on his head similar to headphones that went over the top of his head, spikes on his back, red pads all over his boy, and red circles on the palms of his hands. The Simplicitrix was on his left pectoral. Alan stood straight up as his teammates got into battle ready poses.]

Alan: Shall we?

[Alan put his hands out, and steam blasted from the circles on his palms, disorienting the remaining enemies. Alan then blasted through the steam, catching Excambalir off guard before punching him. Jessica ran through and pulled out her katanas, attacking ElevenEleven. Mason tackled the Techadon, Devin shot electricity at Shadow, and Alexis chased after Morpheus. Morpheus ran into the remains of the ship.]

Alexis: So, what are your powers, then? Selective heaviness? Fossil manipulation?

Morpheus: Near omnipotence. What about you?

Alexis: Wanna find out?

[Alexis’ eyes turned blue. Morpheus reluctantly put his hand out, surrounding himself in metal from the ship.]

Morpheus: I don’t want to fight you. I don’t want to fight anyone.

Alexis: Then why are you here?

Morpheus: None of us want to be here. Assuming what happened to the other six is what happened to us, it was against our will.

Alexis: What, mind control?

Morpheus: You’ve got a telekinetic girl, a robot that technically doesn’t have a brain to control, a shadow that controls minds by fusing with other shadows, and a guy who made sure no one in the entire universe could find out his identity. Mind control isn’t gonna work on us. We just happened to be powerful people in the wrong place for us at the right time for Excambalir.

[A blast was heard from behind Alexis. She quickly turned around and saw Shadow being electrocuted by Devin until he fainted.]

Devin: Didn’t you say less small talk?

Alexis: [turns back to the metal chamber] I wouldn’t call possibly vital information small talk. [turns back to Devin] Let’s leave this one alone for a bit. At least until everyone else is down.

[Alexis ran out past Devin, who turned back to the chamber, then reluctantly followed. Outside, Jessica’s katana hit the same spot on ElevenEleven’s armor where mercury hit him before, slicing his hand off at the wrist. He fell to the ground in pain, holding his arm, before being knocked out by the handle of the katana hitting the back of his head. Alan grabbed Excambalir by the face, and then banged the wrist of his other arm against the one holding Excambalir, blasting him back. Before he could get up, Alan clapped his hands together, sending a shockwave at Excambalir, knocking him out. Mason fell next to him as the other three friends approached. The heroes looked where Mason came from, seeing the Techadon.]

Alan: This guy giving you trouble?

Devin: He adapts to powers. He’s not used to any alien you haven’t been or Alexis.

Alexis: Doesn’t matter much. My powers don’t work on techy things.

Alan: Techy things work on techy things, though. And Puncherbot is most definitely a techy thing.

[Puncherbot ran at the Techadon, then threw his fist into its chest. Mechanics were heard as his arm launched forward, throwing the Techadon back, with a huge dent in its chest. The Techadon struggled to get up at first, but when it did, the dent in its chest repaired itself quickly. He put his hands out, and blasted all five heroes back with lasers. Puncherbot transformed back into human, while Devin, Mason, and Alexis were knocked out. Jessica got up, but the Techadon pulled her mask off, then blasted her back, knocking her out, too. The Techadon walked over to Excambalir. He scanned Excambalir’s body, then found a weak spot on his body. He put his hand out, and shocked Excambalir awake, who, out of instinct and reflexes, grabbed the Techadon by the throat.]

Excambalir: What are you doing?! How did you do that?!

Techadon: Adaptable technology. Your Annihilator-proof armor should’ve accommodated for that. That’s not the point. What’s important is…

[The Techadon pointed at Alan’s team, who were all knocked out. Excambalir grinned evilly. He stood up and walked over to them, standing above Alan’s body. He then looked around, seeing the group of prisoners lying around. He noticed the lack of Morpheus.]

Excambalir: Where’s the mystery kid?

[The Techadon pointed to inside the ship’s remains. Excambalir walked in, and began tearing through the metal, until he ripped through the chamber with Morpheus in it. Excambalir angrily pulled him out and tossed him right in front of Alan.]

Excambalir: Now, you, and the rest of these ruffians are going to get set free… once you kill Alan Nomaly. So do it… and get this over with.

[Morpheus looked at Alan.]

Excambalir: What are you waiting for? Do it!

Morpheus: ElevenEleven filled us in. That we were doing this for justice. What did Alan do?

Excambalir: That’s not important. Do what I say and kill him!

Morpheus: What did he do?

Excambalir: It doesn’t matter what he did. It’s a matter of what he could do.

Morpheus: Then why are we fighting? If he didn’t do anything already, how do we know what he could do?

Excambalir: You want to know what he did? He defeated Starbeard. A Celestialsapien. Using the species that made your gloves. If he could defeat Starbeard, he could do anything. Now kill him!

[Morpheus looked down at his gloves.]

Morpheus: You made it to where none of us with mind powers could change your mind…

[Excambalir became confused.]

Morpheus: Maybe you should’ve made it so we couldn’t change our own.

[Morpheus teleported a few feet away from the two, and then turned around, blasting them back. He then used his gloves to wake everyone else back up. He teleported back, and helped Alan up.]

Alan: What, is this some generic change of heart story? Should I have said “Martha?”

Morpheus: When explaining why we were fighting you, Excambalir conveniently left out that you “beating Starbeard” was a part of you redeeming yourself for having that watch.

[Morpheus was suddenly knocked down as Lord Mitos zoomed past him. Alan quickly helped Morpheus up, as the two looked and saw Excambalir, the Techadon, and Lord Mitos standing there. ElevenEleven quickly jetpacked over to them, and Shadow also appeared next to them. The rest of the Annihilators slowly began to get up.]

Morpheus: What are you three doing? He and his friends have done nothing wrong!

Techadon: Neither did the Conductoids.

Lord Mitos: Or anyone killed or mutated by Dictator Hitmas’ army.

Shadow: Or the Stelladactyls. We didn’t kill because we felt like they deserved it. We did it because we felt good doing it.

Techadon: You wanna get locked up cause of trying to bite the hands that feed you? Do it by yourselves, nigga.

[Morpheus turned to the other Annihilators.]

Morpheus: Are they serious? You guys don’t agree, right?

[Cilocub walked up to Morpheus.]

Cilocub: Not at all. My crime wasn’t on purpose. I never meant to hurt anyone. [faces the enemies] I don’t want to fight the innocent. Even if I go back to prison for not following your orders, at least I’ll be taking responsibility for my actions.

[Kyle transformed back to human then walked up.]

Kyle: It’s not like I chose to be this way. I’m aggressive and bloodthirsty, but only because of my mutated Loboan DNA. I’m sure focusing that negativity on those who deserve it more would balance that right out.

[Taylor walked up to the group.]

Taylor: Everyone I killed was out of anger. Anger towards them, specifically. These guys didn’t do anything to me before I did. I don’t have a reason to fight them.

[Becky came up, putting her arm around Taylor’s shoulder.]

Becky: Whatever side Blondie here is on, that’s my team.

[The group of anti-heroes and Alan’s group all looked at Maklar. He sighed and then walked up to the anti-heroes.]

Maklar: I suppose… No one really deserved what I did. I did it for fun, because it felt good… But I have no problem redeeming myself like this.

[The anti-heroes and Alan’s team stood together, opposing the other five.]

Excambalir: You’re nothing without me! If it weren’t for me, you’d all still be sitting in your cells! Rotting away! Rotting like the criminal scum you all are!

Morpheus: That’d be a better alternative than working for you. Any day.

[Each group readied themselves to fight, but a boom was heard. A portal opened in the area between them, and Starbeard floated out, with a crow-like alien following suit. The portal closed as the two aliens landed on the ground between the groups. Starbeard looked at Excambalir, and sighed. He put his hand out, causing Excambalir to float towards him.]

Starbeard: I was worried this would happen. You became what you feared most: corrupt.

Excambalir: Me? Corrupt? How?! After all these years…

Starbeard: I gave you permission to take a few criminals in the event of Alan becoming corrupted. That is not what you did. You took six criminals and brought them here to fight Alan without him even doing anything. And then you sent ElevenEleven to break out three more criminals, while also killing anyone who got in his way. You overstepped your boundaries. You became corrupted by the influence you’d have over the criminals who had no other choice. You will be taken into custody… and you won’t be given a redemption option. Xim, mark down a new law to prevent this from happening again.

[Xim used one of the quills on his wings to write on his other wing.]

Xim: No more suicide squads.

Starbeard: ElevenEleven and the criminals will be taken in as well.

Alan: By criminals… you mean the three over there, right?

Starbeard: I mean everyone Excambalir took.

Alan: The fuck? Do you not see these six? These six are completely willing to redeem themselves, and you’re just gonna lock them back up?!

Starbeard: Their true redemptions will be negotiated at a later point.

Alan: “Later point?” “Later point?!” “Later point” my ass!

[A red flash occurred, and Un-Named flew up to Starbeard.]

Un-Named: Do we need to play this game again?

Starbeard: Alan, please, ju-

Excambalir: I warned you! I warned you of this!

Starbeard: Excambalir, be quie-

Morpheus: STOP!

[Morpheus blasted the three of them, causing them to be paused in time, but still able to sense everything around them.]

Morpheus: We’re not going back. We’re going to do the negotiations right now. [sighs] Let me lead these five. We can properly redeem ourselves… without him. [points to Excambalir] Or him. [points to ElevenEleven, looks at the other three criminals] Most definitely not having them.

Lord Mitos: You’re just gonna throw us under the bus like that?!

[Morpheus rolled his eyes, then looked at Starbeard.]

Morpheus: Look. I know you don’t trust me at all. You think I took the Mask of Egurra, but that wasn’t even a fair situation. You just assumed that since I was there at the same time of it being stolen, that it was me that did it. I never got a chance to prove myself. Prelinge got away, and I was locked up. Please just… Give me the chance to prove my innocence, and also help these guys redeem themselves, too.

[Starbeard sighed.]

Starbeard: You five. Do you agree to these terms?

[Four of the five nodded. Becky was confused.]

Becky: Wait, he knows where the Mask of Egurra is? Count me in!

[Starbeard became concerned. Becky noticed this and laughed nervously.]

Becky: Sorry. Old habits die hard. Yeah. [nods] I agree to this.

Starbeard: Very well.

[Morpheus put his hands up, and two of the three were able to move at their own will, Excambalir still bounded by Starbeard.]

Starbeard: Morpheus. You will lead these five to their redemption, and also find a way to prove your innocence… Make sure you get the Mask of Egurra back, and if Prelinge does in fact have the mask, bring him as well.

[Starbeard turned to the other five villains, bringing the other four up next to Excambalir.]

Starbeard: Excambalir, ElevenEleven, Techadon 59260, Shadow, and Lord Mitos. Without jury or redemption, you will be put into prison. I’ll decide the appropriate amount of time.

Excambalir: This is insanity! You can’t possibly be-

[Excambalir’s speech was muffled by a cloth put around his mouth by Un-Named. Starbeard turned to Un-Named, who transformed back to human.]

Starbeard: Alan Nomaly… Do your best to keep an eye on them. Just in case.

Alan: You got it.

[Starbeard’s portal opened back up, as he, Xim, and the criminals were pulled through it. Alan turned to Morpheus.]

Alan: So, uh… Where are y’all fuckers gonna be stayin? Ain’t room for shit at our place.

[Morpheus turned to the remains of the ship.]

Morpheus: I’ve got an idea.

[Morpheus put his hands out, and the remains of the ship were morphed into a home-like structure.]

Morpheus: There we go. Everything we need. Bathrooms, kitchen, light, five bedrooms. Good enough.

Alan: Five? You can do damn near everything with those gloves, but you can’t count?

[Morpheus nodded his head over to Becky and Taylor.]

Alan: Oh. OH. Ohhhhh. I gotcha.

[The scene transitioned to the next day. The Annihilators were all in their house. Maklar was seen trying to create a robotic tribute to his planet, only for it to blow up, covering his face in smoke. Kyle was working on studying how to be more in control of his Loboan physiology. Cilocub was sipping on an herbal tea while calmly meditating. Taylor was watching The Lion King. Becky came by, hugged her around the neck, and then moved on to see Morpheus, who was trying to find a way to track Prelinge and the Mask of Egurra through time and space. The scene then went dark, and then lit up again, showing Excambalir sitting at a table. A Kineceleran officer walked in, with Vapor. Vapor sat down across from him as he smiled.]

Excambalir: I’m so glad we could arrange this meeting.

[The screen faded to black.]

Major Events

  • Taylor Kendall, Becky Smith, and Morpheus make their debuts.
  • The Annihilators, sans Shadow, Lord Mitos, and Techadon 59260, turn good, and are lead by Morpheus to become good as redemption for their crimes. The group also becomes allies to Alan’s team.
  • Excambalir, ElevenEleven, Shadow, Lord Mitos, and Techadon 59260 are jailed.
  • Blamurai, Humungousaur Extermigator, Mad Hatter, Rabbiture, Ouroborosaurus, Jetray, Way Big, Cannonbolt, and Puncherbot make their debuts.

Simplicitrix Debuts

  • Blamurai
  • Humungousaur
  • Extermigator
  • Mad Hatter
  • Rabbiture
  • Ouroborosaurus
  • Jetray
  • Way Big
  • Cannonbolt
  • Puncherbot


  • Alan Nomaly
  • Alexis Dwyer
  • Jessica Nietzsche
  • Devin Lorenzo
  • Mason babadzhanov


  • Starbeard
  • Xim
  • Vapor (cameo)


  • Excambalir
  • ElevenEleven
  • Lord Mitos
  • Shadow
  • Techadon 59260
  • Cilocub (turns good)
  • Kyle Okami (turns good)
  • Maklar Ampalon (turns good)
  • Taylor Kendell (debut, turns good)
  • Becky Smith (debut, turns good)
  • Morpheus (debut, turns good)

Footage Only

  • Halor (death)
  • Mundi
  • Altivur
  • To’Kustars
  • Qosmoquods
  • Naljians
  • Fiskur
  • Prelinge

Aliens Used

  • Fasttrack
  • Blamurai (debut)
  • Humungousaur (debut)
  • Extermigator (debut)
  • Mad Hatter (debut; accidental; selected alien was NRG)
  • Rabbiture (debut)
  • Ouroborosaurus (debut)
  • Jetray (debut)
  • Water Hazard
  • Diamondhead (cameo)
  • Smack-Magic (cameo)
  • Brainstorm
  • Way Big (debut)
  • Echo-Echo (offscreen)
  • Ultimate Echo-Echo (cameo)
  • Cannonbolt (debut; cameo)
  • Puncherbot (debut)
  • Un-Named


  • The necklace with the eye-shaped medallion that Becky has is a reference to Doctor Strange’s Eye of Agamotto, as well as the Eye of Dashi from Xiaolin Showdown.
  • The Mask of Egurra is a reference to the Wooden Mask from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
  • When Jetray says he met the quota and asks if Alien Force is happy, it’s a reference to Ben 10: Alien Force, and a joke made by the Wolfpack. In Alien Force, many episodes had both Humungousaur and Jetray, and the Wolfpack made a joke that using these two aliens is the alien quota of Ben 10: Alien Force.
  • The sparkle and “ding” sound of Way Big being thrown away by Becky is a reference to Team Rocket of the Pokémon franchise.
  • When Cannonbolt falls to the ground, transforms into Puncherbot, and then says “Shall we?”, it is a reference to a moment in the Justice League trailer, where Wonder Woman lands next to Aquaman and Cyborg, then says “Shall we?” in the same fashion.
  • When Alan asks Morpheus if he should’ve said “Martha,” it is a reference to the highly memed scene of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, where Batman stops trying to fight Superman solely because of their mothers both being named Martha, with Superman’s about to be killed, with him saying “You’re letting them kill Martha.”

Fourth Wall Breaks

  • Fasttrack breaks the fourth wall when he pulls the opening credits down to name them the Annihilators.
  • Extermigator breaks the fourth wall to mention it’s been a season since he shouted the names of aliens after having transformed, as the last time he did was as Eye Guy in Alan & Alexis’ Extraterrestrial Expedition. Coincidentally, both times were in the second episode of their respective seasons.
  • Alan breaks the fourth wall to say he was “Trumped” for the second time in the series, after having been rammed into a wall in Through Your Eyes.


  • The Ben 10 Fan-Fiction Wiki version of the episode has an altered version of a line of dialogue by Techadon 59260.
  • Morpheus takes on a similar role to Deadshot in DC’s Suicide Squad movie by being the leader of the group of misfits.
  • This is the first episode to have an openly LGBT relationship, as Becky and Taylor are both bisexual characters who end up in a relationship by the end of the episode. However, they are not the first bisexual characters to appear, as Alexis, by nature of being a Succubus, is bisexual as well.
  • The backstories of Taylor, Becky, and Morpheus are highly simplified for the context of the episode. More extensive versions of their backstories are planned to be released between Seasons 2 and 3.
  • Taylor watching The Lion King is actually symbolic of paralleling her backstory. In The Lion King, Scar kills Mufasa and attempts to kill Simba out of envy and rage due to wanting the throne to himself, as both Mufasa and Simba are in the way of him controlling the throne. Similarly, Taylor goes on a murderous rampage after having learned that her sister, Halor, would be getting the throne instead of her.