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[Everyone looked on in shock and confusion at the sight of Alan's transformation. It wasn't long before Alexis made the realization, and her look turned to horror.]

Alexis: He actually fucking did it...

[Society Ghoulseye readied himself before firing off three ectoplasmic arrows at Ultimate Intimachi, who proceeded to block them with his own flesh, leaving not a scratch. With his eyes glowing red, Ultimate Intimachi expelled orange chi from his mouth, which formed around his arms like bands, and the rest formed axe-like blades held in his hands. He let out another demonic scream before running down towards the house, successfully thrashing Society Ghoulseye with the axes and knocking him away.]

Alexis: And where the hell have you been?!


[Ultimate Intimachi let out another scream, though this one seemed to not be intentional.]


Ultimate Intimachi: THE SIMPLICITRIX IS WRAPPED AROUND MY COCK IT FUCKING HURTS! [his shouting turns into sadistic laughter] I LOVE IT!

Alexis: Jesus fucking Christ, he's a masochist.

[Ultimate Intimachi was blasted in the face by Society Ghoulseye firing another arrow, causing the former to roar again before rushing in to fight closer. Richard (1799.R) ran up to Alexis.]

Alexis: Let me guess, another Alan?

Richard (1799.R): Richard.

Alexis: ...That's not-

Richard (1799.R): Yeah, your Alan told me. I'm guessing you guys need all the help you can get?

Alexis: It wouldn't hurt.

[Richard (1799.R) smirked before activating his Simplicitrix, scrolling through the face icons before sliding the faceplate back, and then hitting on the exposed core. His body was swarmed with red energy. Plastic clicking sounds were heard as black, grey, and white bricks formed around his body, and his eyes opened with a red flash.]

Bloxx: BLOXX!

[Bloxx transformed his arm into a cannon, which picked up a chunk of the ground behind him, before lobbing it off and hitting Weaponized Alan with the hunk of terra before he could attack Jessica again. Bloxx's face was then blasted apart by a tan blast of energy. He quickly reformed it, getting an annoyed look as he glared up at Emo Jetray, dubbed Nyetray.]

Bloxx: Mind helping me with this one?

Alexis: Gladly.

[Bloxx changed his entire body to be a catapult, and launched Alexis as soon as she hopped on. Emo Jetray was caught off guard as Alexis was thwacked against him, the both of them tumbling to the ground. Mason swung on a web around the house before leaping out and kicking Zombified Grave Danger, sending him towards Devin who wrapped his tentacles around him and electrocuting him. Zombified Grave Danger then fell to the ground before transforming in a white light, becoming Zombified Mimecraft. He put his hands out in front of himself, waving them about in an odd fashion, causing Mason and Devin to look at each other confused before lunging toward him, only to ram right into the invisible wall he put up.]

Mason: Ow.

Devin: Fuck.

[Ultimate Intimachi hacked and slashed his blades at Society Ghoulseye, who kept dodging before being caught off guard by an out-of-rhythm swipe that sent him flying through one of the windows of the house. As he caught his breath, a blast of purple fire hit him from behind, causing him to turn around with a roar to see Rapid-Fire.]

Rapid-Fire: It's about time we get formally acquainted.

Ultimate Intimachi: What are you people even doing here?

Rapid-Fire: Trying to get you, of course. I've often found that the best method to obtain compliance... is by breaking the person, first.

Ultimate Intimachi: I can assure you that the only one of us leaving here broken will be you.

[Jessica poked her head around the corner, watching the two Alan's have their conversation. She reached to grab on of her katanas, but stopped when she heard a chiming sound behind her. Turning, she was surprised and confused by the sight of a humanoid, purple hippo on the wall of the house. It wore a black and yellow outfit, and had three yellow eyes. The hippo's head then sharply turned to face her, causing her to gasp as she saw it come out of the wall in a yellow flash. Ultimate Intimachi and Rapid-Fire were cut off from about to fight by the sound of Jessica's scream, and she was tossed along the ground. The two looked up to see Yellowtrix Existention approaching from the side of the house.]

Ultimate Intimachi: YOU!

Jessica: [groaning] ...Y-You [coughs] know this one?

Ultimate Intimachi: He was one of the first that attacked me.

[An ungodly scream was heard from the treeline. The group all turned just in time to see the red-furred Blacktrix Scapegoat rushing out of the trees, making a beeline for Ultimate Intimachi. The latter threw a punch, only for the former to just... no longer be where the punch would've landed. Instead, a blue flash of light appeared behind Ultimate Intimachi, revealing Blacktrix Scapegoat as he landed a punch to Ultimate Intimachi's back, throwing him several yards away and breaking through his skin.]

Jessica: ALAN!

Ultimate Intimachi: [coughing, groaning while standing] S-Since when could Scapegoat teleport?

Blacktrix Scapegoat: Shut the fuck up.

[Ultimate Intimachi and Jessica stood weakily, and a yellow flash came across the ground as Yellowtrix Existension came up out of the ground near Rapid-Fire and Blacktrix Scapegoat. Whitetrix Jetray, who was colored pale lavender with pale teal, as well as different proportions, landed next to them, and proceeded to transform into Whitetrix Lodestar, colored pale yellow. A loud screaming was heard from above, prompting everyone to look up. A figure quickly came crashing down into the ground, and when the smoke cleared, Greentrix Alan was revealed to have arrived, having become his own version of Antigravitesla, aptly named AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.]

Ultimate Intimachi: That's four, but where's-

[A bright blue lightning strike came down from the sky right onto Ultimate Intimachi, causing him to cry out loudly in pain. He kneeled down as the lightning stopped, and another came down closer to the Al-Ternates that teleported in Bluetrix Reality Check.]

Whitetrix Lodestar: Neat trick with teleporting you and Black, but was the lightning necessary?

Bluetrix Reality Check: The bitch threw me through a building. I don't take kindly to that.

[Standing back up, Ultimate Intimachi glanced over the amount of alternate versions.]

Ultimate Intimachi: ...We need backup. [turns to Jessica] Go get the Annihilators. We'll-

[In the midst of talking, Ultimate Intimachi was punched even further away. As he skidded across the ground, he transformed back to human, red mesh flashing over his body. As he came to a stop, the mesh then dusted off of him, with his Aura breaking. The one to hit him was revealed to be Warmonger, Scavenger Alan's teal-colored version of Four Arms wearing punk-styled armor. He launched himself off into the air, readying all four fists to come crashing down onto Alan. At the last second, Jessica teleported in, grabbing Alan before teleporting away, keeping him from being crushed by Warmonger. Warmonger stood from where he punched, realizing he had only broken the ground and not crushed Alan.]

Warmonger: What the shit?! Where did he go?!

[In the treeline behind the Nomaly house, Jessica gently sat Alan down against the stump of a tree. He groaned as he slowly slipped unconscious.]

Jessica: Rest easy. I'm gonna get help.

[Jessica teleported away in a blue flash. As Alan rested, a figure began approaching. Only their hand was seen, as a large claw began to form out of their wrist.]

[Alexis was blasted across the yard by a tan energy beam, which was revealed to come from Emo Alan's Mechamorph form known as Midgrade. Hitting his Simplicitrix, he transformed into Yuck, his version of Goop. Just before he could attack, however, circular distortions colored red shot towards his anti-gravity projector. The UFO was spun around at rapid speeds before being thrown away, Yuck's actual goop body being thrown around with it. The distortions were revealed to be the magnetic beams of Lodestar (1799.R), who himself was colored red, green, and blue, and his metallic head was white.]

Alexis: [standing up] Thanks.

Lodestar (1799.R): No problem. So... [scratches the back of his head] ...Do you have any powers, or...

Alexis: Yeah. But they really only work on things that have mouths.

Lodestar (1799.R): I- Um. That's... Fairly suggestive.

Alexis: ...Yeah, that's kind of the point.

Lodestar (1799.R): Your universe is weird.

[The two then turned to see Yuck slowly pulling himself back together. Lodestar (1799.R) turned his head when he heard electricity crackling, seeing Devin failing to use his electricity to get into Zombified Mimecraft's invisible box.]

Lodestar (1799.R): HEY! AMPFIBIAN DUDE!

[Devin whipped around, just in time to see Lodestar (1799.R) turn into his version of Chromastone, whose white crystals decorated his otherwise greyish-green, rocky body, which was also shaped differently from that of Alan's, and had far less crystals.]

Chromastone (1799.R): HIT ME!

[Devin nodded and fired off orange electricity from all his limbs at Chromastone (1799.R), powering him up. His attention turned back to Yuck.]

Alexis: What are you doing?

Chromastone (1799.R): Getting him to turn into someone I know has a mouth!

[Chromastone (1799.R) fired off an ultraviolet blast that hit Yuck's projector, disorienting him. Just as he got back to normal, another blast went through his goo, which he easily regenerated from. He turned about angrily, seeing Chromastone (1799.R) taunting him. Regenerating from another blast hitting him, Yuck activated his Simplicitrix on his projector, becoming Upfuck.]

Alexis: What the hell is that?

Chromastone (1799.R): You guys don't have Upchuck?

[Upfuck's stomach growled loudly. Chromastone charged up his energy before clapping his hands together, firing off an ultraviolet beam at Upfuck, who proceeded to open his mouth to eat the energy. The energy converted in his stomach, and he opened his mouth to spit it back out. Alexis then stepped in, her eyes glowing blue as she remotely absorbed Upfuck's chi, causing him to fall over unconscious before transforming back.]

Chromastone (1799.R): ...That's your power?

Alexis: Part of them.

Chromastone (1799.R): Shoot, we need to get you to the other guys then.

[Chromastone (1799.R) was suddenly hit by a loud sonic wave, causing his crystals to start shattering. Panicking, he hit his Simplicitrix, becoming Echo-Echo (1799.R). While his headphones protected his hearing, he was blasted back by the force still. Looking back up, he saw a blue and teal version of Blitzwulf, who wore a cyan outfit with white stripes near his Simplicitrix on his stomach.]

Echo-Echo (1799.R): Drahcir.

Alexis: Another one?

Echo-Echo (1799.R): This one's different, and it's my fight.

[Echo-Echo (1799.R) and Enineuqerf began running towards one another, the latter turning into Erifpmaws, his own version of Swampfire colored blue with yellow and red petals, and the former becoming Water Hazard (1799.R). Rustling was heard, and Alexis turned just in time to see Alan tossed out of the woods across the ground. Looking back, she saw Weaponized Alan approaching them, an additional pair of arms beginning to grossly grow out of his body like a parasitic twin. Before he could get too close, though, an odd sound came from behind, which was revealed to be Mason's webbing grabbing hold of him from behind. Mason swung him around, throwing him at the invisible box around Zombified Mimecraft. The box remained impervious, but it was enough to knock out Weaponized Alan at least for the time being. Alexis turned her attention back to Alan.]

Alexis: What happened?

Alan: [coughing] A-Aura broke... One wrong hit and...

[Alan seemed to fall unconscious again. Alexis lifted his face by the chin, taking a deep breath as she closed her eyes. When they opened again, they were bright orange, and orange Chi started flowing out of her mouth and into Alan's. The red mesh pattern slowly came over his body again, his Aura replenishing in a red flash as he gasped awake, eyes opened wide. Alexis pulled away, her eyes returning to brown.]

Alexis: Better?

Alan: ...I didn't know you could do that?

[Alan suddenly craned his head, alerted to the sounds of Weaponized Alan slowly rising back up to his feet and loudly cracking his neck. Mason attempted to tackle him from the left, although a reflexive smack of one of his additionally-grown arms sent Mason flying backwards and crashing into the dirt.]

Alexis: You want me to let you handle this one?

Alan: Yes, go help Mason. I’m pretty sure that knocked him out.

[Mason partially sat up from where he had fallen, although visibly disorientated.]

Alan: Oop, nevermind, he’s good.

[As Alan and his Weaponized counterpart locked eyes and exchanged intimidating glares, readying themselves to fight, and Alexis retracted away from the upcoming brawl, Weaponized Alan extended out a quartet of claws, one from each hand, and the other took a running stance.]

Alan: Since you don’t exactly transform... I might as well even the odds.

Weaponized Alan:

Alan: ...Uh-huh, alright then. Riveting conversations we’re having.

[Alan then quickly leapt upwards, running forward with superhuman speed that left a trail of electricity in an attempt to smash right into Weaponized Alan, prompting the latter to take a defensive stance, although before the two collided at the last possible moment, Alan suddenly ducked and siked out his foe, quickly rising to his feet behind him and charging himself up with electricity by the time he realized what happened and began to turn around. Sending his opponent flying off his feet with an electrical blast, the familiar flash of a Rabbiture portal engulfed his body before he hit the ground, and reappeared inches from Alan’s face.]

Alan: SHIT-

[Bobbing and weaving through a quick flurry of lightning-fast punches and claw swipes with Black Lightning’s blurring speed, Alan slammed his foot into the ground, turning the surrounding dirt into mud and weakening Weaponized Alan’s foothold. Attempting to strike him with a fiery punch to his chest, a layer of razor-sharp crystals grotesquely burst from Weaponized Alan’s chest, blocking the punch and cutting Alan’s knuckles on impact. Gritting his teeth in pain and retracting his hand, Alan leaned backwards and ducked backwards to avoid a quick claw swipe, although the tip of his nose was visibly grazed in the process. Planting an extended hand against the ground, Alan swung his legs upwards, smashing his foot into Weaponized Alan’s jaw, and quickly backflipped back onto his feet. Slightly stunned by the attack, Weaponized Alan casually popped his jaw back into his place, as his skin suddenly began to grotesquely bubble up in random spots, skin breaking to reveal yellow spores that immediately began to burst open one-by-one, revealing a pungent, yellowish-brown gas that Alan shielded himself from with the respirator and chemical-resistant skin of Gutrot.]

Alan: Fucking Mustard Gas.

[Holding out his hands and releasing powerful gusts of wind to disperse the mustard gas, Alan’s concentration on getting rid of the gas lowered his guard long enough for Weaponized Alan to suddenly rush forward out of nowhere, sucker-punching him in the face and violently shattering his gas-mask. His mouth exposed again, Alan released a sonic scream in retaliation, although Weaponized Alan suddenly warped out of the way with a Rabbiture portal, and caught Alan’s punch, then another, restraining Alan’s arms, and giving him the perfect moment to stab him in the abdomen with a pair of Rath claws, although both became lodged upon it transforming into Goop’s slime and completely disintegrating the hands of his extra arms.]

Alan: You know, I can do multiple arms too!

[A fist-tipped arm literally manifesting in the middle of Alan’s face in place of his facial features, and punching Weaponized Alan’s own face to stun him, a multitude of newly-grown arms split off of his own like tree roots, forming around a dozen on each side, with a couple limbs radiating intense, blinding light, some glowing with bright-red radioactive and ionic energy respectively, and the last few radiating with pink mana. Everything being channeled into his fists, Alan retracts his face-arm to see, and proceeds to pummel the ever-loving shit out of Weaponized Alan, blinding him with light, paralyzing him with plasma, and managing to literally shatter off the layer of crystals covering his vest from sheer speed alone. With one final uppercut to his opponent’s jaw, Alan violently destabilizes the molecules in his Weaponized counterpart’s metallic mouthpiece, shattering it off with an miniature explosion that sends his body flying backwards and literally tumbling into the dirt like a ragdoll. Smoke arising and blood leaking from his exploded fist, an exhausted Alan retracts all of his extra arms, nearly falling to one knee from how much he put into that barrage, and quickly regenerates his minor cuts.]

Alan: Ow. Mental note to not do that again, no matter how badass that looked.

Mason: [from a few feet away] What the fuck did you just do?!

Alan: NASA.

Mason: ...I’m sorry?

Alan: Short for "Not Another Squid Alien."

Devin: [frustrated] Can I get some help with this one?

[Alan looked up to see Devin still hopelessly trying to get into Zombified Mimecraft's invisible box. Alan walked over, activating Mimecraft's powers and creating a door in the side of the box, opening it and taking hold of Zombified Mimecraft. He threw the Terrifiant out of the box, leading to Devin zapping him unconscious, prompting him to transform back.]

Alan: Can you guys handle the ones out front?

Alexis: We were barely holding our own until you showed up.

Devin: Guys that are just one species are easy, but...

Mason: Transforming guys are difficult. Ones that know what they're doing, anyway.

Jetray (1799.R): Don't worry about it.

[The four turned to see Jetray (1799.R) fly down and drop an paralyzed Rettips.]

Jetray (1799.R): I can help with that.

Alan: Good, cause I need to get us some help. Jessica should be back soon with the Annihilators, but in the meantime, I know someone else who can help. Let's move.

[The others nodded and headed for the front yard, while Alan entered the backdoor of the house. Closing it, he sighed with relief, only to turn around and... see the entire interior had turned into an MC Escher painting.]

Alan: What the fu- Ohhhh.

[Alan saw the personification of an epileptic seizure that is Glitch Trials standing on one of the upside down staircases above him.]

Alan: And which one are you?


Alan: ...Got it.

[Alan went to active the Simplicitrix, but his hand stopped short of hitting the core. He frowned and gritted his teeth, unable to bring his hands together.]

How you turn my world, you precious thing...

[Alan's eyes slowly glanced over, seeing Bluetrix Thriller Whale on one of the floating staircases.]

Bluetrix Thriller Whale: You starve and near exhaust me...

[Bluetrix Thriller Whale's barnacles began playing the music to the song, causing Alan to start tapping his foot in tandem with the beat.]

Bluetrix Thriller Whale: Everything I've done, I've done for you. I move the stars for no one.

[Bluetrix Thriller Whale stepped down to the same level as Alan, doing slow dance moves that Alan unwittingly mimicked. All the while, Society Glitch Trials moved about the inner workings of the house.]

Bluetrix Thriller Whale: You've run so long, you've run so far! Your eyes can be so cruel! Just as I can be so cruel! Oh, I do believe in you! Yes, I do! Live without your sunlight! Love without your heartbeat! I... I... Can't live within you...

[The two continued their synchronized dancing, going across the precariously made interior design as they did. At some point, Bluetrix Thriller Whale did his equivalent of a fist clench, causing Alan to do so as well, smirking as he did.]

Bluetrix Thriller Whale: I can't live withi-

[Bluetrix Thriller Whale suddenly stopped singing, though his lips still moved. He realized the silence, along with no music, then turned just in time to see an angry Alan punching him off of the staircase, into the apparent abyss below.]

Alan: ...I never want to think about that David Bowie bulge again. [glances up at Society Glitch Trials] ...Now as for you.

[Society Glitch Trials began glitching all over the place, teleporting from one place to another, even no-clipping through some walls. Alan backed up into a doorway, hiding away as he transformed. Society Glitch Trials continued his /tp @user movements, while a figure was seen running across the odd inner terrain, revealing to be Alan using the transformation Checkpoint. He jumped up, and attempted to grab Society Glitch Trials, but seemed to miss... Well, miss the normal body that is. His hand had phased through the glitching arm temporarily. As Society Glitch Trials ported away again, Checkpoint snapped his fingers, causing the Amokjutsin to reappear. Confused, Society Glitch Trials tried to leave again, only for the same thing to happen when Checkpoint again snapped. Angered, Society Glitch Trials rushed him, grabbing hold of him, only to become confused when Checkpoint didn't become glitched.]

Checkpoint: [shaking his head] It doesn't work like that, mate.

[Checkpoint grabbed hold of Society Glitch Trials' head, flinging him upwards before slamming him onto the ground, enough force to knock him out and cause a detransformation, which reverted the house to its normal state, bar the hole in the window from earlier. Checkpoint saw Bluetrix Alan unconscious as well from his fall before, then transformed to human as well before going up the stairs. Reaching his room, Alan grabbed hold of Raijin, sliding it on his back, then turned to the container on the end table.]

Alan: Hope you're combat ready again, girl.

[The container was that of GrimmZilla, who looked at him with her glowing eyes. Alan activated the Simplicitrix again, becoming the small, red velvet worm alien, Plus Sights.]

[Big Chill (1799.R) flew through the air, dodging yellow blasts from Blacktrix NRG, outside his containment suit, who followed close behind. Big Chill (1799.R) turned his head back and shot his frost breath at the Prypiatosian-B, which almost instantly melted off of him.]


Big Chill (1799.R): ...I don't know what that mea-

[Big Chill (1799.R) groaned as he was thrust against the ground by The Machine's containment suit, being thrown down on him by Whitetrix Lodestar.]

The Machine: Finally, you do something useful.

Whitetrix Lodestar: Shut up!

[Suddenly, dark grey crystals shot near Whitetrix Lodestar, some hitting him and some hitting the ground. Before he could even properly ponder what happened, the crystals exploded, blasting Whitetrix Lodestar to smithereens. The Machine turned surprised in the direction of the crystals only to find Diamond Zero jumping at him, a move which proved to be of no avail as he phased right through The Machine, then landing on the ground behind him.]

Diamond Zero: Oh, come on! Intangibility? That's cheating!

The Machine: Hah! Nothing can touch The Machi- DOOWWWWW!-

[Big Chill (1799.R) looked up, seeing that The Machine's containment suit was thrown onto him, cauisng him to detransform, by Khal Raztack.]

Khal Raztack: Shut the fuck up.

[Khal Raztack walked over and went to thrash all four fists onto Blacktrix Alan, only for him to be thrown to the side by a punch from Warmonger. He caught himself, skidding to a halt.]

Khal Raztack: You really wanna fight with the strongest Tetramand in the galaxy?

Warmonger: Considering you're here on Earth of all place and not your own planet, you'll have to forgive my skepticism.


[Upon finishing the transformation, Greentrix Alan gasped audibly at his new form.]

Greentrix Alan: The rake did this...

Alan: I'm sorry?

Greentrix Alan: I call this one... Rake-Rake!

Alan: ...Huh. I kinda like it.

[Blacktrix Alan rushed over and pushed Alan aside.]

Blacktrix Alan: For the love of all fucking things that inseminate others and breed, do not name the alien after his mindless dribble!

Alan: ...I'm doing it now just to spite you.