Plot[edit | edit source]

Cordial Reunion[edit | edit source]

[The scene opened up in a garage. Tools were strewn about across desks and inside toolboxes. A purple camry sat in the garage, and Alan stood to the side, leaning against the wall. Metallic clanking was heard as Alan looked down to see his dad, Joel, working underneath the car. Joel put his hand out from under the car.]

Joel: I need the impact and the 5/8 socket.

[In a semi-uninterested fashion, Alan looked about the desks and toolboxes before finding what was asked, then putting them into his dad's hand.]

Alan: Never took you for one to use the Standard system, especially not on a Toyota.

Joel: Well, I would be using Metric, but all the stuff I can find around here is Standard.

Alan: Online shopping's a thing.

Joel: Not as far as your mother's concerned.

Alan: Right.

[Joel grunted as he tried to use the impact, then sighed in frustration.]

Alan: Need the 9/16?

Joel: Yeah, let's try that.

[Alan looked about before grabbing the socket.]

Alan: [sarcastically] 5/8 and 9/16 are so much simpler than.... [genuine stupidity] Whatever their Metric counterparts are.

[Joel looked up at Alan from under the car concerned as he was given the socket.]

Alan: ...My ignorance is proof of your point Metric should be used instead.

[Joel went back to working under the car before sighing. He rolled out from under it and sat up, holding his chest.]

Alan: You alright?

Joel: Heartburn. I was in that position for too long.

[Alan nodded then thought for a moment, proceeding to clench the Simplicitrix gauntlet. His body took on the composition of Goop as he slipped beneath the car, only to lift it up with Blamurai's strength as he stood, no longer appearing like Goop.]

Alan: That better?

[Joel smiled while standing up, impact in hand as he went back to work.]

Joel: Much. [talks whilst doing whatever the fuck it is he's doing to the undercarriage of the car] So. What's it like, using alien powers like that?

Alan: I'm still adjusting to it. Mentally, anyway.

Joel: [nods] What about actual transformations?

Alan: I've been at this for over two years, it's become second nature by this point. Unless I go a new alien.

Joel: Yeah? Been anyone new lately?

[Alan went to answer but suddenly had a flashback to Lodestar's body being taken by Hagan's group, along with one of him becoming Phantasy to enter Jessica's mind.]

Alan: ...Nope. No one new recently.

[Joel nodded while continuing his work. Alan looked curiously at his gauntlet as the core began humming and flashing. Joel noticed as well and took a step back.]

Joel: Should I be worried about that?

Alan: I don't-

[Alan grunted as the weight of the car almost crushed him, causing him to almost take a knee before he caught himself.]

Joel: Are you okay?!

Alan: Yeah! Yeah. Just.... Give me a minute.

[The car lowered back to the ground before Alan used Goop's powers to come from under it, returning to normal as he rested against a cabinet, examining the Stabilized Simplicitrix, which the core of kept flickering whilst humming.]

Joel: I'm gonna guess that doesn't normally happen.

Alan: I might just be using it too much. It does that sometimes. Been like that since I rebuilt it.

Joel: But you didn't really use it that much.

Alan: [stands up with arms crossed] ...I don't know then.

[Joel studied Alan's body language for a moment before putting a hand on his shoulder.]

Joel: Look. I don't know what's going on with you, and I know you're not really one for talking. But if it's affecting your powers like that, it's probably something you're going to need to talk about at some point with someone.

Alan: Yeah. Well. Discussing it is exactly what got me into this mess to begin with.

Joel: [sighs] ...Why don't you see if your mother needs help with lunch? Assuming she hasn't thrown it across the room in frustration already.

Alan: Right. ....Right.

[Alan walked around the car, stopping at the door.]

Alan: I love you.

Joel: I love you, too.

[Alan then exited. As he closed the door, he noticed the Simplicitrix core continuing to flash and hum. He shook the gauntlet about, hitting it a few times as well.]

Alan: What the hell is wrong with you?

[As Alan walked through the house, the scene panned back from a window towards the treeline. Just inside the foliage stood who appeared to be Alan, though with shorter hair and blue eyes. His jacket was black with blue details, and his pants purple. Hearing rustling behind him, he turned to see four other clearly defined Alan's. One with yellow eyes and yellow-green clothing stared back at him, wide eyed and with a slight head tilt. One with green eyes and clothing stood next to a tree, staring dumbfoundedly at a slug crawling up its side.]

Greentrix Alan: ...Pretty squiddy...

[An Alan with silver eyes and cyan clothing swatted at a gnat flying around him. The fourth Alan had jet black eyes, and dark red clothing. He was violently pulling at the arm of another obscured matrix user, who could be seen having purple and indigo clothing, attempting to pull him out of the bushes. On the fifth person's wrist was a Simplicitrix of a different shape, having magenta colored energy.]

Blacktrix Alan: Get the fuck out here, you little fucking shitbag fuck-cucker.

Magentatrix: No, you get off me!

[Angered, Blacktrix pulled him violently from the bushes, but had unintentionally transformed Magentatrix before his appearance could be seen. Blacktrix took a minute to process what had happened before reeling back in pain, his hands now singed from Magentatrix Heatblast.]


Magentatrix Heatblast: ...Asshole.

Whitetrix Alan: Is such language really necessary?

Blacktrix Alan: Oh, shut the fuck up!

Whitetrix Alan: Come on, now. That's just rude.

Blacktrix Alan: You wanna know why you're "Whitetrix?" CAUSE YOU'RE A LITTLE FUCKING SNOWFLAKE!

Whitetrix Alan: O-Oh, yeah? W-Well, do you wanna know why you're "Blacktrix?"


[Everyone, including the absolute moronic Greentrix Alan, stared at Whitetrix Alan suspiciously.]

Whitetrix Alan: ...I plead the fifth.


[Giving a pouting face, Whitetrix Alan turned, only to be extremely caught off guard by the close-standing, wide-eyed Yellowtrix Alan right behind him.]

Whitetrix Alan: Jiminy Crickets, Yellow! Don't scare me like that!

Greentrix Alan: Me no scare you. Was looking at pretty pony on cowboy hat.

[Greentrix Alan motions back to the slug on the tree he previously called a squid.]


[Greentrix Alan stood with a dumbass expression on his face for a solid five seconds, even going so far as drooling before processing what Blacktrix Alan said.]

Greentrix Alan: OH YEAH! [pulls up sleeve on wrong arm to see no Simplicitrix] Oh no, Black, I am Crayola skin-colored like crayon, not trademarked Crayola like green crayon color wristwatch!

Blacktrix Alan: ....How in the fuckity fuck fuck fuck did you manage to even open the doorknob to your bedroom when you woke up this morning!?

Greentrix Alan: D'uhhhhh...... [silent for ten more seconds while drooling again] ...What's a doorknob?

[Blacktrix Alan looked like he was about to pop a vessel with how annoyed he was with Greentrix Alan. He took a deep breath, then with gritted teeth and gravel in his voice, turned to Whitetrix Alan.]

Blacktrix Alan: As soon as we don't need him, I'm killing him.

Whitetrix Alan: ...I can't believe I'm saying this, but I concur.

Blacktrix Alan: ...I'm killing you, too.

Whitetrix Alan: WH- WHATEVER FOR?!


[The conversation was cut off, but Blacktrix Alan appeared to still be talking. Or at least, moving his lips. The group realized the unnerving silence in the area and then turned, all of them realizing Bluetrix Alan had become Reverbatim, absorbing their sound.]

Bluetrix Reverbatim: Will you all be quiet, damnit?! We're trying to keep a low profile, and none of you are helping! ...Except Yellow. He's doing fine.

[Yellowtrix Alan made no attempt to respond, instead just blinking, but almost as if he was doing one eye at a time from left to right.]

Bluetrix Reverbatim: ....I use the term loosely.

[The scene cut back inside as Alan entered the kitchen. His mom was attempting to cook on all four eyes of the stove as he entered.]

Alan: Need any help?

Georgia: Yes, please. This one here's bacon, you know I hate the grease popping.

Alan: Got it.

[Alan took over for the bacon, using his Stabilized Simplicitrix hand to shield his skin from the popping grease. As to be expected, the Simplicitrix's core began to flash red and hum slightly.]

Alan: ...Get back.

Georgia: What?

[Alan pushed her back with his free hand as he felt heat conduct from his other into the pan, which caused the grease to start to smoke up. As the grease popped up more, the smoke became darker and sparks started flying. Georgia stood back and tried to shield herself from the potential grease fire, but it was stopped by Alan getting control and putting a Brainstorm shield around the pan, letting go of the handle to do so.]

Alan: [whispering] ...Why does this keep happening?

Georgia: Are you alright?

Alan: ...I'll be fine. I need a minute.

[Georgia nodded as Alan moved the smoke in the Brainstorm shield up to the stovetop fan to get rid of it before walking away. In the living room, Alan's sister Jackie sat on the couch, scrolling on her phone while something played on TV. Focus shifted from her to the window behind her, showing Greentrix Alan walking up and knocking loudly.]

Greentrix Alan: ANYBODY HOME???

[During the knocking, Jackie looked annoyed, turning the volume on the TV up to block out the noise. Gold and green bandages came from the side and wrapped around Greentrix Alan, pulling him back just as Jackie turned to the window, with a confused look.]

Jackie: Was that-

[She cuts herself off as she sees Alan enter the room and sit on the couch. He notices her look.]

Alan: What?

Jackie: Were you just outside?

Alan: No.

Jackie: ...Huh.

[The scene went back outside as Greentrix Alan was dragged back into the woods, the golden bandages revealed to be that of Magentatrix Snare-Oh, while the green ones were of Bluetrix Snare-Oh. The two dropped him and Whitetrix Alan approached.]

Whitetrix Alan: You irresponsible, bumbling buffoon!

Greentrix Alan: Me no monkey.

Whitetrix Alan: BUFFOON! NOT BABOON!

Blacktrix Alan: Wait a fucking minute. Where the fucking shit is Yellow?

[The group looked around before Greentrix Alan suddely started crying out in pain. Turning, they all saw Yellowtrix Alan had gotten a rake and started beating it against Greentrix Alan, only for it to be yanked away by Bluetrix Snare-Oh.]

Bluetrix Snare-Oh: What the fuck is wrong with you people?

[There's silence before mindless bickering happens between Blacktrix Alan and Whitetrix Alan, all while Greentrix Alan looked up at them like a child would to arguing parents, and Yellowtrix Alan kept his eyes on the rake.]

Bluetrix Snare-Oh: ...I hate you people.

[Bluetrix Snare-Oh became human again as he watched the ongoing conversation. A magenta light flashed as Magentatrix ChamAlien was briefly seen before disappearing, the distortion of his body headed for the house. Bluetrix Alan glanced back at the others before activating his own device, becoming Bluetrix Goop, and then heading after Magentatrix ChamAlien, who stood staring into the window, while Goop shapeshifted around it to stay out of sight.]

Bluetrix Goop: Something on your mind?

Magentatrix ChamAlien: More than any of them. I'm not even sure they have minds.

Bluetrix Goop: I'll give you that for Green. Black and White aren't exactly idiots, but they're a bit too distracted by each other. And Yellow... I don't know what to say about him. Her? They? I don't know.

Magentatrix ChamAlien: Like I said. Your subordinates are idiots.

Bluetrix Goop: They're not my subordinates.

Magentatrix ChamAlien: Aren't they, though? You and I are the only two competent people in this little ragtag group, and I'm sure as hell not the leader.

Bluetrix Goop: I suppose they do at times tend to follow my lead. Aside from you.

Magentatrix ChamAlien: ...You know why.

Bluetrix Goop: Yeah, you've your own motivation for this. I'm just... not sure that applies to a different timeline.

Magntatrix ChamAlien: The events that lead to my father's demise still played out in this universe. Maybe I can stop it from happening.

Bluetrix Goop: How do you figure?

Magentatrix ChamAlien: You must remember I'm not just from another universe. I'm from the future of another universe. And I've had a long time to think about this.

[The Nomaly family sat down to eat at their table, which had a view of the TV in the living room. The four of them ate and chat about not much, with no incident from Alan's Stabilized Simplicitrix. Joel and Jackie sat in the living room as Alan and Georgia took the dishes to the kitchen.]

Georgia: Has something been on your mind?

Alan: ...I had a... pretty bad run-in with... someone.

Georgia: Oh?

Alan: It's part of the reason I have to... wear the thing like this. [motions with the Simplicitrix arm]

Georgia: Who was it?

Alan: ...Richard.

Georgia: You say that name like I should know who that is.

[Alan looked at her confused but before he could say anything...]

Joel: Hey, Alan. Come here a sec.

[Alan and Georgia stepped into the living room for a moment where Joel and Jackie were watching the television.]

Joel: You know anything about this?

[Joel then unmuted the TV, showing The Will Harangue Nation playing.]

Will Harangue: An investigation update to the Tennyson murders has been given to the studio. For those of you who remember, back in April, Pennsylvanian couple Benjamin and Kai Tennyson, along with their children Kenneth and Gwendolyn, were murdered in their home. Authorities had no way to get into the house due to an oddly high amount of radiation coming from the basement where their bodies were located, but the undeniable stench of death spelled the worst. After months of painfully agonizing meetings to get a hazmat team in, it was found that the only remains were a few teeth bones and fingernails, and the floors were described as being "licked clean of blood." Police dogs tried to sniff out the culprit, but the scent was lost in the river nearby.

Alan: I had heard about it while I was living up there. Investigation is ongoing. I wasn't really able to do much while I was there. My guys that survive radiation are a bit too big to sneak in.

Will Harangue: Now. Let me tell you what I think. Everyone thinks I'm making a mockery, but no. This is a tragedy, both the murders, and the authorities inability to act on what it is that did this. One of the so-called alien "heroes" has obviously gone off the cuff, and has started murdering innocent civilians. We already know that not only do aliens exist, but evil ones, too! Three years ago, Earth was invaded by a four-armed dictator! We've since seen the rise in alien presence on Earth, and all it's done has lead to even more tragedies! Hell, we can't even trust our own military to do anything about it! A group of aliens invaded and destroyed their base! Not that they'd admit it, of course. But we know bette-

[The TV's volume abruptly went mute again as Alan pressed the remote control, obviously stressed by Harangue's comments before sighing.]

Alan: He's not wrong. It definitely was an alien. But I have no idea what.

[The Stabilized Simplicitrix beeped, cutting the tension.]

Jackie: That's not another alien power warning, is it?

Alan: No, no. It's a reminder for me to get home. I'm making Hungarian goulash for dinner, and I need about three hours to do it.

[Alan proceeded to hug his three family members.]

Joel: Try to visit more often. Past few years have been a bit different without you.

Georgia: And if things ever get tough, you're always welcome here.

Alan: Yeah. Right. Thanks

[Alan reached his hand over the couch and ruffled Jackie's hair.]

Jackie: Hey!

Alan: Love you.

[A scratch was heard at the front door and Alan smirked.]

Alan: I'll let her in on the way out.

[Alan went to the front door, opening it up as an excited doberman entered, bouncing around a bit with her tail wagging.]

Alan: Hey, baby girl.

[Alan pet the dog before exiting the house. Taking a deep breath, he pondered.]

Alan: ...How the hell does she not remember Richard? [cracks neck and sighs] Whatever. I'm sure that's not plot relevant.

[Alan hit the core of the Stabilized Simplicitrix, causing his skin to turn a pale pink. Black metal covered most of his body, including a helmet that was elongated and pointed backwards. His fingers changed into three sharp, black claws, and his feet grew wheels before a black and pink striped tail grew out of his lower back. The helmet grew a visor with a pink X-shape on the front as he took off as XLR8. Meanwhile, from the treeline...]

Magentatrix ChamAlien: Showtime.

Bluetrix Goop: No, wait-

[Magentatrix ChamAlien did not in fact wait, instead becoming a green-colored version of Astrodactyl and taking off after XLR8.]

Blacktrix Alan: Oh, fuck. For fuck's sake. We weren't fucking ready yet. God fucking damnit.

[Blacktrix Alan activates his Simplicitrix, becoming a blue-colored XLR8. He begins his run but immediately falls flat, turning to see his speed was absorbed by Whitetrix Hookwink.]

Blacktrix XLR8: You son of a bitch!

Whitetrix Hookwink: We have the same mother!

Blacktrix XLR8: If your mother met my mother, yours would drop dead!

Whitetrix Hookwink: Rude.

Blacktrix XLR8: I'll show you rude!

[Blacktrix XLR8 change to Black Lightning, zapping Whitetrix Hookwink to knock him to the ground.]

Whitetrix Hookwink: That's not necessary!

Blacktrix Black Lightning: Fuck you.

[The two began to slap each other like children, only for them both to slow to almost a halt as they were touched by Bluetrix Slowth.]

Bluetrix Slowth: Stop... We... Need... To... Get... After... Him...

[Bluetrix Slowth changed to his own version of XLR8, colored green, before running off, followed by the other two. Yellowtrix Alan looked at Greentrix Alan, who was clearly not paying attention, and pushed him to the ground, which caused him to become his own version of Diesel.]

Greentrix Diesel: OHHH! CHOO CHOO!

[Choo Choo then took off, followed by Yellowtrix Alan turning into a pink and black version of Fasttrack, joining into the chase.]

[XLR8 zoomed down the road through the city, dodging the cars as he went. Magentatrix Astrodactyl followed suit before lowering to the ground and changing into a yellow version of M0K. He landed onto one of the cars, absorbing its speed which was shown by the car stopping and becoming grey while M0K kept going.]

Magentatrix M0K: Get back here, you fucking asshole.

[Magentatrix M0K approached XLR8, nearing him. XLR8's visor flashed a few times as an AI sounding like Alan sounded from it.]

Visor AI: Warning. Incoming object.

[XLR8 nodded and sped himself up, just out of reach of Magentatrix M0K before getting further away. Magentatrix M0K growled before gaining the speed of the cars next to him and going faster, and continuing to stack the speed as he went.]

Visor AI: Warning. Incoming object.

XLR8: Again?

[Making a split scond decision, XLR8 moved between cars to a different lane, which caught Magentatrix M0K off guard as he continued gaining speed, only to end up flinging himself forward and off the side of the road. Multiple hot spots appeared on his visor.]

Visor AI: Warning. Multiple incoming objects.

XLR8: Huh?

[XLR8 increased his speed again, just missing the grasp of one of Whitetrix Hookwink's claws about to grab his tail, which also wasn't helped by the fact the latter was once again zapped by the petty Blacktrix Black Lightning. Choo Choo loudly plowed through the cars on the road, most of which had yet to pick speed up again after having it stolen by either Magentatrix M0K or Whitetrix Hookwink, while Bluetrix XLR8 was attempting to get the jump on XLR8. Yellowtrix Fasttrack made awkward jagged movements through the traffic, dodging the cars being tossed about by the green train alien.]

Bluetrix XLR8: Almost. Almost. Almo- HEY!

[Yellowtrix Fasttrack's movements cause him to almost run into Bluetrix XLR8, disorienting the both of them. XLR8 weaved in and out of traffic as he bobbed through the lanes, running into an alley system to get distance between himself and whatever it was following him. Waiting a moment, the visor scanning around.]

Visor AI: Objects no longer present.

[XLR8 sighed and transformed back, catching his breath.]

Alan: Alright. Guess I'll keep a low profile.

[Alan took a single step, glancing behind him and stepping to the side just before something could run into him, a green and black blur going past him. His fist clenched, he once again dodged the speeding blur as it came after him once more. The smoke in the area cleared and Alan saw Bluetrix XLR8, Yellowtrix Fasttrack, Choo Choo, Blacktrix Black Lightning, and Whitetrix Hookwink. The lot of them transformed back, with the exception of Choo Choo.]

Blacktrix Alan: For fuck's sake.

[Blacktrix Alan hit Choo Choo's Simplicitrix, turning him back to human which surprised Greentrix Alan; all the while the main Alan was even more surprrised and confused.]

Alan: ...I'm sorry? What the hell is this shit?

Bluetrix Alan: We're yo-

Alan: Me, yeah, alternate timelines I imagine, I got that much. Tell me something I don't know.

[Bluetrix Alan huffed upon being interrupted, then cracked his wrists.]

Bluetrix Alan: We've got someone that wants to meet you. And they don't like waiting. So don't make this difficult.

Alan: No promises.

Bluetrix Alan: Hm. I guess you really are us.

The Al-Timate Showdown of Al-Timate Destiny[edit | edit source]

Alan: So. Your boss. Am I allowed to get any info about them?

Whitetrix Alan: If you come quietly, they'll tell you everything.

Blacktrix Alan: Not that that's nearly as fun.

Bluetrix Alan: Fortunately for you, we've been instructed not to kill you. Fortunately for us, that doesn't mean we can't beat the shit out of you and make you wish otherwise.

Alan: If you think the five of you stand any chance of fucking me up more than I already am, you're really not like me at all.

Whitetrix Alan: Wait. Five?

[The Colortrixes, outside of Greentrix Alan, looked around confused for a moment.]

Bluetrix Alan: Shit. We lost Al-

Blacktrix Alan: Forget about him. He was gonna fuck us over, anyway. His own agenda would've gotten in the way of what we're doing.

Whitetrix Alan: They wouldn't have gotten him involved if he wasn't important.

Blacktrix Alan: You really just can't let me say a goddann thing without one of your retorts, huh?

Whitetrix Alan: I literally just agreed with you about Green earlier.

[The group all turned to Greentrix Alan who was happily staring into a dumpster, watching a rat scurry around it. He pointed at it with a smile while looking back at the others.]

Greentrix Alan: IGUANA!




Bluetrix Alan: Can we focus?



Whitetrix Alan: THA'TS JUST RUDE!




[Whitetrix Alan took a moment and realized what he had almost said, becoming extremely flustered.]

Whitetrix Alan: WH- NO! THAT'S NOT-


[Bluetrix Alan looked all kinds of infuriated at the two. Yellowtrix Alan stared them down, but it was unclear if he was entertained by the situation or if he was just... being himself. Greentrix Alan continued watching the, ahem, "iguana" inside the dumpster. Alan stared dumbfounded at the group.]

Alan: [to himself whilst the two argue] Oh my god, they're idiots...

[The group continued arguing, or rather, Unus and Annus did, with Bluetrix trying to break it up, a red flash filled the area. The five of them, yes Greentrix included, turned to see Fasttrack zooming out of the area. Greentrix Alan excitedly watched.]


[Greentrix Alan hit his Simplicitrix, his entire body turning into a scaly, muscly mass of pale yellow flesh with cyan markings. A crest formed from his head, along with a bright blue horn from just above his nose. His Simplicitrix appeared on a green sash across his body.]

Bouncy Run: I HELP! I HELP!

[Bouncy Run, the alternatively named version of First Law, who in himself is an alternatively named version of Speedbump, bounced up and down before running after Fasttrack, heading for the archway underneath a bridge.]

Bluetrix Alan: ....Wait. When did that bridge show up there?

Blacktrix Alan: Were you seriously paying that much fucking attention?

Bluetrix Alan: Between your unnecessary arguing, yes.

Blacktrix Alan: Yet you couldn't fucking stop him from transforming?

Bluetrix Alan: ...Shut up.

[As it turns out, Bluetrix was rightfully suspicious of the bridge's sudden appearance. Bouncy Run headed right for the archway, only to suddenly get stuck. Despite this, his legs kept moving as if he was still running at top speed.]

Bouncy Run: I HELP! I HELP!

[The "archway" disappeared, revealing that the entire time, it was just the wall of a building there.]

Whitetrix Alan: An illusion?!

Blacktrix Alan: Oh, fucking THANK you for pointing out what we've all already realized! ...Except Green. He's never gonna realize it.

[The group heard snickering from above. Looking up, they saw Red Harrowing glaring down at them with a smirk, which disappeared as soon as he noticed them looking at him.]

Red Harrowing: Shit.

[Blacktrix Alan scowled before grabbing hold of Whitetrix's Simplicitrix arm.]

Whitetrix Alan: Wait, what are you-

[Blacktrix Alan hit Whitetrix Alan's Simplicitrix, transforming him into a purple and indigo version of String Pea, then proceeded to turn himself into a pale teal version of Extermigator with inverted eyes.]

Blacktrix Extermigator: FORE!

[Blacktrix Extermigator changed his tail into a golf club, whacking Whitetrix String Pea into the air. Screaming, Whitetrix String Pea almost hit Red Harrowing in his trajectory, but just barely missed as the latter dodged. Turning back, Red Harrowing was severely caught off guard as Blacktrix Extermigator jumped up to him. His mouth opened wide as he went to devour Red Harrowing. However, it wasn't the bared teeth or wide, dark abyss of his throat that horrified Red Harrowing. Rather, a flashback to the night the Simplicitrix was destroyed by Salem flashed in his head, as he saw Blacktrix Extermigator's eyes: black with red pupils. Almost exactly like Salem's.]

Red Harrowing: No... NO!

[There was a bright red flash followed by a blinding white one. Blacktrix Extermigator was covered in a grey, rocky layer over his whole body, only for him to fall to the ground before it shattered off of him as he shook his head.]

Blacktrix Extermigator: What the fuck was that about?!

[The light was revealed to have come from Eye Guy, whose eyes were silver just before he blinked, causing them to return to their regular red color. Blacktrix Extermigator groaned before turning his tail into a lasso, slinging it over Bouncy Run and yanking him out of the wall, only for him to fall into the dumpster where the "iguana" was. Eyeronically, Eye Guy was cut off by Yellowtrix Alan having jumped up to him, using the form of a blue, feline alien in green robes: Yellowtrix Felinja.]

Eye Guy: Mind if we talk about this?


Eye Guy: ...Right. You're not the talker. Got it.

[Back on the ground, Blacktrix Extermigator pulled Bouncy Run out of the dumpster, but stopped and stared in confusion.]

Blacktrix Extermigator: What in the fuck are you doing?

[Bouncy Run was nonchalantly chewing on a disregarded poster for a blocky cave game whilst smiling.]

Bouncy Run: Mmmm, chicken wings.

Blacktrix Extermigator: [rips the poster away from him] That's fucking disgusting.

Bouncy Run: HEY! ...You took my lollipop.

Blacktrix Extermigator: [turns hand into hammer and hits Bouncy Run on the head] CAN YOU AT LEAST FUCKING BE CONSISTENT WITH YOUR STUPIDITY?!

Bouncy Run: Actually, Black, human mental performance is highly dependent upon mood, energy, and presence of memories, so no one is truly consistent.

Blacktrix Extermigator:

Bouncy Run: Something the matter?

[Blacktrix Extermigator proceeded to thwack the hammer over Bouncy Run's head again.]

Bouncy Run: I like toucans.

Blacktrix Extermigator: That's better. Never do that again.

[The scene cut back to Yellowtrix Felinja, who was attempting to hit Czechmate. The latter was able to dodge every hit, but each became more difficult to dodge than the last due to Yellowtrix's unpredictable and awkward movements. It didn't help that he had to also dodge the small explosions caused by the drone boomerangs thrown at him by Whitetrix Kaboomerang, who was covered in bright cyan fur.]

Blacktrix Extermigator: Oh, fuck no. I'm not letting Mr. White Christmas have all the fun.

[Blacktrix Extermigator struck his Simplicitrix, which was inverted from that of Alan's, being a black hourglass with red sides, and became Blacktrix Graphic Violets, who had a green and black exoskeleton, along with purple limbs and pink wings. His large eyes were pitch black, with grey segments.]


[Bouncy Run hit his green colored Simplicitrix, becoming a green-teal version of Goop with a yellow projector. The two of them flew up to the top of the roof to join the fight. Bluetrix, on the other hand, backed away from the fight, activating his blue-colored device. His skin turned a teal-grey color, with bright pink patterns all over his body. His eyes split into three, which were colored blue in the center, red to the left, and white to the right, as he finished becoming Bluetrix ChamAlien, and then disappeared. Back on the rooftop, Czechmate managed to grab hold of one of Whitetrix Kaboomerang's drone boomerangs, spinning around before slinging it at Gooey's projector, disorienting him into a puddle on the roof. Blacktrix Graphic Violets approached.]

Blacktrix Graphic Violets: That one doesn't seem like much of a fighter. [creates multiple copies of himself out of the sunlight, each of which surround Czechmate] Too bad for you.

[The Blacktrix Graphic Violets clones spun around Czechmate, trying to confuse him before going in for the attack. Unfortunately, Czechmate's powers let him predict which clone would actually harm him the most, along with predicting where the clones would stop moving, and he was able to knock down Blacktrix Graphic Violets, which removed the clones from existence.]

Czechmate: Checkmate, bitch. But if it's a fighter you want...

[Czechmate jumped up, doing a back flip while turning around, jumping from one explosive boomerang to another as he approached Whitetrix Kaboomerang, hitting the Simplicitrix on his right shoulder just before coming in contact with him, which caused its own explosion upon impact. The explosion knocked Yellowtrix Felinja onto Blacktrix Graphic Violets, and Gooey remained in a puddle form, cowering from the fight. Whitetrix Kaboomerang flew back from the hit, transforming mid-air to catch himself on the rooftop by becoming the brightly red colored Whitetrix Armodrillo.]

Whitetrix Armodrillo: What was that abou-

[Whitetrix Armodrillo stopped talking when the smoke cleared, revealing Jack Assassin in the place of Czechmate. Jack Assassin huffed, smoke coming from his nostrils before he scraped his hooves against the tough roof, only to rush Whitetrix Armodrillo. The latter attempted to ready an attack, but Jack Assassin was too quick. He raised one of his fore-hooves in the air, and reddish-orange energy swirled around it, right before he landed the blow to Whitetrix Armodrillo's chest, cracking his armor right before the latter was thrown off the building by the sheer force of the attack.]

Jack Assassin: Pain is the ass.

[Jack Assassin turned to the other three, seeing Blacktrix and Yellowtrix getting up, but noticed Gooey still cowering in fear. Smirking, Jack Assassin transformed into Upgrade, reaching his arm out to Gooey's projector, merging himself with the small device, and controlling it, lifting up into the air, with Gooey's actual body following.]


Upgrade: Green's gonna learn how to shut the fuck up.

[Upgrade lifted Gooey up into the air, spinning the projector around at high speeds, which sent Gooey into a horrific screaming fit as he was spun around. Upgrade left the projector, and instead merged with Gooey's Simplicitrix. The action sent Gooey transforming into several other transformations, Tiny Tinny, Buildy, Boomy, Zippy Zippy Zap Zap, and Window. Upgrade shot up out of the green Simplicitrix back to the roof, hearing the shattering sound of Window hitting the ground.]

Upgrade: ...He'll be fine.

[Upgrade turned to the remaining two versions, seeing Yellowtrix having turned into a green version of Spitter, who bore his Simplicitrix on his forehead rather than his pants, and Blacktrix's current transformation being Bow-n-Marrow, who was a bright cyan skeleton, with a bright red cloak, and scarring, black, glowing eyes. Yellowtrix Spitter puffed up before firing off a concentrated stream of yellow-green spit at Upgrade, which instantaneously froze upon contact, including freezing Yellowtrix Spitter himself, leaving Blacktrix Bow-n-Marrow confused.]

Blacktrix Bow-n-Marrow: What the shit?!

[Looking on, Sub-0 came out from the other end of the frozen stream, a single touch from his hand having done all the work.]

Sub-0: Chilled to the bone, don't you think?

Blacktrix Bow-n-Marrow: That's it, I'm kicking your ass.

Sub-0: You've been trying to do that. You've not been doing well.

[Blacktrix Bow-n-Marrow groaned, drawing his two bows and immediately firing off summoned arrows, all of which were either dodged or frozen by Sub-0, before he transformed into Echo-Echo, duplicating and emitting sonic screams at Blacktrix Bow-n-Marrow, which destabilized his bodily structure was he was knocked away and off the roof. The Echo-Echo clones returned to one before becoming human again.]

Alan: Alright. Now where is the-

[A lavender vine wrapped around him, trapping him. The grip tightened, and the vine's origin was shown to come from Bluetrix Alan, who had become his own version of Swampfire, whose body matched the lavender coloration of the vine, while his flame-inspired petals were colored red and yellow.]

Bluetrix Swampfire: I'm not even remotely surprised I was the one to do this properly. You're pretty good at this.

Alan: I've had almost three years worth of experience, what else would you expect?

Bluetrix Swampfire: Hmph. It's no wonder our boss wants you.

Alan: Fucking. What for?

Bluetrix Swampfire: That's not for me to say. But if you don't cooperate, it might only be that device that makes it.

Alan: Why the hell would they only want the device? Surely they can't be that generic.

Bluetrix Swampfire: Like I said. It's not for me to sa- ...What are you doing?

[Alan smirked with a wink, before his body took on Goop's physiology, morphing his way out of the trap vines and away from the surprised Bluetrix Swampfire.]

Bluetrix Swampfire: Wh- WHAT WAS THAT?!

Alan: Call it a superhero gimmick.

[Alan clenched the Stabilized Simplicitrix, making it appear like he was just taking a battle stance. Bluetrix Swampfire threw two fireballs at Alan, both of which hit him, but turned into rainbow colored energy across his body, which he then redirected right at Bluetrix Swampfire's head, destroying it just before it regenerated, leaving the Methanosian annoyed.]

Bluetrix Swampfire: You really don't get this whole "cooperating" thing.

[Bluetrix Swampfire took on the form of his own Cannonbolt counterpart, whose underbelly was green and black, and his shell purple. He turned into his sphere form, rolling right towards Alan, who shifted powers, which caused both of them to plummet through the building. The smoke cleared in the bottom floor, and Bluetrix Cannonbolt assumed his humanoid form, looking around in confusion, unable to find Alan. Sighing, he took on his sphere form again, rolling out of the building to try to find him. This was a bit too soon, as Alan peaked out from behind a crate, having turned into Bouncing Baby to keep a low profile due to his small size, then bounded out of the building in the opposite direction.]

[The scene cut to Alan's house, where retching could be heard from behind the bathroom door. When done, the flushing of the toilet was heard, followed by running faucet water and gross spitting. Upon the faucet cutting off, the door opened, revealing a miserable looking Jessica, who was surprised by the sight of Alexis on the other side, looking concerned.]

Alexis: Are... Are you alright?

Jessica: I... [holds head] I think I'm coming down with something. I should be fine.

Alexis: You better hope it doesn't impact your appetite. You know Alan likes to make the goulash really spicy.

Jessica: [forces a smile] Yeah. [smile fades as she holds her stomach] I-I'm gonna sit down for a bit.

[Jessica brushed past Alexis, prompting a quick sniff from the latter. As Jessica headed for the living room, Alexis' concern only increased as she sighed.]

Alexis: Damnit.

[Alexis followed Jessica, and the scene panned up to the next story of the house, briefly showing a pair of brown boots, worn by an unknown individual.]

[Bouncing Baby made his way down another alleyway, turning around and seeing he had not been followed. Sighing with relief, he transformed back, and went to turn around only to bump into someone, then screaming as he jumped back.]


[The person he bumped into appeared similar to him... to some extent, though he lacked any facial hair, and his regular head hair was neck length and white. His eyes were a vibrant blue, and he wore a cyan jacket overtop a white t-shirt. He had light grey pants, and matching gloves, and white shoes with black details.]

Alan: ...So which one are you supposed to be?

[The person smirked as he looked over Alan's appearance.]

Drahcir: Interesting how you all end up looking the same.

Alan: I feel like that's a bit of a generalization.

[Drahcir didn't give a proper response, instead activating the cyan Simplicitrix on his left wrist. Pressing its core, he became a big, blue, ogre-like creature with a black helmet on his head that had a white gate and cyan lock in the front. Alan looked on confused.]

Alan (1799.A): What the fuck is that thing?

[Gas expelled from the bolts on the creature's helmet. Demonic screams were heard as the gate slowly opened. Alan's eyes widened and he doubled over, vomiting onto the ground.]


[The monster approached but was hit by a red orange energy, sending it onto its back, letting out a low groan. Heavy footsteps approached Alan, metal clanging each time they hit the ground. Hesitantly, Alan looked up, and saw an alternate version of NRG, which was a bit slimmer than his own form, and had a blue-tinted suit, as well as reddish orange radiation glowing from the several holes on its containment suit.]

Alan: ...Please tell me I've finally run into one of the good ones.

NRG: Yeah.

[The NRG's Simplicitrix glowed a bright red before he became human, having a reverse color scheme to that of Drahcir, as well as having brown hair and eyes. His Simplicitrix was worn on his right wrist.]

Richard (1799.R): Name's Richard.

Alan: That is the opposite of comforting, not gonna lie. That's my brother's name. And well... [looks at Drahcir] He's kinda like him.

Richard (1799.R): That's unfortunate. Alan, right?

[Alan nodded and the two were interrupted by a bright cyan flash. They turned to see that the creature had turned into a yellow and red version of Humungousaur with far less armor, only having spine plates and a mace tail. He slowly rose to his feet, and Richard and Alan backed away to be out of his line of sight before he turned around.]

Alan: Vaxasaurians on your world are a lot different from the ones on mine. Are they still weak to electricity?

Richard (1799.R): Yep. Shocksquatch?

Alan: Shocksquatch.

[The both of them dialed in Shocksquatch but got wildly different aliens. While Alan's was bulky, with brown, grey, yellow, and tan fur, Richard's was disproportionate, and covered in purple and black fur, with lightning bolts colored a paler purple, and a dark purple lightning bolt-shaped crest on his head. The two looked at each other confused.]

Shocksquatch (1799.R): We did dial in the same alien right?

Shocksquatch (1799.A): I... don't know.

[Shocksquatch-R jumped across the alleyway, catching the attention of Ruasuognumuh, who approached. Once he got between the two alleyways, the two Shocksquatches charged up their electricity and blasted the Vaxasaurian, causing it to faint with smoke coming off of him before he changed back into Drahcir. Shocksquatch-A then hit his Simplicitrix and changed into Pesky Dust.]

Shocksquatch (1799.R): Why the fairy?

Pesky Dust (1799.A): He gave me nightmares with that helmet alien, now I'm gonna give him nightmares!

[Pesky Dust put out his hand and shot out red dream dust that Drahcir breathed in while knocked out, then he became human again, and Shocksquatch followed suit.]

Richard (1799.R): We need to keep a low profile, so walking is probably our best bet. Is your house less than a two hour walk from here?

Alan: ...Why do you ask?

[A few moments later, Alan walked out of the alleyway and looked around, making sure he wasn't being followed or trailed by another alternate nearby.]

Alan: You uh... You can come out now.

[From the alleyway jumped a rabbit. Its ears twitched and Alan looked back, extremely confused.]

Alan: ...I don't even wanna know, man.

[Alan continued walking and the rabbit followed behind. Richard's voice came from the rabbit, but not from the mouth. Instead, it came from its mind.]

<It's not so bad once you get used to it.>

Alan: I don't know that I want to get used to it.

<Y'know, I've never really gone a rabbit alien before. I wonder why that is.>

Alan: Because Simplicitrix are for kids.

<I could've left you back there to die, you know.>

Alan: Butcha didn't!

[Richard sighed then looked up at the Stabilized Simplicitrix.]

<Maybe flying wouldn't have been such an alternative. You're like a walking target with that thing.>

Alan: Y'know, you're right. I can at least get rid of that temporarily.

[Alan hit the core of his Simplicitrix and became Intimachi, resulting in a confused ear twitch from Richard.]

<Do I wanna know?>

Intimachi: Probably not.

Alexis: This is weird.

[The scene had cut back to Alan's house, with Alexis looking at the ticking clock.]

Alexis: You'd think he'd be back by now.

Devin: He is making a pretty big dinner, he might have just needed to get some more stuff for it.

Mason: Or he got into trouble.

Jessica: Isn't he supposed to call us if he gets into trouble?

Mason: Supposed to doesn't necessarily mean he can.

Alexis: I'm sure he'll be fi-

[Alexis stopped talking as she listened closely. With the others confused, she motioned for them to remain quiet. Light creaking could be heard from the upstairs floor, sounding like someone walking. Alexis slowly backed out of the living room, trying to keep her own steps quiet as she peered up the staircase in the hallway. The slow creaking stopped and an erie silence came over the house... BAM! The loud noise startled the group, as something jumped down the first step. The jump happened again, along with the sounds of a few steps upon the same stair before lowering, then going back up, and lowering again. Jump again. The annoying squeak a shoe sometimes make when sliding on the floor. Jump, jump, jump. Alexis finally got a good look at the source, sighing.]

Alexis: Oh. It's just Al-

[Alexis paused again, looking up at the Alan. He wore an entirely purple suit, with an orange button up shirt beneath it, along with a green tie. His hair was much more vibrant green than that of the typical Alan, and he had no facial hair. Rather, his face was entirely painted white, along with red around his lips in the form of a smile.What truly caught Alexis' attention, however, was the lack of a Stabilized Simplicitrix on his right wrist.]

Alexis: Wh-What?

[The Jokerified Alan, dubbed Society Alan, caught sight of her, eriely smiling at her beneath his makeup smile. He jumped off the staircase at her, and after a quick yellow-green flash, Alexis found herself flung into the living room, almost hitting the fireplace before she caught herself. Mason and Devin took up arms in fighting stances, while Jessica snuck out through the side door of the room. Society Alan's version of the alien Daredevil came running at them, having white fur on his head with red around his lips, purple fur from the neck down, and orange bands on his wrists and ankles, and one beneath the yellow-green Simplicitrix on his right shoulder. Mason shot out webbing at Society Daredevil, but the latter managed to throw a punch that was not caught in the web, but instead, reflected it back at Mason, sticking him to the wall. Devin charged up his orange electricity and blasted it towards the alien, but Society Daredevil curled into the cannonball position. The condensed form of his fur kept the electricity from harming him, and he then stood upright.]

Devin: What the hell is this alien?!

Society Alan: You can call me the Daredevil.

[Society Daredevil attempted to jump at the two, but something caught him from behind. He was held in a chokehold by Jessica, who had gotten her blue Deadpool outfit to protect herself. Society Daredevil groaned as he struggled, but managed to flip Jessica over, and then used her to leap back, before being consumed in yellow-green energy again. The group turned back to see he had turned into his own version of Jury Rigg, still wearing the smiling clown makeup, and bore a purple and orange outfit, along with green goggles. Reaching the kitchen, Society Jury Rigg dismantled the microwave and coffee machine, turning them into a small mech that he climbed into to return to the fight.]

[Outside of the house, four figures arrived, each being a different version of Alan. Scavenger Alan, with his teal, black, and grey colored outfit, designed in a cyberpunk, postapocalyptic style, and swirling blue tattoos on his arms. Emo Alan, who bore a brown, tan, and black outfit, which was your typical emo-goth style. Zombie Alan wore a torn and tattered, greyscale outfit, along with a matte black mask over his mouth. Weaponized Alan wore a tactical vest over his otherwise bare top, and thick jeans; four red spikes protruded from his head, and Rath's claws came out of his wrists; his mouth covered by metal.]

[Intimachi and rabbit-Richard came over the hill, Intimachi looking behind him to be sure they weren't being followed. Rabbit-Richard morphed back to human, with a concerned look on his face.]

Richard (Earth-1799.R): Er, is that your house down there?

IntimachI: Yeah, why?

Ricahrd (Earth-1799.R): ...It seems to be under seige.

[Intimachi turned to face the house, seeing the other evil counterparts fighting with his friends, which had been taken outside. Emo Alan was flying as a pale red version of Jetray, with a pale yellow crest and wings. Fittingly enough, Zombie Alan had taken on the form of Grave Danger. Society Jury Rigg had become Ghoulseye, who was colored purple and orange, with his face white and red. Scavenger Alan had assumed the form of Rapid-Fire, his blue-flamed, purple-rocked version of Heatblast.]

Intimachi: What the shit?

[Weaponized Alan took on the form of no alien. Instead, his eyes lit up a bright green as he shot a radioactive NRG beam right at Jessica, knocking her away a few feet. Intimachi watched on, and anger filled his eyes as they changed from brown to red. Richard-R looked on with worry as Intimachi groaned in... it was either pain or pleasure, he couldn't tell which. His canines sharpened, followed his by entire body grew in size, getting up to about eight feet tall, with his muscles tearing rips in his clothing. He let out a horrific, demonic roar which caught the attention of both friends and foe down at the house.]

The Return[edit | edit source]

[Everyone looked on in shock and confusion at the sight of Alan's transformation. It wasn't long before Alexis made the realization, and her look turned to horror.]

Alexis: He actually fucking did it...

[Society Ghoulseye readied himself before firing off three ecotplasmic arrows at Ultimate Intimachi, who proceeded to block them with his own flesh, leaving not a scratch. With his eyes glowing red, Ultimate Intimachi expelled orange chi from his mouth, which formed around his arms like bands, and the rest formed axe-like blades held in his hands. He let out another demonic scream before running down towards the house, successfully thrashing Society Ghoulseye with the axes and knocking him away.]

Alexis: And where the hell have you been?!


[Ultimate Intimachi let out another scream, though this one seemed to not be intentional.]


Ultimate Intimachi: THE SIMPLICITRIX IS WRAPPED AROUND MY COCK IT FUCKING HURTS! [his shouting turns into sadistic laughter] I LOVE IT!

Alexis: Jesus fucking Christ, he's a masochist.

[Upon finishing the transformation, Greentrix Alan gasped audibly at his new form.]

Greentrix Alan: The rake did this...

Alan: I'm sorry?

Greentrix Alan: I call this one... Rake-Rake!

Alan: ...Huh. I kinda like it.

[Blacktrix Alan rushed over and pushed Alan aside.]

Blacktrix Alan: For the love of all fucking things that inseminate others and breed, do not name the alien after his mindless drabble!

Alan: ...I'm doing it now just to spite you.


Major Events[edit | edit source]

  • Alan and his team find out Richard is still alive.
  • Chaotick debuts.

Credit Scene 2[edit | edit source]

Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Alan Nomaly
  • Alexis Dwyer
  • Jessica Nietzsche
  • Devin Lorenzo
  • Mason Babadzhanov
  • Pride
  • The Agent
  • Richard Rhyneheart (Earth-1799.R)

Crazy But Not Really Evil[edit | edit source]

  • Will Harangue

Villains[edit | edit source]

  • Richard Nomaly
  • Alan Nomaly (Earth-1799.B)
  • Drahicr (Earth-1799.R)
  • Drahcir (Earth-1100)
  • Alan Nomaly (Earth-1799.E)
  • Alan Nomaly (Earth-1799.J)
  • Alan Nomaly (Earth-1799.X)
  • Alan Nomaly (Earth-1799.Z)
  • Alan Nomaly (Earth-1799.S)
  • Blacktrix Alan
  • Bluetrix Alan
  • Whitetrix Alan
  • Greentrix Alan
  • Yellowtrix Alan
  • Alistair Nomaly

Transformations[edit | edit source]

Alan Nomaly (Earth-1799.A)[edit | edit source]

Actual Appearances[edit | edit source]

  • XLR8
  • Red Harrowing
    • Fasttrack
  • Daredevil (debut)
  • Upgrade
  • Shocksquatch
  • Pesky Dust
  • Intimachi
    • Ultimate Intimachi (debut)

Powers Only[edit | edit source]

  • Goop (2x)
  • Blamurai (2x)
  • Brainstorm

Richard Rhyneheart (Earth-1799.R)[edit | edit source]

Aliens[edit | edit source]

  • NRG
  • Shocksquatch
  • Big Chill
    • Ultimate Big Chill
  • Bloxx
  • The Worst
  • EpicDermis

Morphs[edit | edit source]

  • Rabbit

Richard Nomaly[edit | edit source]

Alan Nomaly (Earth-1799.B)[edit | edit source]

Drahcir (Earth-1799.R)[edit | edit source]

  • Kcipeot (debut)
  • Ruasuognumuh (debut)

Drahcir (Earth-1100)[edit | edit source]

Alan Nomaly (Earth-1799.E)[edit | edit source]

Alan Nomaly (Earth-1799.X)[edit | edit source]

Alan Nomaly (Earth-1799.Z)[edit | edit source]

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Alistair[edit | edit source]

  • Heatblast (unintentional)
  • M0K (debut)

Blacktrix Alan[edit | edit source]

  • Black Lightning
  • Extermigator
  • Graphic Violets

Bluetrix Alan[edit | edit source]

  • Reverbatim (debut)
  • XLR8
  • Cannonbolt

Greentrix Alan[edit | edit source]

  • Choo Choo (debut)
  • Bouncy Run (debut)
  • Rake-Rake (debut)

Yellowtrix Alan[edit | edit source]

  • Fasttrack
  • Felinja (debut)
  • Chaotick (debut)

Whitetrix Alan[edit | edit source]

  • Hookwink (debut)
  • String Pea (debut)
  • Lodestar

Allusions[edit | edit source]

  • NRG being the first transformation used by Richard (Earth-1799.R) is a reference to NRG being the first alien he ever turned into in his continuity (although the first alien in the series as Brainstorm).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The plot of this two-parter is similar to that of And Then There Were None/And Then There Was Ben from Ben 10: Omniverse.
  • It is revealed Alan has no memory of the events of 6SixSicks murdering the family, and that no one actually knows if an alien did the murder or not, though most are turned off of this idea by Will Harangue's tin foil hat ideology.

Credit Scene 2[edit | edit source]

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