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[The scene was black.]

Richard (voice): You know...

[The scene lit up as Richard walked forward, as the shot zoomed out from behind him. The scene was a large, dark dinner hall. The walls were completely lined with windows like that of a cathedral, showing the blood red sky outside. There was a long, black table with a purple shine to it, with chairs of bone on either side. At one seat was a tall, thin man with a grey and orange suit, with a darker grey overcoat with a high colar. He bore a bushy mustache on his face. Another seat had a man who was large and muscular wearing green and brown clothes. Rather than sitting, the third man was crouching in his seat, and wore a mostly white, sleeveless outfit, a prosthetic scorpion tail attached to him. Two others stood to the side. One was a young woman with darker skin, green hair, and a white and brown outfit. The other was a young man with grey hair, and a black and grey outfit. Richard stood at one end of the table, and at the far side was a woman with completely white skin and hair. Blackish-red veins went across her body and hair. She wore a completely black dress, and her eyes were black with red irises.]

Richard: I've always found peace in the hopelessness of others. [places hands onto table] I do believe there's quite an atmosphere of that here. At least in the way of this... Team RWBY you've talked about.

[The woman with chalk white skin spoke up.]

Salem: Correction: Team RWBY that Cinder has talked about.

[At the mention of Cinder, the young woman with green hair shifted, visibly uncomfortable. Richard smiled.]

Richard: Of course. Cinder.

[Richard went to walk around the table towards Salem. The more muscular man stood up to block him.]

Richard: Now, now, Hazel. It wouldn't take much for me to send your tree trunk of a body toppling to the ground. Timber.

[Hazel grumbled and sat back down. Richard continued his way towards Salem.]

Richard: I sense a bit of discourse in your voice when you mention her name.

Salem: At almost every turn, Cinder has failed me. She didn't kill Ozpin, she lost to the silver-eyed Ruby, she failed to kill the Spring Maiden, and she did not get the Relic of Mistral. Her only true success was taking the power of the Fall Maiden. The only reason I don't send for her return is so she can learn there are consequences to her actions.

[The girl with green hair looked up.]

Emerald: [whispering] Cinder's alive?

Richard: A method of leadership I can respect.

[Salem stood up to be eye level with Richard.]

Salem: A method of leadership you will respect.

Richard: But of course. My business was with Cinder but her allegience was to you, so mine should follow suit.

Salem: That's right.

[Salem then stepped away from the table, walking towards the windows.]

Salem: Arthur. Show Mr. Nomaly where he'll be staying.

[The mustached man stood up.]

Arthur: [to Salem] Of course. [to Richard] Right this way.

[Arthur led Richard out of the room. While leaving, Richard made a subtle wink towards Emerald, as well as the grey-haired man, Mercury, standing next to her. A few moments later, the two stopped outside a bedroom door that matched the dark aesthetic of the rest of the palace. Richard went to step inside, only to be stopped by Arthur's hand on his shoulder.]

Arthur: Our lady's favor is not simply bought with words. Your actions will prove your loyalty.

[Richard nonchalantly shook off Arthur's hand.]

Richard: I understand. Your lady is not the only one to cut people off due to their actions. My allegience to her does not equate to me having allegience to you. If I had to guess, I'd say you'd fall quite a bit easier than Hazel.

[Arthur scoffed.]

Arthur: I suppose I was mistaken. I took you for the intellectual type, not the brute.

Richard: Is it too much to ask to be both?

Arthur: [chuckles] Watch yourself, boy.

[Arthur walked away as Richard made way into the bedroom. It wasn't so long after that a knock was heard. Richard turned to see Emerald and Mercury entering, the latter closing the door.]

Emerald: I can't believe it. Cinder's-

Richard: Indeed. Quite fortunate.

Mercury: So all that stuff about "allegience" was just crap?

Richard: Only that towards Salem.

Mercury: Yeah, and how do we know you aren't gonna pull that with us or Cinder, too?

Richard: With all we've discussed and planned, just this once... I might actually be able to choose my own destiny. The only way to ensure that is with Cinder's help. So. [cracks neck] Let's go find her.

Alan and Team RWBY

[The scene changed to a large train station. People of all kinds, including those with animal body parts, were walking around, either going to or from trains, or going to any of the various shops around. A camouflaged ChamAlien crawled along the wall, looking around confused. He saw a clear area on the floor and jumped down. He looked up and saw a group of people standing near a train.]

ChamAlien: Those look like main characters.

[Just as ChamAlien was about to walk towards them, he was cut off by a speedy red blur right in front of him followed by rose petals.]

ChamAlien: ...What the fu-

[He saw the red blur speed around before it stopped near the group of people he was just looking at as it changed into a teenage girl. She was wearing a black and red corset, over a cream-colored top, that connected to a combat skirt. She had black leggings, and black and red boots. Her hair was black with red tips, and her eyes were silver.]

ChamAlien: ...Yeah. Definitely main characters.

[As he approached, two large, musclar men walked towards the group. ChamAlien stopped for a moment, and his vision switched from normal to infrared, seeing the heat from their steps as they walked from a nearby train. He followed the invisible footprints towards the back of the train, and passed by another "main character." She had long black hair, and was wearing a black crop top with a criss-cross pattern near the neck. Her pants were black with golden decal, along with her boots, and she had a long, white overcoat. After passing her, ChamAlien stopped and turned back, staring at the set of cat ears from a top her head.]

ChamAlien: Okay. That's a bit weird.

[One of her cat hears twitched at ChamAlien's sentence, and she turned back, revealing her piercing, yellow eyes. As to be expected, she didn't see him, so she just shrugged it off and made way to the group. ChamAlien by this point was already a stowaway on the train. Not too much later, the train left the station. Alan, now in human form, made his way from the storage car he was in to the passenger cars, finally reaching the one with the main characters. He sat down not too far behind them. He pulled out his phone and saw there was no signal.]

Alan: [whispering] Damn. Guess it's too much to ask there be some interdimensional signal.

Voice: Who are you talking to?

[Alan looked up and saw a pale teenage girl with whitish-blue hair put up in a ponytail to one side. She wore a silvery blue combat skirt which had a rapier sword hanging from the belt. Her eyes were an icy blue, the left of which had a scar going across it. Alan was caught off guard at first but quickly regained composure.]

Alan: Oh, no one, just... thinking out loud.

[She clearly had her suspicions, but sat down near Alan.]

Weiss: What's your name?

Alan: Alan Nomaly.

Weiss: Weiss Schnee.

Alan: You say that like it's a name I should recognize.

[Weiss paused for a moment and looked at Alan confused.]

Weiss: You don't recognize the name "Schnee?"

Alan: ...Should I?

Weiss: SDC? Schnee Dust Company? One of the most well-known and powerful suppliers of Dust in Remnant?

Alan: Ohhhh. Okay, well, now that you mention it... No, I'll be honest. No bells ringing at all.

[Weiss was about to respond, but something suddenly hit the train, causing it to shake. This was followed by a piercing screech. Everyone looked out the window to see a giant black creatures, bodies like griffins, with white, bone-like constructs flying around the train. All of the formerly dubbed "main characters" headed to the outside of the still moving train. Alan sat there, bewildered at the fact all of them had gone outside of a train in motion to fight giant monster griffins. He slowly blinked once.]

Alan: Where... In the fuckity fuck am I?

[Outside, one of the griffin creatures crashed into the train, only to be hit by a swirling red scythe and turned into ash. The red hooded girl from earlier stopped swirling her weapon.]

Ruby: Got one! Now who's ne-

[Ruby was cut off by a large ice construct forming behind her and then being shattered by another griffin. Weiss skated past on white glyphs.]

Weiss: Thank me later!

[Weiss used a glyph to jump up and then used her rapier to slash two griffins into dust. The black haired girl was then seen fighting another griffin, with the help of a blonde girl. The blonde with lilac eyes was wearing a two-tone brown and tan zip up jacket, which was zipped down some to show an orange crop top, with the sleeves rolled up, revealing her left arm to have a big yellow gauntlet, and the other to be robotic with a yellow and grey painted pattern. The jacket also had a collar round her neck. She wore black pants with a brown belt and boots, and a purple clock wrapped round her left calf. The black haired girl shot out a grappling hook from her weapon at the griffin, and it it to fling up and around.]

Blake: Incoming!

[Blake retracted the hook then shot it again, grabbing onto the back of the griffin's head. She fell onto its back and then jumped back up, pulling it back, only for the blonde to jump through it, turning it to dust.]

Yang: Good to see you're not rusty!

[Yang's gauntlet then cocked. The scene zoomed several cars ahead, revealing the other characters. An orange haired girl in a white shirt, black jacket, and pink combat skirt spoke up.]

Nora: Why is it always something?!

Ruby: Just keep it towards the back!

[A blonde with a black hoodie, which was covered in white armor, and blue jeans brought out a shield, blocking ass Nora's hammer shot out a pink grenade that exploded a griffin. A black haired male, with a pink stripe in the hair, and a dark green jacket and white pants pulled out two green guns to combat the griffins. Using her glyphs, Weiss jumped up and hit one of the griffins with her rapier, then fired a blast of dust at another. It was initially almost unphased, but then its body began freezing over entirely before bursting. Weiss landed next to Blake and Yang.]

Yang: That a new move?

Weiss: It wasn't me!

[Suddenly, Big Chill flew up into view, freezing other griffins for the same effect.]

Big Chill: For creatures living in the cold, they don't seem to-

[Big Chill was abruptly interupted when one of the griffins bashed into him, knocking him onto the train. His body was encompassed in red energy as he transformed back into Alan, groaning as he did. The three girls ran up to him.]

Weiss: ...Alan?

Blake: You know him?

Weiss: I wouldn't call it "knowing him." We only talked like two seconds before the Grimm started attacking.

[Alan looked up at them, then Weiss.]

Alan: Oh. Hey. It's you. Dust lady.

[Weiss rolled her eyes. Alan's eyes widened slightly, then he looked away.]

Alan: Might wanna check your skirt there, Marilyn Monroe, it's a bit windy up here.

[Weiss immediately blushed and put her hands to her skirt, getting an annoyed look on her face.]

Weiss: No one asked you to look!

[Alan threw himself up, hopping to his feet.]

Alan: Any explanation for what these things are?

Yang: I think we've all got some explaining to do after the fighting is done.

Alan: Fair enough.

[Alan activated the Simplicitrix. Pink skin formed around Alan's hand as it changed, becoming smaller. Alan's back grew a square port. Two growths came out the top of the port up to his ears, which formed into earphones. His eyes opened, glowing red and becoming rectangular. The scene zoomed from his body showing him having become Echo-Echo, followed by the Simplicitrix shining bright finishing off the sequence. Blake looked down at him.]

Blake: That little thing's supposed to help?

Echo-Echo: Ain't about the size, love!

[Echo-Echo duplicated himself and started using sonic screams on the Grimm around him. A griffin Grimm swooped by, knocking an Echo-Echo off the train before getting blasted by Ruby's scythe as she landed. Another Echo-Echo quickly ran to the edge of the train and duplicated a chain of himself as he grabbed the flailing clone before it hit a tree, pulling it back. As the chain retracted, the original Echo-Echo fell back onto the roof of the train and duplicated from the impact.]

Yang: Any other ideas?

[The two clones looked at each other.]

Echo-Echo 1: You thinking what I'm thinking?

Echo-Echo 2: Always.

[The two Echo-Echo's merged back into one. He then pressed the Simplicitrix, and his body was swarmed with red energy before changing into Ultimate Echo-Echo. He then took off to fight the Grimm on their turf in the sky.]

Ruby: [cocks Crescent Rose] This just keeps getting weirder.

[Ultimate Echo-Echo was using sonic blasts from the red disks on his body. A Grimm flew close and almost took his arm off with its mouth. He swiftly dodged, and the disks on his body came off and duplicated, surrounding the Grimm as it flew.]

Ultimate Echo-Echo: You should've gone for the head.

[Ultimate Echo-Echo lifted his left hand and snapped his fingers, causing the disks to blast the Grimm into dust. A Grimm bashed against the train, causing two people to fall off. One of them was one of the more muscular men from the train station. The other was a thinner man with slicked back black hair and thin facial hair. He was wearing a white and grey overcoat and long black pants. Making a split decision, Ultimate Echo-Echo shot down towards the thinner man with his sonic speed, swiftly grabbhing him before slowing down and turning back around, speeding back up to the train.]

Weiss: You couldn't have saved both?!

Ultimate Echo-Echo: I wasn't exactly in a position to get to both, the way my speed works!

Qrow: You should've gone for the other one, then! I could've taken care of myself!

Ultimate Echo-Echo: Like I'm just supposed to know that!

[A louder screech was heard, and the group looked up to see a much larger Grimm approaching. Yang cocked her gauntlet and Qrow drew his sword.]

Yang: What's the plan, Ruby?

Ruby: Don't let anyone else die!

Ultimate Echo-Echo: That's a goal. What's the plan?

[Shooting was heard. Qrow turned around to see turrets activated further up the train.]

Qrow: If it's a plan you want, how about we get fist-for-brains down there to shut those turrets off? They're just attracting more Grimm!

[The youngest person in the party spoke up. He had tan skin with freckles on his face, black hair, and hazel eyes. He wore a slightly messy white shirt, white bandages round his neck, patched up khakis, orange and black gloves, and orange overalls. From his belt was a golden relic with a glowing cyan center.]

Oscar: I'm on it.

[Oscar went to run towards the turrets, only to get picked up by Ultimate Echo-Echo who flew him to the front to get him there.]

Oscar: Um, thanks?

Ultimate Echo-Echo: Thank me later.

[The two ran up to the more muscular man, Dudley.]

Oscar: You need to shut off the turrets!

Dudley: Are you insane, kid?!

Ultimate Echo-Echo: Do you want more of these things flying around?!

Dudley: I don't know what you are, but these turrets are helping to keep them away!

[As the turrets fired and killed Grimm, several more appeared, contradicting Dudley's misinformed statement. Oscar turned to Ultimate Echo-Echo.]

Oscar: Any ideas?

[Saying nothing, Ultimate Echo-Echo pressed the Simplicitrix, changing into Jury Rigg. He jumped down into the console of the turret, breaking it swiftly before throwing it out and off the train. Dudley turned around.]

Dudley: What are you-

[He saw Jury Rigg quickly scampering from the broken turret to the next one, and ran after him. Just as Jury Rigg finished breaking and removing the second one, Dudley grabbed him by the tell and flung him back, causing him to hit the train and transform into Alan.]

Dudley: Nice job, kid. You just took out our defenses!

Alan: Faulty defenses that were doing more harm than good, you mean.

Dudley: Don't start getting smart with me!

Alan: Why, don't want me to speak a language you can't understand?

Dudley: Why you-

Oscar: TUNNEL!

[Both of them looked up and saw the train was about to head for a tunnel. Alan quickly pressed the Simplicitrix. In a red flash, his body was covered in black fur before white fur grew on his hands, feet, chest, and head. Black fur spiked off from around his eyes, which opened up and caused a red flash, revealing him to be Fasttrack.]

[From his perspective, everything else slowed down. He grabbed up Oscar and Dudley and ran them into the train, then proceeded to open up windows inside the cars before running back up to the roof. He grabbed the blonde (Jaune), the black-haired teen in green (Ren), and the orange-haired girl (Nora) and swiftly put them into the train through the opened windows. He turned and grabbed up Qrow and Ruby, getting them to safety. He did the same for Yang and Weiss, but he was just a millisecond too slow before a gust of wind blew Blake off the train. Time went back to normal as Fasttrack stood at the end of the train, wide eyed and speechless that he was too slow.]

[He took a deep breath, then jumped from the train and got onto all fours, running to find her. Digging through the snow as he ran, he managed to find her as she coughed.]

Fasttrack: Hey, you alright?

Blake: I... think so. [looks around] Why aren't we on the train?

Fasttrack: Don't worry about it, we're about to be.

[Fasttrack picked up Blake and sped back towards the train. In the train, everyone met up in the backmost car.]

Ruby: Is everyone alright?

Weiss: A bit shaken up, and confused as to how we got in here, but... yeah.

Yang: Does anyone know where Blake is?

[As everyone looked around for the sometimes absentee Faunus, the biggest coincidence happened in the form of Fasttrack running in through the back door with Blake. Everyone sighed in relief as Blake shivvered and sat down. Fasttrack pressed the Simplicitrix. He changed into a humanoid, brown, plant-like creature, whose neck opened up to reveal his face which was covered in blue and cyan petals. He also had bulbs on his arms in the same color. He lit up a small fire in his hand and put it near Blake.]

Blake: Thanks.

Swampfire: Just doing my job.

[After a few minutes of her warming up, Alan turned back.]

Alan: Alright, we've got a bit of respite from those things now. So, introduction time. My name's Alan Nomaly. I have a watch that can turn me into countless aliens. I share my brain with a ghost. Any questions? [interupting before anyone can ask anything] Good. Now, there's way too many of you for individual intros so I'll just speed it up a bit.

[Alan pressed the Simplicitrix, changing into AmpFibian. He looked at each one of the people and pointed to them as he said their names.]

AmpFibian: Yang, Weiss, Ruby, Nora, Jaune, Ren, Qrow, Blake, and...

[He paused when he looked at Oscar.]

AmpFibian: Which one am I talking to?

Oscar: What?

AmpFibian: Am I talking to Oscar or the other one?

Oscar: Oscar.

AmpFibian: Let me talk to the other one.

[A strange film went over Oscar's eyes as "the other one" took over.]

AmpFibian: Ozpin. Got i-

[AmpFibian cut off and stared at him for a moment.]

Ozpin: Is something the matter?

[AmpFibian groaned and looked down at the relic hanging from his belt, then transformed back.]

Alan: Real stand up guy, this one.

Qrow: What are you talking about?

Alan: Old Wizard of Oz here decided it'd be a good idea to not inform you that relic is attracting the Grimm even more than the turrets were.

Yang: What the hell?!

Weiss: Is that true?!

Blake: Why would you keep something like that from us?!

Ruby: It doesn't matter! What matte-

Alan: Um, excuse me? I'm not sure what your priorities are, Batwoman, but witholding vital infromation matters quite a lot in my book!

Ruby: Alright, yes, it matters, but what matters even more is how we protect everyone on this train! [turns to Ren] You can use your Semblance to calm everyone down, right?

Ren: Yes, but I've never done it on this scale before.

Jaune: Don't worry, I can amplify your aura.

Weiss: And what if that's not enough?

Alan: Then that's where I come in. I have a transformation that can amp up the defenses of this train tenfold. Whatever your power doesn't cover, I got.

[Ren nodded and Alan made his way to the front of the train. Jaune put his arms out. A white, mesh-like pattern of aura formed around his arms and onto Ren, who used his power. From him, everything began to decrease in saturation, and all attitudes calmed. However, it only reached so far. Alan stepped out of the greyscale into the regular colors as he exited Ren's range. He waited for a moment and the train finally exited the tunnel.]

Alan: Alright, let's do this.

[Alan made his way out of the train and onto the roof. He popped the Simplicitrix up, and scrolled through the icons until he found a large alien with spiked shoulders. He pressed on the core. With the blinding red flash of his watch, Alan was changed into the alien. His upper torso, shoulders, legs, and head were made of a rocky armor, red markings on his shoulder areas. Four large spikes made of yellow energy came from each shoulder. That same energy became the composition of his neck, lower torso, and around his knees. There was also rocky armor on his forearms.]

Golem-Eye: Defense systems back online!

[Golem-Eye used his yellow electricity on the train. Rocky armor grew around the top as rock constructs powered by yellow energy grew out of it, forming into more powerful turrets than the previous ones Jury Rigg destroyed. As Grimm approached, they were almost immediately zapped by Golem-Eye's automatic turrets.]

Golem-Eye: Nice try, you Cranvius Sapience looking fuckers! These ain't Portal turrets! These fuckers are stro- WOAH!

[A surprise attack from behind by a Grimm like unexpected anal sex threw Golem-Eye off the train. He tumbled through the snow as he fell further down the mountain. He managed to put his hands out and stop himself. Breathing heavily, he looked up and saw the train leaving.]

Golem-Eye: You get back here before I introduce you to Shed 17! ...On second thought, I'll just come to you.

[Golem-Eye concentrated, and his back started to change. A rocky construct in the shape of a jetpack grew from his back before lighting up with his electrified yellow plasma, allowing him to shoot his way back up to the top of the train, dusting any Grimm in his path. Once back on the train, he retracted the jetpack, and focused his electricity into a force field around him and the train.]

Golem-Eye: Probably should've done this to begin with.

[Not too long after Golem-Eye's return to the train, the Grimm backed off, as they were nearing civilization. WIth the city on the horizon, Golem-Eye retracted the shield and transformed back before climbing back into the train to meet with the others. The train stopped and they all exited.]

Ruby: Thanks for the help back there, Alan.

Alan: All part of the job description.... Not that there's really much of a description for what I do... And not that it's really a job... Anyway, you're welcome.

Weiss: Well, since we have a bit of down time, you can explain yourself.

[Alan froze up from the ice queen's comment.]

Alan: ...I have no idea what you're talking about.

Weiss: That seems to be pretty common with you, seeing as how you didn't know about the Schnee Dust Company or the Grimm.

Alan: Alright, probably stupid question, but a-

Weiss: Wouldn't be your first.

Alan: ...Probably stupid question put on hold. Are you always like this?

Weiss: Not all the time.

[Alan looked around at the others.]

Alan: Anyone wanna give a second opinion?

[Everyone else remained quiet and avoided eye contact with Alan or Weiss.]

Weiss: ...Wow. Seriously?!

Alan: Right. Back to the probably stupid question. Am I on Earth?

Weiss: What do you mean?

Alan: Okay, like, I know I'm standing on solid earth right now, as in the ground, but... Am I on the planet Earth? Cause I kinda jumped through a portal my asshole brother made and I've completely lost my bearings.

[Everyone looked at each other concerned before looking back at Alan.]

Ruby: The planet you're on is Remnant.

[Alan's face dropped.]

Alan: Remnant. Right. Okay. So, Richard not only sent us to another dimension... but a whole other planet, as well. Right. Right. Remnant. Not Earth. Remnant. [chuckles nervously, turns away from the group, then whispers] I am going to fucking murder him. [turns back to the group] So... Where we all headed?

Finding Cinder

[The scene changed to the inside of Haven Academy. The front hall was a large, two-level chamber with green walls that were lined with wooden beams, decorated with blue banners. The wooden floor had a tan carpet that lead to a dual staircase that lead up to the second level. Between the sets of staircases was a large statue of a woman in a robe, who had chains around her wrists and was seemingly holding up the second floor. Rather than a door, the front of Haven was a giant hole, obviously not added for any architectural reason, as the door was busted in at some prior point. The place was crawling with authorities. Suddenly, the room was filled with a pink mist that froze all of the people inside in a casing of red ice. Negative Big Chill landed outside and changed into Richard as he walked in, followed by Mercury and Emerald. They looked at the statue.]

Richard: I take it that's where we're going?

Emerald: Yeah.

[Emerald pulled out a small pocket watch as they walked towards the statue. She placed it into a pendant on the chain hanging down from around the statue's neck. The state started to descend. When it got low enough, the three hopped on and went into the depths of the school. Underneath the school was a large, dark chamber. The statue ended its descent at a large platform that stretched out into the chamber. The platform had glowing cyan sigils across it connected by a single line. At the end of a platform was a large tree with glowing orange leaves. In front of the tree was a rocky structure, which had a door that lead to a desert pocket dimension. The three of them stepped off the statue and towards the door.]

Mercury: Doesn't seem to be much of anything, or anyone, here.

Emerald: Shut up. We'll find her.

Mercury: Don't be shocked if that's just wishful thinking.

[The two's bickering was interupted by a cyan flash. They saw Richard had changed into Negative Wildmutt and was sniffing around. He sniffed to the edge of the platform they were on then peered over the edge, before returning to the two and motioning for them to climb onto his back. Reluctantly they did, and Negative Wildmutt jumped to the wall to start making his way down to the ground far below. When they got to the bottom, it didn't take long befofre Negative Wildmutt found Cinder.]

[Cinder was a young woman, wearing a long, dark red dress with golden details on it. On her right arm was a long black glove with details matching those on her dress. She had black pantyhose under her dress, and on her right hip was a black gen that had blue feathers coming off of it. Her hair was short and black, and covered the left side of her face. Her left arm, however, stood out the most, as it wasn't a human arm, but that of a Grimm. Emerald quickly ran to her with Mercury following.]

Emerald: Cinder!

[Emerald and Mercury helped Cinder up to her feet. She just looked at them blankly.]

Emerald: Cinder?

Cinder: ...I take it Salem wants punishment to be in person.

Mercury: Actually, Salem had nothing to do with this.

[Cinder looked up to see Mercury motioning towards Negative Wildmutt. She approached, but then quickly sparked up a fireball out of her right hand and threw it. Negative Wildmutt swiftly dodged. The fireball went past him and blasted apart, revealing to have hit a bright pink, opened umbrella. The four of them looked uneasy at the umbrella as it lifed up and closed to reveal another young woman: Neo.]

[Neo wore a short, white jacket over top of a brown corset. The cuffs of the jacket were pink and she had black gloves. She sported black pants with two black belts. She had multiple black chains around her neck, and wore long white boots. She also had a black bowler hat with a red stripe. Neo lifted her umbrella and rested it on her shoulder behind her head, which was topped with hair that was pink on the right side and brown on the left, with her eyes matching.]

Emerald: Neo?

Mercury: I honestly thought she was dead.

[Mercury quickly ran to Neo who dodged him attempting to kick her. Emerald followed this up by pulling out her kama and swinging them at the heterochromatic mute, managing to hit her after a few unsuccessful attempts and knocking her down. In a cyan flash, Negative Wildmutt evolved to his Ultimate form. Emerald looked at him in a confused state before he shot the quills from his back, pinning her to the back wall by her clothing. Now it was Cinder's turn to be confused.]

Cinder: What are you doing?!

Negative Ultimate Wildmutt: Her illusions don't get past those without eyes.

[Cinder turned to see Emerald change into Neo, and the Neo lying on the ground change to Emerald.]

Negative Ultimate Wildmutt: Not to mention she didn't say anything after I changed forms. Emerald's a talkative one.

Emerald: Hey!

[Negative Ultimate Wildmutt transformed into Negative Ouroborosaurus and turned to Cinder.]

Negative Ouroborosaurus: You're hurt. Let me help.

[He placed a hand on her shoulder, and within a few moments, she was healed and back to full strength. She smirked and then turned to Neo, sparking up a fireball in her hand.]

Cinder: Roman's death wasn't my fault, and I'm honestly offended you'd even find me just to get petty revenge.

Negative Ouroborosaurus: Wait.

[Cinder turned back to see Negative Ouroborosaurus revert to Richard as he walked towards the two.]

Richard: Allow me.

[Richard reached his hand towards Neo, who pulled back against the wall, which prevented her from staying away from his touch. Placing his hand on her cheek, he began to speak.]

Richard: Your anger should be aimed towards someone else, Neo.

[A strange energy transferred from Richard's hand to Neo's face, calming her demeanor.]

Richard: Your real enemy... is Salem. She commands the Grimm, after all. The same Grimm which killed Roman. I think you'll find it would be more beneficial to join us than fight us. Wouldn't you agree?

[After a moment of silence, Neo continued the silence by nodding instead of saying her answer, typical of her. Richard smiled.]

Richard: Let her down, we'll begin our preparations at once.

[Mercury and Emerald walked to Neo to help her down from the Evolved Vulpimancer quills, with Richard walking back to Cinder.]

Cinder: How did you do that?

[Richard simply pulled his tie to the side, and the cyan glow of his Simplicitrix was shown threw his white button up shirt.]

Richard: Quite a versatile form, this one.

Let's do this one last time

[The heroes were walking down the street of Argus, a city that looked quite like a snowy San Francisco, steep roads and trolley cars and the like. They stopped at a relatively large house, one with three stories, with a noticeably wider build than those around it. There was a tall staircase leading to the front door. The normally timid Jaune lead the way, albeit somewhat reluctantly. Alan looked around, nervous, which caused Qrow to approach him.]

Qrow: You alright?

Alan: Yeah, just... Just attempting to get used to the whole "not being in my universe" thing. It's not the first time, but I've not been out of my realm like this for so long. It was only like a minute last time.

Qrow: And you're sure this isn't just some elaborate amnesia?

Alan: Don't you think you'd have heard of a guy turning into otherworldly beings before I arrived if I was from here?

Qrow: Fair enough, I suppose.

[Jaune knocked on the door to the house. After a minute of waiting, a woman answered. She had dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She wore a beige vest overtop an orange, sleeveless shirt, as well as brown pants that had orange stitches going down the sides. Her face lit up at seeing Jaune.]

Jaune: Hey, Saphron.

[Saphron immediately embraced Jaune in a tight hug, causing Jaune to gasp for air.]

Jaune: Can't... breathe...

Saphron: [teasing voice] Don't try to weasel your way out of loving on your sister, baby brother!

[Ruby and Nora started chuckling. Saphron let go of Jaune, who took in a big gasp of air to catch his breath, then she turned and saw the rest of them.]

Saphron: I see you brought friends. Quite a few friends.

[A few minutes later, everyone was in the warmly lit living room of Saphron's home. Alan stood leaning against a wall, distancing himself from the others.]

Weiss: You really don't mind if we stay here while working out how to get to Atlas?

Saphron: Of course not. With all that you hunters and huntresses do to keep us safe, this is the least we can do. [reaches over and pinches Jaune's cheek] Especially those who are friends with my baby brother, Jaune.

[Jaune, annoyed, pulled away.]

Jaune: I am not a baby!

[Just as the words left Jaune's mouth, the sound of a baby crying came from upstairs. Alan's face dropped as he looked up.]

Alan: No, but that sounds like one.

Jaune: [chuckles nervously] Sorry.

Saphron: It's fine. He was probably going to wake up soon, anyway. I'll go get him.

[Saphron got up and walked upstairs. Ruby's face lit up.]

Ruby: Jaune! You never told us you were an uncle!

Jaune: Well, it's a pretty recent development, and with all that's been going on, I just haven't had the chance to mention it.

[A few moments later, Saphron came back down. In her arms was a young baby with light brown skin, black hair, and brown eyes. He wore denim overalls atop a blue and white striped shirt, and grey socks.]

Saphron: Everyone, this is Adrian.

[As Saphron approached the group with Adrian, Alan took a small step back, causing Blake to cock an eyebrow.]

Blake: Something wrong?

Alan: Not a big fan of children, really. [to Adrian] No offense.

[Adrian just stared at Alan blankly before frowning and crossing his arms, an act which caused Yang and Weiss to become totally enamoured by his adorableness. Alan glanced back and forth between Adrian and Saphron.]

Alan: I take it he takes after the other parent?

Saphron: [nods] You're the first to not assume...

Alan: It's pretty normal in my- ...Where I come from.

[The sound of someone coming through the front door was heard, and everyone turned to see a woman matching Adrian's eye, hair, and skin color standing there. She had a dark blue button up shirt beneath a light blue overcoat, as well as black pants and red glasses. She was carrying two large bags of groceries.]

Saphron: This is my wife, Terra.

Terra: Well, this is quite a party. [motions to her bags] Could I get some help, please?

[Alan, Blake, and Ren made their way towards Terra, following her to the kitchen. Not long after, the four came out carrying several sandwiches for everyone. With everyone seated and eating, Weiss looked over at Alan.]

Weiss: So, now that we have some down time, how's about a proper introduction?

[Alan swallowed the bit of the sandwich he was eating and then took a deep breath. The scene went black, and a comic book titled The Alan 10 Adventures appeared.]

Alan (voice): Alright, people, let's do this one last time.

[The comic flipped through some pages before showing Alan holding up the Simplicitrix.]

Alan (voice): My name is Alan Nomaly. For the last year and a half, I've been a superhero in another universe.

[Alan pressed the Simplicitrix, changing into Ripjaws, with the other nine of his original ten aliens showing up around him after.]

Alan (voice): I was given a weird alien watch called the Simplicitrix that lets me change into several alien species, all of which have their own set of superpowers.

[Dictator Agorm Hitmas, Vapor, Excambalir, ElevenEleven, Hagan, Cerebronittion, and Richard were all seen.]

Alan (voice): I've fought alien Nazis, assassins, suicide squads, my own military, scientists, and my evil brother.

[The villains were all pushed aside in favor of Alexis, Jessica, Devin, and Mason.]

Alan (voice): I fight alongside my best friend Alexis, girlfriend Jessica, and secondary friends Devin and Mason.

[Alan's friends disappeared with Alan popping up after the fact, with Pride materializing behind him.]

Pride (voice): Ahem.

Alan (voice): Oh, right. And there's Pride. He's the ghost I share my brain with. I'm not sure how it works but here we are.

Ruby (voice): How did you get here?

Alan (voice): That's kind of a long story.

[There was a white flash which then dissipated to show a forest. An odd noise was heard, which was then revealed to be coming from Cannonbolt as he rolled through the forest. He abruptly stopped and opened up, throwing out Negative Echo-Echo. In a burst of cyan light, the latter changed into a dark teal blob as he hit a tree. The blob was shiny and had black globs floating around in him. A cyan UFO-like device with the Negative Simplicitrix on it pulled the blob back together and up to his feet, taking on a humanoid form with glowing cyan eyes.]

Cannonbolt: I don't know why you're bothering to fuck-

Saphron (voice): Hold on a minute.

Cannonbolt: What?

Saphron (voice): Language! Adrian's right here.

Cannonbolt: Seriously?! This is my flashback! If anyone's gonna be vulgar, it's me!

Saphron (voice): How about no one be vulgar in it at all?

[Cannonbolt let out an exasperated sigh.]

Cannonbolt: Fine. No vulgarity. [clears throat] I don't know why you're bothering to mess with me, and normally I'd say I don't care, but if I don't care, you might kill me, so there's that.

Negative Goop: And normally this is the point where I'd-

[Negative Goop was interrupted by Cannonbolt's laughter.]

Negative Goop: [deadpan] What?

Cannonbolt: I just... That voice does not fit with your personality at all!

[Making a motion as if he was rolling his eyes, Negative Goop switched to his human form.]

Richard: Is that better?

Cannonbolt: [smirking] Perfect.

[Cannonbolt went to swipe at Richard, but the cyan light of the latter's Simplicitrix was seen, and Cannonbolt's arm was suddenly wrapped in a mess of lavender tentacles before he was thrown to the side. Richard was revealed to have turned into a humanoid alien that seemed to have a squid for a head. His right arm changed shape, going from a mass of tentacles into a normal arm, the tentacles appearing like muscles. Most of his body was covered in black armor, with a white stripe on his chest beneath the Negative Simplicitrix. There was a teal sac going around the back of his head.]

Negative Squidstrictor: I'd recommend you stay down.

[Negative Squidstrictor changed to Negative Heatblast, and blasted Cannonbolt's exposed underbelly. Yelling in pain, Cannonbolt quick-switched to Water Hazard, and retaliated with a shot of water, extinguishing Negative Heatblast.]

Water Hazard: Even after all this time, I'm still the more experienced one.

Negative Heatblast: I wouldn't count on it.

[Negative Heatblast changed to a humanoid bug. His body was mostly blue and cyan, with white on his face and torso. His eyes are large and compound. He had white wings growing from his back, and antennae growing from his head.]

Negative Mossquito: You're not the only one who can counter their opponent, you know.

[Negative Mossquito shot a mossy substance from the nodes on the front of his shoulders, which hit Water Hazard and solidified. Water Hazard moved his arms around freely.]

Water Hazard: Not that it did much.

[When trying to shoot a blast of water, Water Hazard realized nothing was coming out.]

Water Hazard: What the fuuuuuuuudgernutters?

Negative Mossquito: Liquid absorbing moss. Comes in handy when fighting Orishans.

[Negative Mossquito changed to a large, rotund alien. His skin was a dark teal. His sharp tooth-filled mouth took up most of his face, and his cyan eyes were bulbs at either end of his lips. He had stubby limbs and a tail, and wore black pants. He puffed up his body, then shot out a stream of dark cyan spit that pushed Water Hazard back into a tree, then solidified around. Water Hazard struggled to get free, just as his brother changed forms again.]

[This time, the alien was a humanoid bird, covered in blue feathers. Lighter blue feathers were seen on his chest and the crest on his head. His arms had long feathered wings on them, with his hands and feet being a bright blue scaley texture with talons on the ends of his fingers and toes. He wore a white mask and white shoulder bands, as well as a black pair of pants with a black and white belt, and white bands wrapped around his ankles. He had frilled tail feathers and a bright blue beak. He approached Water Hazard.]

Negative Kickin Hawk: I'll be speaking with you soon.

[Negative Kickin Hawk jumped and spun around, kicking Water Hazard in the face with enough force to knock him out.]

[Later, Alan woke up in Richard's stereotypical warehouse of a villain base, bound to a chair by the bile of Negative Spitter. He lifted his head up to see Emina and Envy facing away from him.]

Alan: Hey, Abbott and Costello. Where's the ring leader?

[The two lackeys turned to face him.]

Emina: He'll be here soon enough.

[Envy slapped Emina's arm.]

Envy: Idiot! We're not supposed to talk to him!

Emina: I don't wanna be rude.

Envy: "Rude?!" Who cares about being rude?! We've both tried to kill him, and you've mind controlled a good chunk of the populace around here! We're far past the point of rude!

Emina: Maybe I feel like changing.

Envy: Not on your life, pal!

[The bickering was cut short by a roar as Negative Rath landed on the ground nearby.]

Alan: Ah, the old "Richard shows up as Rath" routine? Never gets old, does it?

[Negative Rath just quietly growled at Alan.]

Alan: How do you keep him so calm? He's always so angry for me.

[Without responding, Negative Rath reverted to his human form, and then walked towards Alan, kneeling down to activate the Simplicitrix.]

Alan: HEY! Never use another man's watch!

Richard: Just for once I'd like you to stop being so relentlessly annoying.

Alan: I don't give a fu... A fu... A fricki-frack what you'd like!

[Richard flipped through Alan's holograms before transforming the latter into Blamurai.]

Blamurai: ...Alright, I'll bite. What's this about?

Richard: [takes Blamurai's sword from his back] As much as I don't want to have to rely on you, I'm going to have to, just this once.

[Richard threw down Blamurai's sword, sticking it in the ground. He then brought up his own Simplicitrix and changed into Negative Clockwork.]

Negative Clockwork: This transformation is able to transport itself from from one universe to another. However, it can only easily be done when the universe intended is within the same multiverse.

Blamurai: Other universes? Wow, really outsourcing, nice job.

Negative Clockwork: [exasperated sigh] The temporal beam can be manipulated by the molecular make up of that form's sword. Not entirely sure how that works, but it should prove to make things more convenient for me.

Blamurai: Why bother telling me all this exposition? You could easily just stay silent and do your thing.

Negative Clockwork: ...I don't have a proper answer for that.

Blamurai: ...Dummy.

[Ignoring Blamurai's insult, Negative Clockwork's cog began to spin, and the cogs in his chest glowed before generating a time beam that hit Blamurai's sword. The sword refracted the beam and then opened up a portal. Negative Clockwork transformed into his human self and made his way through the portal. Struggling, Blamurai tried moving his body, initially to no avail. However, it didn't take long before the solidified saliva around him began to crack, and then finally shatter as he broke free. He dove forward and drew his sword from the ground, pointing it towards the oncoming Emina and Envy, causing them to stop.]

Blamurai: Get back, you savages!

[Keeping them at swordpoint, Blamurai carefully backed himself up, before doing a backflip into the portal after Richard just before it closed. Blamurai found himself being hurled through a psychadelic plane in which several numbers flew by him. 775775, 710010, 1063-E, 1010, 2018, 68, 83, 1100. Blamurai turned back and saw the number 1799.A speeding away from him. He turned his attention back to Negative Clockwork, who was much further ahead. Reaching to his chest, Blamurai pressed the Simplicitrix.]

[Blamurai took on the form of a large, yellow, plant-like creature. A bright yellow venus fly trap opened grew his head from his neck, and his two legs split into four. He started stretching his limbs out towards the teal Chronosapien.]

Wildvine: Where do you think you're going?

[Negative Clockwork looked back, surprised to see his brother following him, and caught off guard to where Wildvine's fingers could wrap around him. Struggling, Negative Clockwork too changed forms.]

[Negative Clockwork's body became larger, and changed to a pale-teal metal. His body became topheavy. Grey bolts grew from his shoulders, as well as his arms changing to become like jackhammers. Long, grey ears grew from his head as well as a black tail from his lower body.]

Negative Armodrillo: You're not supposed to be here!

[Negative Armodrillo turned one of his hands into a drill and began spinning it, causing Wildvine's vine to get caught, and spin him towards his opponent. Wildvine then wrapped himself around Negative Armodrillo, constricting him.]

Wildvine: Funny, I get the feeling you're not supposed to be here, either!

[Negative Armodrillo attempted to break free, but Wildvine's grip increased each time the former moved. Struggling, Negative Armodrillo managed to change forrms again, turning into Negative Upgrade, allowing him to get out of Wildvine's grip before blasting him with an optic beam. He then continued on his way. Shaking off the attack, Wildvine looked up to see Negative Upgrade headed for a set of letters rather than numbers: ERTH. Wildvine was engulfed in a red light as he changed into Jetray to speed off after him. Just before reaching ERTH, Negative Upgrade was tackled by Jetray.]

Jetray: Gotcha!

[The attack caused both of them to fall into ERTH. In a flash of light, the two fell to the ground. Jetray sat up and looked around. The sky was dark. The two brothers had fallen in front of a large building which had clearly sustained a lot of damage from what it once was. The top of the center tower of the building was completely gone, and most notably, a giant, grey wyvern-like creature was frozen to the side of the tower.]

Jetray: [stands up] What the fu-

[Jetray's probably censored profanity was cut short by being shot by another optic beam by Negative Upgrade. Jetray grunted and changed to Chromastone.]

Chromastone: I'm starting to get annoyed by this.

Negative Upgrade: Agreed.

[In a blinding flash of light, Negative Upgrade assumed another transformation. Chroamstone's face dropped as he looked up to see Negative Way Big.]

Chromastone: Oh, come on! That's just overkill!

Negative Way Big: I'm counting on it.

[Negative Way Big crossed his arms at the wrists, and a cyan cosmic beam began to form which shot down at the monochromatic Crystalsapien. Chromastone put his hands out to try to absorb the beam, but it wasn't long before his body began to break up from the overload of energy, and he started to scream. Negative Way Big's beam dematerialized as he pulled his arms away from one another. Alan laid in a small crater with Chromastone's rocks and crystals lying around him. Negative Way Big turned and started walking away. Alan grunted and looked up at the titan, then at his Simplicitrix before weakily activating it.]

[A giant rock suddenly hit Negative Way Big in the back of the head, almost hitting his weak dorsal fin. Before he could turn around, he was then hit in the face with a gigantic, dark grey tail, knocking him down. He then looked up and his eyes widened, seeing Alan had turned into a dark grey Godzilla-like creature, the bright orange spinal plates contrasting with the rest of his skin. The plates then started to glow a vibrant purple. Without hesitation, the monster shot a purple beam from his mouth towards Negative Way Big's dorsal fin, just barely blocked by the latter creating a cosmic shield to block it. Negative Way Big then got to his feet, and put his Kaiju opponent in a choke hold, which proved to be ineffective as the latter's teeth became coated in a purple ooze just before biting his arm, causing the To'kustar to scream in pain before pulling away. Alan's Godzilla form then shot out a purple blast from his mouth, knocking his opposite away again. Once again standing back up, Negative Way Big looked over to Alan, who let a low yet loud growl out. The two simultaneously charged up their respective beams, and shot them at the same time. The cyan cosmic beam and purple beam of poison hit each other and caused a feedback, blasting both giants far from the scene. Alan was thrown so far he ended up in the ocean. The Simplicitrix beeped and transformed him from the giant monster into Ripjaws. Looking around confused, Ripjaws only barely managed to dodge a giant, aquatic Grimm, and then he swam off, unknowingly going in the opposite direction of Richard. The flashback then ended.]

Alan: Not long after that I wound up in the train station, and kinda just snuck onto the train before meeting you guys.

Weiss: And you have no idea where your brother went afterwards?

Alan: Not a clue. I'm partially relieved that I know he's on this world somewhere, or at least in Earth-ERTH, since he can't get out without both of us being involved, but also I'm very worried because he was coming here on purpose. I'm guessing this isn't his first time here, given he said it's difficult to travel to a different multiverse with just Clockwork. Probably speaking from experience.

Qrow: Like you said, wouldn't we have heard about someone turning into a bunch of different creatures?

Alan: Richard's not like me. He uses aliens when he needs to and prefers to keep a low profile unless he's trying to antagonize me. I'm far more impulsive with transforming than he is... You guys wouldn't happen to know people who'd rather see you dead than in their way, would you?

[The rest of the room got quiet as they looked at each other awkwardly. Alan sighed.]

Alan: I shouldn't be surprised. 

Yang: You don't think Richard's got plans involving them, do you?

Alan: I'm just gonna guess that he does. What wasn't part of the plan was me escaping the trap he had for me and then following him here, so at the very least, he should be a bit more on edge about whatever he's involved in.

Jaune: I don't think he's got any idea what he's gotten involved with then.

Alan: I think I can say the same for your villains.

[The room got quiet and tense but was soon the mood was broken.]

Nora: Quick question! Why are we Earth-ERTH? Shouldn't it be Earth-RMNT?

Alan: Really? That's the thing you're curious about?

Ren: You get used to it.

Nora: Think about it! You come from Earth, we come from Remnant, we should be Earth-RMNT! Or maybe Remnant-RMNT!

Alan: If anything you should probably be more curious about the fact your Earth is a word, stretching the definition of "word," as opposed to a bunch of numbers like every other Earth is.

Qrow: Is this an important conversation right now?

Ruby: Alan. If you're right about Richard being involved with our villains, then it's probably a good thing we met. You should probably stick with us just in case.

Alan: Considering I don't know anyone else on this planet, or in this universe probably, aside from the brother I don't want, I don't think I really have a choice anyway. What's the gameplan for tomorrow?

Weiss: Tomorrow, we see about getting transportation to... [reluctantly] Atlas.

Alan: I hear that tone in your voice and something about it tells me we're not going to enjoy this Atlas place very much.

Weiss: You have no idea.

Getting to Atlas

Alan: So let me get this straight.

[The scene opened on the streets of Argus. Alan was walking with Jaune, Nora, and Ren.]

Alan: The schools of this world have a bunch of teams of four students...

Jaune: Yes.

Alan: ...and those teams are all named based on the names of the four students, arranged in a way to be pronounced like a color...

Nora: Or something that makes you think of a color.

Alan: ...and the leader of the team is the first letter of the team's name?

Ren: Correct.

Alan: That seems... fairly convoluted. What, do the professors cherry pick the teams for this system to work?

Jaune: Not... really. It's pretty much at random.

Alan: Wait, what? You mean to tell me all these hunter huntress schools have teams that are color names by chance? Shouldn't, I don't know, there be a decent probability that a team doesn't have a color name through that system?

Jaune: Like Team JNRR?

Nora: HEY!

Alan: ...I'm just gonna assume that's some inside joke I, as someone from another universe, won't understand. Anyway, so if the others are Team RWBY, what's your team?

[The other three got quiet and stopped walking. Alan got a few steps ahead before stopping and turning back, seeing them looking at each other with discomfort.]

Alan: ...What?

Jaune: We... were Team JNPR.

Alan: I don't like the fact you said "were," or that "P" is obviously missing from this equation.

[Jaune looked away, but then something across the street caught his eye. He started walking over. Nora and Ren looked in his direction and realized what he was walking towards and followed. Alan, curious, did the same. The four of them stopped before a large statue in a park. The statue was of a young woman, wearing armor on her chest, as well as gauntlets and large greaves. She wore a sword on her back and held a shield in both hands. Alan looked at the plaque on the ground, seeing that it said "In honor of Pyrrha Nikos, one of the many students who fought valiantly at the Fall of Beacon."]

Alan: Alright. I'm gonna guess this is some odd coincidence?

Ren: Not exactly. She trained here in Argus before attending Beacon.

Alan: Okay, but quite coincidental we happen upon this statue while discussing... Who I assume to be her.

Jaune: ...She should be standing here.

[The other three looked at Jaune, who was clenching his fists.]

Jaune: And she would be if... If I wasn't such a terrible leader. I-

Ren: Jaune, this has to stop.

Nora: We... heard what you said to Cinder, at Haven. You're not being fair to yourself. We love you, just like we loved Pyrrha. We're teammates, family.

Ren: We don't want to lose you, too.

[Jaune sighed before Alan spoke up.]

Alan: Sometimes... You know you're going to lose. What sets the heroes apart is that they try, anyway.

[Jaune smiled at this and they all looked back up at the statue for a moment.]

Ren: Come on. We should see if Team RWBY's had any luck with the Atlas military.

[The four of them began walking away, Jaune lingering for a moment before catching up.]

[Back at the Cotta-Arc house, the four were waiting in the living room when they heard the front door open, and Team RWBY and Oscar stepped in. Oscar's farmhand clothes were replaced with an olive green overcoat with red shoulderpads, worn over a white, collared-shirt and black pants. He wore bandages around his neck, orange gloves, and red boots.]

Alan: And here I thought I was the one with the power to transform.

[Qrow, Saphron, and Terra then entered the room from the kitchen.]

Qrow: Any luck with the Atlas military?

Ruby: Not really.

Weiss: Apprently, not even having a Schnee heiress is enough to convince them to cooperate.

Blake: Former heiress.

[Weiss let out an exasperated sigh.]

Weiss: Former. Yeah. Right.

Yang: They're willing to take Weiss back to Atlas but they won't have the rest of us.

Alan: Is it really the only way to get there?

Weiss: Only Atlas airships have clearance to leave.

Jaune: Well...

[Everyone looked at Jaune.]

Jaune: There is something we could do.

Ruby: And that is?

Jaune: I was giving it some thought, about what to do if Atlas wasn't going to help us. And well... If only Atlas airships have clearance, then... We... steal an airship.

[Jaune laughed awkwardly and everyone else stared in shock for a moment. Alan then let out a loud guffaw, falling onto the floor in hysterics at the idea.]

Alan: [laughing calms down] O-oh... You're serious?

Weiss: That's not just breaking the law. That's... that's definitely worse.

Yang: How would we even get onto the airfield?

Jaune: That part I haven't quite figured out yet. But I--

Qrow: Okay, stop. Just... stop! Look, if this thing goes south, it's not something we can just fight our way out of. This is the Atlas military we're talking about. [sighs] For your sake, just drop this.

[Everyone became discouraged from Qrow shooting the idea down. Ruby looked around the room, and then back at Qrow, defiantly and determined.]

Ruby: I want to hear him out.

Qrow: Ruby...

Ruby: I want to hear him out! I know you're trying to protect us, that you're afraid we can't do it, but right now, I don't really care what you think!

[Qrow gained a shocked expression upon hearing this.]

Ruby: Just because you don't have an idea, doesn't mean we're out of options! Oz hasn't been here to tell us what to do, but we still managed to get this far anyway. We've been in bad situations before, and we don't need an adult to come save us or tell us what to do. We just did it our way! And I say we do it our way. And if you think you can keep up with us "kids"... we'd be happy to have you.

[Qrow sighed and sat down.]

Alan: Look. [grunts while getting up] If we're gonna do this, you might need some help from a guy with experience fighting the military.

Ruby: I thought you described it as you being stuck as a head on a mantle all day...

Weiss: ...With your body kidnapped by the military...

Blake: ...And your friends doing all the heavy lifting to save you...

Yang: ...Only for you to come in and deal the final blow after the guy was weak?

Alan: Well... I... You see... Um... Y'know... Something I should... Excuse me for one moment.

[Alan made his way outside of the house, before the muffled sound of him yelling several profanities over and over was heard from inside. While muffled, it was audible enough to get a surprised reaction out of everyone else present.]

Nora: ...Is he even allowed to say some of that stuff?

[Alan's yelling subsided and he entered the house again, taking a deep breath.]

Alan: Okay, I'm calm.

[Everyone looked at him with the continued shock.]

Alan: ...What?

Terra: [whispering to Saphron] I'm sure that looked good to the neighbors.

[Saphron gave Terra a playful shove in response. Alan stepped towards the group.]

Alan: Alright, consider this. My friends were fighting using copies of my watch, which were only programmed to have my original ten aliens. If four inexperienced people with only ten aliens at their disposal can fight a military, then so can the guy who's a lot more experienced with a lot more aliens... Assuming we have to fight at all.

Qrow: There's not much assuming. More than likely, we're going to have to.

Alan: [looks down at the Simplicitrix and smirks] Not necessarily.

[The group walked down the streets of Argus, until they could see the Atlesiian military base on the horizon. Alan noticed Blake was visibly anxious.]

Alan: What's wrong?

Blake: We're headed to Atlas, which is easily the least Faunus-friendly place we could be going.

Alan: Y'know, the more I hear about this Atlas place, the less I like it. Shouldn't there be at least one good thing about it, statistically speaking?

Weiss: I'm from there.

Alan: You're not helping Atlas' case here.

Weiss: What's that supposed to mean?!

Qrow: Enough! Look, whatever you have in mind for this heist, go ahead and do it so we can get it over with.

[Alan looked around to be sure no one was looking, then backed into a nearby alleyway. The alley filled up with a bright red light. Everything around the heroes changed to a red hue before slowing down to a halt. Out from the alley stepped Alan in the form of Clockwork.]

Clockwork: Allons-y.

[Clockwork lead the group down to the military base. Once at the front gate, Clockwork lifted his hand, and phased it out of time just long enough for them all to walk in. Finding an Atlas airship, Clockwork's time powers caused it to be out of sync with the rest of time but in sync with them, changing it from red back to its standard white before all hopped aboard.]

Clockwork: So how do we go about activating this?

Yang: Leave that to me.

[Yang sat down in the pilot seat, and put her robotic hand against the control panel. The technology in her hand assimilated with the ship, causing it to start. Smirking, Yang pulled her hand away and then grabbed the wheel, lifting the airship off the ground, and then flew off.]

Qrow: Alright, we've gotten this far, but what about when they notice the ship is gone?

Clockwork: Simple, they won't. One we land in Atlas, I'll use Clockwork's time powers to send the ship back to the nanosecond after we left. They'll never notice.

[Clockwork held his hand up, and it glowed red for a moment before he transformed back.]

Alan: This is where it's a bit more tricky. I know I can keep time paused while I'm not Clockwork, it's just a matter of how long I can keep it paused. I'll probably have to turn into him again later. But, for now, [sits between Blake and Nora] resting time.

[Alan leaned back against the wall of the ship and stretched his legs out, closing his eyes. Jaune looked over at Oscar.]

Jaune: What's been going on with Ozpin?

Oscar: I wish I could tell you. He hasn't said anything since the train when Alan revealed the thing about the relic.

Yang: The relic attracting Grimm is a small but pretty damn important thing to not tell us. If he didn't tell us that, what else could he be hiding?

[Their attention went from Oscar to Alan. Alan opened up one eye and then sighed, closing it before opening them both up and sighing.]

Alan: Look, that was just a basic mind read on the train to get us all acquainted quickly and easily. If I'm really about to go digging around in there for some headmaster... Pride, you mind helping out a little?

Pride (voice): Do I have much of a choice?

Alan: Not really, no.

Pride (voice): Fine. Whatever gets us out of here faster.

[Alan stood up and closed his eyes. His body was wrapped up in a mass of tentacles, striped black and purple. A pale, pinkish-purple skin grew over the tentacles. His legs combined into a tail as he floated above the ground, and black chains formed around his arms, waist, neck, and torso. The Simplicitrix appeared on his chest. On his face, a single, purple eye opened up.]

Pride: Nice to finally meet you all.

Alan (voice): I'd rather skip the pleasantries, let's go.

Pride: Rude.

[Pride floated over to Oscar, who was visibly afraid.]

Pride: I can promise this won't hurt, but I can't promise it won't horrify you.

[Pride phased into Oscar, who squirmed as it happened.]

Oscar: Yeah, okay, I don't like that.

[The scene zoomed into Oscar's pupil, everything going black, and then the darkness was broken by a bright light. White filled the "sky" as farmland was seen all around, with Pride floating in the air. The silhouette of a large building was seen in the distance, and Pride flew towards it. Getting closer, the building was revealed to be Beacon Academy, but with the top of the tower repaired and no petrified wyvern in sight. In the room at the top of Beacon Academy stood an older man. He had snow white hair, and was wearing a black overcoat and set of trousers. A green scarf was wrapped around his neck and tucked into a darker green vest. He wore small, circular, black-lensed glasses that sat low on his nose.]

Ozpin: You shouldn't be here.

[The man, Ozpin, turned around, to see Pride had arrived.]

Ozpin: It's a terrible invasion of privacy.

Pride: I believe keeping certain bits of information from your students is an invasion of safety, but go off.

Ozpin: Please, you must understand. At Haven, I found that one of my trusted people had been blackmailed into working with the enemy.

Pride: So you made the executive decision that letting a train full of people be terrorized and potentially killed by Grimm was a better idea than just at least mentioning that the relic attracts the monsters?

Ozpin: I need to know who I can trust. Certain information must be withheld.

Pride: You don't seem to be a good judge of what should and shouldn't be said.

Ozpin: And are you so innocent in ways of keeping things secret? How well does Alan understand the being living in his head?

[Pride fell silent for a moment. Ozpin sighed and turned back around, only to stagger forward in surprise.]

Pride (voice): You shouldn't turn your back on an Ectonurite.

[Ozpin screamed in terror as his eyes changed to be black and purple. The screaming subsided as Pride took control.]

Pride: Oh. Oh, that's very interesting. Ozpin, you naughty, naughty boy. [to Oscar] Oscar, I hope you're ready for this.

[The scene zoomed back out of Oscar's pupil, his eyes widening.]

Oscar: Oh... That's.... A lot to take in.

[Oscar squirmed as Pride came back out of him. Pride then morphed back into Alan, who was visibly frustrated.]

Jaune: Are you alright? What happened?

Alan: Oscar can give you the details... [sits back where he was] ...about Ozma and his lady friend.

Nora: Who's Ozma?

Alan: You'll find out. RIght now, I've gotta have a talk of my own.

[Alan closed his eyes. Everyone else looked at Oscar.]

Oscar: You're not gonna like this. At all.

[Oscar began spilling the beans about Ozpin, which I'm not about to type out here cause that's way too much exposition and this crossover is already lengthy as it is. If you really wanna know what he tells them, then watch this episode real quick cause it'll explain everything. Alan fell asleep. Alan then found himself walking through an odd world. The sky was a pale green, and Alan was walking on black grates above a mysterious, dark liquid. Labyrinth-style walls made of books surrounded him. Alan entered a large chamber, and saw a figure standing on a higher level.]

Alan: Pride.

[The figure, revealed to be Pride, turned around to face Alan.]

Alan: We need to talk.

[Pride sighed and flew down to Alan. He lifted his hands and two chairs materialized out of thin air, and the two then sat down.]

Pride: What do you want to discuss?

Alan: I need you to tell me everything you know about the Sin Aliens. Everything.

Getting the FUCK Out of Atlas

[The scene changed to show the sky, tinted red by Clockwork's powers. The stolen Atlas ship flew through the sky. Alan slowly woke up from his talk with Pride, looking around at the Remnant heroes.]

Qrow: Hey, everyone.

[Everyone turned to Qrow, who was now piloting the ship.]

Qrow: We're here.

[Alan stood up and walked towards the front of the ship, standing next to Weiss. Through the red tinted clouds came the sight of Atlas, a city on a floating island. Surrounding the northern capital was a barrage of Atlesian Military ships. Weiss looked on in confusion.]

Weiss: ...Something's wrong. I've never seen our forces so aggressive before.

Jaune: Couldn't it just be the way they look with time stopped?

Alan: I doubt it. They don't look like they were just going into this aggressive formation just at random. Whatever's happening in real time is making their forces seem... Paranoid?

Qrow: That's definitely a fitting word for James.

[Alan looked down, seeing far less grand city on the ground below Atlas.]

Alan: What's that?

Weiss: That's Mantle, the former capital.

[Alan analyzed the sight before him for a moment.]

Alan: We should land in Mantle.

Ruby: Doesn't that kind of go against our plan?

Alan: How much of a plan do we even have?

Weiss: I think he's right. With security like this, they'll become very suspicious of ten people suddenly arriving in Atlas, [motions to Alan] especially one who effectively doesn't exist. I'll probably be taken back to my father, too. We need to rethink this.

Alan: Land us in mantle. I need to have a Brainstorming session.

[Qrow began taking the ship down towards the former capital. Alan pressed the Simplicitrix, changing into Brainstorm in a red flash of light. Qrow landed the ship just outside of the city. Once landed, everyone turned to Brainstorm, waiting on him to finish thinking.]

Brainstorm: Aha!

[Brainstorm's sudden exclamation surprised everyone as it broke the silence.]

Brainstorm: I’ve arrived to a satisfactory conclusion. We shall meander around the city for an ample amount of time. Whilst doing so, it is of the utmost importance that we pay close attention to the Atlas Military and their various tasks. After our investigative observation is complete, we will then select amongst ourselves, based on ideal and accurate appearance, to infiltrate the Military personnel and modify our personal attire to offer the deception that we are the chauffeurs of Weiss Schnee back to her paternal figure. The final act of our elaborate scheme shall be to rendezvous with a... currently unknown individual and convene about our future propositions and vacate the premises.

[Brainstorm noticed a look of total confusion on everyone else's faces. He sighed and pressed the Simplicitrix.]

Alan: We walk around a little, see what all the military does, and then whichever of us are more fit to disguise ourselves as Atlas Military will do that, and we act like we're bringing Weiss back to her father, then we can meet up with...

Qrow: Ironwood.

Alan: Ironwood, right.

Weiss: And what do we do about me getting away from my father again after? I don't think it's going to be nearly as easy escaping as it was last time.

Alan: ...I'll improvise.

Weiss: That doesn't make me feel much better.

Alan: That's a valid feeling.

[The scene changed to show the ship being sent back into the past by Clockwork and time starting again. Pressing the Simplicitrix, Clockwork changed into ChamAlien.]

ChamAlien: Like Weiss said, I pretty much have no identity here. I'm gonna keep a low profile.

Qrow: How low a profile can you get?

ChamAlien: ...How low a profile do I need?

Qrow: Atlas technology can pretty much detect the pulse of any living thing. Keeps unwanted guests from sneaking into places they shouldn't.

ChamAlien: This Ironwood guy really is paranoid, huh?

Weiss: And it's only gotten worse since the Fall of Beacon.

ChamAlien: Wait, back up. Pulse detection... Is thermal imaging too archaic for them or some shit? [sighs] Whatever. I can deal with it.

[ChamAlien pressed the Simplicitrix symbol. Red energy swarmed his body as he evolved into his Ultimate form.]

Ultimate ChamAlien: I should be good to go, now.

[Ultimate ChamAlien vanished. The group then started to make their way through Mantle. The city had a light layer of smog above it, the floating city of Atlas just barely visible through it. The vibe of the city was much like that of Tim Burton's Gotham City. Throughout the city there were groups of Atlesian soldiers, typically in groups of four males. Trucks drove by with dirty miners, many of which were Faunus, causing Blake to get visibly uncomfortable.]

Ultimate ChamAlien: (whispering) Why is this place so damn dreary?

Qrow: Mantle was once the capital of Solitas, the continent we're on. After the Great War, it fell on hard times, and the people needed a beacon: Atlas. Not much of a brighter beacon of hope than a city in the clouds.

[Another truck drove past with clearly unhappy workers in the back.]

Nora: Unless you're the one having to look up at it.

Blake: This whole city... It just seems awful.

Man: Oh, yeah?!

[The group turned to see a drunken man stumbling towards the group.]

Man: You don't like it here? There's plenty of room out in the tundra!

Blake: Sorry, I didn't mean to-

Man: Atlas is the greatest kingdom in the world, alright?!

Ruby: Hey!

[Blake put her hand out to keep Ruby from going further.]

Blake: We can't cause a scene.

[Near the drunk man was another, sitting on the steps, though more calm.]

Man 2: The embargo... The embargo's got us in a rough patch. But it'll blow over, you'll see.

Man 1: We try to help the other kingdoms, and this is what we get?! I say let 'em rot!

Blake: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to insult you.

[The man glared at Blake before spitting on the ground.]

Man 1: Stupid Faunus like you wouldn't underst-

[The man was interrupted as he was suddenly flung up into the air and he fell into a dumpster nearby. On the ground where he stood was a black glyph that disappeared. The group turned to see Weiss holding up her weapon, Myrtenaster.]

Weiss: It was worth it.

[Weiss then quickly ran out of sight, as did the others when they saw some Atlesian soldiers approaching to investigate.]

Man 2: Hey... Wait! That was... You're-

[The second drunk man was interrupted when he tripped and fell onto the ground. The sound of Ultimate ChamAlien's quiet footsteps were heard as he crawled to catch up with the rest of the group.]

Ultimate ChamAlien: I know I'm the invisible one, but we're all supposed to be keeping a low profile.

[An alarm started sounding. The street lights changed to red, and roaring could be heard in the distance. Turning a corner, the group could see a bunch of Grimm entering the city from a breached wall. The Grimm appeared like saber tooth tigers, and were known as Sabyrs. Ultimate ChamAlien became visible.]

Ultimate ChamAlien: Nevermind.

[Ultimate ChamAlien looked down at Ruby's scythe, then got an idea. He pressed the Simplicitrix and was changed into Upgrade.]

Upgrade: Let's make this quick.

[Lunging at Crescent Rose, Upgrade swiftly merged with the weapon. The metallic black and red liquid retracted from the blade, showing it to now be made of energy.]

Ruby: Since when could you do that?

Upgrade: Since I unlocked this guy. Let's do this.

[Ruby nodded then used her semblance to speed off towards the Grimm. Approaching the Sabyrs, the Upgraded blade on Crescent Rose began to spin like a fanblade. Ruby held it up and then threw it down, cutting one of the Sabyrs in half, then spun it around to decapitate another. A third Sabyr charged Ruby head on, and in response she put out the spinning scythe, the Sabyr disintegrating through the blade which stopped spinning after. Several white glyphs appeared in a row, and Ruby turned to see Weiss approaching speedily across them. Upgrade left Crescent Rose and latched onto Myrtenaster, giving it his signature color scheme.]

Weiss: Uhm?

Upgrade: Just go with it. You saw how good it went for Ruby.

[Weiss nodded as she sped along. A Grimm approached and she slashed Myrtenaster, the blade stretching and wrapping around the monster before electrocuting and killing it. Stopping, Weiss used Myrtenaster in conjuction with her Semblance to generate three new Glyphs. From the glyphs, white, icy structures of Blitzwulf, Snare-Oh, and Frankenstrike. Weiss looked confused at Upgraded Myrtenaster.]

Weiss: You doing that?

Upgrade: I noticed you use your weapon and Semblance at the same time. I figured it'd be a nice touch.

[Ice Snare-Oh pulled himself up off the ground then wrapped his bandages around a Sabyr, constricting it into dust. Ice Frankenstrike teleported around before getting behind a Sabyr, then punched it away. His transformers charged up and a powerful lightning strike came down, killing the Grimm. Ice Blitzwulf wrestled with another Grimm for a while before his snout split open and shot out a sonic howl that disintegrated the Sabyr's head, then the rest of its body. The ice aliens disappeared as Upgrade left Myrtenaster and headed for Blake's Gambol Shroud. With the now Upgraded weapon in pistol mode, Blake used it to fire off energy blasts. Changing it into katana mode, the blade became energy similar to Crescent Rose. Blake activated her Semblance, using her shadow clones to properl herself upwards before slashing down at some Grimm. The energy blade of Upgraded Gambol Shroud split into three, killing all the Grimm at once. Yang ran by as Blake landed on the ground.]

Upgrade: [excited laughter] I think it's time for the big guns! Take me to Yang!

[Blake once again propelled herself with her Semblance before reaching Yang.]

Blake: Yang!

[Yang turned to her teammate. Blake held out Gambol Shroud as Upgrade launched himself off of it. Yang put up her left arm and Upgrade merged with the Ember Celica gauntlet.]

Yang: So, what have you got for me?

[Yang outstretched her arm towards a bunch of approaching Sabyrs. The Upgraded Ember Celica opened at the top and released several miniature rockets that blasted and killed each Grimm. Yang smirked.]

Yang: Oh, yeah. I like that.

Upgrade: That's nothing. Let me switch arms.

[Yang lifted her arms and then punched her fists together. Upgrade quickly shifted from the Ember Celica gauntlet to Yang's fully robotic arm. The Simplicitrix symbol appeared on the back of her hand. The largest Sabyr so far approached. The Upgraded Atlesian Arm shapeshifted into a large cannon that aimed at the Sabyr, and launched an energy orb at the beast, disintegrating it.]

Upgrade: Man, I wish the Grimm didn't disintegrate. We could've sent it into... orbit.

Yang: ...Did you just...?

Upgrade: Fuck yeah, I did.

Yang: Marry me?

Upgrade: I did tell you I have a girlfriend, right?

Yang: She's not in this universe, now is she?

Upgrade: Hey, enough with the flirting. The audience is gonna get uncomfortable with the whole "self insert flirts with attractive female character" thing.

Blake: Guys?

[Yang looked up just as another Grimm approached. Different from the Sabyrs, this Grimm was more like a lion in shape, with the bone-like growths on its head being shaped like a star to form its mane. Just as it was about to pounce on Yang and Upgrade, a green blast of energy sliced it in half, turning it to dust. Everyone looked around confused as the streetlights changed from red to green. A humanoid figure passed by above them before landing, the Earth-ERTH heroes reacting in surprise.]

[The figure was revealed to be that of a young woman. She had long, orange hair with a black bow on the back. Around her neck was a black collarpiece with a ribbon, the center of which appeared to have a green power button with a golden panel around it. Her outfit appeared similar to a Victorian era dress, the upper portion of which was silver while the lower portion was an olive green. The abdominal region of the outfit was black with gold buttons, matching her fleece gloves. She had thigh-high stockings and black boots, all of which had green light that turned off as she landed. Her eyes were a vibrant green.]

Ruby: Penny...?

[Penny turned to the group, then an extremely excited look came over her face as she gasped.]

Penny: Sal...

Ruby: [confused] Huh?

Penny: ...U...

[Peny kneeled down with her right foot stepped back. A whirring noise was heard.]

Ruby: Uhh....

Penny: ...TATIONS!

[Penny's stockings and boots lit up again as she launched herself towards Ruby, who began to fearfully flail her arms around while screaming. Penny sped by the other heroes, and the sound of her crashing into Ruby was heard. Penny quickly got to her feet while Ruby groaned getting up. The other heroes put away their weapons and approached.]

Penny: It is such a pleasure to see you all again!

Ruby: Penny, I... I-I thought you...

Penny: Died? Well, I suppose you could say that. When Amity Arena was returned to Atlas, my father was able to retrieve my core and rebuild me, making me good as new! Better, even! And now I'm the official protector of the city! I'm not gonna let a little ripping to shreds stop me!

Weiss: This is...

Blake: Strangely wholesome.

Yang: Sounds like Penny to me.

[Penny excitedly grabbed Ruby by the shoulders.]

Penny: We have so much to catch up about! I cannot wait!

[The city's alarm blared again. Penny's demeanor remained the same.]

Penny: It seems we will have to wait!

[Penny let go of Ruby and then took off again.]

Penny: [speedily] Let’s talk more later. I can’t wait to hear about all your adventures! I’m very excited for the whole experience!

[The heroes watched Penny's exit silently, clearly surprised by the scenario. The silence was broken by the robotic sound of Upgrade pretending to clear his throat.]

Upgrade: I have absolutely no idea who that girl was. Is she important somehow?

[Yang lifted up her Upgraded arm to talk to him.]

Yang: If only more Grimm showed up. You'd have been able to do this with her, too.

Upgrade: I am very confused as to what that sentence means.

[The sound of running footsteps approached. The heroes looked down the street to see a man come into view. He had short, brown hair, and teal-green eyes. He wore a sleeveless outfit that was primarily white, with blue on the sides of the abdominal region. On the lapel of his jacket was a medallion in the shape of a four leaf clover. He had a brown belt which housed a rabbit's foot keychain and a fishing pole. He stared at the heroes in silence for a few minutes, seeming unsure of what to say, before turning away from them. He held his hand up to his ear.]

Clover: Seems to be a false alarm, or at least whoever was here is gone now. Ace-Ops heading back up to Atlas now.

[Clover left, much to the surprise of the team.]

Qrow: That was... quite odd.

Ruby: "Ace-Ops?"

Weiss: The Ace-Ops are a team put together by Ironwood. But... I don't see why he'd think we're gone.

Upgrade: Oh, right, that's me. I put a perception filter over us.

Yang: A what?

Upgrade: A perception filter. Fucks with people's minds, they see us but their brains don't properly percieve us. Just a safety precaution. It's kinda like Ren's power for protecting us from Grimm, but it protects us from everyone.

Yang: You just have the answer for everything, huh?

Upgrade: Pretty much. That said, I'm not quite sure how Penny saw us. The only thing that I've had trouble with regarding the perception filter is te- Oh. Oh, I see.

[Yang gave Upgrade a knowing look as he figured it out.]

Upgrade: You could've just said she's a robot girl. Damnit, now I wish I did merge with her. Pennygrade would've been badass.

Qrow: Wait, you were saying technology gives you problems?

Upgrade: Any tech that can perceive things, that is. Cameras, microphones... robot girls. If they're "perceiving" whatever is behind my perception filter long enough, they'll breach it. Why do you ask?

Qrow: Atlas and Mantle have a lot of surveillance. If we wanna keep a low profile again, we need to get out of sight.

Upgrade: Good point.

[Yang's Upgraded arm suddenly pointed in a random direction.]

Upgrade: To an alleyway!

[An annoyed Yang brought her arm back down.]

Yang: Never make my arm do something I don't want it to.

Upgrade: [sarcastically] Okay, mom.

[The group left the scene. Later, they were seen in an alleyway. Alan, no longer Upgrade or merged with Yang's arm, was standing at the entrance, looking out to the streets, watching carefully for troops of Atlesian guards. He then made his way further into the alley, meeting up with the others.]

Oscar: So, any plans?

Alan: Yes, actually. Atlesian guards seem to walk around in groups of four, all male and around the same height. Our best bet would be for Jaune, Ren, Qrow, and I to infiltrate them with Weiss. Since we're guards, we could probably get to Ironwood with some bullshit about something to report. Then we can do... Whatever it is we're meeting him for.

Weiss: And your plan for getting me out once you're done?

Alan: Well, I haven't figured out that part, but it's like Yang said. I've got an answer for everything. I just don't have the answer right away. I'll find a way to get you out.

[Weiss rolled her eyes.]

Weiss: I feel so secure right now.

[Alan mockingly repeated Weiss' statement, moving his hand as if it were talking.]

Weiss: What is your problem?!

Alan: Oh, I don't know, maybe the fact I'm being heavily judged by the ice queen for whom I'm trying to think up a plan to save in about an hour. In fact, I might just skip that part of the plan and leave you up there!


[Alan and Weiss were caught off guard by Qrow's yelling.]

Ruby: What's your plan on infiltrating them, anyway?

Alan: I've got an alien that kinda looks like a Grimm. I'll just use him to lure some guards into a dark alleyway and steal their clothes. In a totally non-consensual but also completely non-sexual way.

[Alan snapped his fingers before doing finger guns at the group as he backed out of the alley. Out in the streets, a patrol of four Atlesian guards were walking. They stopped when they heard an odd scuttling noise. Looking around, they were surprised when a strange creature landed in front of them. The creature was quite like a large bug. Its body was primarily black, with white, bony structures on its shoulders, as well as an oddly-shaped skull for a head. It had four arms and four legs. In the eye sockets of the skull there were beady, red eyes. The Simplicitrix was worn on its chest. This transformation was Vertebrain.]

Guard 1: What the hell is that thing?

Guard 2: What do you think it is?

[Vertebrain started scuttling creepily away from the patrol. Guard 2 put his fingers to his earpiece.]

Guard 2: We have an unidentified Grimm, giving chase now!

[The patrol followed the buggish alien as he ran down the street before turning down a dark alley. The guards reached the entrance, and saw a red glow deep in the alley. They proceeded with caution before coming to the source of the light: red-orange fire that was arranged to form the word "MORONS!". The guards looked around.]

Guard 1: Where did it g-

[Guard 1 was suddenly cut off. The other three turned to see pale-red bandages wrapped around his mouth from above. They looked up, and the red glow of Snare-Oh's eyes, as well as his arm and leg stripes and his Simplicitrix, were seen glaring down at them. Before they had a chance to scream, their mouths were wrapped in his bandages. Snare-Oh then conked their heads together, knocking them out. The scene changed back to the huntsman heroes. Heavy footsteps were heard as the group turned to their direction. From the shadows into the light stepped Four Arms, carrying the soldiers he had knocked out.]

Qrow: Let's get this over with.

[Jaune, Qrow, and Ren walked towards Four Arms. Moments later, the four walked out of the alley into the street dressed as the Altesian guards, with Weiss walking between them. As they walked, Alan made a few grunting noises.]

Jaune: What's wrong?

Alan: This suit is really riding up my-

Qrow: Quiet! 

Alan: Eesh, you're a real party-pooper, aren't you?

Ren: We're trying to keep a low profile. Speaking of, what happened to our perception filter?

Alan: Got rid of it. It'll be easier to get us up there without one, ironically enough.

[The five of them walked towards the outer wall of Mantle. Once there, they found themselves at an Atlesian outpost. Two guards walked up to them.]

Guard 1: Something to report?

Qrow: We found Miss Weiss Schnee wandering around Mantle. We've come to chaperone her back to Schnee Manor. 

[The guards looked at each other before looking to see Weiss standing in hte middle of the four. They then nodded at each other. One walked away, putting his hand to his earpiece.]

Guard 2: Very well. We'll grant you a ship with access to Atlas. After you drop off Miss Schnee, General Ironwood will likely wish to speak with you regarding the Grimm attack earlier.

[The guard stepped to the side and the five continued on their way before reaching an air ship. After boarding and sitting, Qrow launched the ship. Alan began trying to adjust a certain part of his outfit. Weiss hit him in the arm to get him to stop.]

Weiss: Will you stop that?

Alan: Well, excuse me, this outfit is quite uncomfortable.

Weiss: Your entire body shapeshifts into monsters, how is a suit of armor uncomfortable?

Alan: The aliens all feel comfortable because that's just how they are. This suit is... not right in the nether regions.

Weiss: If your aliens are so much more comfortable, why don't you turn into a giant gorilla with six arms and see how well that goes for you?

[Alan turned to Weiss and lifted the visor on his mask, looking confused.]

Weiss: What?

Alan: How did you know I have a six-armed gorilla?

Weiss: ...Are you joking right now?

Alan: ...No.

[Qrow piloted the ship up and away from Mantle. Once far enough away, he circled back around, and gave the group a view of Atlas. The floating city seemed far more advanced than its steampunk counterpart on the ground. While Mantle was dark and dreary, Atlas put off a more bright and hopeful vibe. Some lights designated where the ship was to land. After landing, the group exited and were met with another guard.]

Guard: General Ironwood would like one of you to remain with Miss Schnee once she's returned to Schnee Manor. The rest of you are to report to him.

[Qrow nodded and lead the group to the manor. The manor was quite large and made of a white material, and made use of many columns and windows. Once there, Weiss and Alan broke off from the rest of the group to enter the manor, while the other three made their way to Ironwood. The interior of the manor was quite like that of the outside, primarily white with accents of blue and grey. The first room was a large foyer with a large, center staircase that split off in two different directions. On either side of the staircase's base was a giant, white suit of knight armor. Blue carpet laid on the stairs. Walking up the stairs to the next floor, Alan and Weiss made their way down the hallway, only to have their walk interrupted by a young lad. This young lad radiated the same energy as Nevel Papperman. He wore a douchey suit that was primarily white with some blue, and his white hair was combed in a way that would be normal for anyone else, though for him it was just douchey by principle of being his hair. Weiss let out an exasperated sigh.]

Weiss: Hello, Whitley.

Whitley: So, of all the places you could've hidden after running off, you chose the grundgy underbelly of our city. Sloppy.

[Weiss was about to respond but Whitley cut her off.]

Whitley: Father's going to want to see you as soon as possible, you know? [smirks and leans in] Good luck.

[Whitley then walked past the two before stopping. He then backed up and saw Alan's facial hair which was visible from the open mouth area of his helmet. He stared at it in a judgemental and douchey way.]

Whitley: If you're going to have facial hair, you could at least do it a bit more... Elegantly.

[Whitley continued on his way. Weiss and Alan watched him walk off. Once the little shit was out of sight, Alan spoke up.]

Alan: He's a little shit.

Weiss: [annoyed] You know what? [sighs] You're right. He is.

[Alan and Weiss started walking in the opposite direction.]


[The rest of the disguised heroes made way into Ironwood's office. It was a large, ovular office with a roof/ceiling made entirely of windows, something which was mimicked by the far wall as well. Thin bookshelves lined the side walls. The floor was covered in a carpet decorated with images of stars. Near the far end was a wooden desk, and standing at it was Ironwood. He was a middle aged man with rugged black hair, which was white at the sides, and a thick, black beard. He had blue eyes. His outfit was that of a typical Atlesian one, being a suit that is primarily white with accents of blue and red. To the right side of his desk stood Penny. To the left side was a young woman, also dressed in an Atlesian outfit. She had icy blue eyes similar to Weiss. Her hair was done up in a bun on the left side, with her bangs curved around the right side of her face. The three continued forward towards them.]

Ironwood: I'm glad you could come in. I was wondering if you could give any information on the Grimm infiltration earlier. After all, you were involved with fighting them off... Qrow.

[The three faux guards were caught off guard, ironically enough. Ironwood chuckled quietly.]

Ironwood: You can go ahead and take the helmets off.

[The three then removed their helmets, showing their identities.]

Ironwood: I'm surprised you went with that method, Qrow. Typically your way of sneaking into places is more avian in nature.

Qrow: It wasn't exactly my idea.

Ironwood: You easily could've just asked to see me.

Ren: We were trying to keep a low profile.

Jaune: Things looked a bit hectic out there, the way your forces were arranged.

Ironwood: You call blowing up a Grimm with a ball of energy a low profile?

Qrow: Apparently not seeing as how you figured us out.

Ironwood: Well, it wasn't just surveillance and noise that brought you to my attention...

[Ironwood looked over at Penny who smiled wide with her eyes closed before opening them again.]

Penny: I'm to report to Ironwood after my missions, typically of anything noteworthy, and seeing my friends after such a long time was definitely noteworthy!

[The white-haired woman smirked before stepping forward and speaking up.]

Winter: I assume the person you sent with Weiss was someone capable of getting her back out again easily?

Qrow: That's an interesting thing to assume.

Winter: After I was caught up on the situation, I determined it be best if one of the "guards" was sent with her to keep her under control, at least from everyone else's perspective. But we know better, don't we? Now, who did you send?

Qrow: Someone new we picked up along the way. His abilities make him more than capable of taking care of himself, and he's made this trip go a lot easier for us. Even with my misfortune Semblance. When we're ready, we'll give them a sign it's time to get her out.

Ironwood: And in the meantime you'll be looking for the Winter Maiden and the Relic?

[Qrow glanced awkwardly at Penny and Winter.]

Ironwood: I've already caught them up. And I intend to repurpose Amity Arena to catch the rest of the world up as well.

Ren: That seems... rash.

Jaune: Do you know what kind of panic the world will be in when they find out about Salem?

Ironwood: Better they find out from us than find out from Salem attacking. That said, the Arena is far from being ready. For all we know, your little group could take care of her before we even need it.

Qrow: [nervously] Heh. Maybe. Anyway, I assume with everyone caught up, we know of the Winter Maiden's location?

Ironwood: That we do.

[Ironwood then turned to Winter.]

Qrow: Oh. I see.

[The scene changed to a master study. The walls were lined with bookshelves. The room was decorated with chairs, a couch, a table with chess, and a work desk. At the desk sat a gentleman with white hair and a white mustache. He wore typical Atlesian attire. Behind him were three pictures: two of which were nature, while the middle one was of the man when he was younger, having a thinner mustache and black hair. Across from him stood Weiss. The man was clearly aggravated and contemplating his words before speaking up.]

Jacques: I bring you back home after the Fall of Beacon, and you repay me how? By hurting our name at our own social gathering, tarnishing our public image by running away, and then making our own troops seem like fools for being in Mantle of all places the entire time. How... shameful.

[Weiss looked back at her father defiantly.]

Weiss: I wasn't in Mantle until today. I was in Mistral, to reuinite with my Team in Haven.

Jacques: Ah, Team RWBY, isn't it? [stands up] Those are the friends you threw everything away for?

Weiss: Not friends. [crosses arms] Family.

[Jacques pondered this response for a moment, his expression not changing.]

Jacques: Well, I hope they were worth it.

[Jacques then turned away from Weiss and put his hand up.]

Jacques: You are dismissed.

[Weiss left the room, letting out a sigh of relief after closing the door. She then looked at the disguised Alan who was standing just outside the room.]

Weiss: Hey, um... How much of that did you hear?

Alan: Everything. ...Does everyone in your family just exude an aura of cuntishness?

Weiss: Seriously?

Alan: Just an observation.

Weiss: I mean... You're not entirely wrong. I wouldn't have worded it like that but you're not entirely wrong.

[Alan nodded as the two started down the hall.]

Alan: I was including you in that, by the way.

Weiss: What is your problem? Or, I guess, our problem? We haven't gotten along once since we met. It's just been arguing and making each other mad.

Alan: ...That wasn't just playful banter?

Weiss: You call insulting my family "banter?!"

Alan: You admitted I was right, to be fair.

Weiss: That's not the point! You can't just insult people and call it banter!

Alan: Alright, alright! Fair enough! [sighs] Wait... So you've genuinely not liked me this whole time?

Weiss: I... Well...  I don't know if I'd... I guess that's the case?

[Alan sighed and lifted his visor to see Weiss eye to eye.]

Alan: You don't actually exude an aura of cuntishness. I'm just saying that to mess with you. You're cool. No pun intended with the whole ice thing.

Weiss: Well... [sighs] I guess if all of that really was just you messing around, you're not that bad, either. All your plans have worked out pretty well, so far.

Alan: See? We can get along. [smiles] I'm not retracting my statement about the other two though.

[Weiss chuckled a bit.]

Weiss: Can't say I blame you. Just don't say anything about Winter.

[Alan stopped walking. Weiss turned back to him.]

Alan: Who the fuck is Winter?

Weiss: My older sister.

[Alan's face dropped.]

Alan: Dear God, there's two of them.

[Weiss rolled her eyes and smirked.]

Weiss: Oh, haha, this coming from the guy who can duplicate himself to an annoying amount?

Alan: Trust me, nobody needs more than one of me.

Weiss: There's something we can agree on.

[The two stared at each other before sharing a laugh.]

Alan: You're getting the hang of it.

[Alan then pushed his visor back down. The two continued walking until they reached the door to Weiss' room.]

Alan: Alright, I'm gonna go find somewhere to hide out, and get this fucking dick-suffocating outfit off, and I'll come for you when I get the signal.

Weiss: You know I knew why it was uncomfortable, right? You didn't have to say it.

Alan: I'm flattered you think that way about me.

Weiss: [somewhat flustered] That's not-

[Weiss stopped when she saw the knowing grin Alan had.]

Weiss: Ugh. More playful banter?

Alan: You know it.

[Weiss rolled her eyes as she entered her room. Alan then walked off until he found a closet out of the way of anyone walking through. Once inside, he pushed up some storage against the door to block it, then proceeded to remove the Atlas disguise, breathing heavily in relief as he got it off.]

Alan: Finally, d-

Pride (voice): Please don't say it.

Alan: Fine. You're just as much of a party pooper as Qrow. Bitch.

[The scene changed to a chamber similar to that of the one Cinder was in. However, the tree was different. Rather than having green leaves and orange lights, this tree was without leaves. The branches of the tree were entirely covered in snow, with snow falling around the tree from seemingly nowhere. Qrow, Jaune, Ren, Ironwood, Penny, and Winter walked through to the large, golden door on the tree. The door was decorated with snowflake-shaped pattenrs. Winter stepped ahead of the group, and Ironwood turned to Qrow.]

Ironwood: I'm going to grant you a ship for transport out of here, but I must ask: What's your plan for after this, Qrow?

Qrow: We're gonna head to Vacuo to get the Summer Maiden and the Relic there, too.

Ironwood: What about the Fall Maiden?

Qrow: No luck there, she's one of our enemies. But two Maidens and three Relics will at least be better than none.

Ironwood: You don't think you'll be able to get the help of your sister, the Spring Maiden?

Qrow: Heh. Let's just say we're lucky she even helped us get the Relic of Knowledge.

[As Winter reached the door, she put her hand out, touching it. An icy blue aura generated from her eyes. The smaller engraved patterns on the door lit up blue and shined white. A mechanical whirring was heard as the snowflake-shaped patterns retracted. The door completely opened, and the entire chamber was filled with bright light from the other side. On the other side of the door was an arctic wasteland that seemed to go on forever. There were three large, circular platforms that lead from the door, decreasing in size the further they went. The third one had a pedestal on it. Winter walked across the platforms to the pedestal, grabbing what was on it. She then made her way back to the group past the door, and held out a golden staff with a glowing blue spearhead on the end of it.]

Winter: The Relic of Creation.

[Qrow put his hand up to his ear.]

Qrow: Alan, we're ready.

Alan: Affirmative.

[The scene swapped back to Alan in the supply closet. He activated the Simplicitrix, cycling through the holograms.]

Pride (voice): So, should I expect the Merlinisapien?

Alan: Wasn't really what I had in mind.

Pride (voice): You're not expecting me to get her out, right?

Alan: Of course not.

Pride (voice): Then what are you planning?

Alan: Something a little off the beaten path.

[Alan pressed down on the core. The Simplicitrix's red flash swarmed the area, acting as a transition into Weiss' bedroom. She sat on her Schnee-colored, royal, better-than-you bed impatiently. She was suddenly startled by hearing Alan's voice from the other side of the door.]

Alan: Elsa?

[Alan knocked on the door in a way that totally doesn't sound like shave and a haircut.]

Alan: [sing-song voice] Do you wanna build a snowman? Come on, let's go and play! I never see you anymore, come out the door! It's like you've gone awa- HEY!

[Alan's singing was interrupted by Weiss opening the door and pulling him into the room.]

Alan: Excuse you, Ice Queen! I was enjoying hearing the sound of my own singing!

Weiss: Where is your disguise?!

Alan: Duh, I'm wearing it. Hiding in plain sight.

Weiss: No, you're not! You're just wearing your own thing! You're not hiding in plain sight, you're...

Alan: Devilishly handsome?

Weiss: You're obvious!

Alan: Meh, same thing when it comes to this guy.

[Weiss cut her self off before speaking.]

Weiss: What do you mean, "this guy?"

Alan: Oh, see, that's the brilliant part.

[Alan unzipped his jacket some and pulled it open. Under his shirt was the shining of the Simplicitrix's hourglass.]

Weiss: That's one of your aliens?

Intimachi: Depends on your definition of "alien." He's a transformation, but he's from Earth.

Weiss: How does he help us, exactly? With him looking exactly like you, I mean.

[Intimachi put his hand against Weiss' cheek. A wave of energy went out of his hand over Weiss, causing her to sigh with bliss.]

Intimachi: See?

Weiss: Yeah... Yeah, I do...

[Weiss looked back at Intimachi with an unintentional amount of lust, causing him to pull his hand away and stop his influence. Weiss then shook her head to try to get the feeling to wear off.]

Intimachi: I am quite uncomfortable with that.

Weiss: Then why did you do it?

Intimachi: It's a lot easier to show than explain his powers.

Weiss: Okay, then... Say, why aren't you wearing the guard outfit? Wouldn't this work better if you were?

Intimachi: Haha... No. It'd be even more uncomfortable in this transformation.

Weiss: ...I don't even want to know what that means.

Intimachi: I'm pretty sure you know.

Weiss: Yeah, but you don't need to say it. [sighs] Are we getting out of here now, or what?

Intimachi: Absolutely, come on.

[Intimachi and Weiss left the latter's room and began walking down the hall. Weiss noticed several guards lying unconscious on the ground.]

Weiss: Was that-

Intimachi: I'm not proud.

[As the two continued, a guard rounded a corner right in front of them, surprised.]

Guard: [stammering, to Weiss] What are you doing? Your father said for us to keep you in your room! [to Intimachi] And just who might you be?

[Intimachi lifted his hand up to the guard quickly, catching him off guard. The calming wave of energy went over him.]

Intimachi: Shhh. I'm just breaking my friend here out, and we're gonna be gone for a long time. Isn't that okay?

Guard: Y-Yeah... Of course...

Intimachi: [fake smiles] Good. [scowls] Now do me a favor and hit your head against the wall.

Guard: Whatever you say...

[The guard, still under Intimachi's influence, banged his head against the nearby wall, knocking himself out. Weiss looked up at Intimachi.]

Intimachi: I told you I'm not proud of it.

[It wasn't long before the two made their way into the large foyer. Just as they were about to get to the exit, an unfortunate voice was heard.]

Jacques (voice): WEISS!

[The two froze and looked at each other.]

Intimachi: Look, we need to g-

Weiss: No. You stay hidden for a bit. I'll deal with my father.

Intimachi: But-

Weiss: Let me handle this. I have to do it.

[Intimachi groaned.]

Intimachi: Fine. I'll be behind that cartoonishly large suit of armor.

[Intimachi went and hid behind one of the giant suits of armor just as Jacques entered the room.]

Jacques: Weiss Schnee! Would you care to explain why my halls are filled with sleeping guards, and why you look as if you're about to leave yet again?

Weiss: Because I am leaving father. And you're not stopping me. [reaches for Myrtenaster] Unless you care to try.

[Jacques stared down his daughter for a moment.]

Jacques: You know, it did so hurt your mother when you left.

[Weiss' confidence seemed to dwindle at this statement. Jacques took notice to this and chuckled.]

Jacques: That's what I thought. Now, I'm going to have that guard Ironwood assigned you take you back to your quarters immediately. Just a matter of finding him...

Intimachi: I'm right here.

[Jacques turned around to see Intimachi, eyes glowing red. A surprised Jacques had his chi drained by the Incubus until he fainted. Weiss looked on, shocked.]

Intimachi: Relax, he's still alive. Let's go.

[Intimachi exited the building, closely followed by a still shaken up Weiss.]

[Back in Mantle, the remaining heroes were keeping their low profile. Suddenly, Ruby's scroll started ringing. She answered it with everyone looking toward her.]

Ruby: Hello? [pause] Weiss? [pause] Yeah, we're still in the alley. [pause] How long unti-

[Ruby was cut off by the sound of an approaching airship. The group ran to the entrance of the alley and saw the ship piloted by Qrow. The ship opened up and they quickly boarded, joining the others just before take off.]

Blake: Does anyone else feel that was a little bit... too easy?

Qrow: I've been trying not to mention it.

[Taking off from the polar opposite cities of Mantle and Atlas, the ship started its way southwest.]

Simplicitrix's Destruction

[The scene opened up in the dark, cloudy sky. The heroes' ship flew by. Inside the ship, Oscar was staring at the Relics intently. He was shaken out of his trance by Nora putting her hand on his shoulder.]

Nora: Are you okay? You seem a bit tense.

Oscar: It's just that... You saw how many Grimm just one Relic attracted back on the train. Now that we have two, I'm just a bit worried that makes us a bigger target for-

[Oscar was cut off by the sudden impact of something hitting the ship.]

Jaune: What was that?

Oscar: I think that's what I was worried about.

[A loud roar was heard. Looking out the window, a horrific sight was seen. A Grimm was flying near the ship. The Grimm was in the shape of a serpent, with dragon-like wings, and the head of a rooster. It roared again before charging the ship. Qrow abruptly moved the ship down, but the top was grazed by the monster. The damages to the ship were enough for it to continue its downwards spiral.]

Qrow: Everyone hold on!

[The ship's descent sped up. The windows of the ship lit up with a red flash as the ship then slowed, landing on ground colored a deep red safely. Everyone inside calmed down, with Lodestar standing in the middle, breathing heavily.]

Lodestar: Is everyone alright?

Ruby: A bit shaken up.

Blake: Nothing too serious, I don't think.

Winter: Yes, I think I'm fi-

[Winter cut off when she turned to see Lodestar.]

Lodestar: Don't ask.

[Everyone stood outside the now crashed ship. Qrow and Winter were looking over it.]

Yang: Any luck?

Winter: The damages shouldn't be too difficult to repair. It'll just take a little bit of time.

Qrow: Maybe we should see if Alan can help. [looks around] ...Where is he?

Alan (voice): HEY!

[Everyone turned to see Alan was standing on the top of a nearby hill.]

Alan: I see something off in the distance! Looks like a castle or something! I'mma see if they can help!

Qrow: No, wait!

[Alan began running off, causing Qrow to sigh, annoyed. He turned to Team JNR.]

Qrow: Make sure he doesn't get into too much trouble.

[The three of them ran to catch up with Alan on the other side of the hill. He turned to see them.]

Alan: Oh, good, secondary team is here. Team ARNJ!

Jaune: I'm sorry, what?

Alan: Team ARNJ. Alan, Ren, Nora, Jaune.

Ren: ...Jaune's our leader.

Alan: Not as long as I'm here. Sorry.

[Jaune rolled his eyes as they continued walking in the direction of the castle off in the distance. Alan's odd enthusiasm was curbed by the sound of growling and footsteps. He slowed down some and let the other three catch up properly.]

Alan: Alright, I'm getting a little nervous now.

[A few Grimm came into view. Team JNR readied their weapons while Alan went to activate his Simplicitrix. The footsteps of a creature with two legs came from behind. They turned, and saw the hulking figure of Hazel approach. Team JNR became increasingly cautious while Alan stared.]

Alan: They sent the Sasquatch after us?

Hazel: Great, this one has a mouth on him.

[Sinister laughter was heard from the other side. They turned and saw Tyrian, readying his bionic scorpion tail.]

Tyrian: What's say we put an end to his talking, hmm?

Athur (voice): This is quite fortuitous.

[The four turned to see Arthur stepping up to the top of a nearby hill.]

Arthur: After all, now we don't have to waste time finding you. Our lady will be pleased.

Alan: "Lady?"

Jaune: These guys work for Salem.

Alan: Ohhhhhh... So much for that caslte helping us, huh?

Jaune: So much for staying out of trouble. We've walked right into it.

Alan: Sure, if you wanna look at it that way.

Ren: And how would you look at it?

Alan: I see this as an opportunity. [activates Simplicitrix] You guys take care of these lackey fucks, and I'll take the fight to Salem myself.

Nora: There isn't enough time in the world to tell you why that's not a good idea.

Arthur: True. So, how about rather than telling you...

[Arthur lifted his hands up. The stones, rocks, and some of the earth around him changed into the shape of many different styles of swords, all floating around him.]

Arthur: ...We show you instead?

[Tyrian blinked, and his usually yellow eyes changed to a vibrant pink as he readied his scorpion tail. Hazel reached into his pockets and pulled out some icy blue crystals, which he then violently stabbed into his arms. He let out a monstrous roar as blue energy passed through his body. Team JNR readied their weapons, and Alan looked back at the Simplicitrix.]

Alan: I don't think we have a choice now.

[Alan pressed down on the core of the Simplicitrix, and red energy swarmed his body. Blue crystals formed over his arms. Two large crystals of the same color grew abruptly out of his back, and then the crystals formed over his head as well. He then looked around, seeing that none of the three villains reacted.]

Diamondhead: Aw, that fucker must've transformed for them already. I love seeing new people's reactions. Damnit. Fucker ruined my fun.

[Arthur pointed his hand at the group, causing the floating swords to point as well before shooting down at them. Jaune used his shield to protect him and Ren while Diamondhead generated one for himself and Nora. With the swords out of the way, Diamondhead made a run for the castle, where he was cut off by Tyrian, who he proceeded to throw punches at. Tyrian dodged each hit elegantly, then wrapped his bionic tail around Diamondhead's arm and flipped him. He then reared his tail before striking it, annoyed and surprised when it didn't even pierce Diamondhead.]

Tyrian: Oh. That's annoying.

Diamondhead: I agree.

[Diamondhead reached back and grabbed Tyrian's tail, spinning him before throwing him away. He then turned when he heard Hazel's roar again. Team JNR prepared to fight him, though obviously unsure of their ability to fight him, only to be surprised when he ran past them in favor of fighting Diamondhead.]

Diamondhead: You sure about this, mate?

[Hazel continued his animalistic war cry while charging Diamondhead in a blind rage. Diamondhead sighed and easily knocked him away once he got close enough. He then punched his hand into the ground, creating a diamond dome around Hazel before attempting to continue to the castle. An odd jingling noise was heard, quite like the one normally heard when Diamondhead moves, though it caught him off guard. He then stopped running and looked at his hand, which had changed into a Scimitar before disconnecting from him. Diamondhead tried to regenerate his hand, but it only went so far, scaring him some.]

Diamondhead: What the fu-

[Diamondhead was cut off by the menacing chuckle of Arthur.]

Arthur: It seems you don't have as much power as you thought.

[Arthur lifted his hand, causing Diamondhead to lift up into the air, surprising him.]

Diamondhead: W-What are you...

Arthur: Surely you've heard of Semblances already? This is mine. Minerals, metals, just the soil itself, all my domain for swordsmanship.

[Lifting his other hand, Arthur caused Diamondhead's limbs and back spikes to change into swords of all kinds, disconnecting from him, and causing him to lose too many crystals to regenerate. With his head beginning to change, Diamondhead just barely managed to speak.]

Diamondhead: Simplicitrix! Transformation: Prypiatosian-B!

[The crystalline swords fell to the ground as Arthur covered his eyes to shield hismelf of the Simplicitrix's light. He then looked back and saw Alan's new form. Standing there was what appeared to be a reddish-brown robot with three holes in its face that glowed a bright green.]

NRG: Don't look so surprised. I had to be sure I wouldn't end up as a head on a mantle again because of not changing forms.

Arthur: [scoffs] You're a fool. [lifts hand, causing NRG to float] I told you metal was part of my domain, and now you've played right into my hand.

[NRG's green glow subsided as Arthur turned his head into a broadsword, dropping his body to the ground after the fact. He stared him down for a minute before turning to go to the others.]

NRG: Y'know...

[Arthur stopped and quickly turned back to NRG.]

NRG: I really thought you were smarter than that.

[NRG's green glow returned as a glowing green mass exited the suit. The mass revealed itself to be NRG's true form, wearing a black fallout suit with red details, a red 112 on his back. He had black, spiky eyebrows above his piercing red eyes.]

NRG: Who's the fool that played into the other person's hand now?

[NRG flew off towards the castle. Several monkey-like Grimm with wings flew towards him, but disintegrated into nothing just from him passing through them. Arthur looked back at the abandoned suit, pondering it for a moment. NRG flew by more Grimm, generating radioactive blasts at them as he neared the castle. His venture was cut short by a chunk of metal landing on him, taking him to the ground. He groaned and looked at what hit him, seeing it was a sword made of his suit, bent around him. Suddenly, more swords of his containment suit fell around him, putting him in a cage-like trap. Arthur approached.]

Arthur: I do believe the fool is still you.

NRG: You wish.

[NRG's green glow was overtaken by the Simplicitrix's red flash of light as he transformed into Goop. Goop then shapeshifted out of the cage, and hurled a mass of adhesive goo at Arthur, sticking him to the ground before he could react, and then proceeded to transform back to human, catching his breath before looking up at the nearby castle.]

Alan: Let's see what all the fuss is about.

[Alan brought up the hologram of a humanoid figure with horns that protruded from either side of its head before curving downwards. Pressing the core, Alan was surrounded by red energy. His skin's hue changed from its typical beige-pink to a pale teal-blue. Black clothing covered most of his body, save for his upper arms, shoulders, lower face, fingers, and midriff. His feet gained grey, metallic boots. Icy constructs that were colored in a gradient of dark magenta to red to pale pink grew on his boots, forearms, shoulders, chest, and back. A tall, pointy, black helmet formed over his head, with icy constructs growing out of the sides to form his horns, and one growing out of his forehead. His eyes opened, shining a vibrant red, and he let out an ear-piercing screech.]

[Jaune was seen running up a hill, looking back now and then to block swords from Arthur with his shield. When he got to the top, he jumped and used his shield to roll and then stopped himself with his sword.]

Jaune: GUYS!

[Team RWBY and Oscar looked up to see Jaune on the hill.]

Jaune: We need help!

Arthur: Yes.

[Jaune quickly turned and saw Arthur above him.]

Arthur: I suppose you do.

[Arthur brought up another sword, and threw it at Jaune, only to gain a confused look on his face. Rather than impaling Jaune, the sword had simply impaled a few rose petals. Looking to his left, Arthur saw that Ruby had sped by to save Jaune. He then cocked an eyebrow.]

Arthur: Ah, the silver eyed girl. Pity it has to end this way.

[Arthur summoned up more swords and launched them at Ruby and Jaune, only for the two to not react, and instead disappear in a shadowy, black mist. Surprised, Arthur turned and saw Blake had her hand up, having used her Semblance to make shadow copies of them. He was then caught off guard by the sudden appearance of a sequence of Weiss' white glyphs on the ground, lined up with him. He looked back up, and wasn't left with much time to react before a speeding Yang came across the glyphs and used her robot arm to punch him off the hill, knocking him into the battlefield on the other side. Yang's confidence shriveled as she noticed Ren pinned to the ground by Tyrian, who was about to sting him, and a half frozen Nora laying on the ground near Hazel, whose arms still had ice dust in them. The rest of Team RWBY, along with Oscar and Jaune walked up to her.]

Blake: Where exactly is our instant win card at?

[Jaune looked out in the direction of Salem's palace.]

Jaune: He went to fight Salem.

[The other five reacted to his comment with looks of fear. Ruby then looked at the fight below them.]

Ruby: Well, if he can fight Salem, [cocks Crescent Rose] we should at least fight these three.

[Hazel and Tyrian finally seemed to take notice of their presence. Hazel scowled at them, while Tyrian was surprised at first, though his surprise turned into excitement as he grew a devilish grin and let out a small, maniacal laugh.]

Tyrian: This just got very interesting.

[Several Grimm were frozen solid in red ice by Alan's new form, Frostbyt. Frostbyt used the multiple frozen Grimm as a means to jump up to Salem's palace, just enough to stand outside a window on the backside. He reached down and attempted to pull the window open, struggling as it was locked. While struggling, he looked in, and saw Salem staring at him, unimpressed. Finally stopping his futile attempts, he looked at her and motioned to the window. Salem sighed before waving her hand, unlocking the window. Whampire then opened it and stepped inside.]

Frostbyt: I don't normally converse with the enemy, but thanks.

Salem: You weren't going to just break the window?

Frostbyt: I would have but I wasn't sure what your window breaking policy is. I could've been signing a death wish right there.

[Salem let out an annoyed sigh while staring at him.]

Frostbyt: ...I could've just broken the window.

[Salem simply nodded.]

Frostbyt: Noted.

Salem: You are far less impressive than your brother.

Frostbyt: Believe it or not, not the first time I've heard that.

Salem: I believe it.

[Frostbyt gave a fake offended look.]

Frostbyt: Come on. You could throw me some kind of bone here.

Salem: Why exactly are you here?

Frostbyt: Because my megalomaniac of a brother brought me here cause he was too stupid to figure out how to get here on his own easily.

Salem: He didn't bring you here, though, did he? You have some innate need to stop whatever it is he does, don't you?

Frostbyt: Is that what we're gonna do? You're gonna psychoanalyze me like you know me?

Salem: If the alternative was us engaging in combat, you'd definitely choose this.

Frostbyt: I really don't appreciate you thinking you know what I want. And I'm already in the mood for a fight. And I mean a proper one, not that shitty shindig your lackeys were giving me.

[Salem sighed.]

Salem: You're a fool. But alright.

[Frostbyt took this as a chance to rush Salem. Attempting to bite her, Salem easily threw Frostbyt away, and waved her hand, causing the walls to shoot out tendrils to wrap around him. He easily froze and shattered them, then smiled, showing his fangs.]

Frostbyt: I think I'm going to enjoy this.

[The heroes were seen exhausted and injured, some of them having frozen injuries. Arthur stood, holding his side, swords ready. Tyrian was kneeled on the ground, his tail twitching. Hazel seemed to be without injury, now with white dust crystals along side his ice ones stuck in his arms. He was breathing heavily.]

Hazel: What was that you said back at Haven? "Just give up?" Maybe you should take your own advice. You're losing.

[A crash was heard. Everyone turned to see a fiery, red-orange light coming from Salem's palace. The light hit the ground and dispersed, revealing to be an injured Heatblast, groaning.]

Heatblast: Ow...

[One of the winged, monkey Grimm flew close, as Salem stepped off of it onto the ground. She looked down at Heatblast in disappointment. She then looked up at the group, Oscar catching her eye.]

Salem: So. This is the next one you've taken the life of, Ozma.

[Oscar was caught off guard by her statement.]

Salem: Oh, I see. He hasn't taken control yet. Believe me, he will, as much as he doesn't want you to think about it.

[Heatblast slowly sat up, then proceeded to stand up, obviously in pain.]

Heatblast: Shut the fuck up, lady.

[Arthur scowled at Heatblast, and lifted his arm. Heatblast's shoulder rock started to change shape, but Heatblast generated a fireball and shot it at Arthur. Arthur attempted to dodge, but wasn't quite fast enough, and the fireball hit half of his face and knocked him down. Tyrian then attempted to tackle Heatblast, only for the latter to roundhouse kick him away. Hazel scowled and charged up the dust in his arms, creating an icy whirlwind around them.]

Blake: Alan... Don't fight him... His Semblance keeps him from feeling pain...

Heatblast: That's such a stupid power.

[Hazel seemed angered by this statement, and charged Heatblast.]

Heatblast: If he doesn't feel pain...

[Heatblast began increasing his heat.]

Heatblast: ...Then he'll never know when enough is enough!

[Heatblast's heat was enough to subdue Hazel's whirlwinds before they could even do anything, much to Hazel's surprise. Heatblast put his hands together, and generated a large flamethrower blast, knocking Hazel away. Heatblast then breathed heavily, the attack draining his energy. Salem stepped forward.]

Heatblast: I've... I... I've been inside Oz's mind...

Salem: Then you know how futile this is.

Heatblast: Jinn... She... She said that... Oz couldn't beat you... But that doesn't mean I can't!

[Heatblast pressed the Simplicitrix, causing four spikes to come out of it. His red-orange fire changed to a blue, increasing in temperature, enough to thaw out the nearby icy injuries of other heroes. His body grew larger. His fingers and toes became sharper, and another of the latter was grown. A fiery tail covered in rock came out of his back, the end of which was a fireball similar to the tuft of fur on a lion's tail. His head flames became much larger, and his face then changed to have a large snout. He let out a tremendous roar.]

Ultimate Heatblast: This is where it ends. Just you. And me.

Salem: As you wish.

[Salem lifted her arms. An army of multiple types of Grimm came charging at Ultimate Heatblast, who ran at them as well. As they swarmed him, they suddenly disintegrated in waves, the first thing to catch Salem off guard the entire fight.]

Ultimate Heatblast: Fire Aura, instantly disintegrates damn near anything.

[Ultimate Heatblast then made a run at Salem, who simply lifted her arm again. A large, Grimm-like root shot up out of the ground under Ultimate Heatblast, launching him into the air. He then shot out fiery whips from his hands, attempting to lasso himself back down to Salem. Salem flicked her wrist and the root whipped Ultimate Heatblast in the chest, launching him back into the air. The Simplicitrix's core began blinking, and red electricity sparked from it. The root went back down to the ground and lifted up Salem. As Ultimate Heatblast went into the air, he changed back to Heatblast, then back to Alan just as he reached the peak of his ascent. Fear filled his eyes as he began falling. Just as he was picking up speed, something caught him. His heart skipped a beat.]

Alan: Holy shit! I'm alive! GUYS! LOOK! I'M-

[Alan's celebration was cut short when he realized why he stopped falling. He looked up and saw that his right wrist was being held by Salem's hand. Fear came back over Alan. Salem tightened her grip slightly, and metal cracking was heard, which only increased Alan's emotion. Salem then apathetically let go of Alan, letting him continue his fall.]

Ruby: NO!

[A blinding white light generated from Ruby's silver eyes. In seemingly slow motion, the giant root disintegrated, leading to Salem falling. As the flash finished, Ruby activated her Semblance, turning into a mass of red rose petals and speeding towards Alan, catching him just before he landed.]

Ruby: Alan? Are you okay?

[Alan didn't respond and just looked at Ruby with eyes that were filled with fear, but then slowly drained to be empty. Ruby then turned to see Salem starting to get up. She activated her Semblance again and sped her and Alan away to the rest of the group. As Ruby stopped, Alan rested his hand on the ground, and pieces of black metal fell out of his sleeve. Salem looked out to them.]

Salem: That was cetainly... something. But I can promise you: it won't happen again.

[Just as Salem prepared to attack, a blast of bright, cerulean fire was shot in front of her, creating a barrier between her and the heroes. Everyone turned, and saw Negative Heatblast, with Cinder, Emerald, Mercury, and Neo.]

Salem: And here I thought I had your undying loyalty.

Negative Heatblast: And that's where you were wrong.

[Yang looked at the beaten and injured heroes.]

Yang: We need to go. Now.

[The heroes helped each other up. Blake helped Ruby get Alan to his feet. As they got away from the distracted villains, Alan's eyes were locked on the scraps of metal that laid in the battlefield.]

[The heroes regrouped back at the ship with Winter and Qrow. Winter sat with Weiss, while Qrow stayed near Oscar and Ruby; Nora and Ren rested together, and Blake and Yang stayed close.]

Winter: What exactly happened over there?

Weiss: It was... Salem.

[This caught Qrow and Winter by surprise.]

Qrow: You fought... Salem?

Nora: Well, Alan did, anyway.

[Everyone turned to see Alan, standing away from the group. His eyes were locked on his wrist, and he was unresponsive.]

Ren: We're... Not quite sure what happened. He's been like that ever since his fight with her.

Oscar: We got lucky. We only escaped because Alan's brother showed up and distracted her, for some reason.

[Jaune stepped towards Alan.]

Jaune: Hey, are you alright?

[Alan remained unresponsive.]

Jaune: Alan?

[Jaune put his hand on Alan's shoulder, startling the latter out of his trance. Jaune then stepped to the side.]

Qrow: Why do I get the feeling everything's about to get worse for all of us?

Ruby: Don't worry. We'll regroup, and we'll find a way to-

Alan: Holy fucking shit, do you have to be so ANNOYINGLY OPTIMISTIC ABOUT EVERYTHING?!

[Everyone turned, shocked at the change in Alan's demeanor, Ruby more than the rest. Yang's eyes flickered red as she approached Alan and pushed him back a bit.]

Yang: Hey, back off her!

[In response to being pushed, Alan violently shoved Yang back, causing her to fall to the ground. She looked back up at him, her eyes changing back to lilac as her anger changed to fear and confusion about Alan's actions.]


[Alan pulled his right sleeve up and revealed his bare arm, which had a noticeable change in skin tone where the Simplicitrix once was.]


[Alan pointed at Ruby.]


[Alan turned away from the group. He started taking deep breaths to calm down, but then he fell to his knees. Tears started to stream down his face.]

Alan: ...I have no way back home. I'm gonna die here, surrounded by people I don't even know. No time to say goodbye to the people I knew on my Earth...

[Alan continued crying as Ren approached him, and placed his hand on the former's shoulder. Alan's color faded as he calmed down.]

Alan: ...Thanks.

[Ren helped Alan back to his feet, and the latter looked to the others awkwardly before looking away. Ren pulled his hand back and Alan's color returned.]

Alan: Sorry.

[Ruby, the one his anger had been directed at the entire time he was yelling, of all people, walked up to him.]

Ruby: Hey. You're right. Everything is stacked against us. But that doesn't mean we can't try to win. And it doesn't mean we can't try to find you a way home.

[Alan looked back at Ruby who smiled at him. After a short silence, Alan embraced Ruby in a hug.]

Alan: Thank you.

[Alan pulled away from the hug, and looked around, visibly confused.]

Ruby: Alan?

Alan: ...There's a deafening silence.

Weiss: What do you mean?

Alan: My powers weren't the only things taken from me...

[Alan turned to the group.]

Alan: Pride's gone.

Going Back in Time

[The scene opened on a bright day in the streets of Vacuo. Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang, Jaune, Nora, Ren, and Qrow each bore new outfits, and most of them having new hairstyles, as well.]

Nora: Wait a minute! We're missing someone!

Ren: We do seem to be missing a certain transforming friend of ours.

Alan (voice): You mean formerly transforming.

[The lot of them heard heavy footsteps approaching. Looking around, Jaune patted Ren's shoulder, getting the attention of others to see Alan rounding a corner, with a much different attire. He was wearing a grey, button-up shirt that had the top two buttons undone. The bottom of the shirt dangled freely above the black pants he wore, which had several gold buckles along the legs. Alan still bore his cowboy boots, but they were cleaned up and shined, with golden spurs attached to the back. Overtop his shirt was a long, black overcoat, the cuffs of which were rolled up to reveal a red interior. The buttons of the overcoat matched his buckles and spurs, and the collar was upturned. On his left hand, he wore a black, fingerless glove with red details. The back of the coat had the circular, red hourglass of the Simplicitrix embroidered on it. A dark grey sash was wrapped over his right shoulder down to below his left arm, which held Raijin His dyed green hair was done up in a ponytail and his beard brushed down to its maximum length.]

Blake: Where'd you get the money for that?

[Alan turned to Weiss.]

Alan: ...You're rich, right?

Wiess: You didn't.

Alan: Sorry, not sorry.

[Weiss sighed as she held the bridge of her nose.]

Weiss: Fine, whatever.

Ruby: Shall we?

[The teams began their way towards Shade Academy.]

[Blue flames were shot everywhere. Salem passed through them with ease as she created two Grimm roots and shot them at Negative Heatblast, who put up a fire shield, burning them. He then pressed the Negative Simplicitrix, creating a cyan flash. Salem cocked her eyebrow, noticing some pink particles within the cyan flash just before it revealed Negative Jetray. Calmly, Salem clenched her fist, and Negative Jetray was abruptly crushed in a Grimm fly trap.]

Salem: How long did you think you'd have me fooled? You can come out now.

[From behind a nearby hill flew the real Negative Jetray as he landed. Following him were Emerald and Neo, the two of them holding hands with their respective auras meshing until they let go. Salem's eyes narrowed.]

Salem: I see Cinder was too much of a coward to defect in person.

[Emerald clenched her fist at this remark.]

Salem: What exactly has she been filling your head with, Richard? Promises of glory and power? Well, that second one is rather laughable. After all, you're the most powerful person on Remnant now. Second to me, of course.

Negative Jetray: This has nothing to do with what she promised me.

[Negative Jetray hit his Simplicitrix and became human.]

Richard: It's about choice. I was being told what my destiny was long before I even got powers. Well... [lifts up Simplicitrix] Those powers, that is. I've been longing to find a way to decide for myself what my real destiny would be. Finding this universe was just the first step. Unfortunately, for you, you've just escalated my plans.

Salem: And how did I do that?

[Richard coldly turned and looked at the remains of Alan's Simplicitrix.]

Richard: You eliminated one of my hurdles. [turns to Salem] And now... You're all that's left.

[Richard readied his Simplicitrix, inciting little to no reaction from Salem.]

Salem: I already destroyed one of those. What makes you think I won't destroy another?

Richard: The difference between my brother's bravado and my confidence is bravado gets people killed on accident, while confidence... Does it on purpose.

[Richard pressed the Simplicitrix core down on a humanoid hologram. His entire body was torn apart by cyan energy, save for his skeleton, the bones of which grew much larger and separated, as well as gained a metallic coating. Silver metal surrounded his forearms, as well as covered his feet in the shape of boots. Silver and black metal formed around his torso as well, with glass around his stomach, and a Simplicitrix-shaped piece of glass on his chest. The Simplicitrix formed on his back and created a cyan shine. He floated above the ground, staring Salem down. He spoke in a calm, robotic voice.]

Negative Atomix: I'll be frank, Salem. I find your existence... Highly overrated.

[Negative Atomix flew at Salem, generating a wave of cyan energy as he crashed into the ground near her, creating a large flash of light.]

[The heroes arrived before Shade Academy, a large and dark grey building in the center of Vacuo which was built like an ancient Aztec pyramid. Alan turned to look at Jaune, specifically his hair which was now spiked up.]

Jaune: What?

Alan: [points to Jaune's hair] No. [reaches up and ruffles Jaune's hair until it is messy again] Yes.

Jaune: Hey! I worked on that all morning!

Alan: We all make mistakes. I just fixed yours.

[Jaune gave Alan an annoyed look as they walked into Shade Academy. Not long after entering, they were approached by a dark-skinned woman with black hair. She wore a pale blue and white dress, and had bright red boots. From her hair protruded a pair of dog ears.]

Rosanna: I was wondering if I'd ever see you again, you old scarecrow.

Qrow: Rosanna, it's been too long. [turns to group] Everyone, this is Rosanna Africa. Headmistress of Shade Academy.

Rosanna: I never took you for the chauffer type. This looks like some sort of disjointed field trip.

Qrow: If only it were that innocent.

[Qrow motioned to Oscar and Winter who had the Relics. Rosanna tensed up.]

Rosanna: Oh. I see. So, you're taking the fight to her, then?

Qrow: We don't have much of a choice. She already knows how much progress we've made, and we've got another enemy to deal with. Oz hasn't been around to tell us what to do, and, well... We lost our only other trump card.

[Qrow turned his head. Rosanna followed his gaze to see Alan, who looked away before clenching his right wrist. Rosanna nodded then turned to Coco and Sun.]

Rosanna: Go get Radiant. She'll know what it's about.

[The two of them nodded and headed off down a hallway. Rosanna turned to Winter, studying her outfit.]

Rosanna: Atlas Military, I take it?

Winter: Yes, ma'am.

Rosanna: Good. You'll want to discuss a means of transportation out of Vacuo. Having three of the four relics so close to one another is going to be extremely dangerous.

Winter: Of course.

[Winter headed back outside of the Academy, and Rosanna turned back to Qrow.]

Rosanna: I'll lead you to the Vault. We'll meet with Radiant there.

Qrow: Got it. [turns to the group] Don't get into trouble.

[As Qrow and Rosanna walked off, the group turned to Alan in response to the comment. Alan, still looking down, realized he was being looked at and looked up at everyone else.]

Alan: [agitated] What the fuck are you looking at me for?!

[Alan pushed himself out of the group and off to the side, not looking back at them.]

[The scene cut to a vault similar to that of the one in Atlas. However, the tree had vibrant green leaves, and there were bright yellow orbs floating around. The door to the vault had already been opened, the inside being a deep forest with the summer sun shining through the leaves. Coming out of the vault was a tan-skinned woman with blonde hair and green eyes. She wore a yellow dress that had a sun pattern on it, and was holding a golden sword with blue accents to it. On the hilt of the blade was III in glowing blue characters, which caught Qrow's eye.]

Radiant: The Relic of Destruction.

Qrow: I take it Oz didn't have much interest in using this.

Rosanna: Destroying things was never his way. All three uses are still there. He didn't even say what the deity's name was for it.

Qrow: I have a feeling that we'll be able to figure it out if we need it.

[Radiant wrapped a sash around the handle of the Relic and then put it over her head and shoulder, resting it on her back.]

Radiant: Where are we headed?

Qrow: Three of four relics will have to do. We're headed to the Crucible.

[The heroes were seen together on a seafaring Atlesian ship. Jaune was amplifying Ren's aura to keep the Grimm at bay, though this seemed to have been going on for a while as the two had to stop for a moment to recharge. Alan stood at the bow of the ship, staring off into the distance. Far into the distance was a warped sky and ocean, becoming dark maroon and black surrounding the continent which housed the Crucible. There was a white flash and Alan found himself falling from Salem again. The memory of Ruby's Silver Eyes flash snapped him back to reality as he was about to fall over the railing of the boat. He was grabbed by the collar of his jacket by Yang who pulled him back, trying to lighten the mood with a smile.]

Yang: We don't need you going overboard while you don't have powers.

Alan: Y-Yeah. Right.

[Yang became concerned.]

Yang: It's her again, isn't it?

[Alan nodded.]

Alan: I have faced four-armed Nazis, a sadistic and psychic dog-lion thing, a team of villains made specifically to kill me, and even someone who is equally matched to me in damn near every way. But this? This is uncharted territory. Hell, I don't even know what I'm more afraid of. Facing Salem again or... Facing my friends, if I get back home.

[Yang thought for a moment before putting her hand on Alan's shoulder.]

Yang: Y'know. Friends are family.

[Yang turned to see the rest of her team standing elsewhere on the boat. Weiss with Winter, Ruby and Nora teasing Neptune about his aquaphobia, and Blake gazing off into the ocean.]

Yang: You'll have your disagreements and fights but at the end of the day, if they're true to you and vice versa, they'll be there in the end.

[Yang shifted her focus to Blake specifically.]

Yang: Even if what they did really pissed you off.

[Alan nodded, understanding what she meant. He then noticed her gaze towards Blake then looked back towards the Crucible.]

Alan: So. You're into Faunus, then.

[Yang blushed and turned to Alan, flustered.]

Yang: W-What? No!

Alan: Oh, so you're a racist?

Yang: That's not what I said! I just... Blake's my friend. We're not... Y'know-

Alan: Not yet.

Yang: What are you getting at?

Alan: It's so obvious, come on.

Yang: Do you want me to throw you overboard?

Alan: You already did that on the airship.

Yang: That's because you grabbed my-

Alan: Pride did, not me.

Yang: Well, Pride's not here, is he?!

Alan: ...No. No he's not.

[Yang's face dropped when she realized what Alan meant.]

Yang: I... I'm sorry. I didn't mean-

Alan: It's fine. He was kind of a cunt, anyway. But... He was the only thing aside from Richard connecting me back to my world.

[Yang followed Alan's gaze back to the Crucible continent as they neared it. Suddenly, the boat rocked.]

Alan: Nope, don't like that.

Neptune: I'm... I'm just gonna...

[The blue haired young man ran into the indoors portion of the ship, causing the others to roll their eyes. From water on one side of the ship shot out large, bone-like spikes, along with a black tail lined with smaller spikes before returning into the sea. The ship was bumped again and this time Alan was thrown over the railing and into the sea.]

Yang: Goddamnit, not again!

Weiss: What happened?

Yang: Alan fell off!

Blake: First the train, now the boat?!

[Under the water, Alan felt himself descending deeper and deeper. He turned to see a large, dark mass coming towards him, with glowing red eyes. Panicking, Alan put his hand out towards the mass, and to his surprise, the beast stopped just short of him.]

[Back on deck, everyone was searching the nearby water around to boat to see if Alan had resurfaced. Landing from flight in crow form, Qrow changed back to his human self.]

Qrow: Any luck?

Coco: None so far.

[Suddenly, from the nearby water, the gigantic Grimm sprung up from the depths. It appeared similar to a dinosaur with giant bone spikes coming off of its back, and the top of its head/jaw looking like a skull. On the snout stood Alan.]


Qrow: What the f-

[The Grimm gently lowered its head to where Alan could talk with the others.]

Yang: How in the hell are you doing that?

Alan: I have no idea!

[Alan jumped off the Grimm and onto the boat.]

Alan: Actually, that's not true. I have a theory. I think all this time exposed to your world has given me an... Aura, I think you call it. And with that Aura, a Semblance.

[Alan motioned to the Grimm.]

Weiss: You control Grimm, now?

Alan: I think it's a bit more than Grimm.

[Alan put his hand out towards Weiss but nothing happened. He then motioned for Jaune who came over and used his aura amplification on Alan. Trying again, a wave of energy came out of Alan's hands over Weiss, causing her to start default dancing against her will.]

Weiss: Hey!

Alan: Just as I thought.

[Alan and Jaune both stopped.]

Alan: I control animals in general. Grimm, regular animals, humans, Faunus... This... This might just give us the edge we need over Salem. [smiles] This is really my first... Semblance of hope in a while.

Yang: Ayyy.

Ruby: Speaking of Salem...

[Ruby's comment turned everyone's attention back to the Crucible.]

Alan: GrimmZilla and I will go on ahead. At the very least, all the animal Grimm will be at risk of my control.

[Alan climbed back onto GrimmZilla's snout and the two headed off faster than the boat. Neptune nervously peaked out the door of the boat.]

Neptune: ...Is it gone?

[Lightning flashed, lighting up the sky behind the Crucible. GrimmZilla burst up out of the water, using one of her arms to bash through the back window of the palace before lowering herself for Alan to jump in.]

Alan: Alright, motherfuckers, let's get... 

[Alan looked around, realizing no one was in the main court of the palace.]

Alan: That's odd, I was expecting a larger crowd. [turns to GrimmZilla] Hey, big girl. Go sniffing around, see if you can find anybody.

[GrimmZilla made a grunt in response before leaving the window to walk around the building. Alan then continued his way through the Crucible. The others had since landed and were approaching the Crucible as GrimmZilla rounded to the front. The group stopped then looked down to the ground a bit mortified, just before Alan walked out the front of the castle.]

Alan: That was no tun. There's no one here.

[Alan noticed everyone's more grim mood.]

Alan: What?

[His gaze followed theirs and his face dropped. Laying on the ground was the deceased body of Hazel, with a large hole through his chest.]

Sun: Was this your brother?

Alan: No. This was me.

[Teams SSSN and CFVY looked up in surprise. Alan had a brief, slo-mo flashback of Heatblast shooting the beam of fire at Hazel, which was shown to throw him back as well as go through him.]

Alan: I told you, Blake. Not feeling pain is a stupid power. Because then you end up like me. You don't know when to quit.

[Alan walked over Hazel's body and brushed passed the others.]

Yang: We'll keep an eye on him.

[Yang and Blake began following after Alan. They noticed he had stopped walking and was looking at the ground. When they reached him, they gasped realizing he was looking at the remains of the Simplicitrix. He kneeled down and began to pick up the pieces.]

Alan: We gotta get all the pieces.

Blake: Alan, we can't rebuild this.

Yang: This is way beyond us.

Alan: No, but if I can find some other way back home, I can rebuild it there. Or have help at least. Someone can do it. It'll be fixed. I'll be me again. It'll all be okay.

[Blake put her hand on his shoulder and got down with him.]

Blake: Alan. It's gone.

Alan: N-No. [looks her in the eyes] It can't be. I need it. I'm not me without it.

[Just as Blake was about to speak, probably some bullshit speech about how he doesn't actually need the thing, they were interrupted by a bright red light. The light was revealed to be a circular portal, from which Clockwork, Yang, and Blake stepped out. Alan stood up and looked on in surprise.]

Alan: What the hell? How did you-

Clockwork: Bootstrap paradox, mate. Don't think about it too much.

[The portal behind Clockwork closed and a new one opened near those in the present. He swiped his hand to the right, effectively forcing them through the portal. After going through the portal, the three found themselves in the past at Beacon Academy, hidden in the brush away from any important buildings. The academy was much more lively, students walking around all over, and the main tower was in tact with no sign of a wyvern Grimm anywhere. Yang and Blake stood very confused, while Alan's face seemed to light up.]

Yang: What just happened?

Alan: We travelled in time!

[Hiding, the three turned to see a younger version of Team RWBY walking by, dressed in their Beacon uniforms, consisting of a black overcoat and plaid red skirts, though Ruby had her hood-cape on it as well. Blake had longer hair and a bow covering her cat ears, while Yang's arm was normal.]

Alan: And from what I can tell, this is the past.

Yang: Definitely the past.

Alan: Why would he send us here, though? Is there someone from the past that can help us that isn't in the future?

[Blake and Yang looked at each other, a bit concerned.]

Yang: Your watch, is it metal?

Alan: Yeah, why?

Blake: We know who he - you - sent us here for. Pyrrha.

[Alan cocked an eyebrow.]

Alan: So, I do get to meet the remaining Team JNPR member, after all.

Blake: What do you mean? She doesn't know who you are.

Alan: Exactly. She doesn't know me and neither does anyone else. They all know you two. They'd see you and wonder why you look different. It'd just make a mess of things.

[Yang looked down at her robotic arm.]

Yang: He has a point.

Blake: He doesn't even know who to look for.

Alan: I have a basic idea. There was the statue of her.

Blake: Would you recognize her without her armor?

Alan: That question sounded a bit more kinky than you intended, I imagine.

Blake: Is that always how your mind works?

Yang: I can help with finding her.

[Alan and Blake turned after having their conversation cut short. Yang lifted her robotic arm and placed two fingers onto the side of Alan's classes, then pulled away. A hologram pulled up from Yang's hand showing what Alan could see.]

Alan: Ohhhh, clever.

Yang: We'll be able to talk with you as well and tell you who you're looking for.

Alan: Got it.

[Alan walked out of their hiding spot and began walking with a large group of people. While walking with them he suddenly heard a loud commotion in one of the buildings.]

Yang: Wait. Where's that noise coming from?

[Alan turned to face the building, which was brick and had a grey concrete entrance. The door had a "Cafeteria" sign above it.]

Blake: Yep. That's the right place.

[He trailed behind the group for a moment before breaking off to go check the building. Creeping along the side of the building, he peaked into one of the windows. Inside, there was a giant mess of food and eating utensils. On one side of the room he saw Team RWBY, and on the other was Team JNPR, with their msising team member: Pyrrha Nikos. The two teams were having a food fight with one another, trashing the entire cafeteria.]

Alan: I take it I'm going for the bright red haired one?

[For a moment there was silence on the other end.]

Yang: ...Yeah.

Alan: Got it.

Blake: You might wanna duck.

Alan: Why?

[Alan's eyes widened and he ducked just as some cans of food came flying out the window right where his head would've been.]

Alan: (slightly shaken, not stirred) Oh. That's why. Thanks.

[Alan waited outside the building in hiding for quite some time, until the fight was over and the aftermath was cleaned up. He peered and round the corner and saw Pyrrha was the last to leave.]

Alan: That's oddly plot convenient but alright.

[Making sure no one else was within earshot or eye shot, Alan began to walk after Pyrrha,]

Alan: (whispering) So.... How do I get her attention and explain this?

Yang (voice): You mean to tell us you didn't think that part through?

Alan: (slightly louder whispering) I was getting around to it.

Blake (voice): You had all that time during us fighting and the fight being cleaned up to think about it!

Alan: (probably not whispering) I was kinda thinking more about how much food you were wasting.

Yang (voice): Wait wait wait. We're trying to get your powerful watch fixed...

Blake (voice): And you're thinking about us wasting food?!

Alan: (you couldn't call this whispering even if you wanted to) I'm hungry!

[At this point, all three of them were so distracted by the conversation that none of them realized Alan was about to bump into Pyrrha until he did. She was already facing him, and she had a confused look on her face.]

Alan: Oh. Hi.

Pyrrha: Hello. Who are you?

Alan: Uhhh. Alan.

Pyrrha: Uh-huh. And who were you talking to?

Yang (voice): Not Blake and Yang, not Blake and Yang! You are not talking to Blake and Yang!

Alan: ...Not Blake and Yang.

[The scene quickly switched over to Blake and Yang who  were wide eyed at the absolute dumbass comment Alan just made. Blake facepalmed and Yang just looked off into space.]

Yang: That's... Not what I meant...

[The scene cut back to Alan and Pyrrha. Pyrrha's look of confusion changed to a smile as she let out a small giggle.]

Pyrrha: Oh, I see! You're friends with them, aren't you?

Alan: Yeah, I guess you could say that.

Blake (voice): Maybe you should reconsider the definition of "friend..."

Pyrrha: Where are they now? I haven't seen them since our, er... Food war earlier.

Alan: Oh, that was a food war, not a food fight. Right. Okay. Uh. Right this way.

[Alan began leading Pyrrha to where Blake and Yang were.]

Yang (voice): WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

Pyrrha: How were you talking with them, anyway?

Alan: Glasses.

[He tapped the side of his glasses to emphasize his point, disconnecting him from the other two.]

Yang: Damnit!

Blake: Does he know what he's doing?

Yang: I don't think so! [begins pushing through the bushes around them] They didn't seem that close, maybe we can get a ways away a bit before-

Alan: Hi.

[Blake and Yang screamed as Alan's face appeared behind a bush Yang pushed away. She went to punch him out of being scared but he managed to grab her fist.]

Alan: Huh. I guess I do have some skill as a human. Semblance aside, of course.

[Yang sighed and pulled away from him, letting him and Pyrrha walk into the hiding spot. Pyrrha once again gained a look of confusion as she saw the new outfits of her friends as well as Blake's hair, and became even more confused when she saw Yang's arm.]

Pyrrha: What's going on here?

Blake: See what you've done? Now we have to explain the whole time travel thing! Aren't there rules about this?

Alan: Relax, Belladonna. If any time issues were to occur because of this, they would've already happened. But since that's not the case, this is obviously what my future self did in order to fix this.

Pyrrha: I am very confused.

Alan: [turning to Pyrrha] We're from the future. Well, they are. Well, we all are but I'm from the future in a different universe. Anyway. At our point - their point - in time, certain... Events happen that keep us from being able to contact you. We came to the past cause we need your help.

[After a moment of silence, Pyrrha laughed a bit.]

Pyrrha: Surely, you're joking?

Alan: Not really, no.

Pyrrha: You expect me to believe time travel?

Alan: Okay, sure. You live in a world where every weapon is also a gun, a good chunk of the population has animal body parts, there's magic dust, you all have some sort of soul power, and bony creatures of hell walk around... But time travel is impossible? ...I think y'all need to re-evaluate.

Pyrrha: Okay, let's say for a moment you are from the future. What keeps you from contacting me there?

[The other three looked at each other for a moment.]

Yang: Can... Can we tell her?

Alan: I wouldn't. I'm not sure how much we're changing just by being here, if anything at all, seeing as how this could just be circle theory we're operating on. We tell her, we risk changing the future and taking ages to get back to our point in time, in the right timeline specifically.

Pyrrha: This is all very confusing.

Alan: I know, I know. Time travel always is.

Yang: Pyrrha. You know us, and you trust us. We need you to help us.

Pyrrha: What exactly is it you need help with? It must be important if you had to travel back in time... Entertaining that idea, of course.

[Alan reached into his pocket and pulled out the remains of the Simplicitrix.]

Alan: I'm not sure how you're going to do it but we need you to reassemble this. Obviously it somehow works because my future self had it fixed. If you could find a way to fix the remnants of it, it'll have some semblance of what it once was.

[Blake and Yang looked blankly at him.]

Yang: Did you do that on purpose?

Alan: Do what on purpose?

[Pyrrha looked at the remains.]

Pyrrha: What exactly is it supposed to be?

Alan: A watch. These two asked about if it was metal, so I assume you have some metal-related power?

Pyrrha: Polarity to be exact.

Alan: Then you should be able to reassmble them into a watch formation on my right wrist.

Pyrrha: And you're sure it'll work?

Alan: If it didn't work we wouldn't be able to be here right now. It'll just be like a... very interesting puzzle.

Pyrrha: Right... Okay...

[Pyrrha nodded, and used her powers to make all the pieces float. Alan positioned his right arm out for her to reassemble the watch. The trio waited patiently as she managed to get all the pieces into their proper places. Once they were all placed back, a red flash occurred, showing the Simplicitrix to be seamless in appearance. Alan lifted his arm into the air in excitement.]


[The three looked at him, concerned and confused. Alan then looked around outside the bushes to be sure he did not draw unwanted attention.]

Alan: Oh. Sorry.

[Alan activated the Simplicitrix, then looked at Pyrrha.]

Alan: Thank you, Pyrrha.

Pyrrha: Of course.

[Alan pressed down on the core, changing into Clockwork. Yang and Blake both hugged Pyrrha tightly, tears in their eyes.]

Yang: We're gonna give our enemies hell.

Pyrrha: I'd expect no less.

[Clockwork opened a portal, then turned back to Pyrrha.]

Clockwork: Oh, and just to be safe. If you remember this whole thing, don't mention it. Just gotta keep the whole time thing in tact.

[The trio then left and the scene changed back to the present.]

[Blake put her hand on Alan's shoulder and got down with him.]

Blake: Alan. It's gone.

Alan: N-No. [looks her in the eyes] It can't be. I need it. I'm not me without it.

[Just as Blake was about to speak, probably some bullshit speech about how he doesn't actually need the thing, they were interrupted by a bright red light. The light was revealed to be a circular portal, from which Clockwork, Yang, and Blake stepped out. Alan stood up and looked on in surprise.]

Alan: What the hell? How did you-

Clockwork: Bootstrap paradox, mate. Don't think about it too much.

[The portal behind Clockwork closed and a new one opened near those in the present. He swiped his hand to the right, effectively forcing them through the portal.]

Clockwork: I'm not one for breaking promises. [turns to Yang] So let's go give them hell.

[A rustling noise was heard. The three looked up to see a mass of rose petals in front of them as they changed back into Ruby.]

Ruby: Guys, we saw some weird lights and heard some weird noises and- [gasps loudly, eyes widen] Clockwork?!

Clockwork: Made a comeback, baby. Not like Firefly, though.

Ruby: But, but, but, how-

Clockwork: Long timey wimey story, go get the others. I can find out what happened here.

[Ruby nodded then sped back off. After a few moments, everyone had gathered around Clockwork. The cog on his head lit up and spun around, causing everything to have a red tint as he speedily created holograms of the past until he got to Negative Atomix. He then played it, seeing the fight between them only to speed it up.]

Clockwork: Meh. Typical fight scene stuff. Not interesting.

[Clockwork stopped once he got to a point where Salem was down then let it play out. Negative Atomix had Salem surrounded in atomic energy and floating before him. Emerald and Neo approached.]

Emerald: What do we do now?

Negative Atomix: We bring her to Cinder. She and Mercury should have found the Vault of the Fall Maiden by now, and if not then it's nothing we can't help with.

Tyrian: NO!

[Everyone looked to see Tyrian and Arthur getting back up and closing in. Tyran had a dark mark on his torso where he was kicked by Heatblast, and Arthur held half of his face which was burnt badly.]

Arthur: That is not going to happen.


[Negative Atomix simply cocked his head to the side, constricting the two in atomic energy as well.]

Emerald: Now you'll have to answer to our lady.

Negative Atomix: No. Cinder will get Salem. But I will decide what happens to these two.

[Negative Atomix waved his hand, and the atomic energy surrounding the three was convered into metal casings for them. They floated close behind him as he turned to the other two.]

Negative Atomix: Back to Beacon we go.

[The temporal hologram dissipated, and Clockwork transformed into a disgruntled Alan.]

Velvet: What is it?

Alan: Part of me is ready to go kick some bad guy ass... The other part of me is miffed that cunt was able to subdue Salem and I... lost.

Winter: You can't let your emotions get in the way of something like this.

Alan: Speak for yourself, GLaDOS. That whole soldier mentality only goes so far before it becomes bullshit. I've had several fights where the final blow was powered by emotion and let me tell you, that Salem fight wasn't one of them.

Winter: If you don't control your emotions, they'll control you.

Alan: You're not wrong but you're not right. What you do is repressing emotions so you can follow orders. Controlling emotions and using them to help you fight is something different, especially if you're emotionally invested in a fight, and that might be why I lost. I wasn't emotionally invested in this fight, but now I am. Now, come on. We've got bad guys to kill.

[Alan started walking off but the others looked confused and concerned among one another.]

Sun: "Kill?"

[Alan stopped in his tracks.]

Alan: N-No, bad guys to fight.

Weiss: You just said kill.

Alan: No. I... I said fight. I'm sure of it. W-We're gonna fight them. Not kill. We're not bad guys, we don't do that. Fight, fight them good. No kill.

[Alan cleared his throat then snapped his fingers. Loud footsteps approached.]

Alan: Come on, girl. [to the others] Lead the way.

[GrimmZilla came forward and kneeled down, allowing Alan to climb up on her. Once he was on her head, she let out a loud roar. The heroes were then seen on the ship again as they boated away from the Crucible headed towards Vale. GrimmZilla swam alongside the boat with Alan on her head, many aqautic Grimm splashing up out of the water with calm dispositions given Alan's Semblance.]

Of Relics and Maidens

[GrimmZilla's loud footsteps were heard as she walked behind the group, the kingdom of Vale on the horizon. Qrow flew up from the trees and onto GrimmZilla's snout next to Alan then became human again, giving him a better scope of the kingdom. The kingdom seemed to be overrun with Grimm, with only a few huntsmen and huntresses fighting them off. He turned to the east, seeing the silhouette of Beacon in the distance.]

Qrow: I think it'll be better if we take the scenic route.

[Qrow changed back into a crow to fly down and relay this to the others.]

Alan: Scenic route? Huh. This really is RWBY, isn't it?

[GrimmZilla turned east to follow with the group. As they got closer, she knelt down to allow Alan off.]

Alan: Alright, girl. You stay here, and I'll call you if things go south. You're our secret weapon, girl.

[Alan patted her on the snout before running to catch up with the rest of the group. Coming out of the forest, they found themselves at Beacon, completely run down and barren, not even Grimm nearby. All but Alan and Oscar seemed uneasy, having not been to the academy since its destruction. Rather than uneasy, Alan was on edge, unsure of where their adversaries were.]

Jaune: Guys?

[Everyone turned to the blonde who was looking up at the tower. He pointed up to where his eyes were looking.]

Jaune: What happened to the wyvern Grimm?

[There was indeed a signifcant lack of a petrified, dragon Grimm. Their newfound concern was cut short by a sudden crash in front of them. When the smoke cleared, they saw the shiny golden figure of Negative Puncherbot before them.]

Alan: Fuck.

[Negative Puncherbot got up from the small crater he was in, walking forward. He noticed the Simplicitrix on Alan's wrist.]

Negative Puncherbot: Of course you'd go the extra mile to defy all odds just to get your power back.

Alan: What, you want me to let time be fucked up by not going along with it?

Negative Puncherbot: Doing something just because the universe makes you feel obligated to. You disappoint me.

Alan: I wasn't exactly looking for your approval.

[Alan hit the Simplicitrix. His body became covered in brown fur, with a pink, fleshy tail coming out of his lower back. Bony growths formed on his torso and hands, before a rodentoid skull formed over his face. His hair changed into a large conglomerate of pink spikes.]

Spiker: You guys go on ahead. I'll take care of Cunterbot over here.

[The others nodded then ran off past Negative Puncherbot.]

Spiker: Y'know, you really are a generic villain. You told me your plan and even got me wrapped up in it before it was a sure success, and you just let a bunch of heroes run passed you. A real villain isn't gonna make those mistakes.

[Rather than responding, Negative Puncherbot launched himself at Spiker, creating a small crater where Spiker jumped from to dodge the attack. Spiker jumped up and landed on Negative Puncherbot's back, wrapping and constricting his tail around his neck. When simply pulling the tail off did nothing, Negative Puncherbot charged up an electrical blast through his body that shocked Spiker and caused him to fall off. Negative Puncherbot turned and went to hit at him, only for Spiker to shoot spikes up at him, which effectively did nothing but bounce right off. Groaning, Spiker jumped to his feet and slashed at Negative Puncherbot, leaving small scratch marks on his chest. Negative Puncherbot simply looked at him before clanging his wrists together, sending Spiker flying back. Standing up, Spiker reached to his left shoulder, pressing the Simplicitrix.]

[Inside the teams were having their own troubles, as the entirety of the inside of Beacon appeared to be fixed, and filled with students.]

Sun: This.. Can't be real, right?

Blake: No, it isn't.

Ruby: It's Emerald and Neo.

[Just as Ruby said that, the illusion disappeared, once again showing Emerald and Neo using their semblances in tandem. Neo jumped towards the group, prompring a similar response from Yang. Yang readied her robotic arm, and Neo opened her umbrella. The two clashed and sent each other flying back. Emerald pulled out a pair of revolves, which she connected to each other with a long chain. The barrels of the guns then changed shape, having sickles protruding from them. She threw the weapon, attempting to wrap Blake up in it, only for the attacked Blake ti dissipate, revealing itself to be a shadow version of herself. The real Blake grabbed up Emerald's weapon and threw it back, also attempting to wrap up Emerald, though Emerald was able to easily catch it. Jaune went to enter the fight only to be kicked back by Mercury. Mercury continued kicking at Jaune, firing off bullets from his boots, causing Jaune to have to shield himself. During this fight, the others attempted to get around, only for the area to be surrounded in an assortment of swords made of the nearby minerals. Tyrian and Arthur entered the fight scene, the both of them having cyan eyes.]

Winter: Not too loyal, are they?

Mercury: They are, just took a bit of brainwashing from a crab.

Nora: That's annoying.

Mercury: Annoying? No.

Emerald: Pretentious?

Mercury: Yeah, that's more like it.

[Arthur brought up more stone swords and began slashing them at Winter, who pulled out her own sabers to fight back. Tyrian jumped behind Qrow who quickly pulled out his blade, combating against Tyrian's wrist blades and mechanical scorpion tail. Suddenly, crashing through the wall of beacon and through some of the swords was Alan, now in the form of a large beast made of red rock. Yellow-orange magma poured from his eyes and mouth, and he seemed to have a volcano growing from his back which housed the Simplicitrix. Negative Puncherbot slowly followed through the hole made by him. Lavalamp looked up and charged up a stream of lava which he shot at Negative Puncherbot, who swiftly dodged the attack. Lavalamp then heated up his hands and charged Negative Puncherbot, causing the latter to jump over him and kick him. He clanged his fists together again, knocking away Lavalamp before using a steam attack on him. Lavalamp groaned as he spun around, landing a hot punch into Negative Puncherbot's chest and flinging him back. Negative Puncherbot got up, seeing Lavalamp charging towards him. Readying his fist, Negative Puncherbot hit Lavalamp with a concussion punch right into his forehead, causing his head to crack, some lava pouring out. Weakily, Lavalamp chnaged into Four Arms to attempt to combat Negative Puncherbot's strength, which proved to be to no avail as the latter just knocked him the fuck away. A red flash consumed Four Arms as he changed into Lodestar, using his magnetism to throw Negative Puncherbot back out of the building before changing back, holding his head.]

Oscar: Are you alright over there?

Alan: I... think so. I'm not used to getting this tired while doing this.

[Alan, struggling, made his way out of Beacon to find where his brother went.]

Alan: Where'd you go you little shit?

Negative Way Big: "Little" isn't the word I'd use.

[Loud footsteps approached as Negative Way Big appeared.]

Alan: For fuck's sake, this song and dance again? [sighs] No, this time she join's the fight.

Negative Way Big: [cocks eye] "She?"

[Alan closed his eyes. Negative Way Big was thrown to the side as GrimmZilla bashed into him. She whacked him with her tail and roared at him. Negative Way Big put his wrists together and attempted to generate a cosmic beam, only for him to be interrupted by another tail whack, turning to see Mongilla coming in to bite his jugular. GrimmZilla went for his head fin, only for Negative Way Big to punch her away by hitting her throat. Mongilla scowled and growled at Negative Way Big before charging up his toxic beam and blasting it directly at his face. Before the two could fight more, the sound of a Grimm roaring was heard. Mongilla turned and saw the wyvern Grimm flying towards him. Mongilla simply charged up his toxic beam and blasted the wyvern, destroying it instantly, which was enough of a distraction for Negative Way Big to punch him to the ground.]

Negative Way Big: I'm not going to let you get in the way again.

[Negative Way Big stepped towards the tower.]

Negative Way Big: I'm going to make this quite simple for everyone.

[Negative Way Big pressed the Simplicitrix, and four spikes came out. He screamed out in pain as a wave of cyan energy went over his body. His color scheme changed from a yellow and white to a green and silver. Extra armor formed over most of his body. His elbow blades changed from one on each arm to three, and two horns grew from his head, one on either side of his fin. His hands glowed a vibrant cyan with a starry pattern flowing through them. He was far larger than both his original self and Mongilla.]

Negative Ultimate Way Big: You're not going to be here, unless I want you here.

[Negative Ultimate Way Big clapped his hands together. The entire area was filled with cyan cosmic energy as almost all of the RWBY heroes were thrown out of the academy, along with GrimmZilla and Mongilla being thrown away. After moving them a good distance, Negative Ultimate Way Big created a cosmic force field around the academy, transforming back as he scowled at the heroes before walking inside. Mongilla transformed back to Alan and rushed to the other heroes. Ruby rose-sped up to him.]

Ruby: We're missing three! Winter, Radiant, and Oscar!

[Alan turned back to the academy.]

Alan: He wanted them there, then.

[Alan sighed with grief, clenching his fists before looking back to GrimmZilla then to the teams then to Ruby.]

Alan: We need to get out of here. It isn't safe here.

[Ruby nodded and went to the groups to try to help gather them up. Alan went back to GrimmZilla and climbed up on her as she followed the group away from Beacon, and back into the forests away from Vale.]

[The group made their way to a clearing in the woods. GrimmZilla knelt down for Alan to get onto the ground. Weiss fell to her knees, tears coming out of her face as Ruby knelt down to comfort her. Alan stood away from the group once again. Sun turned to Qrow.]

Sun: What do Cinder and Richard want with those three?

Qrow: For one, each of them have a relic. If she finds the vault at Beacon, she'll have all four. Radiant and Winter are also Maidens... And there's only one way to get the power of a Maiden...

[Qrow turned to Weiss, whose eyes trembled when realizing the implication of Cinder killing Winter. There was a blinding red light as the heroes turned to see Alan had changed into Rath. He let out a loud roar of anger as he uprooted a tree and threw it, using it to knock down several more trees. The commotion caused a large, bird-like Grimm to fly into the sky and head towards them. Rath picked up a nearby boulder and proceeded to angrily yeet it at the Grimm, killing it instantly.]


[Rath threw his fist into the ground as Yang approached.]

Yang: Alan-


[Before he could continue, Rath found himself several feet from where he was, and laying on the ground. Groaning, he lifted his head to see what happened. Dust cleared away, showing Yang, breathing heavily in a stance one would have immediately after hitting someone. Her hair was alight and her eyes a vibrant red.]


[Rath groaned. He lifted his hand weakily, only for it to fall onto the Simplicitrix, transforming him back. Yang's hair and eyes returned to normal as her expression changed from anger to confusion. Alan walked forward, causing some of them to take a step back from him. He threw his arms up.]

Alan: What?!

[Suddenly, Alan followed suit, his own eyes widening. Slowly and reluctantly, his eyes shifted over to his right hand. While his arm was in the proper shape, it was still covered in Rath's yellow and white fur, with his metallic claw sticking out. His arm began shaking and his breathing increased.]

Velvet: I don't take it that's normal...?

Alan: N-No.... Not at alll.

[The Rath arm abruptly changed back to normal, but then his left arm burst into red flames and then became covered in black rock, changing into Heatblast's arm. Just as quickly as it showed up, it disappeared, only to be replaced with Stinkfly's wings coming out of his back, which then swiftly retracted.]

Alan: What the fu-

[Alan interrupted himself with the roar of Wildmutt as his teeth changed. His teeth transformed back but then the mace-ended tail of Humungousaur grew out of his lower back, making him fall to the ground. The tail shot back into him, knocking him forward as his lower body changed into that of Ripjaws. Alan's lower body then changed back, giving him a few minutes of respite and the chance to stand, before both of his lower arms changed again. They became rounder and were made of a blue metal, with his three-fingered hands being black. The blue metal had containers of water in them. The others watched on as his Overflow arms shot water onto the ground, forcing Alan into the air before changing back to normal. Fear came over Alan's face as he found himself falling to the ground. He fell onto his back, and then his arms fell to the ground, activating the Simplicitrix and transforming him.]

[Alan found himself in the form of a tall alien. This alien's body was made of a black, rubbery substance, and there was an area of red on his chest and torso. Silver bolts lined his arms and thighs, as well as a matching silver band showing up on his upper arm. He had a pair of antennae which ended in silver plugs, and a tail to match. He slowly opened his single eye, to reveal it glowing red with a cat-like iris in the center. This alien was Feedback.]

Coco: What was that about?

Feedback: If I had to guess? [groans while getting up] Probably a combination of me not getting up all the pieces of the Simplicitrix, and it being put together by someone who didn't really know what they were doing... And all the heavy fighting with Richard didn't help either, I imagine.

[Feedback went to touch the Simplicitrix, but hesitated. Instead, he closed his eye, and mentally transformed back without hitting it. Ruby focused her attention on him.]

Ruby: What's the plan?

Alan: What are you asking me for? The only thing I really know is fight the guy with my powers and that obviously doesn't work. You're one of the team leaders, aren't you? This is your call.

[Ruby nodded, then turned to Jaune, Coco, and Sun.]

Sun: I'll take my team back to keep an eye on Beacon, and let you know if anything happens.

Coco: You saw how dangerous that place can be, it's gonna take two teams just to be safe.

[Jaune looked over at Weiss.]

Jaune: We need to get Weiss somewhere safe where she can calm down.

Ruby: My dad lives over in Patch, that might be the best place for her since Vale is covered in Grimm.

[Ruby turned to Yang.]

Ruby: Yang. [sighs] This might be a lost cause but...

Yang: You've got to be kidding.

Ruby: We just lost the other two Maidens, and all the Relics. I don't know if you can convince her, but right now, Raven's our only shot. [looks at Alan] Or is at least our main one.

Yang: Even if I wanted to do that, she's all the way over in Mistral. It'd take us forever to get there.

Ruby: [looks down at the Simplicitrix] No, it won't.

Alan: Are you serious? You saw what just happened. This thing is starting to fuck with my human form now.

[Just as Alan said this, Diamondhead's spikes jutted out from his back, causing him to become annoyed.]

Ruby: You were doing fine while you were calm. If you can relax some, you should be fine.

Alan: [sighs, looks over at Ren] Care to give me a head start on that?

[Ren walked over and used his Semblance to calm Alan's emotions, causing the Diamondhead spikes to retract. Coming out of Ren's trance, Alan turned to Blake and Yang.]

Alan: So, are we flying? Cause if so, you're gonna have to tell me directions.

Yang: I was hopeing we'd use Bumblebee but I think we lost track of her back in Argus.

[Alan looked down at the Simplicitrix before hesitantly activating it and scrolling to Clockwork's hologram.]

Alan: You guys wait here. This might be a little overkill, but I'm gonna do some Quantum Leaping real quick.

Blake: Do you even know what you're looking for?

Alan: ...No.

Yang: The big crate in the back car of the train we were on. That has my motorcycle in it.

Alan: Got it. Be right back, then.

[Alan changed into Clockwork, then his entire body was consumed in a blinding, red light. When the light subsided, Clockwork found himself in the past, facing the RWBY heroes from when he first met them.]

Past Ruby: The planet you're on is Remnant.

[Despite being Clockwork now, none of the others seemed to realize Alan was different.]

Clockwork: Remnant. Right. Okay. Just... Give me a minute.

[Clockwork turned, using his past self's confusion as an excuse to gather himself. Getting his bearings straight, Clockwork then stopped time, allowing him to walk over to the back car of the train. He opened the side door of the car, and proceeded to pull the crate out, dragging it until he was standing where he was before stopping time. Time slowly started to speed up again as Clockwork and the crate were swallowed up by the red light again, subsiding as they returned to the present. Clockwork changed back to Alan before stumbling back.]

Nora: You alright, there?

Alan: Yeah, just... Altering your personal past twice in one day, even if minimal, isn't a thing you get used to.

Qrow: It looked like you just turned into Clockwork and started freaking out.

Alan: Oh, that was my past self. I used Clockwork to leap into my past self's place to get Bumblebee, meaning he had to go somewhere, logically he ended up here. Why he looked like Clockwork, I have no idea, but damn it's convenient. Anyway. [slaps crate] Bumblebee, motorcycle, I'm going Upgrade to make her faster, yeah? 

Yang: [opens the crate] Sounds about right. We'll be back in a bit.

[Alan turned to GrimmZilla.]

Alan: You go with CFVY and SSSN. And be good, play nice. Unless you see Richard. Then you can bite his cock off.

[GrimmZilla roared in response. Yang and Blake climbed up on Bumblebee just before Alan turned into Upgrade to merge with the bike. The three of them sped off away to find Raven while the others headed to Patch and Beacon.]

[In the depths of Beacon Academy, Negative Snare-Oh walked the corridors, using his bandages to bind and carry Oscar, Winter, and Radiant. When he reached his destination, he kept them bound but detached them from his body, throwing them at the feet of Cinder. She smiled at them then looked up at Negative Snare-Oh.]

Cinder: What of the others?

Negative Snare-Oh: Not here.

Cinder: Does that mean not dead?

[Negative Snare-Oh remained silent, knowing she wouldn't appreciate his answer. Her smile turned to a scowl]

Cinder: You were supposed to kill them!

[Negative Snare-Oh then used some of his binds on Cinder, keeping her from attacking him or utilizing any dust. His chest opened slightly, a cyan light showing through the bandages.]

Negative Snare-Oh: We are partners, Cinder. You are not my leader. We both decide how this goes. And if you want to back out on that arrangement now, then I will surely oblige... With me in control, of course.

[Seeing that Negative Snare-Oh was continuing to slowly open his chest, Cinder conceded and stopped struggling. Negative Snare-Oh retracted his bandages and closed his chest, changing back to his human self.]

Cinder: Why keep them alive, then?

Richard: I have my own plans that require both me and my brother to be alive. Should I have killed any of the others, I don't think he would've just let me go. [looks down at the three he took] I think I'm pushing the limit just by having these three. [looks back up at Cinder] How goes your end of the plan?

Cinder: Well, you're right on time, actually.

[Richard and Cinder turned to face a machine which had several screens in the center, with a human sized pod on either side. Large tubes were connected to the pods and hung against the wall. The pod on the left contained Salem, whose body was trapped in some alien material.]

Cinder: The machine needs a bit of a boost, if you catch my drift.

[Richard nodded and transformed into Negative Brainstorm. He began to work at the screens as Cinder entered the pod on the right.]


[The scene opened on a peaceful shoreline, the water calm as it met with the land just a bit before a thick forest. Suddenly, the peace was disturbed by something shooting up out of the water like a comet. As it landed, it was revealed to be Upgraded Bumblebee with a dome over the top that retracted, revealing Blake and Yang.]

Yang: You seem to know your way through that ocean.

Upgrade: Everything's faster the second time around.

[Coming to a clearing, the motorcycle slowed to a halt. Upgrade detached from it and was swarmed with red light as he became Alan again, following Blake and Yang's lead. Walking throught he clearing, they found themselves at a bandit campsite. There were several small wildfires going, obviously not for the same purpose as campfires, and the dead bodies of several bandits laying around. Water suddenly spilled over the fires, the two huntresses turning to see Alan as a rotund, blue, robotic alien with water canisters. Reverting to human, Alan shared in Yang and Blake's confusion.]

Alan: What the hell happened here?

Yang: There's no way Raven's here, she wouldn't have let this happen.

Alan: And you're sure this is her specific bandit camp?

[Blake looked down at a torn tapestry. It was blood red, and had a grey logo on it. The logo appeared like a large and small gear within a raven's wing.]

Blake: Yeah. This is definitely hers.

[The sound of ripping flesh could be heard from not so far away. As the three approached the sound, a streak of blood splattered across the ground from around a corner, and a thud was heard.]

Voice: You're absolutely right, Yang.

[Blake and Yang gasped, recognizing the voice, their hearts sinking and eyes filling with fear. From around the corner came a man weaing a black and grey leather tunic jacket and black pants. He also had a maroon belt that held a long sword and a black drape that had red floral designs. On the back of his jacket was a symbol that looked like a red, wilting rose. His hair was an auburn-red that was spiked backwards, and he had small, black horns sticking out of his hair. Covering his eyes was a white visor with red markings, and four small, dark holes that allowed him to see.]

Adam: Raven isn't here. I was really hoping to talk with her face to face, but I suppose killing her subordinates for betrayal of my associates back at Haven would be a good enough message to leave.

[Adam smiled when he saw the looks of Yang and Blake.]

Adam: Hello, Blake. Yang. [to Alan] Associate.

Alan: Who the fuck is this?

Blake: Adam.

Alan: That answers a lot.

Blake: Leader of the White Fang.

Adam: Former leader. You made sure of that, after all.

Blake: [ignoring Adam, answering Alan's unasked question] Faunus terrorists.

Alan: Ah, yes, terrorism, because the one, true way to remove negative connotation is to make the connotation even more negative. Very helpful.

Adam: What rock have you been living under to need an explanation of who the White Fang are?

Alan: A multiversal rock.

Adam: It's not so much removing our negative connotation but getting back at those that gave us it in the first place.

Alan: Like I said, very helpful.

[Quite reasonably, Adam was getting more infuriated the longer Alan talked.]

Adam: And what would you know, human?! I don't need some inferior trying to give me a moral pep talk!

Alan: Reverse racism is still racism. And trust me... You've never met a human like me.

Adam: I'd like to test that theory.

[Adam put his hand to his sword. Alan reached to his back and pulled out Raijin, spinning it around some and worrying Blake.]

Blake: Alan, this is the absolute worst time to be choosing the trident instead of an alien.

Alan: Come on. Bullhorns over here can't be that ba-

[Alan was suddenly cut off when he was hit in the chest by the hilt of Adam's sword. Alan stumbled back as Adam rushed to grab the sword, taking hold of it and slashing at Alan who just barely was able to block with Raijin. The two began attempting and failing at hitting the other, effectively just sparring as opposed to any actual damage being done. Breaking this cycle, Adam slashed his sword near the pronged end of Raijin, using it as a lever to pull it away from Alan.]

Adam: I've fought against hunters and huntresses, Grimm, and Atlesian soldiers and automatons.

[Adam kicked Alan's chest, knocking him to the ground.]

Adam: Either you're extremely out of practice, or you're nothing. You're proving even easier than Yang's arm.

[Angered by this comment, Yang attempted to rush Adam, who simply fired his sword hilt first towards her, knocking her back, almost hitting Blake who dodged with the use of her Semblance. Adam watched Yang tumble across the ground past Blake.]

Adam: You could have caught her.

Blake: She would rather me keep fighting you.

Yang: [from afar] That's true!

Adam: "Keep?" Blake, the only one of you that hasn't fought me yet... Is you. In fact...

[Adam slashed his sword at Blake, going right through her. Her body then dissipated into blake smoke and the scene panned around to show Blake standing away from him.]

Adam: ...You weren't even really there. Evasion. Your substitute for facing issues head on.

Blake: I don't have to prove anything to you!

[Adam coldly looked over at Yang.]

Adam: You know. You took what was mine back at Haven. [looks at Alan] Now, I'm going to take what's yours.

[Adam made his way towards Alan, unsheathing his sword as he did. Putting it out in front of him, he went to ram it through Alan, but found himself stopped prematurely, realizing the sword had instead gone through Blake's lower, right side as she stood there, looking at Adam defiantly but obviously in pain. Surprised to some extent, Adam simply pulled the blade from his incorrect target, causing her to fall to the ground, bleeding.]

Adam: There was a time you would have done that for me. [to Yang and Alan] She'll leave the both of you in time, too.

[Adam continued his way to Alan, who was staring over at Blake. Alan quickly grabbed Raijin and spun it around, attempting to knock Adam's feet out from under him. Adam, however, dodged this, jumping up and then kicking Alan's face, causing his glasses to shatter and the shards going into Alan's left eye. As Adam pulled his foot away, Alan put his hand up over his damaged eye, screaming in pain as blood trickled down his face.] 

Adam: Pathetic.

[Adam turned to the other two, only to turn back when hearing an odd noise where Alan was. Before he could even acknowlege what was going on, he found himself being yeeted away by the massive arm of Humungousaur, landing and rolling across the ground. Humungousaur looked down at his hand, seeing blood on his hand.]

Humungousaur: [voice shaking] Why? Why is it still hurting? I'm supposed to heal each time...

[Adam got back up, a look of surprise on his face.]

Adam: An interesting development.

Humungousaur: Shut the fuck up.

[Humungousaur went to tap the Simplicitrix, only for Adam's sword to go flying into his hand, causing him to scream out again.]

Humungousaur: FUCK!

[Before Humungousaur could do much of anything else, Adam rushed him, pulling the sword out then putting it back into the sheath before kicking off of Humungousaur to get some distance. Red light encompassed Humungousaur as he became Alan, his left hand covered in its own blood and the blood of his eye. Adam then rushed him again, pulling the sword from its sheath, attempting to slash Alan, only for it to come in contact with Raijin at the last second, catching Adam off guard. Alan didn't need to block him for long, however, as he was suddenly blown back by Yang blasting him with fire as she charged at him; Alan fell to the ground again. Struggling and in pain, Alan crawled over towards Blake.]

Alan: Come on, Blake. We- [coughs] We gotta kick his ass.

[Alan lightly tapped the Simplicitrix. His skin turned to a scaley brown as large black spikes shot up out of his back.]

Ouroborosaurus: Perfect.

[Ouroborosaurus put his hand down to Blake's wound where it was staining her outfit. Though it pained him to lose some energy, he managed to heal up the wound and get her back up.]

Ouroborosaurus: Go help Yang, I'll join you in a minute.

[Blake nodded as Ouroborosaurus stayed on the ground, attempting to build up more energy to heal himself. Yang was throwing fiery hot punches at Adam, though each one was successfully blocked by his halfway-sheathed sword. Adam was caught off guard by a black rope wrapping around the sheath of the sword, pulling the gun half of the weapon away which landing at Blake's feet as she retracted Gambol Shroud. Adam looked past her to see Ouroborosaurus.]

Adam: This one's just full of surprises.

[Adam charged Blake, who dodged with her Semblance. Unfortunately, this is exactly what Adam was counting on, as it gave him a perfect opportunity to strike Ouroborosaurus, though he stopped just as he reached him.]

Adam: What is this?

Ouroborosaurus: Pacifying aura. Keeps things safe near me so I can build up energy for healing.

[Ouroborosaurus showed that his left hand and left eye had healed in the small amount of time he was out of the fight.]

Ouroborosaurus: And... It makes prey easier to catch.

[Ouroborosaurus slashed at Adam, knocking him to the ground. He then stepped on Adam's back to step over him, some bones audibly breaking, before becoming his human self again.]

Alan: Told you guys. Not that tough. I didn't even really need to fi-

[Alan was suddenly interrupted, Blake and Yang gasping, and looking on in shock and horror. Adam's sword was going through Alan's forehead. Adam then swiftly pulled the sword back out and spun around, slicing off Alan's head, causing his body to collapse while his head flew off to the side.]

Adam: Try to heal when you can't turn into one of your reptiles!

[Adam turned to the two huntresses, noticing Yang's robotic arm shaking.]

Adam: And no prosthetic will help, either.

[Hearing this set off Yang, whose hair lit up and eyes turned red. With Yang running at Adam, fully ablaze, he attempted to block her, but her punch finally shattered his sword and landed on him, knocking him away.]

Yang: You've caused so much pain and suffering for so many people who didn't even deserve it!

Blake: You say it's all for the better of the Faunus, but it's just making things worse! It just fills your bloodlust, and it ends here!

Adam: You talk of me hurting others, but do you have any idea how much you've hurt me, Blake?

[Blake stood her ground and seemed unphased by this comment.]

Blake: I haven't hurt you at all, because you never cared to begin with.

[Uno Reverse Card style, Adam was the one hurt this go around.]

Adam: If that's what you choose to believe...

[Adam rushed Blake and Yang before jumping over them. Landing on the other side, he grabbed up the gun-sheath of his gun and turned back to them. Just as Adam was about to clash with the two, he was thrown to the side. He looked back, and saw Alan standing back up, head reattached to his body.]

Alan: We ain't done, bitch.

[Groaning, Adam aimed his gun-sheath at Alan, firing off several bullets into him. The bullet wounds all healed relatively quickly.]

Alan: Not sure if I like that.

[Alan then summoned blue fireballs in each hand.]

Alan: But I do like that!

[Alan threw the fire at Adam, who swiftly dodged only to get caught up in a water blast that sent him back. Alan then shot at Adam at high speeds before running around him, creating a vortex that lifted him into the air. When the vortex stopped, Adam began falling. Alan ran at Adam, kicking at his face, knocking off his mask as he flew back. Beneath his mask a scar in the form of "SDC." His left eye was heavily damaged by the scar, being primarily red. His normal eye was blue. As Alan slowly went to continue his assault on Adam, a raven flew into the scene.]

[In a mass of feathers, the raven became human. As a human, she appeared like Yang, though had black hair and red eyes. She wore a shallow cut, black and red dress with black shorts beneath it. She wore long black gloves that had red armor on them, as well as black, mid-thigh high leggings, and heels. On her belt was a mass of what appeared to be either feathers or fur, as well as her sheathed sword. She looked to Yang in a cold but confused state.]

Raven: Yang?

[Before much of any conversing could be done, they were interrupted by the loud sound of Alan using sonic screams on Adam. Alan then looked up to see Raven.]

Alan: You must be Raven. Alan.

Raven: ...Charmed.

Alan: Likewise.

[Alan then stretched his hair down low to dig into the ground. A few moments later, Alan came bursting out of the ground from underneath Adam, grabbing him as he was propelled into the air by red energy coming out of a blue and cyan jetpack that looked like wings. Once high into the air, Alan let go, letting Adam seem weightless for a moment before he was thrown into the ground by force. When Adam hit the ground, he created a small crater, and a red mesh pattern flashed over his body, indicating his Aura had run out. Slamming into the ground nearby was a large, magenta ball of armor, which then retracted to show Alan in a cannonball position just before he stood up. He once again started for Adam.]

Yang: Alan, I think that's enough.

[Alan didn't really give a shit what Yang thought in that moment, continuing for the terrorist.]

Blake: Alan, you can stop now!

[Still giving absolute zero fucks by the time he reached the fucker, Alan kicked at Adam's body on the ground.]

Alan: Get up. Come on. Get up, you fuck.

[Alan reached down and picked up Adam, then violently threw him against a tree. A loud snap was heard as Adam's head flung back and hit the tree.]

Alan: I said GET UP! FIGHT BACK!

[To ensure Adam didn't move, Alan put his hand out and shot a Diamondhead crystal, sticking him to the tree. Despite how obvious it was Adam didn't react to this, Alan didn't seem to notice whatsoever, and he activated super speed again, transforming both of his arms into Rath arms as he did. Letting out one of Rath's roars as he came to a stop, Alan began to violently slash his claws into Adam's flesh before plunging one hand into his stomach and the other into his chest.]

Alan: [mocking Adam's earlier comment] Pathetic.

Blake/Yang: ALAN!

[Finally, Alan snapped out of his blind rage. Alan looked down and watched as he returned to normal, his once Appoplexian arms becoming human while still covered in Adam's blood. His eyes widened and quivered, realizing what he had done.]

Jessica (voice): I really don't like how calm you are at the idea of killing him.

Alexis (voice): And what are you? Aren't you supposed to be the hero?

Jessica (voice): I thought I knew you.

[The voices of Alan's friends echoed in his mind before he was snapped out of it again.]

Blake: Alan!

[Alan shook before looking at the other three. Blake and Yang were both concerned for his mental well-being as well as absolutely mortified by the absolute murder that just happened. Raven, however, was not nearly as moritifed or concerned.]

Yang: Alan...? Are you alright now?

[Yang went to put a hand on Alan's shoulder, but he sped off, leaving a trail of dust behind him, only increasing their concern. Raven looked around, seeing the corpses of her subordinates.]

Raven: I take it this was, Adam.

Yang: [angered, turning to face Raven] That's what you're concerned with?!

Raven: You have your loyalties, and I have mine. As I recall, they don't particularly align.

Blake: They did once.

Yang: Back when you wanted to help.

Raven: I did help. But Ozpin refused to accept what came of my help. So much so, he refused to tell anyone that Salem is unkillable.

Yang: How do you know about that?

Raven: Yang, who do you think told Ozpin to ask Jinn the most obvious question? I needed to know what I was up against, and when I found out it was futile, I left. No reason to waste time and energy on such a pointless mission.

Blake: ...You may want to reconsider that.

Raven: And why exactly would I do that?

Blake: Because now you're the only chance this world has.

[Raven's stern expression remained despite how fucking heavy a sentence like that should be.]

Raven: I don't have any obligation to do anything. I don't owe this world a damn thing.

Yang: That's not true! You have that responsibility as the Spring Maiden!

Raven: Is that so? In that case, why don't you take the power from me and thus the responsibility?

Yang: Because I'm not you.

[Raven's expression finally softened, realizing how much disapproval Yang had for her.]

Yang: I don't want to ask for your help, but with the other Maidens either taken or evil, and Alan god knows where, I don't have much of a choice. And neither do you.

[Raven pondered for a moment then sighed.]

[The scene was the living room of a large cabin. The room had an ovular carpet, a green couch, and a large TV. The stairway to the upper level could be seen from the room. Qrow, Nora, and Ruby currently sat on the couch of the room. Footsteps were heard coming down the steps as Weiss, Ren, and Jaune came down in sort of an Aura conga line, Jaune using his Semblance to amplify Ren's as he used his to calm Weiss. Ruby stood up, taking Weiss by the hands as the other two stopped their Semblances.]

Ruby: How are you feeling?

Weiss: As good as I can be, I guess. It doesn't last long when Ren stops, but Jaune helps it stay a bit longer than it would with just Ren.

Ruby: We'll save her. And everyone else. I promise.

[Weiss put on a small smile as she hugged Ruby. A strange, tinny, whirring sound was heard. There was a bright flash of red outside the house. Running out, they saw a black and red portal closing, with Yang and Blake on Bumblebee, and Raven right behind them. Another man walked out of the house. He was blonde with blue eyes, having about as much stubble as Qrow. He wore a brown vest over a tan, short sleeve dress shirt, a red bandana around his left arm, brown cargo pants, and black shoes. The right sleeve of the shirt was torn off and replaced with a metal shoulder pad, and he had a bracer and fingerless glove, which were matching brown in color, on his right arm and hand. He seemed surprise at the sight of Raven, who subdued her emotion about the situation.]

Raven: Hello, Taiyang.

Taiyang: Raven...

[After a moment of silence, the tension was finally broken.]

Qrow: This is awkward.

[Blake and Yang dismounted Bumblebee, the sight of Blake's outfit being stained in blood catching the others off guard.]

Ruby: What happened out there?!

Weiss: And where's Alan?

[Blake and Yang shared worried glances.]

Blake: We... ran into a bit of trouble.

Final Battle

[A sonic boom was heard as a streak of light came to a halt after approaching Beacon, revealing it to be Alan, looking around confused. His hands were no longer covered in Adam's blood, though there was some subtle staining of it on the cuffs of his outfit.]

Alan: Why did he take the force field down?

[Alan looked up at the top of the tower, seeing an intense storm striking cyan lightning down at it. The clouds were changing between different but equally deep hues.]

Alan: That's ominous.

[A hand was placed on Alan's shoulder and he spun around, ready to attack, but then lowered his guard when he saw it was Sun.]

Sun: Alan, what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be with Blake and Yang?

[Alan suddenly got flashbacks to the sight of Adam's blood on his arms. He stumbled back from Sun a few steps.]

Sun: Alan?

[Alan simply turned and zoomed away from Sun, heading towards the tower. Sun pulled out his scroll (a sort of high tech phone, I have no idea if I described this in any previous part), calling Ruby.]

Sun: Ruby! I've got sight of Alan! ...Sort of. He's at Beacon, you bring your guys, and I'll get my team and CVFY ready!

[Sun hung up and ran back to join the two teams. Using his speed, Alan sped his way up the side of the tower of Beacon, jumping up and landing on the ruins at the top. Mercury, Neo, and Emerald turned back to him, surprised to see him. Richard stayed looking as well, as well as who appeared to be Salem.]

Alan: So, what, did Salem kill Cinder and make you all join her side?

[Alan's tone changed when the figure turned around. Rather than Salem, the figure was Cinder, who had taken the Grimm-like aesthetic that Salem had on her.]

Alan: Nope, don't like that.

Cinder: Kill him.

Richard: Cinder, I already told you I-

Cinder: You're not the one with power now, are you? I have the most power here, so that means you listen to me. If you don't, then your plans will be even more stillborn than just losing him.

[Richard hesitated then turned to Alan, though he didn't make eye contact.]

Richard: For once in my life... I really don't mean for it to be this way.

[Alan somehow became even more confused, reasonably so, as Richard moved his hand to his Simplicitrix. His entire body seemed to disintegrate, becoming an amorphous, green blob. He grew in size, nearly the size of Humungousaur. Large globs grew from his back, as well as a glob in the form of a tail coming from his lower back. Darker green blobs appeared in his hands and head, the latter of which gained two cyan eyes. The Negative Simplicitrix flashed onto his head.]

Negative Acid Reflex: Just make this easy.

Alan: Why in the actual ass would I do that?

Negative Acid Reflex: [sighing] Defiant as always.

[Negative Acid Reflex stretched out his arms, changing his hands into clubs as he slammed them against Alan. At first, he appeared surprised that Alan had not immediately transformed, that is, until he suddenly pulled his arms back, yelling in pain. The clubs had been singed by Alan, who was generating Heatblast's fire all around his body.]

Negative Acid Reflex: What are you doing?

Alan: Not making it easy.

[Negative Acid Reflex's body was consumed with cyan light as he changed into Negative Water Hazard, who proceeded to shoot blasts of water at Alan. Alan then dodged the attacks before spitting out a red substance, which hit Negative Water Hazard and prevented him from using his attacks.]

Alan: Seem famiilar?

[Alan then shot out an icy beam from his mouth that froze Negative Water Hazard solid. Alan went to head for the other villains, only for the ice to be melted by Richard switching to Negative Heatblast. Negative Heatblast went to throw a punch at Alan, only for the latter to catch it, unphased by the heat of the fire. Alan then landed a punch to Negative Heatblast's gut, sending him flying back. Switching gears, Richard switched to Negative Arctiguana and froze Alan with an ice blast, seemingly getting back at him, only for Alan to phase out of the ice with intangibility. Visibly annoyed, the Polar Manzardill switched over to the Ekoplektoid form. Negative Alanomany ran at Alan, which lead to the latter kicking him away. This hit, and the subsequent rolling, caused Negative Alanomany to split into denser duplications, the weight of which caused part of the top of the tower to crumble beneath the clones, sending them tumbling down into the building. Alan turned his attention to the other villains.]

Alan: Let's get this over with.

[Alan reached around and pulled out Raijin, spinning it around and collecting water from the atmosphere which he used to knock down Cinder's underlings. Angered, Mercury got back up and rushed Alan, attempting to kick at him only for his kicks to be blocked by Raijin. Alan then pushed Mercury back and pointed the pronged end of Raijin at him, causing Mercury to smirk.]

Mercury: You won't do it.

[Mercury taunted Alan by pressing himself against the prongs of Raijin.]

Mercury: After all, heroes don't kill.

[Alan's grip on Raijin tightened.]

Alan: You're right. They don't.

[Mercury chuckled, thinking he got into Alan's head. This was quite short lived, however, as a fleshy sound was heard just before blood trickled out of Mercury's mouth. Emerald and Neo were caught off guard by the sight of Alan having plunged the prongs of Raijin into Mercury's torso.]

Alan: But I'm. Not. A hero.

[Alan pulled Raijin away, Mercury falling to the ground and stumbling away from Alan.]

Alan: Though I can be merciful.

[Alan pressed the button on the far end of Raijin, causing the spiked ends of its prongs to pen up as the head began spinning, firing off several bullets into Mercury, putting him out of his misery before Alan stopped.]

Alan: ...Sometimes.

[Alan looked up, seeing Emerald in quite a bit of stress from this event. She looked back at Alan, angered, though before she could do much of anything, she suddenly was met with a Diamondhead crystal in the forehead before collapsing.]

Alan: How's that for an emerald?

[Alan then turned, though didn't see the final of the three.]

Alan: Oh for fuck's sake.

[Alan felt a tapping on his shoulder. Believing it to be Neo or Richard, he spun around, Rath claw ready before he stopped, retracting his claw and becoming troubled when he saw Alexis standing behind him.]

Alan: I... I... I think you underestimated how much I want to fight her, sometimes.

[Alexis seemed surprised as Alan charged up his arms with red electricity before punching at her, though each throw was swiftly dodged. Annoyed, Alan simply shot the electricity at her, creating a cloud of smoke. A silhouette jumped from the smoke to behind Alan. He turned to fight but became even more off guard when he saw Jessica there. Taking advantage of this, Jessica punched him, knocking him to the ground before looking down at him smugly. Groaning, Alan closed his eyes, and Wildmutt's gills appeared on his neck. Using the Vulpimancer's sense of smell, Alan was unable to detect the smell of Jessica or Alexis, making it easier for him to jump up and grab "Jessica" by the neck before holding her over the edge of the tower. His eyes opened, showing a vibrant green. Struggling, "Jessica's" body was covered in pink fractals before it changed, revealing her to be Neo.]

Alan: How in the FUCK do you know about them?!

[A wooshing sound was heard behind Alan as Negative Jetray flew up from within the tower and landed behind him.]

Negative Jetray: That would be my doing. I had hoped her illusion powers would render you powerless against your own friends, but I see that hasn't worked.

[Alan sighed and took his glassed off, putting them in his jacket pocket before turning back to Neo. Thanos-Gamora style, he threw her off the edge. Initially, she activated her umbrella, allowing for a safe landing, but this was cut short when she was blown up by a radioactive green blast from Alan's eyes. A cyan flash was seen behind Alan, who turned to face Richard, only to be met with the fist of Negative Four Arms as he punched Alan off the tower as well.]

[Teams CFVY and SSSN, as well as GrimmZilla, were making their way towards Beacon. One of Velvet's ears twitched as she looked up.]

Velvet: Is that Alan?

[The others turned to Velvet before following her gaze. Indeed, it was Alan, falling from the sky just before hitting the ground and rolling, leaving a trail of blood and many of his bones breaking. The teams winced at the sight.]

Coco: I think "was" is more applicable.

Alan: [vocie gurgling blood] I heard that.

[Without actually transforming into Goop, Alan's entire body changed to be like his, using this to shapeshift back to normal and fix his wounds before removing the Goop aspect of his body.]

Sun: What happened up there?

Alan: Cinder took Salem's power. RIchard's still up there with her. I um... [coughs] took care of her lackeys.

Velvet: What exactly do you mean "took care of?"

[A green light shown from above as Neo's umbrella slowly came down with a green fire on it. The others turned back to Alan, obviously disapprovingly, with Alan not making eye contact.]

Sun: Seriously?!

Alan: They had it coming.

Neptune: Dude, what is your problem?!

Alan: ...I don't even know how to begin answering that question.

[Suddenly, a familiar whirring noise was heard. The group turned to see one of Raven's portals open behind them. Revving was heard and Bumblebee with Bmblb drove out, followed by Ruby speeding out and Weiss sliding on her Glyphs, and Ren and Nora following as well.]

Neptune: How did you guys do that?

Ruby: Raven's Semblance plus Jaune's aura amping. They went with Qrow and my dad to go get more backup just in case we need it.

Blake: Alan?

[Alan looked up, seeing the two he ran off from earlier, mainly eyeing Blake as she got closer. Before he could turn to Yang, he found himself face-to-robot-fist with her as she punched him away.]

Yang: Asshole! You can't just run off from us like that! We were worried!

Alan: ...Sorry.

[As Alan struggled to his feet, the lot of them heard soft footsteps approaching. Looking towards Beacon, they saw a young woman coming towards them, stumbling a bit and visibly confused. She had blonde hair, pale skin, and blue-green eyes. She wore a white dress with several blue details. Seeing she was struggling, Sun clasped his hands together, generating two yellow, hard-light clones of himself to run over and help her, disappearing after bringing her cloesr to the group.]

Ruby: Are you okay?

Woman: I... I think so... Ruby...

Ruby: [reasonably confused] You know me?

Woman: Yes, I... I believe I know all of you.

[The woman panned her eyes around the group before getting to Alan, her eyes going down to the Simplicitrix.]

Woman: It's... It's back...

[Alan looked down at the Simplicitrix as well.]

Weiss: What do you mean, "it's back?"

Woman: The watch... He has it again. Even after I... After it was-

Alan: [flatly] Destroyed.

[Alan and the woman locked eyes. The woman's soft expression changed to fear when she saw Alan's eyes fill with rage and hate.]

Alan: I know how she knows about us. And about this. [lifts up right arm to show Simplicitrix] That's... Salem.

[Everyone looked surprised before taking a step back from her.]

Salem: No, I- Well, yes, but-

Alan: Cinder taking your power just turned you back to what you were before. It didn't kill you like I imagine she intended.

[Way Big's light blue armor constructs from his elbows and wrists formed onto Alan's arms as he crossed them at the wrist in an X-formation.]

Alan: I guess I'll have to oblige.

Yang: Alan, no!

[Alan prepared to let out a cosmic beam, but it didn't work. Nothing happened. Alan looked at his wrists confused as he continued trying to fire the beam.]

Alan: Why isn't it working?

[Seemingly against his will, Alan's arms pulled away from each other as he tried to get them back in place. Realization washed over him.]

Alan: Oh. Oh, no. You have to let me do it. You have to let me get rid of her.

[Regaining control of his arms, Alan attempted to land a punch on Salem, only for his fist to come back around and punch him in the face instead, knocking him to the ground.]


[Alan got back up and went for Salem again, but stopped, once again against his will. His anger acculminated in tears running down his face.]

Alan: Please... I need to do this...

[Everyone was caught off guard by Alan screaming, his arms losing their Way Big bits as he held his head.]


[Continuing his screams, Alan's typically white and brown eyes became a vibrant purple with small, black pupils. Black markings formed around his eyes and his screaming dissipated, replaced with the calm demeanor but confused voice of Pride.]

Pride: What in the hell happened while I was out?

Ruby: Pride?

Pride: The one and only. [sees Salem] Oh. You're the one who caused all this trouble, huh? I recognize you from Ozpin's memories.

Weiss: What happened to Alan?

Pride: That's what I'd like to know. One minute, I'm in the endless labyrinth that is Alan's mind, the next, I'm waking up from a dormant sleep I don't recall getting into myself. Oh, and not to mention Alan utilizing alien powers without transforming.

Yang: Salem destroyed the Simplicitrix.

[Pride, reasonably, pulled up the wrist which housed the Simplicitrix.]

Pride: What the fuck is this then?

Blake: We got it rebuilt but... Not exactly right.

[The fingers on Pride's right hand changed to look like Chromastone's before changing back.]

Pride: ...I see. [turns to Salem] So why aren't you spooky anymore?

Salem: Richard augmented Oz's machine. Instead of transferring Maiden power, it transferred mine. Of course, my curse kept me from being killed in the process. When Cinder and Richard, along with their three, left, Arthur and Tryian let me go while keeping an eye on the others.

Weiss: [eyes light up] So the others are alive?

Salem :...The two women are.

[This resulted in a mix of shocked and disheartened reactions.]

Ruby: O-Oscar's...?

Salem: Cinder deemed Oz the one threat against her now. Disposing of him means he would have to regenerate again and that... takes time.

[With the others becoming sorrowful over the loss of Oscar, Pride looked up at the top of the tower.]

Pride: We need to put an end to this.

Neptune: Alan just tried that and it didn't work out well.

Pride: I'm sure Alan and I are really the only ones who can impact that part of the fight in any meaningful way.

[Pride gasped suddenly, taking a few steps away before looking at Salem.]

Pride: You need to go. He's on his way back and I can only hold him off for so long.

Salem: But he won'tbe able to kill me.

Pride: No, but he'll be too distracted trying to. He has a different fight to win. You're in the way.

[Salem looked around before making a run for it. Before she could make too much progress, she was cut off by Ruby.]

Ruby: Don't go too far. When this is all finished, you still have to answer for everything you've done.

[For once, a look of guilt appeared over Salem's face as Ruby shot back to the others, then she continued on her way. Pride doubled over as Alan came back, though the two began flipping between who had control.]


Pride: Gone.


Pride: She will.


Pride: You really think you'll be able to kill her?

Alan: I HAVE TO!

Pride: If you truly believe that, it's no wonder Jessica's going to leave.

[With that, Pride reliquished control, leaving Alan to process this statement before falling to his knees, holding the sides of his head as he began crying. The whirring of Raven's portals was heard again. The heroes looked back and up to see many large portals opening up and Atlas airships flying out of them. A smaller portal opened and Penny flew out of it and landed near Ruby. Inside the main ship, Jaune was seen amplifying Raven's aura, alongside Ironwood, Qrow, and Taiyang.]

Ironwood: Sorry we're late. Had to make a quick pitstop.

[The scene panned over to show Rosanna next to Ironwood. She put her hand on his shoulder and clicked her heals, teleporting the two of them down to the ground level. Raven opened a portal near them and walked out with the other three. One ship opened up and Clover Ebi jumped out of it and landed, followed by the other four members of the Ace Ops. Another ship opened and Team FNKI jumped out. Alan finally calmed down long enough to stand up and realize how many people were around to help.]

Ironwood: [looking up at the storm] What's the situation?

Alan: Fucked, I think would be the most fitting answer.

[Screeching was heard from behind them. Everyone turned to see Grimm running out of the forest towards them. The turned again and saw more swarming Beacon as well. Several of the Huntsmen and Huntresses pulled out their weapons and began firing at the oncoming creatures, along with Penny flying up to combat those in the air. Velvet looked down at the Simplicitrix. She pulled out her camera and snapped a picture of the watch. Alan and Coco looked at her, the latter in confusion and the second in curiosity.]

Coco: That's what you're gonna use it on?

Velvet: Seems fitting enough.

Alan: Use what on?

Coco: [smirking] You'll see.

[Velvet returned the camera to her back and began walking towards the creatures of Grimm. She put her arm out and her camera generated a hard light copy of the Simplicitrix, causing Alan to cock an eyebrow. With bear and wolf-like Grimm nearing, Velvet hit her Simplicitrix, and a hard light copy of Four Arms generated around her, the Simplicitrix symbol forming on her chest rather than the Four Arms. She put out her arms then brought them together to create a sonic clap that vaporized the Grimm. She looked up and saw a giant, raven-like Grimm approaching. Hitting her Simplicitrix, Velvet's Four Arms changed into Lodestar. She brought a bunch of nearby scrap metal together and launched it at the creature, impaling it from all sides and angles, killing it.]

Alan: ...I wasn't expecting competition.

[Velvet's Lodestar shifted to Fasttrack as she ran back over.]

Velvet: I can see why you enjoy this so much.

Alan: [rolls eyes] We need to get in there and save the other two.

Weiss: No, we need to. You need to go back up to the top and stop Cinder and Richard.

Alan: But what if you guys need me down there?

Weiss: You don't have to be involved with everything, you know. Enough of us will be able to fight Watts and Tyrian. But you're the only one that can handle them.

[Weiss motioned up to the top of the tower. Alan sighed and nodded.]

Alan: See you on the other side, ice queen.

Weiss: Right back at you, wall breaker.

[Alan smirked before turning to Beacon's tower. He brought his hands up then hit his fists together in front of his chest, lighting up red fire around them. His hair then became alight with the same power, his eyes glowing red before flying up into the air towards the top of the tower. Most everyone awkwardly turned to Yang. Noticing this, she gave a sly shrug and smirk.]

Yang: He learned from the best.

[Teams RWBY and JNR, along with Qrow, Taiyang, and Raven, headed for inside Beacon. Alan reached the side of the tower, creating an icy plaform up the side before using it to slide upwards to the top, propelling himself upward in a mass of blue petals. The petals disappeared as he overshot the top just a bit. Richard turned, sighing when he saw his brother. Without being told, Richard became Negative Diamondhead and shot a crystal at Alan, only for him to become a shadowy mist to let it pass through him. Alan shot himself at Negative Diamondhead with Jetray's speed, taking him off the tower and into the air. Struggling to escape his grip, Negative Diamondhead switched to Negative Cannonbolt and thwacking Alan in the head, causing the two of them to start falling, Negative Cannonbolt switching to his sphere form before they both crashed into one of the buildings.]

[The crash into the building seemed to activate some sound equipment, as this song started playing. Alan slowly healed what wounds he got in the crash before standing, instinctively nodding his head to the music. He turned to see Negative Cannonbolt coming out of the smoke and rubble in his Ultimate form, having tan skin and yellow-gold spiked armor.]

Alan: You wanna dance? Let's dance!

[Negative Ultimate Cannonbolt scowled before entering sphere form and launching himself at Alan, who effortlessly dodged. NU Cannonbolt reversed to try hitting Alan again, who used Lodestar to lift him off the ground and spin him around like a basketball before tossing him away. Alan spun around, doing dances while evading NU Cannonbolt's attempts to hit him.]

Alan: This is how you do a dance off to save the universe.

[Alan was so caught up in the dancing that he didn't realize there was a cyan flash of light. A green gas filled the room and Alan finally took notice by sniffing. Confused, he turned to see Negative Swampfire generating methane before snapping his fingers. The entire building exploded, Negative Big Chill flying out to escape it. Alan, using Cannonbolt's sphere form to protect him, was shot out of the building by the explosion, only to be caught in mid-air. Alan retracted the shell and saw he was caught by Velvet's Jetray.]

Alan: Thanks for the save.

[The two of them heard blasting and turned to see Penny fighting Grimm. A lightbulb appeared above Alan's head.]

Alan: Take me to Penny!

[Velvet nodded and sped over to her. Penny turned to see them just as they arrived.]

Alan: Hey, Penny. How's about an Upgrade?

[Penny looked at Alan confused as he transformed into Upgrade. He jumped from Velvet and merged with Penny. Her attire was replaced with what could be described as an Upgrade jumpsuit. Her hair became energy as a helmet formed over her head and a transparent red mask formed in front of her face. The Simplicitrix took the place of the power button on her necktie. Penny grinned as she felt her power rise.]

Penny: Now this is combat ready!

[Velvet turned to see Grimm almost overwhelming some of the Huntsmen/Huntresses and Atlesian Soldiers. She sped towards them while changing from Jetray to Rabbiture, firing off a portal beneath the Grimm and then one onto a building near Pennygrade, causing the Grimm to fall out towards them. Pennygrade put out their arms and fired off large lasers that killed the beasts.]

Upgrade: Let's go fuck up some baddies!

[Pennygrade nodded and flew towards Beacon's tower while Velvet switched to NRG to kill more Grimm. Negative Big Chill was seen reaching the top of the tower, only to be blasted from behind and falling to Cinder's feet before transforming back. turning to see Pennygrade. Pennygrade concentrated, and a compartment on their back opened up with several energy blades growing out of it. The blades fired off beams of energy that destroyed the top of the tower. A Grimm flew by and almost hit Pennygrade, causing them to speedily dodge out of the way but without having disabled the lasers yet, causing more of the tower to be destroyed before retracting the weapon.]

Upgrade: ...Were our friends out of there yet?

Penny: ...I don't think so.

[Worried, Pennygrade shot towards the tower of the school.]

[Qrow was seen using his sword to block Tyrian's attempt at slashing him with his tail while Yang used her fire to combat Arthur's swords. Ruby used her Semblance to get Radiant, Winter, and Oscar out of Negative Snare-Oh's binds.]

Weiss: Are you okay?

Winter: Just had my pride knocked back into place for not being able to get us out... Or save your friend.

Ruby: Where are the Relics?

Radiant: Cinder didn't seem to realize that the Relics would give her the true power she desired. She destroyed them.

Raven: Well, we have three Maidens now. And if your friend with the watch is still capable, that's four trump cards even without the Relics.

[A loud explosion was heard from up above the group. Tyrian began to laugh, starting out low and slow, gradually becoming hysterical and loud.]

Tyrian: She may not be our Lady, but it seems Cinder is doing some serious damage up there, regardless!

Arthur: Hush your mouth, fool! That little harlot threw away everything when she coerced with the boy with the cyan watch. She betrayed everything we worked for!

[Crumbling was heard as pieces of the ceiling began falling. Everyone then turned to face down the corridor after the sound of a sonic boom, a bright red light rapidly approaching them. Stopping above them, it was revealed to be Pennygrade, as their hands stretched out to hold the ceiling in place.]

Penny: Go, now!

[The heroes nodded and headed on their way out. Arthur and Tyrian attempted to follow, but were grabbed and thrown back into the room by two Upgrade tendrils.]

Penny: What are you doing?! They're going to die if we just leave!

Alan: They're villains, what's the point in keeping them alive?

[Penny was angered by this, and sent an electric pulse through her body, causing Upgrade to scream in pain as he detached from her and fell to the ground, becoming Alan again while he looked up at her. She was generating energy to keep the ceiling up.]

Penny: I'm not going to just let people die if I can help it! Evil or good!

[Alan let out a loud, exasperated groan. He stretched his arms up and placed them under the ceiling.]

Alan: Fine, you go then. [to Arthur and Tyrian] And you two go before I change my mind!

[Arthur and Tyrian wasted no time getting out, though they did struggle some from their earlier fighting. Penny went to fly out but turned back to Alan.]

Penny: Are you going to be okay?

Alan: [confidently] Yeah, I'll be fine!

[Penny nodded and continued her way out, chasing down Arthur and Tyrian.]

Alan: [no more confidence] ...I think.

[Penny caught up to Salem's lackeys and knocked them to the ground. She then turned back when she heard a loud crumbling noise, seeing the entire room where Alan was had caved in, causing her to gasp.]

Arthur: The fool actually went and sacrificed himself.

Tyrian: [while laughing hysterically] Oh, and I'm the crazy one!

Arthur: You are.

[Penny put energy cuffs around their wrists as she stood above them.]

Penny: And now, you're under arrest!

Tyrian: [mockingly] Aw, she got us.

Arthur: [annoyed] Please shut up.

[Up above the surface, there was a cyan flash in the sky just before something crashed into the ground. The smoke cleared, revealing it to be Negative Puncherbot, landing on his right foot, left knee, and left fist. Hearing a noise behind him, he turned to see Cinder having landed safely behind him.]

Cinder: [annoyed] I gave you a very simple command.

Negative Puncherbot: Obviously you've not beeing paying attention, otherise you'd know it isn't that simple. Even if it was-

Cinder: Oh, yes, it'd be interfering with your plans. Oh, wait, that's right. They aren't even yours. It doesn't matter which plan you go with, it's not yours either way.

Negative Puncherbot: ...No. They aren't my plans. But between you and the Sin Aliens... I still get a choice in which one I follow.

Cinder: In that case.... What do you choose? [puts a finger up to cut Negative Puncherbot off before he can answer] Choose carefully.

[Negative Puncherbot remained silent for a moment before getting into a fighting stance. Cinder sighed.]

Cinder: You're a fool. It's true that you and your brother are quite powerful. But the true power is mine.

Negative Puncherbot: Then let's see you shut your goddamn mouth and use it.

[Cinder screamed in rage, a red fiery light showing from her eyes as she charged Negative Puncherbot. Negative Puncherbot landed a successful uppercut to her, sending her flying into the air. He put his fists to the ground and used their compression power to launch himself up after her, landing several more punches to her before grabbing her and throwing her back down to the ground. Looking back up, Cinder saw that Negative Puncherbot was falling after her, and she put her hand out. A loud cawing sounded, and Negative Puncherbot turned to see a large, bird-like Grimm fly at him and eat him. The Grimm was then burned from the inside out by a bright blue flame just befor Negative Heatblast shot himself at Cinder. When he landed, there was a large, fiery explosion, catching the attention of many Grimm, hunters/huntresses, and soldiers. Groaning and in the midst of a feiry forest carnage, Cinder got up to see Richard had switched to Negative Rath.]

Cinder: The one you go for is the one that puts anger over strategy?

Negative Rath: AS IF YOU'RE ONE TO TALK!

[Cinder covered her eyes to block them from a bright cyan light, scowling when she looked to see he had become Negative Ultimate Rath.]


[Negative Ultimate Rath dug his right hand's claws into the ground, throwing a chunk of dirt into Cinder's face before using his other hand to thrash at her, knocking her into a tree.]

Negative Ultimate Rath: TWO! YOU'RE A FAILURE! YOU FAILED AT BEACON! [kicks Cinder] YOU FAILED AT HAVEN! [bashes her face] AND YOU'RE FAILING NOW!

[Negative Ultimate Rath went to land another punch, only for Cinder to grab it and fly up into the air with him. Despite this, he kept yelling at her.]


Cinder: SHUT UP!

[Cinder attempted to throw Negative Ultimate Rath, but he grabbed her head and slung her down to the ground, following close after and landing a few feet away.]


[In pain, Cinder looked up to see Richard assumed his human form again.]

Richard: ...There was no us.

[Cinder's face dropped as her pain became both physical and emotional.]

Richard: Anything I said to you before this venture to your world was me using you as a catalyst to get what I want. When it became clear you had no intention of letting me have what I want, my own destiny forged outside of the universe's plans for me... Well. I suppose that just solidified how little I feel for you.

Cinder: But we... We were...

Richard: Nothing more than business partners, I'm afraid. Besides, an Incubus can tell when their partner is sterile.

[Cinder screamed in distress and went to charge Richard, but the two were distracted by the sound of digging and drilling, turning to see Alan, who had dug himself out from under Beacon with the use of an Armodrillo arm. Cinder's look changed from anger to an evil smirk. She waved her hand, and a Grimm vine appeared out of the ground, swatting Richard away. Alan watched Richard tumble, confused, but primarily distracted from the vine that slowly wrapped around his neck before qucikly constricting. Gasping for air, Alan fell to his knees. One arm changed to Humungousaur while the other to Rath, attempting to pull the vine from his neck. Two more arms came out of his body, one Armodrillo and the other Kickin Hawk, in an attempt to break the vine, which proved to be of no avail. Cinder's smile widened as she saw the white of Alan's eyes go red with blood. The bones in Alan's neck snapped from the vine just before it let go, causing him to collapse.]

Cinder: What was that about it not bring so simple?

[Cinder turned to Richard, confused when she saw he wasn't where she had swatted him to, angering her. She was suddenly blasted away by a powerful water attack, followed by Negative Overflow approaching Alan on his extra spider crab legs.]

Negative Overflow: If you're dead, I'm going to kill you.

[Negative Overflow became Richard and kneeled down, placing his fingers to Alan's neck, not feeling a pulse.]

Richard: No. No, no. There's no way that killed you.

[The longer RIchard felt no pulse, the more panic set in. His breath quickened and his eyes quivered.]

Richard: You can't be dead...

[RIchard was caught off guard by the mass of purple and black tentacles abruptly wrapping around his neck in an attempt to choke him while lifting him into the air. Richard saw the tentacles were protruding from Alan's chest, just before his body was covered in the pale purple Econurite skin of Pride.]

Pride: He's not in right now. But I could take a message for you.

[Richard's eyes filled with realization.]

Richard: [gasping for air] P-Pride?

Pride: You know me?

Richard: G-Gluttony...

[Pride dropped Richard and stared him down.]

Pride: So. [retracts tentacles] You're the one.

Richard: [groaning while getting up] Unfortunately.

Pride: Why risk your life coming here, then? That wasn't part of the plan.

Richard: I wanted something more than just what the universe had planned. When I first came in contact with Cinder's faction, the deal was I would be able to forge my own path in this universe, alongside the plans in our universe, so long as I helped her. And to ensure her end of the bargain was held up, I... may have sweet talked her with talks of intimacy, including a few nights of it being physical.

Pride: Absolutely disgusting.

Richard: Many things in life come from disgusting necessities.

Cinder: WHAT?!

[Pride and Richard turned to see Cinder had approached them again, a fiery orange light shining from her anger-filled eyes.]

Richard: Surely you knew? All the escapades you told me about, you failed. Your only victory was gaining the power of the Fall Maiden. All this? [motions around to the Grimm invasion surrounding them] This only happened because of me. This is my victory. In no reality would I associate myself in such a way with such a royal failure unless I knew I could manipulate the siutation to my advantage.

[Screaming in rage, Cinder attempted to slash at Richard, only for her arm to be caught by one of Pride's tentacles.]

Pride: Sorry. The grown ups are talking.

[Pride wrapped more of his tentacles around Cinder and made the two of them intangible before dragging her down through the ground before emerging a few moments later, looking at Richard.]

Richard: ...There's no way around what's coming, is there?

Pride: I'm afraid not. How much did Gluttony know, aside from me?

Richard: He knew I had already obtained Envy and Lust, and had me heal a dying Greed. He also said he had the slight scent of Wrath, but nothing on Sloth.

Pride: [nods] Ectonurite, Splixson, Gastulence, Citrakayah, Gourmand.

Richard: How did you-

Pride: To some extent, all of us have some idea of what's to come. For me, it's knowing where it's going to happen, and what species are involved. From what you've said, it seems Gluttony's thing is being able to sniff out the individuals of the species.

Richard: So you know what species Wrath and Sloth are?

Pride: Indeed.

[Pride tapped the Simplicitrix, causing the holograms of Rath and Cannonbolt to appear.]

Pride: Appoplexian and Arburian Pelarota. The first one should've been quite obvious, given what Alan calls that transformation.

Richard: [staring at the holograms as they fade away] I really, truly... do not want to be involved in this.

Pride: No one ever does. Not last time, not the next.

Richard: [looking back at Pride] What exactly does that mean? This has happened before?

[Pride went to answer, but grunted as he doubled over.]

Pride: ...The other guy's coming back. [groans] When you find them... I'll find you.

[Pride's head split open to reveal Alan's, just before he let out a sonic scream, which seemed to be comrpised of flames, blasting Richard away. With the rest of Pride retracting into his body, Alan headed for Richard, but stopped when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Turning around, he saw that Cinder had come out from under the ground, seemingly unharmed.]

Cinder: That's quite a lot of power you've got. I think I'll be taking that.

[Cinder smirked, and Alan just looked back at her, causing the smirk to disappear. She pulled him closer.]

Cinder: You don't... I almost killed you but... I have all this power and yet... Why? Why don't you fear me?!

[Alan cracked his neck.]

Alan: You want power? Fine. Take it.

[Alan grabbed her arm and yanked it off of him before plunging its claws into him, much to Cinder's surprise. Suddenly, he started to switch between alien forms. Heatblast, Golem-Eye, Whampire, Swampfire, Blitzwulf, Wildvine, Snare-Oh, Upgrade, Chromastone, Mad Hatter, Ouroborosaurus. A humanoid, donkey-like alien. Astrodactyl. A human-like alien with dark pits for eyes and large wings. Humungousaur. NRG. Alanomany. Blamurai. As Alan switched between forms, it began to overwhelm Cinder as he forced her to absorb the energy of his transformations. Gutrot. Fasttrack. Mole-Stache. Terraspin. A robotic alien with flames coming from its head. A humanoid alien that had tendrils for fingers and all around its head. Finally, Alan transformed into a dark, rotund mass, with red mechanisms for arms and legs, and a tiny head that sported two eyes. This alien's contact with Cinder's arm caused a massive explosion. Alan was fine, but Cinder was thrown back, the left half of her body singed, and the remaining half clinging onto life. Alan transformed back and walked towards Cinder, her remaining eye filled with fear.]

Alan: Power means nothing if you can't use it properly. That's what separates us, Cinder. Your old boss used the powers you have now to destroy my watch. You? You didn't do shit. Look what I did to you, with your powers compounded with Salem's. That's why I don't fear you, but you fear me.

[Some of the locks of Alan's hair changed into Feedback's antennae before plugging into what was left of Cinder.]

Alan: Let's get rid of this.

[Alan began absorbing the power of both Cinder and the Fall Maiden from Cinder, screaming in agony as he did. His arms then changed into Feedback's as well before shooting off the energy into the air from his fingers, causing it to explode and dissipate. When the power stopped flowing, Alan changed back to his non-Conductoid self, seeing Cinder's life fade from her eyes. Most of the Grimm commanded by Cinder disappeared into dust, even without being killed by anyone, and any that didn't ran away, confusing those fighting them. Alan breathed heavily, but then had his attention caught by the sound of slow clapping behind him. Turning around, Alan saw Richard behind him, smiling and clapping.]

RIchard: Genuinely, well done. I think you've done everyone a favor with that. Now then, how's abou-

[Richard cut off, a cyan mesh pattern flashing over him and blood starting to trickle out of his mouth. Looking down, his eyes shook in fear, seeing Blamurai's sword going through his chest. It was then violently pulled out, sent back to Alan all Mjolnir style. Richard collapsed to his knees, holding his wound. He looked at his Simplicitrix and went to activate it, only for Alan to grab him by the wrist and lift him him.]

Alan: It's your turn.

[Alan clenched his fist, and the familiar sound of metal breaking followed. Richard's eyes widened when Alan opened his fist, realizing his Simplicitrix was destroyed, the pieces falling to the ground. Alan then kicked Richard in his stab wound, causing the latter to fall over, blood pouring onto the ground.]

Alan: I would say it's not personal. That I'm just doing this because the Agent said it was a fixed point. But I'd be lying.

[Alan made his way away, slow and stumbling. He managed to get to the center walkway towards Beacon, where Ruby turned to see him.]

Ruby: ALAN!

[Alan looked up to see the energetic girl approach him with her Semblance, followed by the other three members of her team.]

Blake: Are you alright?

Yang: What happened?

[Alan stared at them, blank and silent.]

Weiss: ...Alan?

Alan: ...It's done. They're gone. I can rest now.

[Having used all the energy in his fight with Cinder and Richard, Alan collapsed from exhaustion.]

Going Home

[Warm sunlight shown through a window into a bedroom, shining on Alan's face as he lay in the bed. He slowly opened his eyes, just before closing them again when he saw the sun was beaming right into them. Groaning, Alan rolled out of the bed before looking around to get his bearings straight. On a nearby dresser, he saw his jacket folded and laying there, along with a picture of a younger Ruby and Yang. Continuing to glance across the room, he saw Raijin leaning against the wall in the corner. Alan heard chattering from outisde. Walking to the window, he looked out and down, seeing Teams RWBY and JNR, along with Qrow and Taiyang, the lot of them sitting at a picnic table and eating.]

Alan: This really couldn't have just all been a dream, huh?

[Alan threw his jacket on and strapped Raijin to his back. As he headed to the door, he noticed his cowboy boots on the floor near it, and slipped them on before heading out. A few moments later, Alan stepped out the front door and onto the porch. Ruby noticed him and sped over to him.]

Ruby: You're finally awake!

Alan: Not all of us are as fast as you. How long was I out?

Ruby: About a day, give or take a few hours.

Alan: That explains why I'm fucking starving, then.

[Alan walked over and joined the others at the table, grabbing a sandwich and wolfing it down. Yang laughed.]

Yang: Is that the appetite of you, or one of your aliens?

Alan: God, I fucking hope it's me. This is not an appetite I want on a regular basis.

[Alan finished up the sandwich and grabbed another, feasting on it with the same voracity. As he did, a vehicle pulled up, and out of it stepped Coco, Velvet, Sun, and Neptune.]

Coco: Good to see the Savior of Remnant is up an at it again.

[Everyone turned to Alan who looked around before relizing.]

Alan: OH. Me. Right. Yeah. Let's not call me that.

Coco: I was being facetious. Most of the Grimm-fighting work was done by the rest of us anyway.

Alan: Yeah, well, half of them died when I got rid of the Salem power.

Weiss: Hey, now, it's not a competetion.

Alan: No, but if it was, I won.

Coco: In your dreams, watch boy.

Alan: Speaking of Grimm, where is-

[Yang pointed across the way. Alan turned and sighed with relief when he saw GrimmZilla snoozing away beside the garage.]

Alan: Thank god. I was worried she was one of the ones who got Thanos snapped.

Ruby: What snapped?

[Alan simply lifted his right hand and snapped his fingers to display what he meant. Red electricity suddenly appeared around the Simplicitrix, and ir broke apart again, falling off his wrist and onto the table. Reasonably, the others became worried.]

Blake: That's... Not good, is it?

[Alan pondered for a minute. He stood and turned, before running around the house at super speed before stopping back at the picnic table.]

Ruby: You still have your powers?

Weiss: Does that mean you don't have to rebuild the watch again?

[Just as Alan was about to answer, his left arm changed into a mass of green, spotted tentacles. Groaning, Alan concentrated and reverted his arm back to normal.]

Alan: Nope. Gotta rebuild it.

Yang: Will you be able to do that without Pyrrha?

Alan: Given I have the powers of my aliens now, I should be... Do you guys have any sort of materials I could work with?

Ruby: Are you kidding? I built Crescent Rose and Yang built Bumblebee, everything you'd probably need is in the garage.

Alan: [muttering] That's not the only Bumblebee she built.

[Alan sped over to the garage and opened it before looking through all the available materials. He then ran back to the picnic table with a bunch of scrap metal, screws, and some spray paint. Using Lodestar's magnetism, in tandem with Brainstorm's intelligence and a bit of Upgrade's technopathy, Alan took apart, rearranged, and rebuilt the materials before him into a gauntlet around his right hand and wrist, the wrist portion seemingly having a handle-like creation on its outer side. He then used the spray paint to paint it primarily black with some extra red details. Finally, Alan placed in the remaining piece: the Simplicitrix's core. Doing this sent a red energy wave through his body, the core spinning around and cycling through several holograms before adjusting and calming down.]

Nora: ...Did it work?

[Alan looked down at the newly built Simplicitrix. He then lifted his left arm.]

Alan: Chromastone! [nothing] Whampire! [nothing] Mad Hatter! [nothing] Mongilla!

[Still, nothing happened. Alan then clenched his right hand inside the gauntlet, and the Simplicitrix's core glowed.]

Alan: Blamurai!

[Alan's left arm then changed into that of Blamurai's, and reverted to his human arm when his right hand opened back up.]

Alan: Indeed, it did work. [turns to Velvet] Hey, you wanna update that picture so you're not using a broken copy?

Velvet: Sure!

[Velvet hopped up, no rabbit pun intended, and snapped a picture of the new Simplicitrix. Alan turned to the others.]

Alan: So what happened to Salem?

Qrow: She didn't get far before being apprehended by the military. She's gonna be spending quite some time in a cell in Atlas. Same goes for Watts and Tyrian.

Alan: [nods] I would've preferred something a bit different but... that's not my place to decide. But, then again, neither is what I'm about to do.

Weiss: What does that mean?

[Alan turned and shot a red light ouf his left hand. The light hit the wall and became a large, red oval.]

Alan: I'll be right back.

[Alan sped around the table and off into the distance through the woods. A few moments later, the oval opened up and Alan stepped out of it.]

Alan: Jaune, Nora, Ren. Come with.

[Confused the three of them followed Alan through the portal, and found themsleves at the top of Beacon Academy.]

Ren: I thought the tower was destroyed during the battle?

Alan: It was. I just used a bit of Clockwork to restore it, and quickly check that this was the right place.

Nora: Right place for what?

Jaune: Yeah, why'd you bring us here?

Alan: Well, the truth is... [lifts right hand to show Simplicitrix gauntlet] I am Iron Man.

[Alan snapped his fingers, causing a blinding light. Alan stepped out of the portal.]

Alan: Ladies and gentelmen, boys and girls, Faunus of all ages, I present to you the complete, reunited... Team JNPR!

[The others gasped as they saw Jaune, Nora, and Ren coming through the portal, followed by a revived Pyrrha Nikos.]

Pyrrha: Hello, again!

[Most of the others seemed to swarm the team, elated to see Pyrrha back, Alan stepping to the side to avoid the rabble.]

Alan: [muttering to himself] Oh, sure, swarm her, it's not like I brought her back or anything.

[Yang embraced Pyrrha for a moment.]

Yang: Thanks, again, for rebuilding the Simplicitrix.

Pyrrha: ...Doing what?

Alan: Oh, yeah, timey wimey stuff, she doesn't remember helping us. Time has a way of making things work... Sometimes.

Pyrrha: [looking at Alan, puzzled] ...Do I know you?

Alan: Depends on your definition of "know." I'm Alan.

[Alan put out his hand which Pyrrha then took in her own.]

Pyrrha: Plea-

[Pyrrha was cut off almost as soon as she shook hands with Alan, her memory returning from having fixed the Simplicitrix.]

Pyrrha: I... I think I- [looks down at the Simplicitrix, becomes extremely confused] I certainly don't remember building it like that.

Alan: Yeah... kinda had to improvize after it broke... Again.

Pyrrha; You broke it a second time?

Alan: Not on purpose!

Ruby: [to Alan] How'd you do it?

Alan: I have an alien who can manipulate souls. [creates a Snare-Oh bandage from his back that reaches over and grabs a sandwich] But it, evidently, takes a bit more out of me than the regular transformations. I don't intend on doing it all that often. Not sure your gods would be too happy about it anyway, but whatever.

[Finishing the sandwich, Alan spawned Blamurai's sword in his hand and then blasted it with one of Clockwork's time rays from his other hand, creating a portal back home. He took a deep breath before looking back at the others.]

Alan: So. Uh. Yeah. I should. Be... Going now.

Weiss: You can't seriously be using that as a goodbye.

Alan: What, do you want me to duplicate myself and hug all of you?

[Weiss cocked an eyebrow and Alan stared back at her for a moment.]

Alan: ...FINE.

[Alan clenched his fist and duplicated himself to properly say bye to the others as the original self hugged Weiss.]

Alan: By no means does this make Ice Wall canon.

Weiss: What?

Alan: Nothing, nothing.

[Alan's duplicates jumped back into the original.]

Yang: Maybe we'll see you again at some point?

Blake: Hopefully not something world ending, next time.

Alan: Yeah, no, that's typically how things like this happen.

Ruby: Is everything gonna go okay with your friends?

Alan: ...Yeah. No. I don't know. Maybe. [takes a deep breath] Okay. Here I go. Going now. Just gonna... Hop on through. Head back home. Go and talk to m- HEY!

[In the midst of his stalling, Alan found himself being flung up by one of Weiss' glyphs as she waved at him before throwing him through the portal.]

[A portal opened up right down the road from Alan's house as he fell out, yelling as he landed. The portal closed and he stood up, looking at his house as his anxiety rose. He gulped before slowly walking towards the house. He reached for the doorknob which started turning, causing him to freeze. The door opened and his four friends stepped out, Mason and Devin wearing their ID masks. They were talking a lot about nothing in particular as they headed for the car and drove off. The scene panned over to the side of the house, where Alan appeared out of nowhere. He sighed and sped off from the house.]

Major Events

  • The RWBY characters make their debut.
  • It is revealed that Richard had been communicating with the villains in the RWBY universe for quite some time.
  • The Simplicitrix is temporarily destroyed, but suffers permanent damage even after being repaired.
  • Richard and Pride meet.
  • Alan obtains Raijin, a bō staff that has the ability to become whip-like and emit electrical pulses, as well as split up into two wrist-mounted guns.
  • Alan kills Cinder Fall, Salem, and Professor Ozpin. It is presumed he has killed Richard as well.

Simplicitrix Debuts

  • Swampfire
  • Golem-Eye
  • Goop
  • Squidstrictor
  • Mossquito
  • Spitter
  • Kickin Hawk
  • Mossquito
  • Wildvine
  • Armodrillo
  • Mongilla
  • Feedback
  • Jack Assassin
  • Astrodactyl
  • ReDoubt
  • Igknight
  • Anenemy
  • Antidisintegratematerialism

Ultimate Debuts

  • Ultimate Heatblast
  • Ultimate Cannonbolt

Credits Scene 1

[Alan was seen wearing his old outfit, standing in a hotel room with Team RWBY. He brought his right hand to his left wrist as he slid Yang's Ember Celica gauntlet on. He lifted his arm, bending it at the elbow before moving his forearm down then up, causing the gauntlet to extend, the top opening up to reveal empty chambers where Dust bullets would otherwise be.]

Yang: Well?

Alan: I'm more used to slappy-wrist-weapons.

[Alan made the gauntlet retract before taking it off. He then grabbed Weiss' Myrtenaster, holding it elegantly in his hand. He then lifted it on the hilt by two fingers, admiring how it stayed on his hand.]

Alan: Perfectly balanced, as all things should be... It's kind of... Mesmerizing.

Weiss: [smug attitude] Just like its owner.

Alan: [nods] Just as unnerving, too.

Weiss: [smug attitude disappears] Hey!

[Alan shrugged and sat Myrtenaster down before picking up Blake's Gambol Shroud and looking at it quite confused.]

Alan: It's... a sword.

Blake: Take the sheath off.

Alan: [takes off the sheath, still confused] It's... Two swords. And a gun.

[Blake nodded. A loading icon appeared on Alan's forehead as he was somehow unable to comprehend what Gambol Shroud wa supposed to be. Shaking his head and putting Gambol Shroud back, he turned to Ruby's Crescent Rose, which was in its compacted form. Alan shrugged and went to pick it up, only for him to realize how heavy it was.]

Alan: What the fu-

[Alan continued pulling at the weapon, having no success in picking it up, much to the delight of the girls.]

Ruby: Come on, if I can pick it up and swing it around like it's nothing, surely you can.

Alan: HEY! ...Shut up.

[Alan continued in vain at lifting the weapon. Suddenly, he touched the part of the weapon that unlocked it, unintentionally sending it into scythe mode.]

Alan: Oh, fu-

[Alan was cut off by the scythe popping up and falling on him, knocking him to the floor, causing the huntresses to laugh even more.]

Alan: ...Fuck all of you. Honestly.



  • Alan Nomaly
  • Pride
  • Ruby Rose
  • Weiss Schnee
  • Blake Belladonna
  • Yang Xiao Long
  • Qrow Branwen
  • Jaune Arc
  • Nora Valkyrie
  • Lie Ren
  • Oscar Pine
  • Professor Ozpin


  • Richard Nomaly (presumed death)
  • Salem (death)
  • Cinder Fall (death)
  • Neo Politan
  • Hazel Rainart
  • Tyrian Callows
  • Arthur Watts
  • Emerald Sustrai
  • Mercury Black


  • Envy (flashback; cameo)
  • Professor Emina (flashback; cameo)
  • Pyrrha Nikos (past)

Credits Scene 2

[The scene opened back up on the heroes on the stolen jet to Atlas. Qrow was flying with Oscar riding shotgun. The rest of the heroes were in the back, except for Alan. The scene then panned up, showing Alan, as Spidermonkey, standing on the top of the ship, the wind blowing in his face, pushing his lips back to reveal his teeth and gums.]

[The scene changed to most everyone sleeping on the plane, save for Ren piloting with Nora in the passenger seat. Alan was in the floor, as a transformation known as Wolfaestus, a tan, wolf-like alien wearing two-tone brown armor., curled up asleep Blake, dozing off, leaned against Yang. With her legs crossed, one unintentionally slipped down, the boot on her foot landing on Wolfaestus' tail, causing him to roar out in pain, waking everyone up. He looked around embarrassed and then resituated himself, curling his tail in.]

[Next up, Alan was piloting, with a sleeping Jaune shotgun. Looking back, Alan noticed everyone asleep. He nonchalantly turned the wheel of the ship, and started flying upside down. Everyone was strapped in and their arms hanging down. It wasn't long before Weiss' eyes slowly opened, and she screamed loudly at the sight, waking everyone up, and causing Alan to look back in surprise.]

[Snickering and quietly laughing, Nora, Jaune, and Ren watched a sleeping Alan slap himself, a product of Pride controlling his sleeping body. Suddenly, the Ectonurite-controlled arm reached next to Alan, where Yang was. The three Team JNPR members went from laughing to shock and fear.]

Yang: [slowly waking up] What the...

[Punching and yelling was heard as the scene cut to a horizon view of the ocean below. Alan was seen falling towards the water.]


Aliens Used

Present Day

By Alan

  • ChamAlien (2x)
    • Ultimate ChamAlien
  • Big Chill
  • Echo-Echo
    • Ultimate Echo-Echo
  • Jury Rigg
  • Fasttrack (2x, second time cameo)
  • Swampfire (2x, debut, second time cameo)
  • AmpFibian
  • Golem-Eye (2x, debut, second time cameo)
  • Upgrade (2x, second time cameo)
  • Clockwork
  • Brainstorm
  • Intimachi
  • Chromastone (2x, second time cameo)
  • Rath
  • Feedback (unintentional debut)
  • Ghostfreak
  • Heatblast (2x, second time cameo)
    • Ultimate Heatblast (debut)
  • Whampire (cameo)
  • Mad Hatter (cameo)
  • Ouroborosaurus (cameo)
  • Jack Assassin (debut, cameo)
  • Astrodactyl (debut, cameo)
  • ReDoubt (debut, cameo)
  • Humungousaur (cameo)
  • NRG (cameo)
  • Alanomany (cameo)
  • Blamurai (cameo)
  • Antidisintegratematerialism (debut, cameo)
Powers Only
  • Rath (2x, first time unintentional)
  • Heatblast (unintentional)
  • Stinkfly (unintentional)
  • Wildmutt (unintentional)
  • Humungousaur (unintentional)
  • Ripjaws (unintentional)
  • Overflow (unintentional)
  • Astrodactyl
  • Clockwork
  • Snare-Oh
  • Helheim
  • Lodestar
  • Fasttrack

By Richard

  • Negative Wildmutt
    • Negative Ultimate WIldmutt
  • Negative Ouroborosaurus
  • Negative Intimachi
  • Negative Alanomany
  • Negative Cannonbolt
    • Negative Ultimate Cannonbolt


By Alan

  • Cannonbolt
  • Water Hazard
  • Blamurai (unintentional transformation)
  • Wildvine (debut)
  • Jetray
  • Chromastone
  • Mongilla (debut)
  • Ripjaws (unintentional transformation)

By Richard

  • Negative Ditto
  • Negative Goop (debut)
  • Negative Squidstrictor (debut)
  • Negative Heatblast
  • Negative Mossquito (debut)
  • Negative Spitter (debut)
  • Negative Kickin Hawk (debut)
  • Negative Clockwork
  • Negative Armodrillo (debut)
  • Negative Upgrade
  • Negative Way Big

Credits Scene 3

[The scene opened up in a neighborhood in the middle of the night, looking at a small, pale blue, quaint house. Inside, there were many religious decorations, such as crosses and pictures of religious figures. A clattering was heard in an upstairs room, with sounds of struggle being heard. The family who owned the house, sans the father, ran down the stairs. The mother looked towards the front door, but ran in the opposite direction, towards the closer backdoor. Suddenly, the ceiling above them caved in, and an odd creature's figure was seen within the smoke. The mother took the two children and ran in the other direction, and went into the basement. The father, carrying a shotgun, then ran down to the level where the creature was, and shot at it, causing it to flee. He then practically jumped down the entire flight of stairs to the basement, closing and locking the door, meeting up with his family there.]

Father: Is everyone here? Everyone okay?

[The kids were noticeably unharmed, physically, but were also obviously frightened.]

Mother: Aside from a few scares, yes.

[The father sat down with them, holding his son close.]

Father: We'll be okay. By God's grace... we'll be okay.

[A loud knock on the basement door, startling the family, and causing the children to whimper. The creature's demonic voice was heard.]

Creature: ⛥ L̴̺͊̍̌̍̕e̴̫͕̳͊͠ṯ̴̯͛́̃̍.̴͈͎̲̽̕ͅ.̴̯̿̀.̵͓̬̯͉̋̉́̕͠ ̵͉̩̊͌̒́̚m̶̺̈́͘e̶̻̘̅̊̾.̴̞̬͎̬̈͐̾.̶̩̰̦̘̺̋̒̌͆.̵̡̭̟̯͒̏ ̸̨̯͖̻̣̕ỉ̵̛̲̻̺̦̤̃̃n̵̼̋.̸̢͖͚̐͐

[The father held onto his child in one arm, and used his other hand to clench the cross necklace around his neck. He spoke loudly as the banging continued.]

Father: Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name...

[The creature managed to bust open the door, knocking it off its hinges and down into the basement. The family could only see its shadow.]

Father: Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven...

[The creature sluggishly came down the stairs, sniffing for the family as he did.]

Father: Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors...

[The creature instantly turned to face the family as soon as this was said. The creature looked like a large snake with four oddly shaped legs, each having two large claw-like toes. The top half of its body was tan, while the bottom was dark brown. On either side of its face, it sported two red eyes that were perfectly circular and glowed as it approached them in the dark. The camera panned down, showing the glowing red hourglass of the Simplicitrix on his chest.]

Father: And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil!

[As the father finished, the creature reached its front right foot up, and put it's claw on his mouth, as to shush him.]

Creature: ̶̼͔̪̼̟͆͘.̴̩͕̞́̀͝.̷̛͉̙̜̾́͋̆.̷̦͚̣͌͒̌͜T̸̗̲͛̉̓͒͜h̵͕͊̉̉̂̒a̵̘̘̋̂̅͆̔t̸̯̬̃̈ ̸͓̽̎̿͝w̴̫̪̤͝o̴̳̎͛̈͆n̶͙͉̩̹͂̐̾̽̚ͅ'̵̡͉̼̱̓̊̊̿͊t̵̻́̾̎̋͘͜ ̶͎̩̮̉̆ͅb̴̬͌͠ę̴̦̺́̎ ̶̡̳̦̹̿̎͑͝é̸̟̬n̸͉̯̙͖̜̋̓̈́ȍ̸̝̤͇̮̆û̶͔̐g̵̩̮̙̲̔̅͑͘͠h̷͙̪̳̼̐̔̕̚͜.̴̝͔̉́̐́̂ ⛧

[Everything went dark as the family's high pitched screams were heard, just barely covering the sounds of the creature eating away at the father's flesh.]

Allusions & Easter Eggs

  • Alan refers to Weiss as Marilyn Monroe when telling her the wind is blowing her skirt up as a reference to a famous picture of Monroe in which her skirt is blown upwards.
  • Ultimate Echo-Echo makes reference to Avengers: Infinity War when he snaps his fingers on his right hand to blast a Grimm into dust, following his statement of "You should have gone for the head." It doesn't help that he's purple.
    • Alan later parallels this when he snaps his fingers on his right hand, which has the gauntlet Simplicitrix, and says "The truth is... I am Iron Man," referencing both the line from Iron Man and Avengers: Endgame. This snap is also done to bring Pyrrha Nikos back to life, similar to Hulk's snap earlier in the film.
  • Alan refers to Blake as Selina Kyle, the real name of Catwoman, in reference to Blake being a feline Faunus.
  • Alan refers to Ozpin as "Wizard of Oz," the character he was based on, as well as "Ozymandias."
  • Alan refers to Ruby as Batwoman, a reference to the actress Ruby Rose who shares her name with Ruby. Batwoman and Ruby also both have black and red color schemes.
  • Golem-Eye contrasts his turrets to those of the Portal franchise, as his are rather difficult to get rid of, while those of Aperture Science are easily knocked over and subdued.
  • Golem-Eye mentions Shed 17, a 2-part Creepypasta video about the Thomas & Friends franchise when yelling at the train to come back.
  • When elaborating on his backstory, Alan says "Let's do this one last time," and a comic for the series pops up on screen. This is a reference to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.
  • While Blamurai and Negative Clockwork travel through the wormhole to get to the RWBY universe (which is dubbed Earth-ERTH in this crossover), the two pass several numbers belonging to the Earth's of BTFF series:
    • Earth-775775: Age of the Unitrix
    • Earth-710010: Mig X
    • Earth-1063-E: E-10: Horizons
    • Earth-1010: Death of Ben 10Reboot RevolutionBen 10: Road Trip
    • Earth-2018: Ben 10: Time's End
    • Earth-68: John Smith 10
    • Earth-83: Tech 10
    • Earth-1100: The Rebootedverse (Sif 100: The Rebooted SeriesThe Legend of Mig, Richard 10: Journey into the EndShield of Justice)
    • Alan also looks back to see Earth-1799.A, which is his own universe. This is the first time in the series in which this universe has been recognized by its name.
  • Alan refers to Emina and Envy as the comedy duo Abbott and Costello.
  • The fight between Negative Way Big and Mongilla is simlar to that of a Japanese Kaiju fight in the Godzilla franchise, only helped by Way Big's similarities to Ultraman and Jet Jaguar, and Mongilla's similarities to Godzilla.

Credits Scene 4

[The scene opened up in the Cotta-Arc home, where Adrian was seen on the floor, playing with a toy plane. Alan sat down to be eye level with him.]

Alan: Alright, little-child-boy. I've been put in charge. Now, I don't want an-

[Alan was cut off by Adrian reaching out and grabbing his nose, causing his voice to become nasally.]

Alan: Not. Funny.

[Despite Alan's claim, Adrian laughed, causing Alan to get more annoyed. Gently, Alan pulled Adrian's hand away from his nose.]

Alan: Alright, how about I keep you distracted?

[Alan activated the Simplicitrix, turning into a small, green bug with four legs, a large crest on his head, a spherical mouth, and the Simplicitrix on a neck brace. He then spat out a small red ball.]

Ball Weevil: There. A safe, non explosive ball. A rarity, honestly.

[Ball Weevil transformed back as Adrian took the goo ball. Alan laid on the couch, only for his attempt at relaxation to be interrupted by Adrian throwing the ball onto his head. Alan was muffled beneath the goo, but visibly panicking as he was unable to breathe. Despite his flailing, Alan managed to successfully change into Nanomech, causing the goo ball to fall to the ground and splatter. Nanomech turned back, breathing heavily.]

Alan: Okay, obviously you wanna play, so let's play.

[Alan changed into Ditto and duplicated.]

Ditto: We'll go hide and you find us.

[The Ditto's ran off and Adrian chased after them. Later, Adrian was seen getting a ride on Wildmutt's back through the house. Adrian looked at himself in the mirror as a mess of light red hair made its way up to and in front of his face, changing into different styles of beards and mustaches, with Mole-Stache controlling it off to the side. A few hours later, Terra and Saphron returned. They went into Adrian's room, and were surprised to see a large hammock made of pale red bandages in the room. In the hammock was a sleeping Alan with the sleeping baby Adrian on his stomach. The two wives just smiled before heading back downstairs.]

Fourth Wall Breaks

  • ChamAlien breaks the fourth wall to say that Team RWBY, Team JNPR, Oscar, and Qrow look like "main characters."
  • Alan breaks the fourth wall when mentioning Richard's absence for Season 2 up till this point.

Credits Scene 5

[Alan was walking down the streets of Vacuo wearing his original outfit. As he walked, he was snapping his fingers to an absent beat. Passing by people, he started making finger guns at them nonchalantly, causing them to become weirded out. As he approached a soup store to buy clothes in, he stepped down on his left foot before sliding his right foot towards it, turning to his side. He saw two girls that were walking behind him, and he shot them finger guns as well before cockily walking into the store. Not long after, he walked back out wearing his new RWBYfied outfit. He clapped his hands in the air before dancing like a fucking jackass with his arms swinging in the air and his pelvis thrusting. He then walked away, passing some other citizens.]

Passerby: [whispering] Asshole.


  • It is revealed that Clockwork can travel to alternate universes within separate multiverses, but it is taxing on his energy to be able to do it. It is also revealed Clockwork can more easily do this if his time beam hits the sword of a Samswordone, such as Blamurai.
    • When pondering the need to use Clockwork and Blamurai together, Alan reveals that Omnitricks is unable to alter fixed events, suggesting that RWBYA is a fixed point in time, which is partly why he doesn't attempt to use him to get home.
  • Alan compares the Grimm to the Cranvius Sapience, implying that he has at one point turned into Vertebrain offscreen before this crossover.
  • Despite their destruction revealed in The Annihilators Part 1, it is revealed that Alan does indeed have access to Feedback and Astrodactyl.

Credits Scene 6

[The scene opened up in what appeared to be a desert, the sky having an orange tint to it. The camera panned around, and there was a large city in what appeared to be a glass sphere. There was a hooded figure standing at the border of the desert and a red field. The figure began walking towards the city. Inside the city, the figure was standing in an office-like room with several other people. The others were wearing red robes, lined with gold material. The robes also had gold fixtures that went behind their heads in a semi-circle shape. One of the people stepped forward.]

Person 1: Kneel before your Lord President.

[The hooded figure kneeled down.]

Lord President: You wish to leave your human life and join the Time Lords. There are many rules that this would break. [sighs] But… Seeing as how you already have a TARDIS, anyways… It appears we haven’t much of a choice. If you become Time Lord, the memories your family and friends have of you will be erased, and a Gallifreyan family will be your adoptive guardians until you become older. You will take on a title of your choice, and you will be given a regeneration cycle. The cycle will begin by resetting your body, giving you the physiology of a Gallifreyan. Do you accept these terms?

[The hooded figure nodded.]

Lord President: Stand, and give your requested name.

[The hooded figure stood up, and removed his hood. The camera slowly panned around, and the figure was revealed to look like Alan, with shorter hair and no beard.]

Figure: The Agent, Lord President.

Lord President: Very well. [steps to the side] You’re a bit old to have you joining the academy, and you’ve already traveled enough to not need to go, and also to not need to be exposed to the Untempered Schism.

[Another Time Lord stepped forward, this one holding a bronze container with a gold, glowing liquid inside. The Time Lord handed it to the Agent.]

Lord President: Drink this, and your life as a human will end, while your lives as a Time Lord shall begin.

[The Agent opened the container, and poured the glowing liquid into his mouth. Once finished he dropped the container, and his hands and face began glowing golden. Energy began shooting out from his body as it changed. His hair grew longer and he also grew facial hair. The energy stopped and he was breathing heavily.]

Lord President: Small side effect of going from human to Time Lord. You’ve aged about four years. But with the physiology of a Time Lord, age is not something you need worry about most of the time.

[The Agent felt his hair and beard, then looked at the Lord President.]

Agent: So, what’s this supposed to mean? What do I do now?

Lord President: What you always do. Travel. But never, and I mean never, interfere with the affairs of those you meet. Like I’ve said, there are rules, and that’s one of them. Now go. We’ve business to attend to.

[The Agent nodded then walked off.]

Deep, English voice: You know telling him there are rules will just make him break them.

[The Lord President turned around. There was an older man standing behind him, wearing a full black outfit comprised of suit pants, a suit jacket, and a button up shirt.]

Lord President: Yes, as evidenced by your presence here, in your own timestream, Agent.

Older Agent: Wouldn’t be the first time. Just needed to be sure things in the past go as intended.

Lord President: Do you not trust us?

Older Agent: It’s a mutual distrust. I would say I’ll be back, but that is impossible.

Lord President: What? Why?

Older Agent: Spoilers.

[The older Agent walked off in the opposite direction of the younger Agent, and then the scene ended.]