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Quaker Waker
A10 Quaker Waker.png
General Information
Species Richtesapien
Planet Bundus
Body Type Humanoid
Powers Tremor Creation
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Relative Quickness
Heavy Weighted Body
Prehensile Spikes
Weaknesses Tremors via Emotion
Shiny Objects
Debut TBA

Quaker Waker is the Simplicitrix's DNA sample of a Richtesapien from the planet Bundus.


Quaker Waker is a humanoid alien. His torso is rather fat, while his arms and legs are muscular. His head rests low on his body, and is green. He also has four eyes and black markings on his chin. His torso and upper arms are purple, while his lower arms and legs are white. He wears black shorts, held up by a red belt with a black stripe, and the Simplicitrix is on said belt. He also has two black spikes on his back.


  • Quaker Waker is able to create tremors. He can do this by simply touching the ground with any part of his body, and can also create them through his emotions.
  • Quaker Waker has enhanced strength and durability.
  • For his weight and size, Quaker Waker can move quite quickly.
  • Quaker Waker's heavy weighted body prevents most enemies from pushing him down.
  • Quaker Waker's spikes are prehensile.


  • Quaker Waker's ability to use his emotions to create tremors can be dangerous to him and his allies.
  • Quaker Waker is easily distracted by shiny objects.






  • Quaker Waker's species is a play on the word richter, which comes from the Richter Scale, a scale used to measure earthquakes.
  • Quaker Waker's planet name comes from the Latin word "tremebundus," which means quake.


  • Quaker Waker comes from the original Richard 10 canon.