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Protectors of Earth
Protectors of Earth 1.png
Movie information
Release date TBA
Number 5
Writer(s) Alan Rinehart
Previous American Dragon: Jake Long
Next Ben 10: Alien Force
Other information
Based On Ben 10 and Generator Rex by Man of Action
Danny Phantom by Butch Hartman
Kim Possible by Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle
American Dragon: Jake Long by Jeff Goode
Starring Alan Rinehart
Emma Stone
Logan Lerman
Cheryl Blossom
Tom Holland
Lance Lim
Steve Blum
Harrison Ford
Tyler Posey
Other Protectors of Earth Saga Movies The Negative Ten
Protectors of Earth: Crystal Gems
Protectors of Earth 4: Diagon's Reign

Protectors of Earth is the fifth installment of the Cartoonverse. It is a superhero movie based on Ben 10, Danny Phantom, Kim Possible, American Dragon: Jake Long, and Generator Rex. The movie was written by Alan Rinehart.

The film stars Alan Rinehart as Ben Tennyson/Ben 10, Emma Stone as Gwen Tennyson, Logan Lerman as Danny Fenton/Danny Phantom, Cheryl Blossom as Kim Possible, Tom Holland as Ron Stoppable, Lance Lim as Jake Long/The American Dragon, Harrison Ford as Max Tennyson, and introduces Tyler Posey as Rex Salazar/Generator Rex. Steve Blum reprises the voice of Vilgax from his small role in Ben 10. Additional voice acting is provided by Alan Rinehart as Ripjaws, Kevin Michael Richardson as Diamondhead, John DiMaggio as Rath, Dave Fennoy as Tetrax, Dee Bradley Baker as SixSix, and Travis Willingham as Kraab.

The movie acts as a semi-sequel to all the movies before it, and a semi-prequel to Generator Rex. It is set to have three sequels: The Negative Ten, Protectors of Earth: Crystal Gems, and Protectors of Earth 4: Diagon's Reign.


Eight years after Ben (Rinehart) got the Omnitrix, Vilgax (Blum) has come to Earth for it. Fearing the worst, Max (Ford) brings together a team to fight against him, comprised of Ben, Gwen Tennyson (Stone), Danny Fenton (Lerman), Jake Long (Lim), Kim Possible (Blossom), Ron Stoppable (Holland), and Providence's Rex Salazar (Posey).

Protectors of Earth has three post credits scenes. The first shows Van Kleiss, who has become aware of Rex having been released by Providence to help defeat Vilgax. The second shows Max speaking with Doc and Drew Saturday to come to an agreement on a partnership between the Saturdays and the Plumbers. The final one shows Ben approaching Gwen after a karate tournament to reveal Max has been missing for months after the defeat of Vilgax.


  • Alan Rinehart as Ben Tennyson/Ben 10 and Ripjaws
  • Emma Stone as Gwen Tennyson
  • Logan Lerman as Danny Fenton/Danny Phantom
  • Lance Lim as Jake Long/The American Dragon
  • Cheryl Blossom as Kim Possible
  • Tom Holland as Ron Stoppable
  • Tyler Posey as Rex Salazar/Generator Rex
  • Harrison Ford as Max Tennyson
  • Steve Blum as Vilgax
  • Ioan Gruffadd as Phil Billings
  • Rob Paulsen as Magister Patelliday
  • Dave Fennoy as Tetrax
  • Travis Willingham as Kraab
  • Dee Bradley Baker as SixSix and Chromastone
  • John Goodman as Jack Fenton
  • Danny DeVito as Lao Shi
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Diamondhead
  • John DiMaggio as Rath, Bobo Haha and Fu Dog
  • Nick Offerman as Colonel Rozum
  • Hugh Laurie as Agent Six
  • Sigourney Weaver as Doc Holiday

In the post credits scenes, Jason Momoa cameos as Van Kleiss, Denzel Washington cameos as Doc Saturday, and Taylor Schilling cameos as Drew Saturday. The flashback scene at the beginning of the movie has Peter Capaldi cameo as Professor Paradox in the background, unnoticed by anyone else in the scene.