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A10 Pneumaterialultratransmutationsilicovolcanoconiosis.png
General Information
Species Posirem
Planet Reshorizon Nigrumforaminis (Matter Side)
Body Type Robotic Humanoid
Powers Matter Transmutation
Matter Body
Explosion Prevention Suit
World Travel
Weaknesses Antimatter-Matter Contact
Suit Failure
No Anti-Matter Transmutation
Debut TBA

Pneumaterialultratransmutationsilicovolcanoconiosis is the Simplicitrix's DNA sample of a Posirem from the planet Reshorizon Nigrumforaminis. Specifically, he comes from the half of the planet that was not affected by a nearby black hole.


Pneumaterialultratransmutationsilicovolcanoconiosis wears a red and black containment suit. The suit consists of bottoms and two arms. The main color of the suit is red with black details on them. He has black and red bulbs on his bottoms. His body is made of white, solid matter, having a much more fixed design then that of Antidisintigratematerialism. He has beady eyes at the top of his body. He wears the Simplicitrix on his left wrist.


  • Pneumaterialultratransmutationsilicovolcanoconiosis has matter transmutation, able to turn anti-matter objects into matter.
  • Pneumaterialultratransmutationsilicovolcanoconiosis' suit is made of a material that is somehow able to contain both matter and anti-matter without causing a reaction. This prevents him from destroying everything around him, and also keeps him in place with the rest of his body.
  • Pneumaterialultratransmutationsilicovolcanoconiosis can travel between the worlds of matter and anti-matter with ease.


  • Pneumaterialultratransmutationsilicovolcanoconiosis' suit can malfunction. If it does while he is in the world of anti-matter, his matter body will fall out of his suit, and thus cause a reaction between his body and the anti-matter around him.
  • Arguably, Pneumaterialultratransmutationsilicovolcanoconiosis' biggest weakness is that he needs anti-matter transmutation to prevent reactions from happening when in the world of anti-matter. To do that, he needs his twin-alien: Antidisintigratematerialism, a Negarem. Antidisintigratematerialism can use anti-matter transmutation, and the two can work in tandem to alter matter without reactions occurring.


  • Pneumaterialultratransmutationsilicovolcanoconiosis' name is a mix of the words "pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis," "material," and "transmutation."
  • Pneumaterialultratransmutationsilicovolcanoconiosis' species name is a mix of the word "positive" and the Latin word "rem," meaning matter.
  • Pneumaterialultratransmutationsilicovolcanoconiosis' planet name is a compilation of "res horizon nigrum foraminis," which translates to "event horizon black hole."


  • Pneumaterialultratransmutationsilicovolcanoconiosis holds the record for the longest name of any Simplicitrix DNA sample.
  • Pneumaterialultratransmutationsilicovolcanoconiosis is the twin-alien to Antidisintegratematerialism.
General Information