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Paging Mr. Nomaly
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Paging Mr. Nomaly is the sixth episode of the second season of The Alan 10 Adventures.


[The scene opened up in a forest as a bear Grimm ran through it. Something was chasing it by burrowing through the ground. As the Grimm ran, it was hit in the face by Yang who knocked it back, only for it to be thrown up into the air by Armodrillo who shot up out of the ground. The Grimm came falling back to the ground and Armodrillo morphed his hand into a drill to turn the Grimm into dust. Armodrillo and Yang high fived after its defeat.]

Yang: That was fun!

Armodrillo: Damn right!

Weiss: Oh, please!

Armodrillo: Shit, something ice queen this way comes.

Weiss: I heard that!

[Weiss sped to the two on her glyphs.]

Weiss: That was a simple Ursa, it didn't even need both of you to take it down.

Armodrillo: Hey, firecracker, me thinks ice queen's just jealous I chose to team up with you instead.

Yang: Oh, totally.

[Weiss rolled her eyes just before a loud noise was heard. Armodrillo looked around confused.]

Armodrillo: What was that? Guys?

[Armodrillo noticed Yang and Weiss had both gone. The sound grew louder and louder until suddenly the entire scene changed to the kitchen of a pizza restaurant, Armodrillo now Alan in a chef uniform and his hair done up in a hairnet, the entire scene with Yang and Weiss having been a daydream. The noise was revealed to be one of the other cooks snapping their fingers to get Alan's attention.]

Cook: Hey, Alan! I think you're missing something...

[Alan looked down at the pizza he was preparing and groaned.]

Alan: Aw, fudgernutters. The anchovies! Thanks, Joshua.

[Joshua nodded as Alan grabbed a container of anchovies and began to sprinkle them on the pizza, his right hand noticeably missing the Simplicitrix.]

Joshua: You alright, man? You've been doing a lot of that daydreaming stuff.

Alan: Yeah, yeah, just thinking about a weird dream I had.

Joshua: Oh, yeah? How weird?

Alan: ...A witch broke my watch.

Joshua: Not a normal dream but I'm not sure it needs that much thought put into it.

[Alan finished up the toppings of the pizza before putting it onto a peel and sliding it into the oven. Alan then walked to a computer monitor and went wide eyed at the next order.]

Alan: That is a huge order. Shit.

[Joshua cleared his throat. Alan looked to see Joshua motioning behind him, Alan turning to see a swear jar with some pocket change in it. Alan groaned before walking over to it and taking out his wallet to place a dollar into the jar, then walked back to Joshua.]

Alan: [points to the jar] That is a hate crime.

Joshua: That's about as much of a hate crime as stairs are to people in wheelchairs.

Alan: Yeah, well maybe I think stairs are a hate cirme, too.

[After a few hours of making pizzas with Joshua, Alan finally managed to clock out.]

Joshua: Same time tomorrow?

Alan: One can only hope not.

[Alan took off his apron and hairnet and threw away his plastic gloves just before leaving the kitchen and heading to the bathroom. In the bathroom mirror, Alan did up his hair into a ponytail, his reflection glaring back at him with Pride's eyes. Alan finished up in the bathroom before going out to the dining area where he saw a news channel on the TV that was talking about the alien heroes having been missing, showing amateur camera shots of Heatblast, Swampfire, Humungousaur, and Four Arms. He glared at the TV before heading out of the building and walking down the street. After about half an hour of walking, Alan reached a poorly kept apartment complex and entered, walking up the steps and down the hall until he reached Room 17 and entered. The door closed behind him, Alan's body was consumed with red light before the Stabilized Simplicitrix appeared on his arm again.]

[The room was poorly lit by one overhead light and the window, the wallpaper drab and not well kept, peeling off at some places. There were two doors aside from the entrance, with one leading to the bathroom and the other to the bedroom. The living room and kitchen took up the same room, divided by the floor changing from carpet to linoleum. Alan went to the bedroom and changed into sweatpants and a loose fitting shirt. He turned on the old looking television and flipped through the channels before deciding on a typical, unfunny sitcom. He took out a pack of hot dogs and a bottle of mustard, both off-brand, and popped some of the dogs into the microwave. Pulling out the plate of them, he drizzled some mustard on them and got a fork before going and sitting on the futon, eating away at the dogs, obviously diappointed at the taste.]

Alan: God, I miss the air fryer.

[Finishing up his food, Alan sat the plate on the small coffee table between himself and the television before going and grabbing another prepared hot dog and then taking it to a small terrarium on a table near the window. He opened it up and dropped the hot dog in, a shrunken GrimmZilla approaching it before digging in. Alan went back to the couch and layed down, managing to doze off despite how uncomfortable the couch was.]

[XLR8 was seen speeding through a forest before reaching Beacon Academy, coming to a halt just before meeting Team RWBY.]

XLR8: How's that for speed, Ruby?

Ruby: I'm sure I could go faster.

XLR8: Doubt it.

Ruby: You wanna go, velociraptor-breath?

XLR8: You're on, helium voice!

[XLR8 sped off with Ruby following close behind in her petal form, the two of them racing into the woods. At some point, XLR8 noticed that there was a lack of rose petals and he stopped, looking around.]

XLR8: Ruby? Ruby, where'd you go? ...This better not be some trick to make me slow down just for you to win.

[XLR8 backtracked to a clearing and gasped then scowled when he saw Ruby held up by the neck by Hazel.]

XLR8: Let her go, you oversized Wolverine!

Adam: Or what?

[XLR8's scowl turned to a look of fear as he turned to see Adam approaching. XLR8 kept turning, seeing Mercury, Emerald, Neo, Cinder... and finally, Richard.]

XLR8: H-How are any of you here? I killed you!

Richard: Yes, you did.

Mercury: And now, we're here to kill you.

Adam: Call it an eye for an eye.

[Looking around, XLR8 made a split second decision and speedily saved Ruby from Hazel's grasp.]

XLR8: Ruby, are you okay? [no response] Ruby?!

[Ruby looked up at XLR8, giving him a smug smile. XLR8 gasped before "Ruby" bashed him away with a pink umbrella. She walked up to him and put her foot to his throat, pink fractales consuming her before revealing her to be Neo. Neo's normally heterochromic pink and brown eyes changed, gaining black markings around them before they were consumed with the purple of Pride's eyes.]

Pride: We need to have a talk.

XLR8: N-No! You need to leave me the fuck alone!

Pride: You can try to avoid me all you want, but for as long as you wear the Simplicitrix, I'm in your head. And we both know you can't afford to take it off.

[Pride applied more pressure to XLR8's throat. XLR8 gasped for air until one of his gasps was that of his human form as he woke up in a cold sweat, finding himself back in his apartment, looking around with fear in his eyes.]

[A blast of water hit the outside of the Annihilators' base. In his Loboan form, Kyle leaped up and tackled the attacking Vapor before unleashing a sonic blast into her face, only for her to blast him off of her with water from her barnacles. She turned to see Becky floating towards her.]

Vapor: You failures are going to tell me where Nomaly is now.

Becky: If his friends didn't know where he was...

Taylor: Then what the fuck makes you think we're gonna know?

[Vapor got up and started generating water from her barnacles, creating a field of water around her, only for orange electricity to zap all around it and electrocute Vapor inside, causing her and the water to fall to the ground. Devin was then seen behind her.]

Devin: Sorry about that.

Taylor: Care to explain what this is all about?

Devin: Alan's been missing for a while. Well, I say "missing" but we know where he is, the issue is we just can't get to him because it's some alternate universe. Not to mention things got a bit heated last we spoke.

Kyle: [changing back to human] That explains the rise in people doing bad things, then. Their main threat is gone.

[Maklar came out of the building and threw a device on Vapor that generated an energy net around her to keep her contained.]

Maklar: Think he'll come back?

Devin: I hope so. The others do, too, though... Jessica's not been particularly happy since we last spoke to him.

[Intimachi entered the pizzaria, obviously tired from the night before. He did his hair up in a hairnet, washed his hands before putting on gloves, and headed into the kitchen where he put on his apron and clocked in. Joshua turned to him.]

Joshua: Doesn't look like that hope worked out too well, did it?

Intimachi: ...It never does.

[Intimachi was seen looking over a few orders that came in. He was then seen preparing pizza dough, spreading on sauce, then the toppings before sliding it into the oven. He was seen doing this about three more times before he clocked out, walked back to his apartment, transformed back, took a depressing shower, and crashed on the couch. He glanced around the room before looking to the audience.]

Alan: Welp. Insert song time, I guess.

[The next day, Intimachi entered and once again clocked in. This time, he was seen taking orders and putting them into the computer to send them back to the kitchen. Walk back home, transform to human, heat up hot dogs, feed GrimmZilla, crash on couch. Sprinkle cheese on an uncooked pizza at work, freshen up in the workplace's bathroom, crash in the bed. Clock in, throw money into the swear jar, take food to customers, punch a hole in the wall at home, crash in the bathtub. Get to work, ignore the news talking about the lack of aliens, put on hairnet, prepare breadsticks, hand a to-go order to a customer, return home, drink, fall asleep on the floor. Go to work, make more food, almost get mugged on the way home but bind the attacker with Snare-Oh bandages, crash on the couch. Crash on the couch. Crash on the couch. Crash on the motherfucking couch again, again, again, and again. Alan stared up at the ceiling from the couch.]

Alan: I don't wanna do this anymore.

Pride (voice): Bullshit. If you actually didn't want to, you'd go back to your friends and keep us from doing it more.

Alan: You're named after the sin of only caring about yourself, what would you know about friends?

Pride (voice): More than you do right now. When are you going to confront them instead of being a fucking coward? Alan: Fuck you.

Pride (voice): Is that all you can do? "Fuck this, fuck that, fuck you." Always pushing away the problem instead of solving it. It's humiliating.

Alan: "Humiliating?" Who's watching? God? No, we're like a bad Sims profile he just let go. Shit like this wouldn't happen if he gave a fuck. Nobody's watching, nobody's reading, nobody knows this is happening except you and me.

[The sound of a police siren passing by was heard from the street below, though Alan didn't react at all.]

Pride (voice): Aren't you going to do something about that?

Alan: Nope.

Pride (voice): That's your job, though, no?

Alan: Not anymore.

Pride (voice): Fine. I'll have to do it then.

Alan: I'm sorry, what?

[Pride's tentacles came out of Alan's back and held him to the couch. Alan attempted to clench his Simplicitrix fist, but more tentacles wrapped around his fingers, keeping him from doing so. Pride's tentalcles completely wrapped around Alan before the former's outer skin formed over him. He flew up and became intangible, successfully phasing through the wall of the apartment before following the police cars.]

Alan (voice): You're gonna draw unwanted attention!

Pride: It's only unwanted because you're being a bitch!

[Pride looked ahead of the police cars and saw the armored truck that they were chasing, several goons leaning out to fire guns back at the cops. Pride tapped the Simplicitrix and transformed into Terraspin. He changed his arms and legs into blades, allowing him to fly faster than the cop cars before using the suction power to pull the armored truck closer. He then rammed the truck and caused it to ram a nearby fire hydrant, flipping onto its side. Terraspin landed and changed into XLR8 just as the cops pulled up, speeding away before there could be any communication with them. XLR8 quickly entered the apartment and transformed into human, Pride relinquishing control, and Alan being extremely anxious.]

Alan: Never do that again.

Pride (voice): You have no way of keeping me from doing that again. The only way to get rid of me is to remove that gauntlet from your arm. Oh, but you can't do that, can you? Your human DNA is unstable and without that, you'll turn into a monster of alien DNA. Sad.

Alan: Shut the fuck up, shut the fuck up, shut the fuck up.

Pride (voice): Huh. I was right. That really is all you can do.

[The scene cut to the Nomaly house. Jessica was laying on the couch staring up at the ceiling in a similar manner to Alan earlier. Mason was on the floor, clicking through TV channels in a very uninterested manner. After clicking through a few times he shook his head, attempting to process something he just saw.]

Mason: Wait a minute.

Jessica: What?

[Mason backtracked a few channels and stopped on the news.]

News Anchor: ...And in the small town of Sharpsville, Pennsylvania, it seems as though the alien heroes are making a comeback.

[At the sound of this, Jessica shot up and turned to the TV, seeing a rerun of the Pride ordeal from earlier. She stared at the screen in disbelief.]

Jessica: He's back and he didn't think to tell us?

Mason: Last we talked, thing didn't exactly go well.

Jessica: It's been four months! Even if he hasn't been back that whole time, you'd think this would be the place he'd go to first! You know, to his best friends and his girlfriend!

[Jessica pinched the bridge of her nose while Mason stood awkwardly to the side.]

Mason: You uh... You deal with that. I'm gonna get the others.

[Mason left the room and swung up to the top of the stairs. He walked into one of the rooms to see Alexis and Devin, the latter using his ID mask to appear human, playing a video game.]

Alexis: Get the fuck out of our room, we're playing Minecraft.

Mason: [rolling eyes] Alan's back. Sort of.

[Alexis and Devin paused and turned back, surprised and confused. The scene cut back to them at the living room TV, where multiple news stations were covering the same exact story even though there was not a single new development in the slightest regarding it.]

Alexis: Sharpsville, huh? I guess he likes to keep things small-town regardless.

Devin: ...We're gonna go on a road trip to go find him, aren't we?

Mason: That much wasn't obvious?

Jessica: We're also gonna kick his ass for not contacting us. At all.

[Intimachi once again entered the pizzareia, going to the kitchen to clock in. He was then stopped by Joshua.]

Joshua: Hey, Jacobs wanted me to tell you you're working orders today.

Intimachi: Would it kill him to tell me himself? Or, y'know, hire enough people to where we don't have to play musical chairs with positions like this?

Joshua: You know Jacobs. He's a real piece of... work.

Intimachi: One day, I'm gonan get you to break, and you're gonna be the one putitng money into that godforsaken jar.

Joshua: Never gonna happen.

[Intimachi grabbed up a pen and notepad and headed out to the dining area. After a few hours, out in the streets of the town, Alan's Scion was seen driving around, with his friends inside, Alexis at the wheel, and Devin and Mason wearing their DNA masks. Alexis pulled into an on-street parking space, conveniently in sight of Alan's workplace.]

Alexis: Alright, I guess we could go in there and eat, then start looking for Alan on foot.

Jessica: I'm not really in an eating mood.

Mason: If he finds out you're starving yourself just because you're mad at him, it's not going to go well for any of us.

Jessica: [groans] Fine.

[The four of them exited the car and entered the restaurant, lead to a table by one of the hostesses, who then proceeded to head to the back.]

Neena: Hey, Alan, Table 6.

Intimachi: On it.

[Intimachi got the pen and pad and once again headed out. He approached table six and was about to speak when his eyes widened and his words were lost, seeing his friends sitting right there. The four of them simultaneously looked up, though they didn't see a damn thing.]

Devin: ...Didn't someone just walk up?

Mason: That's what I thought, too.

[Alexis sniffed then got even more confused by the situation.]

Jessica: What?

Alexis: I smell something that's not human or pizza... There's a Fæ here.

Mason: A Fæ just so happens to be in the same town Alan's hiding out in?

Alexis: Well, this Fæ just so happened to be in the same town as him to begin with. But, yeah, it is a little suspicious. But even if it is him, I don't get why he'd need to be Intimachi.

Devin: It's not for hiding, I know that. Intimachi looks just like him.

Jessica: ...Except for the Simplicitrix being hidden on Intimachi.

[The scene quickly jumped to Intimachi bursting into the bathroom and hiding in a stall, absolutely freaking out.]

Intimachi: No way. No way. No motherfucking way.

Pride (voice): That's another one for the swear jar.

Intimachi: Shut up! I'm trying to think!

Pride (voice): If you'd tried to do that four months sooner, this wouldn't be an issue right now.

Intimachi: I said shut up! [breathing heavily] Alright, alright. My shift is almost over. All I have to do is go until it's done, whether they're still here or not.

Pride (voice): And how exactly do you plan on doing that when you're their waiter?

[Intimachi thought for a moment before an idea popped into his head. He put his hand to his chest, causing a red light to consume the screen. Back at Alan's friends, they were approached again. They looked up and saw who appeared to be Neo Politan in the uniform of the restaurant, complete with her own "Neo" nametag.]

Alexis: I love the pink and brown hair.

[Neo brushed off the compliment with a blush.]

Mason: Cat got your tongue?

[Neo gave a simple nod and began to speak in sign language. Alexis, Jessica, and Mason turned to Devin.]

Devin: What?

Jessica: Come on, you know you can read m- [clears throat awkwardly] "Sign language."

[Neo kept her expression but the confidence in her eyes dwindled, though she repeated her sign language for Devin.]

Neo: Mute, but they still have me work this position.

Devin: Isn't that a bit inconvenient?

Neo: Yeah, it's a shitty workplace, but when you need the money, you need the money.

Devin: That is quite unfortunate, my condolences.

Neo: Thanks. So, can I take your drink orders? One of the few advantages here is we have both Pepsi and Coke products. Somehow.

Devin: Oh, yeah, I noticed that. Just water for me.

Mason: Mountain Dew.

Alexis: Mellow Yellow.

Jessica: Sprite.

[Neo nodded as she wrote down the drink orders before heading to the back. The three turned back to Devin.]

Devin: She is hella suspicious. Her mind was racing at a million miles an hour on so many things, it was hard to tell what she was signing. If she was even signing that properly.

Alexis: The Fæ smell was even stronger on her.

Mason: But Alan can't be Intimachi and look like a different person.

Jessica: He has an alien that can shapeshift, though.

Alexis: And all scents linger. Who wants to bet Alan set up a super elaborate plan that was actually extremely easy to see through?

Mason: It seems way too convenient you were able to figure all that out. It could just be another Fæ.

Alexis: Devin, were you able to read anything else from her mind?

Devin: Fuck if I remember. I don't even really remember the conversation I just had with her.

[At the drink machine, Alan was seen preparing the drinks. He looked around to make sure no one was looking before he shapeshifted back into Neo to take the drinks back. The entire rest of the shift resulted in Alan changing between his own appearance and Neo's depending on where he was in the restaurant. It finally reached the time of payment, albeit without a tip, which Alan took to the back. He clocked out and removed the apron. He began his way back to the front, taking on the form of Neo again before exiting the building. His friends got up to leave, though Alexis stopped at the front door to meet with the hostess Neena again.]

Alexis: Hey, I'm sorry, I forgot to give our waitress a tip. She had the pink and brown hair, different colored eyes?

Neena: We don't... have anyone working here with that look.

Alexis: Huh. That's odd. Oh, but...

[Alexis quickly reached her hand to Neena's. A wave of energy came over Neena as Alexis passively seduced her.]

Alexis: ...You do have an Alan that works here, right?

Neena: Y-Yeah. Alan Nomaly.

Alexis: That's what I thought. He's an old friend of ours we've been trying to get in touch with. Do you happen to know where he lives?

Neena: W-We live in the same apartment complex just a few blocks south of here. I don't know his room number, but he's on the second floor.

Alexis: Thank you.

[Alexis let go of Neena, relieving her of the seduction, before walking out to the car.]

Alexis: Well, I think I finally found my role in the group.

Devin: And what would that be?

Alexis: Detective. Get in. We're going to get Alan.

Mason: You're kidding, right?

Alexis: Nope.

Mason: That was way too fucking easy!

Alexis: Shut up and get in the car.

[The scene cut to Alan swiftly getting into his apartment while still disguised as Neo. He sighed as the center of his torso shapeshifted to be a pink-red-orange color with several sucker-like growths, one of which was replaced with the Simplicitrix which he tapped to become human again. He changed out of his work clothes into something more casual and sat on the couch. He attempted to doze off but was cut off by the sudden sound of someone knocking on his door. He nervously got up and went to the door. He opened it and went wide eyed at his friends on the other side. He quickly slammed the door shut, before awkwardly opening it up a second time to be sure they weren't actually there. Sure enough, they were, and Alan slammed the door again. He backed away from it, and then saw a flash of white light from the other side. Devin suddenly phased through the door and Alan screamed in surprise before attempting to run to the window, only to trip over Pride's tentacles wrapping around his ankles. Devin opened the door back up for the others to come in, and Alan struggled to get to his feet, his breathing increasing as he turned to them.]

Jessica: Hey, babe. When were you gonna tell me you were home?

Alan: I-I-

Jessica: I really don't want an answer to that, because there isn't a right answer to it.

Alan: Well, you see-


Alan: ...I didn't think any of you really would've wanted to see me after our last conversation.


Alan: ...You really shouldn't be.


Alexis: Jessica! Yelling at him isn't gonna help.

[Jessica paused then sighed, trying to calm down as she let Alexis take over.]

Alexis: Alan, we're basically family. If there's anyone you can open up to, it's us. You don't have to be living in a shithole like this alone.

Alan: ...It's what I deserve... And that's putting it lightly.

Alexis: What do you mean?

[Alan's hands trembled, the memory of killing Richard flashing in his head, echoes of ridicule for killing.]

Alexis: Alan?

[Alan quickly clenched his fist, causing a Rabbiture portal to open and move to his friends, pulling in each of them before closing. Alan then staggered, his Simplicitrix arm moving against his will as Pride caused the fist to clench again, the Rabbiture portal opening back up and sending Alan to where his friends were. They looked at him confused, Alan looking around to see he was back at the Nomaly house. Anxious and nervous, Alan sped out of the house and attempted to run down the street, but found himself running in place. He turned and saw that Pride's tentacles were sticking out of his back and wrapped around the base of a streetlight. The others ran out of the house and headed towards him.]

Alan: LET GO!


Alan: I SAID... LET... GO!

[Alan clenched the Simplicitrix fist, and there was a bright flash of white light. After the light dissipated, Alan fell to the ground. His friends looked on and gasped in shock.]

Alan: ...I wasn't expecting you to actually let go of me.

Pride: I didn't let go of you.

[Alan's eyes widened and he slowly turned around, seeing Pride having been separated from him, his tentacles still wrapped around the light.]

Pride: You let go of me.

[Jessica took a step towards the two, causing Alan to take a step back. Alan looked down at the Simplicitrix, his eyes trembling.]

Jessica: Alan?

[Alan quickly looked up, seeing Jessica having gotten closer.]

Alan: ...I'm sorry.

[Alan clenched his fist and caused a Rabbiture portal to consume him, sending him off to some unknown location, increasing the concern and confusion for the others.]

[The scene changed over to a dorm room with white walls and grey dressers. The door opened and Team RWBY stepped in, immediately freezing when they saw Alan standing between the two sets of makeshift bunk beds, wearing his RWBYfied outfit, and with Raijin on his back. Alan looked up at them and smiled while saluting.]

Alan: Sal-u-tations!

[The team stared back at him confused.]

Alan: ...Okay, so I'm not a cute, robot girl, but you could give me something to work with.

Weiss: What are you doing here?!

Alan: That's a weird way to say hi to a friend.

Weiss: [sarcastically] Hi friend. [seriously] Now, what are you doing here?

Yang: You already got GrimmZilla about a week after you left the first time.

Alan: Yeah, so? What, can a guy not travel to see his interdimensional friends?

Blake: There's definitely more than just that happening.

Ruby: It takes too much energy for you to travel between universes like that for something this casual.

Alan: Okay, ya got me, it's not casual. It's very important. [deep breath] I'm moving to Earth-ERTH.


Alan: Hey, no need to shout! I thought you guys liked me.

Weiss: We do, but... Why?

Blake: After all that mess about getting back home?

Alan: I think I fit in better here. I got the look, I got the weapons, I got the Semblance. [puts arm around Weiss] I'm sure people want Ice Wall to be a thing, anyway.

[Weiss pulled Alan's arm off of her.]

Yang: You... can't stay here.

Ruby: This isn't where you belong.

Alan: What are you talkin about? I fit in perfectly! Check it, we could be Team RWBYA!

Blake: "Rubia?"

Alan: Yeah! It's Spanish for blonde! [looks at Yang]

Weiss: Alan. What's actually going on? You're back after months and saying you wanna stay here, but why the change?

[Alan calmed down before sitting on one of the lower beds.]

Alan: ...I don't wanna be home. They told me I could open up about anything but... If they find out what I did... 

Blake: You mean with Richard?

[Alan nodded and Ruby sat down beside him, her hand on his shoulder.]

Ruby: I know it's not particularly ideal but... You did bring Pyrrha back, so-

Yang: No.

[The four turned, surprised by the stern response of the fiery blonde.]

Ruby: Yang? What do-

Yang: I love Pyrrha as much as anyone else, but bringing her back wasn't Alan's call. Same goes for all the villains you killed. 

Blake: She's right. It's not going to be easy, but you have to deal with the consequences of your actions.

Weiss: If you just undo them, what's there to learn? That's no way to grow.

[Alan thought about this for a moment, not making eye contact with anyone as his breathing became heavier.]

[Jessica was angrily pacing around the living room in the Nomaly house. Cilocub and Morpheus sat on the couch, watching it happen; the former leaned towards the latter.]

Cilocub: ...Why are we here again?

Morpheus: In case they need additional help finding Alan.

[Alexis entered the living room, followed by Pride, who eyed up Cilocub for a moment, causing the latter to become uncomfortable.]

Jessica: Anything?

Alexis: I called the apartment complex, and he hasn't been there since we left.

Pride: Not much more luck at his job, either.

Jessica: FUCK! Why does he think he can just run off like that?!

[A bright red portal opened up in the living room, out of which came Alan. Mason and Devin ran into the room after hearing the noise of the portal just before it closed.]

Alan: ...Hey.

Jessica: Is that all you have to say?!

Alan: No, actually, it's not. [breathes deeply] I'm... sorry. I'm sorry for worrying all of you. For not... contacting any of you at all in the four months I've been back. For trying to get rid of you earlier.

Alexis: The disguise in the pizza place?

Alan: You knew that was me?

Alexis: It was obvious. To me, anyway.

Jessica: Is that it? Do you really, really think that's enough? The way we left off, and you just come back and say sorry, you think that's going to be enough to make things right?

Alan: I can't make things right.

Jessica: I guess you finally understand something, then! 

Alan: I'm not finished.

Jessica: "Not finished?!" What the fuck else is there for you to say, exactly?! That you hope you can make things better?! That's no-


[Jessica took a step back, surprised by Alan's outburst. The entire room went completely silent aside from Alan's breathing.]

Alan: They're dead. Because of me. Hazel. Adam. Mercury. Emerald. Neo. Cinder... And Richard. They're all dead, and I'm the one that killed them.

Alexis: Is that where that [points to the Stabilized Simplicitrix] came from?

Alan: No, that's an entirely other thing.

Jessica: Why?

[Alan turned to Jessica, finally looking someone in the eye.]

Jessica: That's not your job, why did you do it?

Alan: ...I wanted to. Well, actually, Cinder was necessary but... Deep down I... Really, really wanted to kill the others.

[There was a long awkward silence before Jessica threw a punch at Alan's face, knocking him onto the floor.]


[Alan didn't respond, lying limp on the floor.]

Jessica: GET UP!

[Jessica reached down and pulled him to his feet, though he acted like a ragdoll, his head falling forwards. Pride floated closer and lifted Alan's head up, the latter's eyes lifeless.]

Jessica: What the hell is this?

Pride: Shit. He's having one of his episodes.

Mason: What do you mean "episodes?"

Pride: In our time back, he's had a lot of times of going numb, going back into his own mind. Covering for him was... taxing, to say the least. [grabs Alan's shoulders, pulling him away from Jessica] I'll take it from here.

[Pride merged with Alan, his purple and black eye pattern taking over Alan's. The Simplicitrix's core changed from a bright red to a bright green, spinning around a few times before returning to red.]

Pride: I don't know how long this'll go for. I've found that trying to force him out of it, however, only tends to make it worse.

[Alexis turned to Jessica, who seemed extremely broken.]

Alexis: Jess?

Jessica: ...I really, truly thought I knew him.

[Jessica brushed past the others, heading to the stairs to go up to her room, leaving the others in another awkward silence.]

[The scene transitioned to inside Alan's mind, showing him in a small chamber. He sat on the floor, playing with toy versions of himself, his friends, and Team RWBY. His toy self was with RWBY, though he slowly pushed it over to his friends.]

Alan: Don't worry, me. It'll be okay one day.

[Alan then picked up a toy version of Richard.]

Alan: ...One day.

[His blank expression towards the toy became anger, as he violently threw it away, causing it to skewer on a sharp, pointy protrusion from the corner of a nearby table; the skewer wound was in the same place he had stabbed Richard with Blamurai's sword.]

Major Events[]

  • Alan meets with his friends for the first time since leaving Earth-ERTH.
  • Alan separates Pride and himself, albeit temporarily.

Credit Scene 1[]

[Alan's boss was seen in his office with a bank representative.]

Banker: And are your employees happy and comfortable working here?

Jacobs: Absolutely. I can't even begin to recall the last time I got an employee complaint.

[Just as Jacobs finished saying this, the door was flung open by Alan as Intimachi.]

Jacobs: Alan?! Can't you see I-

Alan: Oh, good, a higher up. Perfect, actually.

Jacobs: Alan, I would suggest-

Alan: Jacobs, I was wondering, were you gonna inform him about your extortion and hate cimes in the business?

Banker: Your what?

[Jacobs was shocked at first but then put on a smile and nervous laugh.]

Jacobs: Alan! Alan, Alan, Alan. Who'd have thought beneath your outward depression and cynicism you're a practical joker? Heh. Go on, run along so the big boys can talk.

[Alan pulled the swear jar from behind his back and Jacobs' face fell.]

Jacobs: Ah, shit.

Alan: Oh, hold on, if you swear, I guess that means money goes back to the employees you were taking it from.

Jacobs: Alan-

Alan: Don't worry, I won't bother taking any out. I'll just plop some in right after, anyway.

[Alan sat the jar down on Jacobs' desk then pulled out his wallet and opening it, dropping in bills as he spoke.]

Alan: Fuck. Shit. Cock. Ass. Motherfucker. Horse shit. Bullshit. Cunt. Thundercunt. Cuntnugget. Jackass. Asshole. Sack of shit. Dick. Balls. Pussy. Tits. Bitch. Puta. Сука. Assetry. Goddamnit. Arse.

[Alan eventually just dropped the entire wallet into the jar before leaving the room and closing the door. Before either of the two could say anything, Alan poked his head back in.]

Alan: That was a resignation, by the way. Just in case you missed that.

[Alan closed the door again. A few moments later he came back in and grabbed the wallet back.]

Alan: I... I still need this.

[Alan then left again, finally leaving for good.]



  • Alan Nomaly
  • Alexis Dwyer
  • Jessica Nietzsche
  • Devin Lorenzo
  • Mason Babadzhanov
  • Pride
  • Kyle Okami
  • Becky Smith
  • Taylor Kendall
  • Maklar Ampalon
  • Cilocub
  • Morpheus


  • Vapor


  • Ruby Rose
  • Weiss Schnee
  • Blake Belladonna
  • Yang Xiao Long

Dream Only[]

  • Hazel Rainart
  • Adam Taurus
  • Mercury Black
  • Emerald Sustrai
  • Neo Politan
  • Cinder Fall
  • Richard Nomaly

Aliens Used[]

Alan Nomaly[]

Actually Used[]

  • Intimachi (14x)
  • Metamorph (debut)

Powers Only[]

  • Snare-Oh
  • Rabbiture (4x)
  • Fasttrack
  • Helheim
  • Clockwork (2x, both times offscreen)
  • Blamurai (2x, both times offscreen)


  • Armodrillo
  • XLR8


  • Ghostfreak
  • Terraspin
  • XLR8

News Channel[]

  • Heatblast
  • Swampfire
  • Humungousaur
  • Four Arms
  • Ghostfreak (Pride)
  • Terraspin (Pride)
  • XLR8 (Pride)


  • The four aliens shown on the news channel are the first aliens used in each of the four Ben 10 shows from the original continuity.
  • When Alan is disguised as Neo, he speaks using sign language to counter her silence, which is a nod to Of Gemstones and Watches where the same idea is used for Neo.
    • At one point, having Alan as Neo lift up actual signs with words was considered for the scene, a nod to RWBY Chibi.

Fourth Wall Breaks[]

  • Alan breaks the fourth wall to mention it's time for an insert song.
  • Alan makes a light fourth wall break to say "nobody" is reading the episode.
  • Alan breaks the fourth wall when saying there are people who want Ice Wall to be a thing. Ice Wall is the name of the ship between Alan and Weiss, the latter being the ice queen, and the former breaking the fourth wall.


  • Mr. Robot acted as some inspiration for the writing of this episode.
  • Jessica confirms it's been four months since the events of Merry CRSMS, meaning this episode takes place in April.
  • Alexis (and by extension Intimachi) is capable of detecting other Fæ by scent.
  • Had Alan chosen to look like someone he knew the voice of instead of Neo while using Metamorph, he would've had at least a higher chance of not being discovered so easily. He is not a clever man, but he thinks he's the shit for having disguised himself as the woman whose power is to disguise herself.
  • About a week after the events of RWBYA, Alan went back to Earth-ERTH to get GrimmZilla, using Omnitricks to shrink her down to a much more reasonable size.
  • The Simplicitrix reveals a DNA obtain mode for the first time, the core becoming a bright green when this happens.
  • There was meant to be a scene where Devin, Becky, and Taylor would enter Alan's mind when he repressed himself. This scene would've resulted in them fighting illusion versions of Richard, Salem, and even Alan himself while trying to get him back to the real world.

Credit Scene 2[]

[The nighttime scene opened up in the woods just nearby the Annihilators' base. Cilocub was seen walking through the woods, coming to a clearing where he stopped and looked around.]

Cilocub: Alan? Where are you?

[Rustling was heard in a nearby bush. Cilocub looked over worried, seeing two glowing purple eyes in the darkness. The figure stepped forward, revealing to be Alan, controlled by Pride.]

Cilocub: I'm not here to talk to you.

Pride: Yes you are. Who do you think sent the text?

[Cilocub backed up then went to run away, but was cut off by acid falling onto the ground in front of him, followed by Gluttony approaching. He attempted to run a different direction but was cut off by Phazz.]

Phazz: Going somewhere?

[Phazz smirked. Cilocub turned around to run, seeing Envy and Emina having arrived.]

Cilocub: Wh-What do you want from me?!

Pride: You know. It's quite surreal. All of us here together. All we're missing is Sloth.

Cilocub: What do you mean?

Pride: [sighs, exasperated] Gluttony. Greed. Envy. Lust. Pride. What does that leave you with?

[Cilocub pondered this for a moment before realizing...]

Cilocub: N-No. You've got the wrong Appoplexian!

Pride: Bullshit! You knew what you were born to do! That's the reason you did...this to yourself! You weren't trying to be different, you were trying to contain your anger so you wouldn't have to live with reality! Why don't you just for once be honest with yourself, Wrath?

Gluttony: You should listen to him! I can smell the sin on you!

Cilocub: [growling] I'm not having any part of this!

Pride: Oh, yes you are. In fact, your role is going to be... quite important.