Steamers Wiki
Name/Idea Species Planet Powers Etymology Basis
Ammouflage Coco/Ilia Shipname
Shapeglypher Weiss' Semblance
Insult to Injury Insult Damage
Mount Neverest Sleep Manipulation
Pyrrhamid Geomagnekinesis Pyrrha Nikos
Yelly Flop
Shatterproof Destructability Manipulation
EMPath Electromagnetic Emotion Manipulation
Hertz, Don't It? Sonokinetic Invisbility
Sonokinetic Distortions
Sound Redirection
Voice Throwing
Moral Dilemma Morality Manipulation
Unus Annus Momentori Umbrakinesis
Light Energy Constructs
Unus Annus
Lovey Dovey Hunkahunkasapien Love Manipulation Hunkahunka
Drawing Board
Silver Lining Optimism Inducement
Ugly Duckling Apathy Inducement
Mike Up Puffed Tea
Dumpster Fire
End of the Rainbow Gold Manipulation
UnDamage Healing Factor
Under Pressure Pressure Manipulatoin
Scald Generation
Screwball Nail Generation
Schrödinger Spatial Manipulation Schrödinger's Cat
Whendigo Time Travel
Time Decay
Sound Barrier Sound Manipulation
Jet Propulsion
Prickly Bear Fangs
Ferial Aerial Adaptation
Paintball Color Manipulation
Draugr Fright Fear Inducement
Goblintel Mental Manipulation
Knowledge Replication
VaMoose Invisibility
Explogre Fire Breath
Combustion Inducement
Oilrig Fire Breath
Oil Constructs
Wrongoose Wrong Manipulation
Cross Pollenation Flower Manipulation
Fungal Communication
Body Swap Teleportation
Blockroach Invulnerability
Sands of Time Chronokinesis
Sand Manipulation
Enthrallphin Telekum Ossicorca Oceanus Coral Constructs
Cat Call Faunal Communication
Ixnay Escape Artistru Nix
Altracka Tracking Evasion
Porchushine Solar Manipulation
Thumpelstiltskin Echolocation Brownie
Mindonychus Hypnosis
Crystalcoatlus Crystallokinesis
Tyrannosaurus Hex Curse Inducement
Enerjinn Energy Constructs
Spitball Saliva Constructs
Pollendino Pollen Manipulation
Earwax Icarusapien Wax Constructs
Matter Ingestion
Chokehold Therizinosapien Terradino Vice Grip
Triceracotta Clay Manipulation
Petrified Wood Vanainite Physiology
Petrified Wood Manipulation
Neurocognitive Deficiency
Identelope Identity Manipulation
Smoke n' Mirrors Smoke Mimicry
Stumblerella Alinetonop Chorokinesis
Species: Anagram of Neopolitan Neo's Hush
Scald Eagle Steam Manipulation
Denshinigami Electro-Rigormortis
Librarbarian Dark Energy Constructs
Concretin Concrete Physiology
Shadogne Perfume Physiology
Umbrakinetic Constructs
Shadow + Cologne
Brownie Points
Ant Colony Colony Physiology
Physics Manipulation
Domino Effect Precognition
Rigsaw Belief Induction
Burned Disk Aoptive Muscle Memory
Warhead Nuclear Manipulation
Social Distance Interaction Manipulation
Fantasian Summoning Species: Fantasia Mop
Intuitive Aptitude Cowboy Hat
Abominabull Cold Constructs
Snuffed Out Thermal Resistance Rug
Currentsee Omniscience Money
Grillobite Heat Body Trilobite
H'Otter Heat Constructs Otter
Nonsequence Consequence Removal