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General Information
Species 1/3 Human (Homosapien)
1/3 Nanochip (Technoparvusapien)
1/3 Necrofriggian (Solsthisapien)
Planet None
Body Type Winged Humanoid
Powers Cryokinesis
Freezing Breath
Wind Breath
Ice Generation
Temperature Resistance
Density Shifting
Underwater Breathing
Space Survivability
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Speed
Size Alteration
Fourth Wall Awareness
Weaknesses Intangible Opponents
Non-Instinctive Intangibility
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker
Debut Darama Drama

Nanochill is a fusion of Nanomech and Big Chill.


Nanochill's entire body is that of Big Chill's, in terms of shape. His skin is colored like Big Chill's. He has Nanomech's black dress over his upper torso and shoulders, along with the neckbrace and chest device. He has Nanomech's forearms, and waist. He has both Big Chill's eyes, along with Nanomech's eyes in the center of his face. His wings are shaped like Big Chill's, but are colored like Nanomech's, and the pattern is more alike to Nanomech's, as well, as the dark red matches the shape of the bright red.


  • He has all the powers of Big Chill and Nanomech.
  • He displayed the ability to shoot an electric charge that could freeze his opponents in Darama Drama.
  • Due to Nanomech's powers, he lacks Big Chill's weakness to electricity.
  • Due to Big Chill's size, he lacks Nanomech's weakness of small stature.
  • Due to Alan's abilities, Nanochill has the ability of fourth wall awareness.


  • He cannot phase through other things that are intangible.
  • His intangibility is not instinctive.


  • Nanochill debuted in Darama Drama when Nanomech activated the DNA Scrambler, fusing himself with Necrofriggian DNA. He was used to freeze Darama.


  • Darama Drama (debut)


  • He is the first fusion to appear. He is also so far the only fusion to appear whilst using the DNA Scrambler.
  • He is the first (and so far only) fusion to be comprised of three DNA samples.
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