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Magnetic Personality
Magnetic Personality.png
Episode information
Release date TBA
Number S2E5
Writer(s) Alanomaly
Previous An Anurable Mission
Next My Dear Nemuina
Other information
Character Debuts Fly
Hagan Maximus
Diamond Zero
Khal Raztack
Alien Debuts Lodestar

Magnetic Personality is the fifth episode of the second season of The Alan 10 Adventures. It was written by Alanomaly. The episode art and additional writing was done by Ebomnitrix.


[The scene opened up with a picture of Eye Guy.]

Voice: What's happening here is not normal...

[The picture changed to a picture of Puncherbot.]

Voice: ...It's extraordinary.

[The picture changed to Rath as the camera panned out, revealing a military man in front of a screen. The pictures continue scrolling through Alan's transformations as the man stepped forward.]

Military Man: Ladies and gentlemen, what you're seeing here are extraterrestrial beings. Beings who can do one of two things: Destroy our world, or work with us to keep order. However, all predictions on how they act are pure fiction, as they are all based on fictional works. But this isn’t Men in Black. This isn’t The X-Files. This is not Star Wars, Star Trek, or anything else. This is reality, where we must be ready for anything. Plenty of what we’ve seen so far seems friendly.

[The screen changed to a picture of Rath holding Jail Berd, then to a blurry pic of Clockwork running.]

Military Man: However, that is not always the case.

[The picture then changed to Rath killing bank robbers. And then it was Dictator Hitmas’ ship. And then it was the ship of the Annihilators.]

Military Man: What they want, we do not know. We need to be able to make contact with them, but it seems that they run off at the first sign of that, so we will have to be more assertive with our actions. We have reason to believe many of the aliens are connected.

[The screen changed to the Simplicitrix symbol.]

Military Man: Many aliens share this symbol. A circular, red hourglass. What it means, we don’t know that, either. For all we know, they could be one large organization, with this as their emblem.

[A picture of Negative Diamondhead was seen.]

Military Man: Other aliens have the opposite, with a Cyan symbol instead.

[The picture then changed to a picture of Alan and Richard fighting as two robotic aliens. Alan was a dark grey, hunched over alien. There were red circuit-like marks on his arms and face. He was wearing a black, tanktop-like leotard with a red stripe on his upper body, as well as a red belt with the Simplicitrix on it. His lower body had a shiny, black fender going both forward and backward underneath the belt, and six grey wheels underneath the fender, three on either side. Richard was a big, bulky, pale teal alien with black metal parts on his body. His arms looked similar to jackhammers, and one of his hands was in the shape of a drill.]

Military Man: The Reds and Cyans appear to be on opposite sides. The Reds are seemingly heroic whenever they show up, and the Cyans are almost always in hiding unless fighting with the Reds; the only exception being when Agorm Hitmas invaded Earth.

[The picture changed to two maps of the United States, one which had red Simplicitrix symbols and the other with Cyan. Both maps had several markings along the east coast and somewhat westward inland, all branching off of a concentration in North Carolina. The red-marked map had many more markings than that of the Cyan-marked map.]

Military Man: Maps of confirmed sightings of the Reds and Cyans. Our best bet is to find a Red in North Carolina... By force, if necessary. If all goes well, we'll have an alien among us. If not... Then we'll have a dead one.

[The scene then changed to an zoomed in overhead view of Alan, whose hair was splayed out from him lying down on something. As the scene zoomed out, it was shown that Alan was in his Deadpool outfit.]

Alan: Y'know, most writers get their inspiration from things like truamatizing events, other people's work which obviously has an impact on this show, or they just adapt things from source material, usually ending up being good, or being DC. The writer of this show?

[The scene quickly changed over to racecars zooming around a track in a stadium full of people.]

Alan (voice): Fucking NASCAR.

[The scene then went back to Alan.]

Alan: Of all the fucking things... Fine. Whatever.

[Alan sat up, revealing to be sitting on a watertower outside the NASCAR track. The sides of the watertower were red with a white design going down them, but a lot of tape covering a certain area of the watertower.]

Alan: I realize this is just a text-based fan-fiction, but we can't show that. What do you take us for, Tokyo Ghoul:re? Don't be silly.

[Alan stood up then put the mask of his outfit on, and walked to the side opposite the stadium before turning back.]

Alan: I have a fear of heights, and the writer has a fear of heights that mine stems from. But he puts me on this fucking watertower anyway. Fuck you. Yes, the Wade Wilson suit is made to prevent me from taking any actual damage. That doesn't make me not scared of falling. Fuck you, too.

[Alan got a running start and jumped off the watertower, reaching and flailing his arms in an attempt to not fall, just barely catching onto the edge of a staircase on the outerwall of the stadium with one hand. Taking deep breaths, he looked at his predicament before looking at the audience.]

Alan: Believe it or not, this is the most realistic use of a watertower this entire show.

[Alan pulled himself up into the staircase, falling on his back and catching his breath before making his way up it.]

Alan: I could've just... Walked in... What the fuck is the point of the theatrics?

[After getting to the top of the stairs, he climbed up onto the wall around them, and made his way to the top of the stadium. Looking out, he could see all of the cars racing around the track before looking down at the tall fence built around the track on the barriers.]

Alan: Okay... okay okay okay okay...

[Alan once again got a running start and then jumped down, aiming for the fence, but landing on the steps between the filled seats, tumbling his way down until he hit the barrier.]

Alan: FUCK! That's... That's less than desirable. [groaning while getting up] How the fuck do I still feel pain without taking damage? That's bullshit!

[Alan turned around and saw everyone near him was staring at him, some shocked at his language.]

Alan: What?! Never seen a superhero with coprolalia before? Judgemental cunts.

[Alan turned back to the track and began climbing the fence, making his way up one of the curved metal posts before sheepishly getting onto the edge of it.]

Alan: Come on, come on, come on...

[Alan saw the cars approaching him.]

Alan: Fuck... Which one is which? Uhh...

[As the cars got closer, Alan made a quick decision.]

Alan: Fuck it!

[Alan jumped down and landed on the hood of a car, and slowly made his way towards the side, bashing the widow open and climbing in next to the driver, much to the latter's surprise.]

Driver: What the hell are you doing?!

Alan: Shut it and drive, Mario Andretti!

[The green lights around the fence started to flash yellow.]

Race Announcer: Going into caution with the strange appearance of a man in a red suit.

Driver: I'm gonna have to go into the pit and get you out of my car!

Alan: You do that and we're gonna have some issues! And I've got enough of those already! Keep driving!

[Reluctantly the driver continued going around the track alongside other cars. Alan looked up at the live leaderboard, seeing how far he was from the other person.]

Alan: Time to play musical cars. Keep it steady, Ricky Bobby!

[Alan climbed out of the car, standing on the top of it. He then jumped on the hood and then onto the back of the next car, making his way across them as they continued to drive. After a few cars, Alan jumped onto one that tried to shake him off.]

Alan: Oh for fuck's sake...

[Alan made his way from the back onto the top of the car, broke the driver's side window, and reached in, the driver trying to push his hand away while still driving.]

Alan: Pride, do your thing!

[From Alan's hand, Pride's tentacles shot out, undoing the seatbelts. Alan then pulled him out of the car and put himself in.]

Pride (voice): Do you know how to drive one of these?

Alan: Pride, there's a first time for everything. Walking, speaking, putting Dorito dust on your dick, and driving a NASCAR. I've done three of those things, and now it's time to do the fourth.

Pride (voice): I did not need to know about the dust.

[Alan paused.]

Alan: Do... Do Ectonurites... have dicks?

Pride (voice): I'm not answering that.

[Alan turned the car to get out of the line of cars, and then pressed the gas, the car going much faster than intended. Alan and Pride were both screaming as Alan made his way to the car he was trying to get to, before ramming into the back of it and pinning it against the wall, causing the yellow lights to become red. Alan climbed out of the car and fell to the ground before getting up and making his way to the car he crashed into. With Pride undoing the driver's seatbelts, Alan pulled him out and pinned him against the car.]

Alan: Two years, two months, and eleven days, I've waited for this... This excruciatingly over-the-top moment that was only written so the writer could feel like he was writing for Deadpool 3... I have waited... And now, it's finally here... So... Can I get your autograph?

[The driver was obviously confused.]

Driver: ...What?!

Alan: Come on, please!

[Alan pulled out a penis-shaped marker and handed it to the driver.]

Alan: See? I even brought my own size 15 pen! Well... It's a marker but still.

Driver: You... wrecked so much shit... for an autograph?

[Alan leaned forward and kissed the helmet where the driver's mouth would be through his own mask.]

Alan (whispering): You're worth it.

[Clearly annoyed, the driver reluctantly grabbed the marker. Alan excitedly grabbed his hand and pulled it down, to which the driver pulled back quickly.]

Driver: I am not signing that!

Alan: Well, fine then, you party pooper. Just do it on the pec.

[The driver groaned and then signed his name on the pec of Alan's suit.]

Alan: Oh, oh thank you, Richard Petty.

Driver: ...What? I am not Richard Petty!

Alan: Busch? Earnhardt? Kesolowski? Oh please tell me you're not Johnson.

Driver: My name is right there on your suit!

[Alan looked down at the pec.]

Alan: I'm sorry, I can't read doctor.

[The driver was stammering trying to find a proper response to Alan, who began to make his way onto the outside of the fence.]

Alan: Well, this has been fun. Thanks for the autograph, uh... [tries to read the autograph] Uh.... Partner? Buddy ol' pal? Sure, let's go with that.

[Alan looked onto the other side of the fence and saw a blow up bounce house. He climbed through the fence and looked back at the driver.]

Alan: Cachow!

[Alan then jumped from the fence, landing on his chest a foot away from the bounce house.]


[As Alan slowly got up, security cars approached him. Alan looked at them, and then jumped onto the closest one. The security guards jumped out, aiming their guns at him. Alan then jumped down, and hit the driver's head against the door before jumping in and driving off, with one of the guards trying to get in as he did.]

Alan: You stay there and things aren't gonna go well for you!

[Disregarding Alan's words, the guard continued trying to get in. Alan sighed, and put his left foot on the gas as he kicked out towards the guard with his right, kicking at him a few times before finally getting him to fall out. With the guard taken care of, Alan swerved, causing the door to close.]

Alan: There, now to lose them.

Pride (voice): How do you expect to do that?

Alan: ...We'll figure it out.

[Suddenly, Alan's phone began ringing. Alan pulled it out and answered.]

Alan: Hello, Arthur Curry's Dry Cleaning, how may I help you?

Jessica (voice): Where are you right now?!

Alan: Uhh.... The soup store?

Jessica (voice): We're watching the TV and a suit that looks suspiciously like mine just wrecked a NASCAR race! Any idea why that might be?

Alan: One: That's my suit. I made multiple. Two: I needed an autograph from uh... Doctor Strange or whoever the fuck. He wrote his signature like he was giving me a perscription to visit Khamer Taj.

Jessica (voice): You wrecked a race for a fucking signature?!

Alan: Calm down, you sound just like Dr. Fate back there! Also I think he wants me to cheat on you. He kissed me through the suit.

Pride (voice): You kissed him.

Alan: Fuck off, Pride!

Jessica (voice): What did you say?!

Alan: I was talking to Pride! We're not gonna have some bullshit fight over you thinking I'm talking to you when I'm talking to something else! I don't want some bullshit breakup to happen over this! That's not how real relationships work!

[Alan looked in the rear view mirror and saw guards and cops catching up to him.]

Alan: Ugh, shit. I'll call you later. Or I'll just show up back at the house.

Jessica (voice): Alan, wai-

[Alan hung up and put the phone back in his pocket. Alan and the following authorities came up on a bridge across a river.]

Alan: I got an idea!

Pride (voice): What?

Alan: Pride, I drank a fifth of vodka, dare me to drive?

Pride (voice): You didn't drink anythi- WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!

[At about halfway across the bridge and halfway through Pride's sentence, Alan took a sharp turn on the bridge, flipping the car over the edge and into the water below. The authorities all stopped their cars abruptly and got out, looking down at the water in confusion and anger. Alan undid his seatbelt and then pressed the Simplicitrix on his wrist, retracting the suit. He activated it again and transformed into Ripjaws, then busted out of the car and swam away.]

[The scene then changed to a small laboratory, made only smaller by being cut off by a curtain in the center of the room. The side that could be seen had two desks. One desk was completely barren. The other was covered in papers, test tubes, and a few computers. There was also a television on the wall next to the curtain. The military man from the opening scene was standing in the room, along with an older gentleman. The older gentleman had greying-black hair and facial hair, and black glasses, and an entirely black semi-formal outfit, comprised of jeans, a button up shirt, and overcoat. The two were looking at what appeared to be files made of aliens: Petrosapien, Tetramand, Piscciss Volann, and Kineceleran.]

Military Man: What are you thinking, Fly?

[The older gentleman looked up at the military man, then back down at the files. He then pulled a file up that had the Simplicitrix logo on it. He paused for a moment, staring at it.]

Military Man: Fly!

[Fly broke from his trance.]

Fly: S-Sorry, Hagan. This symbol. It... Something about it is familiar.

Hagan: Black widows. They have that symbol.

Fly: [chuckles] That'd better not be a spider-fly joke. But... No, that's not what I'm talking about. I can't put my finger on it. But, I have a theory. You suggested the idea that the hourglass, Red or Cyan, could be an emblem of some sort of organization of these aliens. Well, I'm gonna have to disagree. You see, we've seen Reds and Cyans simultaneously, but... We never see more than one Red or Cyan in the same place at the same time. If they were organizations, they'd have at some point been seen together. I think... it's something more than that. Something more elaborate. More... sci-fi, let's say.

Hagan: "Sci-fi?" You can't be serious.

Fly: Many things that are science facts were at one point science fiction. Being able to communicate with another person face to face over a phone used to just be something you'd see in the movies. In any case, if aliens are capable of travelling to us, they've probably got a lot more up their sleeves. Which means my theory is a lot more likely than it would be in any other circumstance.

Hagan: And what exactly is your theory?

Fly: ...We're only dealing with two aliens.

[Hagan was noticeably confused, but before he could say anything, there was a knocking heard from the other side of the curtain. They both turned to the curtain, before Fly went under it and began hushing whatever it was behind there. He came back out to where Hagan was.]

Fly: Sorry. My uh... Lab rats, let's call them. They like to make a ruckus when people show up.

[Fly went back to looking at his papers and files. Hagan looked at the television, which was showing the scene of Alan at the race. Hagan was somewhat intrigued, and even moreso when he noticed that the belt of Alan's suit bore the Simplicitrix symbol.]

[The scene changed to the living room, where Alan was looking at his suit, specifically trying to discern the autograph. His friends were sitting across from him, all extremely angry with him.]

Alan: Oh for fuck's sake. It was fucking Logano. Well, I suppose that's better than Stewart.

[Alexis cleared her throat. Alan put the suit down, just now noticing everyone looking at him.]

Alan: Let me guess. This is gonna be a-

Alexis: Shut the fuck up. For once.

Alan: Ugh. Fine. I suppose Devin and Mason could use the extra dialogue.

Jessica: You could've fucking killed someone. What the fuck were you thinking?!

[Alan remained silent. The group was exasperated.]

Mason: Devin, read his mind.

Devin: Hell no.

Mason: Why not?

Devin: ...I'm scared.

Mason: Of?

Devin: He was already kind of messed up. And now there's Pride, too. I'm terrified of reading that mind.

Pride (voice): He's smart.

Alexis: He listens a little too well when he wants to. Like right now. I told him to shut the fuck up, he's fucking silent. We need you to read his mind to figure out what the fuck is going on there.

[Devin had an obvious look of fear on his face.]

Devin: (reluctantly) ...Fine.

[Devin began concentrating on Alan's mind, trying to dissect the electric pulses in his brain. Suddenly, Devin found himself in a hallucination of Alan's psyche. Devin looked around, being in a forest of trees, all of which had phallic carvings in them. He saw a river, and as he approached it, he was changed back into his human form. Without having enough time to process he was human again, he found himself being pulled by overly sexualized versions of Alexis and Jessica into the river.]

Alexis: Come on!

Jessica: We're gonna have some fun!

[Devin was unable to even respond, still trying to figure out what the absolute fuck was going on. He stepped into the river with Alexis and Jessica, but then was almost immediately swept away by the current.]

Jessica: Aw, he's leaving.

Alexis: Come again!

[Devin was flowing down the river, until he was bulled under the water, finding himself falling down a black pit. When he hit the bottom, he was in a snowy field. He looked around, finding that the snowy environment wasn't even remotely cold. Trudging through the snow, he found a throne made of black metal with red details on it. As he got closer, he was suddenly taken aback by the appearance of Mason, who, unlike Devin, was still in his Arachnichimp form. However, he was wearing what looked like a Hawaiian grass skirt and a coconut bra. He also had a fruit hat on. He was dancing around in what should probably be considered a culturally offensive manner.]

Devin: What... The actual... Fuck...

[Mason's head then changed from his own, to his human form's, then it changed into Richard's who smiled menacingly at Devin before the entire body changed into Pride, who seemed to devour Devin after opening up his own chest and pulling him in with his tentacles. Devin saw nothing but darkness, until seven bright lights shown: magenta, yellow, green, orange, white, blue, and purple. An eighth light was seen, but its color was constantly changing. All the lights were suddenly blacked out, and Pride's eye opened instantly, scaring Devin out of the mind reading session that may as well have been a drug trip. Devin fell back against the wall when he entered reality again. He looked up at the rest of the group before flying out of the room.]

Devin: Fuck that shit!

[Alexis, Jessica, and Mason were extremely confused.]

Alan: That's about the reaction I'd expe-

[Alan's mouth was suddenly covered in webbing.]

Mason: Someone could've died. And that's all on you.

[Alan rolled his eyes.]

Jessica: Don't you dare fucking roll your eyes at the idea of killing someone. What the fuck is wrong with you?

[Alan pulled his arm up to his face, activated the Simplicitrix, and was transformed into Ditto. He looked at his hands, obviously annoyed, making a groaning sound that was muffled by the webbing, before cloning himself. The clone then begain working at the webbing of the original, trying to get it off.]

Ditto 2: I sincerely think you guys are overreacting. If someone died, I would've just changed into Un-Named and brought them back.

Alexis: There are a few problems with that plan. A few big problems.

Ditto 2: [struggling with the webbing] Such as...?

Alexis: That's a total abuse of your powers.

Jessica: You'd give away your secret identity by having to retract the suit into the Simplicitrix before transforming.

Mason: The Simplicitrix gives you the wrong alien so many times that you might not even turn into him immediately.

Ditto 2: [finally breaking loose the webbing from the original] He's a living Ex Machina, bringing someone back to life is literally one of his purposes.

Ditto 1: I'd be Un-Named and would be able to just remove it from everyone's memory that doesn't already know.

[The Ditto's fused into one and then changed back into Alan.]

Alan: And I'd just keep changing until I actually got him.

[Alan's friends looked at each other, annoyed and worried.]

[The scene then changed to a street on the outskirts of the city near Alan's home. Just by the edge of the street was the treeline. Inside the treeline, there were several military vehicles. Hagan stepped out of one of them, before walking to the biggest vehicle.]

Hagan: Is this the one with Fly's labrat?

Soldier: Yes, sir.

[Hagan looked at the vehicle as the back opened. A large, clear containment unit came out, revealing a red Tetramand, the one seen earlier on Fly's papers. He wore golden armor that went up the center of his torso in a singular line from a belt. The stripe split off at his chest, going at opposite directions around his neck. The armor went down his shoulders to the middle of his upper arms, where it wrapped around them. He had fingerless black gloves. He wore black pants that ended with two uneven golden anklets. One of the other soldiers was noticeably concerned.]

Soldier 2: We're going to release him?

Hagan: Not entirely. Boys.

[Some more soldiers opened the top of the container, and carefully placed in a high-teck collar that wrapped around the Tetramand's neck, and then closed the container.]

Hagan: Fly engineered a collar for each of these aliens. This will allow us to keep him in check while also letting him do enough to provoke one of the Reds to come out. And if a red comes out, the Cyans might as well. I want to believe the Reds are here to help, as they've only killed one of ours, even if that one was a criminal. If the Reds are here to help, then the Cyans they fight must be against us. If the Cyan comes out, we can avoid troubles with the Reds. But if a Red is all that comes out, then we'll just have to make do.

[Hagan nodded to one of the soldiers. The soldier pulled out a device and pressed it, activating the collar, and waking up the Tetramand, revealing his orange eyes.]

[The scene changed to Alan's house where the group was watching the television. Except for Devin, who was still shaken from the events earlier in the day.]

Mason: You alright?

Devin: I think I need therapy...

Alan: Therapy won't be enough. Trust me, I've tried.

[Flipping through the channels, Alexis stopped on the news channel which showed the Tetramand. He was in a rage, flinging cars around the area outside of town. Alan sighed in exasperation.]

Alan: Goddamnit. [looks at Devin and Mason] AmpFibian, Spidermonkey, let's go.

Jessica: What about us?

Alan: [looks at her] I know this is just gonna lead you to start scolding me again, but people are on the lookout for a guy in a red suit. You and Alexis have other colored versions of it, but it's essentially identical other than that. Let's not risk you two getting taken away, eh? [looks back at the other two] Come on, before she starts nagging me again.

[The scene changed back to where the Tetramand was. He threw his hands into the ground, cracking the street both towards and away from the city. Past the treeline across the street from where Hagan and his men were, Alan, Mason, and Devin were watching the Tetramand.]

Devin: I've got a plan.

Alan: It's a Tetramand, do we really need that much of a plan? He hits you, you hit back.

Devin: Shut up and listen. I'll head for the upper arms, and try to contain them. Mason, you attach his feet and lower arms to the ground. Alan, you go someone strong, just in case... And wait here.

Alan: Hold up, what? I have to wait here? The fuck kind of plan is that? I'm the main character! should be telling you to wait! Make a new plan where I- [looks around, realizes Devin and Mason are already headed for the Tetramand] Oh fuck both of you.

[The Tetramand turned and saw the duo coming for him. He started running for them. Hagan and his men saw them approaching.]

Hagan: We've got the associates of the Reds. One should be following shortly.

[Devin went high as Mason went low, dodging him. Devin used two of his arms to grab one of the Tetramand's top arms, but was then flung by him. Mason went to shoot webbing onto the Tetramand's foot, only for it to be grabbed by the latter's bottom left arm, and flung in the same direction as Devin. Still in the trees, Alan looked down at the Simplicitrix.]

Alan: Alright. My turn.

[Alan activated the Simplicitrix, and scrolled until he found Humungousaur. He pressed down, and started transforming in a red flash. His entire body was covered in a black stone. The stone around his hands cracked open, revealing a bright magenta claw. The stone on his feet broke open in a similar manner, revealing claw-like feet. Stone came up over his sholders and head, creating a dome-like structure. The top of it cracked open, revealing magenta markings. The dome then opend up in the center, and a metal, skull-like head with a magenta crest was revealed. His eyes opened up, being bright red, and a red glow around his head shown. There was another red flash, and Alan stood in the trees as a new alien. He looked down at his body.]

Lodestar: I don't recognize this one. Main problem is he's not who I selected.

[Lodestar went to press the Simplicitrix again, but the trees before him were uprooted by the Tetramand, who grabbed him and threw him into the streets. Lodestar groaned as he got up. Hagan looked at him, seeing the Simplicitrix on his chest, and smiled.]

Hagan: We got one.

[Lodestar once again tried to press the Simplicitrix but was pinned to the ground by the Tetramand. Struggling to move, Lodestar instinctively blasted him back with a magnetic pulse. The Tetramand flew back a few feet, and Lodestar got up, looking at his hand and then at the Tetramand. The Tetramand got up and started charging at Lodestar.]

Lodestar: Not this time.

[Lodestar put out both of his hands, shooting magnetic pulses at the Tetramand. The golden metal of the Tetramand's armor slowed him down by Lodestar's powers.]

Lodestar: Not pure gold, is it?

[Devin flew towards them and grabbed the Tetramand's upper arms, two arms for each of the Tetramand's. Mason then shot webbing at his feet and remaining two hands. Lodestar approached him.]

Devin: That's not exactly what I meant by strong.

Lodestar: [to Devin] Not now! [to Tetramand] Y'know, the last time a Tetramand terrorized this place, it didn't end well for him. Now, what is your issue?

[The Tetramand struggled to talk.]

Tetramand: I... Don't want... To fight... You, that is...

[Visibly skeptical, Lodestar saw his collar.]

Lodestar: You've been set up? Is that what the collar is for?

[The Tetramand attempted to nod. Hagan was watching closely. He pulled one of his men over to him.]

Hagan: The Red's catching on. Let's play it safe and just take this Red while we can.

[The soldier nodded as he walked over to the men who put the collar on the Tetramand. After talking with them, one of them pulled out a small device and pressed a button on it. The Tetramand roared in anger and pain, ripping himself free from Mason's webs, who he then kicked away. He spun around, throwing Devin off of him. Before Lodestar could react, the Tetramand punched his head, enough to separate it from his body. The Tetramand picked up the body and began to walk away with it. Mason looked up, too late to see where the Tetramand went, or even to see that he took Lodestar's boddy, but was able to see Lodestar's head on the ground. He shot a web at him, and pulled it over to him. Devin flew over, and they retreated into the woods on their side of the street. A few yards into the trees, they stopped.]

Lodestar: This shit better not take two hours to dissolve. I'm gonna be more pissed than Donald Glover...

Devin: What happened to the rest of you?

Lodestar: Based on what I'm feeling... [pauses] ...The Tetramand took it. AH! THAT'S COLD!

Mason: What's cold?

Lodestar: Whatever it is my body is in, or on.

[The scene cut to the Tetramand, who climbed back into the container, and the collar put him to sleep. The collar was then removed as he was put back into the vehicle, alongside Lodestar's limp body. The vehicle was closed up and it drove off, followed by the other vehicles.]

[The scene changed to Fly's laboratory. He was studying over pictures of Alan's aliens when suddenly the door to his lab was abruptly opened. He turned, and saw Hagan walk in.]

Hagan: Fly... We got something for you.

[Two soldiers carrying Lodestar's body walked in and placed it on the empty table in the center of the lab. Fly looked on in wonder, before focusing his attention on the Simplicitrix. The Tetramand in his container was then rolled in behind them, and stored behind the curtain.]

Hagan: Do what you do best.

[Fly glanced up at Hagan. The scene then changed to Devin and Mason, the latter of which carrying Lodestar's head on his back, as they came up on the back of the house. They entered quietly, and then walked into the living room, where Jessica and Alexis were. They turned around, clearly concerned.]

Jessica: What happened? The Tetramand destroyed all of the news helicopters before you guys got there.

Alexis: Where's Alan?

[Mason and Devin looked at each other. Mason then pulled Lodestar's head out from behind his back.]

Lodestar: Hi, I'm the plot.

[Jessica and Alexis looked at him with a mix of confusion and concern. The scene skipped to a few minutes later, after the situation was fully explained. Lodestar's head was sitting on a low mantle, being punched by Jessica in her Deadblue suit.]

Lodestar: Ow.

Jessica: Stupid fucking- [punches]

Lodestar: Ow.

Jessica: Arrogant little- [punches]

Lodestar: Ow.

Jessica: Can't just goddamn-

[As Jessica went to punch him again, she was held back by Alexis.]

Alexis: Come on, we all know he deserves it but go calm down.

[Jessica backed off, then Alexis suddenly punched Lodestar's head with her bare hand.]

Lodestar: OW! What the hell?! You just told her to back off!

Alexis: I'm aware.

Lodestar: How did that not hurt you?!

Alexis: Succubi are more durable than humans.

Lodestar: I'll remember that next time you're in a burning building.

Devin: If we're done with this...

[The others looked at Devin.]

Devin: We've still got an issue aside from him being separated from his head. We have no idea where the body went.

Mason: We've gotta go back then.

Jessica: Back to where you guys fought that Tetramand? There's gonna be cops swarming the place!

Lodestar: If I may...

[Everyone turned to Lodestar.]

Lodestar: I recently learned of a transformation of mine that I call Zerox. He's a cloning alien, but instead of cloning himself like Echo-Echo or Ditto, he clones other things. As cocky as I may be, I still put up a contingency plan in the event of me being stuck in a situation where I can't transform or really do anything. Like this situation right now. Check my room, you'll know what the plan is when you find them.

Alexis: Them?

[Back at the area where the fight took place, a few small lights were flying through the sky, not big enough to notice. Each was a different color: purple, blue, teal, orange. They all landed in the woods on a tree branch. The blue and purple lights were revealed to be two female versions of Nanomech. The other two landed. The teal light came from an animalistic Nanomech with six eyes and a tail. The orange came from a Nanomech that had a jellyfish-like build to him. Each had a Simplicitrix symbol on them with their respective colors.]

Nanomech (Mason): Is there no better way to do this?

[Their Simplicitrixes lit up as Lodestar's voice came through.]

Lodestar: You have my original ten aliens. The incognito alternatives to Nanomech's size are ChamAlien's camouflage and Clockwork's time powers. But you run the risk of being seen in the instant you transform. Take your pick.

Nanomech (Devin): If Clockwork has time powers, it's pretty pointless to worry about being caught.

[The group flew down from the tree branch and transformed back. Alexis pressed her purple Simplicitrix. Purple energy was seen shining over her body as it was encompassed in a lavender-silvery colored metal. Her body changed into an hourglass figure and a cog grew from the top of her head, and then began to spin around. Everything around the four of them slowed down and was seen in purple. Everything then changed to how it was as the fight took place. Holograms of Hagan, his men, and their vehicles were seen around them. The Tetramand, with Lodestar's body, came into the woods, and the group watched as the actions from earlier repeated and the cars drove off.]

Clockwork (Alexis): Shall we?

[With time still being manipulated, the group walked in the direction the cars headed. The scene changed back to Fly's lab, where two tubes were hooked up to the Simplicitrix, red energy flowing through them. The tubes were hooked up to a computer which was displaying holograms of Alan's aliens on a screen: Jetray, Ditto, Frankenstrike, Cannonbolt, 4D2, and Rabbiture. Fly turned back towards Lodestar, just missing Intimachi's hologram. His hands ran along Lodestar's arm.]

Fly: A body comprised of a biological material similar to that of lodestone. Interesting.

[Fly turned his attention back towards the Simplicitrix, staring at it for a moment. He removed a glove he was wearing and slowly reached his hand out towards the symbol. When his fingers touched the device, it shot out some red energy that went around Fly's hand. He pulled it away and looked at it, concerned, before the energy spread across his body. His eyes suddenly flashed red. Everything was then seen from Fly's point of view, although it was somewhat distorted. He looked around, finding himself in a small chamber with nodes lining the walls.]

Fly: What the- Oh. Oh no.

[He looked down at hismelf and he was wearing armor with smaller nodes than those on the wall. His body had changed. He had thin arms that were red with orange markings and three orange fingers, and his legs were long with a similar coloration, though his feet were black with two toes on the front and one on the back. He looked up at a window in the chamber, and on the other side was Gearo, who spoke but was inaudible.]

Fly: No, no, no. This can't be happening again!

[Gearo looked down and activated something on a control panel just beneath the window on his side. Red energy shot from the nodes in the walls into the nodes on Fly's armor, causing him to shout out in pain, and Fly found himself back in his lab. Breathing heavily, he looked at his hand which was changing to be that of the hand he saw before. He began to scream as the rest of his body began to change as well. He became thinner and just a bit taller. White wings sprouted from his back, tearing at his jacket which he struggled to get off. As his transformation continued, he knocked over some of the papers on the desk, specifically the ones with the alien individuals on it. His hair retracted as his head became mostly red with some orange markings, and the lower part of his face became white. Two black antennae came out from the top of his head, and his eyes were changing into blue, compound eyes. He let out another scream as the scene changed, showing the outside of the facility. In the treeline, a purple flash was seen as Clockwork changed back into Alexis.]

Alexis: Damnit! I was hoping we could just sneak in there with time frozen and this would be easy.

Lodestar (voice): You should never hope for things to be that easy.

[A blue flash was seen and everyone saw that Jessica had transformed into Gutrot.]

Gutrot (Jessica): I'm headed in.

Devin: Wait, what?

[Jessica ran off from the group, and used some gas to melt a hole in the fence.]

Devin: No, that's not-

[Devin was interrupted by a teal flash, seeing Mason had turned into Rath.]

Rath (Mason): Blue gas lady's got the right idea!

[Mason ran after Jessica.]

Devin: For fuck's sake!

Lodestar (voice): Not so easy being in charge, huh?

Devin: Shut your mouth. I'm going the stealthy route.

[Devin activated his Simplicitrix and was transformed into ChamAlien.]

ChamAlien (Devin): You coming?

Alexis: I need to recharge a bit first.

Lodestar (voice): And here I thought coming and recharging were synonymous for you.

[Alexis angrily hit the Simplicitrix and was turned into Pesky Dust.]

Pesky Dust (Alexis): Wait, what? But I thought-

Lodestar (voice): It doesn't have to be fully charged to work. You've just got less time before you turn back. Kinda like taking your phone off the charger early.

ChamAlien (Devin): Aren't these copies of your watch? I don't see you having to recharge so often!

Lodestar (voice): A small backfire in restricting them to my original ten was changing the functionality to before I unlocked any additional aliens. Accidental transformations and time outs will be more common for you.

Gutrot (Jessica; voice): That sounds like bullshit.

[Jessica reached the wall of the facility with Mason following up behind her. Sirens were already blaring because of their presence. Jessica went to melt the wall, but Mason threw his fists into it instead, using his strength to pull a chunk out big enough for them to walk in.]

Rath (Mason): HONEY, WE'RE HOME!

[The scene changed back to Fly's lab which was effectively trashed. Looking at some shattered glass, he looked over his new form, with a look of concern on his face. Suddenly, a deep voice was heard.]

Voice: Hello?

[Fly looked up and turned, realizing that the voice was coming from the other side of the curtain. He moved it back, and the four aliens from his papers were seen. On the left was a grey Petrosapien wearing a purple and orange outfit. The second from the left was the Tetramand. The second from the right was a white Pissciss Volann with a respirator and several scars on his body; his fins were orange and his left hand was a dark grey, while his right foot was a noticably different shade of white. The right most alien was a pale blue Kineceleran, which wore a red and black top that had a blue stripe across the red section and across the waist, with both blue and red stripes on his tail. The Petrosapien was the one talking.]

Petrosapien: A Racomitrium Servum? What are you doing here?

Fly: ...I wish I knew.

Piscciss Volann: What happened to the human?

[Fly remained silent.]

Tetramand: ...Did you kill him?

Fly: No. I'm... pretty sure I was him. Am him.

Kineceleran: WHAT?!

[Fly turned back to Lodestar.]

Fly: I was a DNA donor for that... thing over there.

[The others looked up and saw Lodestar's body, and the Simplicitrix on his chest. The Petrosapien's eyes widened.]

Petrosapien: Is that the Simplicitrix?

Fly: You know it?

Petrosapien: That's the thing Alan Nomaly used to defeat Starbeard.

Fly: Starbeard... Oh! Yes! The Court Celestialsapien! My memory is a bit fuzzy after so long of being a human. But this... Alan Nomaly, I have no knowledge of him.

Petrosapien: What?! He's the greatest hero in our universe!

Kineceleran: That's a bit of an overstatement, Amadan.

Tetramand: This solar system, maybe...

Petrosapien: You're just jealous he got to fight Starbeard and not you, Raztack! And Zedipar, how many times do I have to tell you? It's Diamond Zero!

Zedipar: Zero is definitely right...

Diamond Zero: Hey! [groans] Kalastaa, what do you think? [waits for response] ...Kalastaa?

[The aliens looked to see the silent Piscciss Volann who simply put his dark grey hand to the glass, and several lines on it lit up with yellow light as the glass melted away, allowing him to step out and grab Fly by the neck with his still lit hand, burning him.]

Kalastaa: Do you know who I am?

Fly: [struggling] I-I believe your friend called you Kalastaa...?

Kalastaa: [tightens grip] Don't get smart with me! And he's not my friend.

Diamond Zero: Aw.

Kalastaa: I helped put an end to the Piscciss-Pyros war after years of being tortured by them. This hand that burns you is what I walked away with. And a prosthetic foot made of taydenite. And what happens when I tried to walk away from it all? ...You. You people happened. Years of captivity followed by more years of it. When I managed to break free of my bondage on that Pyronite ship, I killed every one of those bastards. And I will do it again. You are either going to help me, or you will die as well.

[Fly stared at him for a moment before the scene changed to Jessica and Mason tearing shit up in the base. Alexis flew in through the hole in the wall, and the distortion of a camouflaged Devin walking through the facility dodging the warfare. Jessica had a thin shield of gas melting any bullets shot at her, while Mason was tanking other people by throwing tanks at them. Sneaking along the back wall, Hagan made his way into Fly's lab.]

Hagan: Fly, we need to get that body and get out. [waits for response] Fly?

[Hagan turned around and saw the four aliens from the containments standing free, Kalastaa having melted their containers.]


Fly: You got it!

[Hagan turned to Fly's voice, and screamed when he saw Fly in his alien form. From two nozzle-like growths on the front of his shoulders, Fly shot a mossy substance that landed on Hagan, causing him to fall to the ground. He started coughing, and the moss became darker. Raztack grabbed Lodestar's body and brought him out into the open.]

Fly: We need to figure out how to get the body back to-

[Fly was interrupted by Mason tackling Raztack to the ground, sending Lodestar's body flying.]



Rath (Mason): ...Oh.

[The two looked to see Lodestar's body flying through the air towards a wall. When when it hit the wall then landed, it let out a large magnetic pulse. The scene then changed to Alan's house where Lodestar's head was still on the mantle, and he was humming while saying some lyrics.]

Lodestar: [hums] I used to rule the world... [hums] ...from the mobs I used to slay... [hums] Pride, your turn!

Pride (voice): I don't sing.

Lodestar: Hum?

Pride (voice): No.

Lodestar: Whistle?

Pride (voice): No.

Lodestar: What fun is it having a disembodied voice in your head if they won't sing video game parodies with you?

Pride (voice): Wait. Do you feel that?

Lodestar: The start of us forming a musical duo?

Pride (voice): No, you moron.

[Lodestar's head was suddenly pulled off the mantle at an alarming speed.]

Pride (voice): THAT!

[The two of them screamed as the head flew through the wall of the home and towards the military base. Speaking of which, back at that hellhole, Alexis put some people to sleep as Pesky Dust before her Simplicitrix beeped and changed her back.]

Alexis: For fuck's sake...

[She quickly hid, then pressed the Simplicitrix, causing her own purple Deadpool outfit to cover her body rather than transform her. Her voice became distorted as she spoke.]

Alexis: That'll make things easier.

[Alexis pulled out the two swords from the back of her suit and then ran back out into the battle. As Mason and the other aliens approached Lodestar's body, they saw an invisible force kicking away several military goons from the body. After the last one was down, Devin appeared out fo seemingly nowhere.]

ChamAlien (Devin): New friends?

Rath (Mason): Talk later, save body now!

[Mason and Raztack picked up the body as Alexis and Jessica approached.]

Gutrot (Jessica): We'll give you guys cover!

Hagan (voice): The hell you will!

[Everyone turned to see Hagan stumbling out of Fly's lab, holding a strange vial with red liquid in it. Fly's eyes widened.]

Fly: Hagan, you put that back right now!

Hagan: Don't you order me around, you insect freak! That body is a piece of government property!

Alexis: Oh, go fuck yourself. You kidnapped the body and you know it.


Hagan: You're going to wish that was the case.

[Hagan drank the red liquid, and a red flash encompassed his body, before everyone saw that he had become Cannonbolt. His bolts were a deep green, and his skin a pale blue. His eyes were yellow. The stripe on his chest resembled the suit jacket and tie he wore as a human.]

Cannonbolt (Hagan): Let's see how you like a taste of your own medicine!

[Hagan went to go after them, but the top-heavy nature of his body caused him to fall over. The others stared for a minute before laughing.]

ChamAlien (Devin): Did you really think becoming an alien would be that easy to get used to?

Alexis: Cannonbolt's like the worst one! It took Alan forever to get used to him!

[Hagan thought to himself: "Alan? ...Well, what an interesting development." He got up onto his hands and knees, and managed to curl into his ball form, and launched himself, hurling Raztack away. Lodestar's body fell to the ground. Jessica ran over to help Mason get it up again, when Lodestar's head came hurling through the wall, reuiniting with his body.]

Gutrot (Jessica): Alan! How the hell did you get here?

Lodestar: Don't... Wanna... Talk about it...

[Lodestar looked down at his chest, and tapped the Simplicitrix, changing back to human before passing out. Alexis came over.]

Alexis: I'll handle this.

[She reached out and activated his Simplicitrix, causing his Deadpool suit to go over his body, then she dragged him away from the scene. Hagan turned just late enough to miss this.]

Cannonbolt (Hagan): Where the hell did my alien body go?!

Zedipar: Looks to me like you still have it!

[Zedipar zoomed past Hagan who tried to grab him, but only managed to fall forward again. Zedipar came back around to do it again, but Hagan managed to land a back-handed hit, sending Zedipar flying. Diamond Zero ran towards Zedipar, and threw his arm out, creating a giant structure of dark grey crystals in the shape of a hand, catching him. Kalastaa jumped out from behind Hagan, and kicked him away with his Taydenite foot. Hagan was then caught by Raztack.]

Raztack: This is what happens when you kidnap the former King of Khoros!

[Raztack spun him around before throwing him up and punching him down like a volleyball. Hagan managed to get up and started rolling towards Jessica, who put her hands out and created a gas that quickly liquified in the cold air of the facility, creating a liquid that stuck Hagan in place. Mason came up and punched him further into the ground. Devin then approached, and went to sting Hagan with his paralysis tail, only for Hagan to break free of the sticky substance and bash him away. Back where Alexis hid Alan, the latter slowly came to.]

Alan: Ugh, what just happened?

Alexis: Your head came flying into the building then you passed out.

Alan: ...I regret the question. What's going on out there?

Alexis: Our friends and a bunch of aliens are fighting some military guy who turned into Cannonbolt.

[Groggily, Alan peaked his head around the corner to see their friends and a bunch of aliens fighting some military guy who turned into Cannonbolt. He chuckled.]

Alan: Dumbass. That's such a difficult alien to control.

[Alan looked down at his Simplicitrix, and pressed it to retract his suit.]

Alexis: What do you think you're doing?

Alan: Fixing my mess, what else?

Alexis: You are in no shape to do that, and after all that time as the new alien, you're not gonna be able to use any transformation for long, if at all.

Alan: Look, I've got to, alright? I'm cocky as fuck. And me thinking I could just fix my situations by changing aliens is why I got caught in the first place. At least, I think that's what happened, it's a blur, honestly. I'm helping.

[Alan activated the Simplicitrix.]

Alan: Bawg-pow, motherfucker.

[Alan pressed down the Simplicitrix, and became Extermigator. He turned his hands into blades that curled downards at the tips. However, right as he went to get up, the Simplicitrix beeped and changed him into Puncherbot.]

Puncherbot: Um. Alright. New plan then?

[Repeating the process, Puncherbot changed into Paralite, then Bloodstream, then Similamander, then Smack-Magic, before changing back into his human form, leaning against the wall.]

Alan: ...Alright. [presses the Simplicitrix, causing the Deadpool suit to cover his body] Cannonbolt has a glaring weakness. His bolts are pretty much impenetrable, but the fleshy underbelly is soft, you should be able to get a good hit on him there.

Alexis: On it.

[Alexis ran out of their hiding spot and charged at the group. She stopped when she saw Diamond Zero.]

Alexis: I'm gonna need you to find a way to get his arms away from his chest.

Diamond Zero: Why?

Alexis: So we can beat him, what else? Just do it!

[Diamond Zero nodded then ran at Hagan, trying to stand in front of him and fight at him while holding his arms away.]

Alexis: Not like that, you moron!

Diamond Zero: I am not a moron!

Cannonbolt (Hagan): Yes, you are.

[Hagan pulled Diamond Zero into his sphere form and began to roll around with him. He then stopped suddenly and opened up, throwing Diamond Zero at Alexis who managed to dodge. Hagan went to approach them, but then his arms were pulled to the ground by dark grey, crystal constructs that wrapped around his arms. Diamond Zero smirked.]

Diamond Zero: Told ya.

[Alexis didn't respond, but instead pulled her swords out and ran at Hagan. Aiming for the center of his chest, she put the swords in front of her and cut an X-shape into his soft flesh, causing him to cry out in pain. Blue blood began to pour from his chest as the aliens all crowded around. Alan managed to stumble his way over to Hagan.]

Alan: You thought... You had it all under control. Well, I'm gonna be quite honest. Over confidence? She's an absolute bitch.

[Alan took out one of his swords and delivered the final blow, shoving his blade into Hagan's forehead, causing his grunts to go silent. He then turned to the others.]

Alan: ...Alright. I did what Thor should've done. Now... Let's go home.

[Sitting at home, Alan rubbed his hand on his head. His friends, now in their normal forms again without their Simplicitrix clones, and the aliens sitting around him.]

Alan: Let me just... [points to Fly] You're one of the Simplicitrix test dummies who somehow became a human, suffered amnesia, and started working for the military [points to Kalastaa] You fought a war with the sun people and now can use both fish people and sun people powers. [points to Khal Raztack] You were king of your planet until Hitmas showed up. Well. He's dead now. You're welcome. [points to Zedipar] You're a victim of wrong place and wrong time probably because the writer didn't consider your origin story when making the others. [points to Diamond Zero] ...And you're a fanboy. Great.

[Diamond Zero nudged Fly.]

Diamond Zero: [whispering] He noticed me!

Fly: I'm aware.

[Alan rubbed his face in his hand and sighed.]

Alan: Alright. I don't have much of a way to get you home. At least, not right now. I need an off-screen between episode break from the alien stuff. Spending all day as a head on a mantle and then being sent through the entire city at ungodly speeds was horrible. And I think the Simplicitrix needs to rest anyway. For now... [thinks] I guess... We could see if the Annihilators will let you in for a bit?

Alexis: I'll call Morpheus, I'm sure he'd be willing to let them in for a bit.

Diamond Zero: Hell yeah! [pauses] ...Who are the Annihilators?

[The scene changed to the military base again. There, many of Hagan's men saw his Arburian corpse, the blood having dried on his body and the floor. A woman stepped forward, examining the mess.]

Woman: This shouldn't have happened. Hagan thought he was in control, but-

Lower Ranking Man: Ma'am?

[The woman turned to the man.]

Lower Ranking Man: It seems Fly made some progress before he ran off.

[The woman and some others came into the lab, where the holograms of the Simplicitrix's aliens were shown on a screen.]

Woman: So this is how Hagan... [hesitates] Fly managed to get some alien DNA out of whatever that thing was...

[The screen cycled through the holograms: Jetray, Ditto, Frankenstrike, Cannonbolt, 4D2, Rabbiture, Upgrade, Mole-Stache, Eatle, Paralite, and finally ended on Intimachi. The woman leaned down and got a look at him, and grimaced.]

Woman: We'll find you. And you'll be our weapon.

Major Events[]

  • The military obtains DNA samples from the Simplicitrix: Jetray, Ditto, Frankenstrike, Cannonbolt, 4D2, RabbitureIntimachi, Upgrade, Mole-Stache, Eatle, and Paralite.
  • Lodestar debuts.
  • Hagan Maximus, Fly, Diamond Zero, Khal Raztack, Kalastaa, and Zedipar debut.

Minor Events[]

  • The four aliens held captive by the military, along with Fly, join the Annihilators, albeit offscreen.

Simplicitrix Debuts[]

  • Lodestar



  • Hagan Maximus

Aliens Used[]

Used by Alan[]

  • Ripjaws
  • Ditto (accidental transformation)
  • Lodestar (debut; accidental transformation; selected alien was Humungousaur)
  • Extermigator (cameo)
  • Puncherbot (unintentional cameo)
  • Paralite (unintentional cameo)
  • Bloodstream (unintentional cameo)
  • Similamander (unintentional cameo)
  • Smack-Magic (unintentional cameo)

Used by Alexis[]

Used by Jessica[]

  • Nanomech
  • Gutrot

Used by Devin[]

  • Nanomech
  • ChamAlien

Used by Mason[]

  • Nanomech
  • Rath

Used by Hagan[]

  • Cannonbolt


  • Hagan mentions Men in Black, The X-Files, Star Wars, and Star Trek.
  • Alan makes a joke about DC having "bad" movies.
  • The water tower Alan is on has the pattern of Coca Cola with the logo covered in black tape. Alan refuses to show the logo and makes reference to Tokyo Ghoul:re which had an episode with a branded Coca Cola in it.
  • Alan calls the first driver he interacts with Ricky Bobby, a reference to Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.
  • Alan says Lightning McQueen's catchphrase from the Cars franchise.
  • The writing of the NASCAR scene was heavily inspired by Deadpool, even moreso than usual, causing Alan to reference the entire Deadpool movie franchise.
  • Alan says Aquaman's name when answering the phone.
  • When answering where he is, Alan references "Soup Store."
  • Alan refers to the driver as both Doctor Strange and Dr. Fate after seeing his signature.
  • Alan takes a huge jab at Ben 10: Omniverse for the method that Ben and Julie were broken up, over a simple misunderstanding during a phone call, something which would never realistically break up a normal relationship.
  • Just before driving off the bridge, Alan references the Eminem songs "My Name Is..." and "Stan."
  • The song that Lodestar hums and sings while on the mantle is Fallen Kingdom, the CaptainSparklez Minecraft parody of Coldplay's Viva la Vida.
  • Acting as both an allusion and fourth wall break, Alan says "bawg-pow" just before transforming. This is in reference to Ebomnitrix having described the sound of the Omnitrix's activation in Ben 10: Omniverse as being "bawg-pow." However, for some fucking reason, he would actually say "bawg-pow" in chat to describe this noise instead of either just describing it, or preferably just not mentioning it at all.
  • The blades Extermigator turned his hands into were meant to resemble Gigan's from the Godzilla franchise.
  • When Alan shoves his sword into Hagan's head, he says it's "what Thor should've done," in reference to Avengers: Infinity War, in which Thor tried to kill Thanos by hitting him in the chest with Stormbreaker, only for Thanos to mockingly say he should've gone for the head before snapping. It should also be noted that Hagan's character was made with Josh Brolin in mind, Brolin having played Thanos.

Fourth Wall Breaks[]

  • Before entering the stadium, almost all of Alan's monologue is a fourth wall break. A couple of lines he says while in the race also break the fourth wall.
  • Alan mentions that Devin and Mason could use more dialogue.
  • Alan references the fact he's the titular character of the show.
  • Lodestar refers to his status as just a head as the plot.
  • Alan breaks the fourth wall when saying Zedipar's origin story is very simplisitc and not thought out.
  • Alan breaks the fourth wall by saying he needs the between episode break for time off using aliens.


  • The pictures of Rath holding Jail Berd, Clockwork running, Rath killing bank robbers, Dictator Hitmas’ ship, and the Annihilators’ ship come from the episodes A Scientific Fæble, O’ Brother, What Art Thou, Alan 10, and The Annihilators Part 1 respectively.
  • Alan is revealed to have coprolalia, a symptom of Tourette Syndrome which results in the involuntary outbursts of vulgarities, sexual acts, and other socially inappropriate things. He also seems to be somewhat insecure about it.
  • Alan reveals to have used Zerox at some point prior to this episode, although the alien has yet to actually appear in an episode. He used Zerox to create small copies of the Simplicitrix, each programmed with his original ten aliens, in the event of him being incapacitated.
  • This is the first episode with a post-credits scene.

Post-Credits Scene[]

[The scene opened up in a dark cave. Phazz was seen lying on the ground, his fur stained by his blood. The camera panned up to a small, toad-like creature. His face was round and long, and his body was short and fat. His limbs were short as well, especially his legs. He had a small tail, and six nub-like protrusions from the back of his head. His skin was two-toned brown, his face and stomach being lighter than the rest. He had dark green spots around the darker portion of his body. He was looking down at Phazz, then looked up.]

Alien: Are you sure you can fix him?

[A teal, reptilian hand reached down and grabbed Phazz's neck, right on the wound. Cyan energy shot around his hand and Phazz, as the wound was healed. The hand let go, and the camera panned up to show Ouroborosaurus, who transformed back into Richard. The small alien jumped with joy.]

Alien: Thank you, thank you!

Richard: I assure you, the pleasure is all mine. Gluttony, wasn't it? How can you be so sure our feline friend here is Greed?

Gluttony: Smell! It's all about the smell! I could instantly recognize his smell, just like I can smell Envy and Lust on you.

Richard: [thinking] I never even mentioned having dealt with those two. [out loud] Fair enough. Was he alone?

Gluttony: No, no! There were others! Seven others. Two shared a body.

Richard: Elaborate.

Gluttony: I smelled two people from one source. One of them... was Pride.

[Richard's eyes widened.]

Richard: Pride? Isn't he supposed to be the most powerful one? That's why it's listed as the most deadly sin, right?

Gluttony: Pride will be the key to our victory, yes.

Richard: [smiled] Do we have any leads on Sloth or Wrath yet?

Gluttony: No such luck with Sloth, but I think I can smell a hint of Wrath.

Richard: That'll have to do for now. When I give you the order, go after Wrath.

[Richard turned away and began walking, but then stopped.]

Richard: One more question, Gluttony.

[Richard held up his hand to reveal his Simplicitrix.]

Richard: Did Pride's body have this symbol on him?

Gluttony: A red version, yes. He switched from Vladat to Transylian.

[Richard's eyes narrowed.]

Richard: [thinking] Brother is the key. It's possible killing him will kill Pride, too, so that will have to wait. [out loud] Thank you, Gluttony. That will be all. Take care of Greed while I'm gone.

[Richard walked deeper into the cave, out of sight.]