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A10 Igknight.png
General Information
Species Flammaques
Planet Regiignis
Body Type Humanoid
Powers Pyrokinesis
Temperature Change
Blue Fire Manipulation
Red Fire Manipulation
Yellow Fire Manipulation
White Fire Manipulation
Black Fire Manipulation
Invisible Fire Manipulation
Life Fire Manipulation
Heat Conduction
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Durability
Weaknesses Self-Heat Level
Removed from Armor
Voice Actor Christopher Sabat
Debut TBA

Igknight is the Simplicitrix's DNA sample of a Flammaques from the planet Regiignis.


Igknight looks like a suit of armor. His armor is comprised of black, red, grey, brown, and tan metals. His legs and boots are similarly colored to the pants and boots of Alan Nomaly. He wears a red Shendyt-like cloth on his armor as well. He wears the Simplicitrix symbol on his chest.


Igknight speaks with a knight-like attitude, often saying words such as "knave" and always kneeling to a higher authority, unlike his human counterpart.


  • Igknight has pyrokinesis.
  • Igknight can change the temperature of his flames, which allows him to have control over red, yellow, blue, white, and black flames.
  • Igknight can also manipulate invisible flames.
  • Some of Igknight's flames can create life.
  • Igknight, thanks to his metal, can easily conduct heat.
  • Igknight has enhanced agility, strength, and durability.


  • Igknight's heat can easily harm others.
  • Igknight is extremely weak to water.
  • Igknight's metal skin allows him to easily be manipulated by magnetism.
  • Although Igknight is not in a suit of unnatural armor, his flame cam be separated from, which is harmful to him, similar to a turtle being removed from its shell.






  • Igknight's name is a mix of the words "ignite" and "knight."
  • Igknight's species name is a mix of the Latin words "flamma," meaning flame, and "eques," meaning knight.
  • Igknight's planet name is a mix of the Latin words "regiis," meaning royal, and "ignis," meaning fire.


  • Igknight's design was based off of the Ebony Warrior from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
  • Igknight is similar to Ignitor from the Skylanders franchise, as both are knight-like beings with fire power. However, Ignitor is able to move freely out of his armor, while it hurts Igknight to be separated from it.
  • Igknight is similar to NRG, as both have heat-like abilities while wearing armor. However, NRG's armor is unnatural, a piece of technology created by the Simplicitrix, usually used to imprison Prypiatosian-Bs. On the other hand, Igknight's armor is all natural, hence it being detrimental for him to be removed from it.