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A10 Heatblast.png
General Information
Species Pyronite (Scintisapien)
Planet Solcanis
Body Type Fiery Humanoid
Powers Pyrokinesis
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Pyro Immunity
Cryo Immunity
Flight (via Propulsion)
Limited Terrakinesis
Cryokinesis (cold virus)
Enhanced Speed (via Propulsion)
Fourth Wall Awareness
Weaknesses Fire Extinguishing Substances
Scorch Marks
Voice Actor Steve Blum
Debut Alan 10

Heatblast is the Simplicitrix's DNA sample of a Pyronite (also known as a Scintisapien) from the planet-like star Solcanis.



Heatblast is a magma-based lifeform whose body is composed of a bright red inner magma body covered by a dark red, almost black, rocks. As a fire-based entity, his body radiates high amounts of heat. His feet have a slight oval-like design with only two toes and one back toe. Heatblast's tongue is made of fire. He wears the Simplicitrix symbol on his chest.

Negative Heatblast[]

Negative Heatblast has blue flames.

Donny as Heatblast[]

Donny as Heatblast has purple flames. His eye holes are not connected to his flames. The rocks on his body are shaped like gloves, a vest, shorts, knee pads, and anklets. He wears the "Donnytrix" on his right pectoral.


  • Heatblast has the ability to generate and manipulate intense heat and fire from his body. He can form fire into any shape that he chooses, commonly fireballs. He can enhance the fire in his hands for flaming punches, and can breathe fire.
  • Heatblast's fire can become hot enough to melt things such as tanks and roads.
  • Heatblast can make his flames explosive, explaining why his fire tended to cause explosions on a regular basis.
  • Heatblast can create a small fire board on which he can ride at high speeds by launching fire backwards like an engine. On this board, he has enough skill to ride in a continuous circle.
  • When infected with a cold virus, Heatblast's powers are reversed, his pyrokinesis becoming cryokinesis, and him being constructed of icy fire rather than regular fire.
  • Heatblast is fireproof, as well as heat resistant and invulnerable to magma. Interestingly, he is also cold resistant and ice proof.
  • Heatblast is capable of limited terrakinesis by channeling fire through the ground. One result of this capability is the ability to surf through the air on a board of rock.
  • Heatblast has enhanced strength and durability.


  • If exposed to enough water or fire extinguishing substance, Heatblast's fire will be extinguished, though he can still heat up and reignite his fire in short amounts of time.
  • Due to his feet being made of fire, Heatblast can leave scorch mark footprints on certain floors.


Episode Title Usage Used By Times Used Other
Alan 10 Heatblast accidentally debuted when Alan was going to destroy his house as a symbol of destroying memories. Alan Nomaly 1 This accidental appearance was Heatblast's debut.


  • Alan 10 (accidental, debut, selected alien was Clockwork.


  • Heatblast's species name come from the word, "pyro," meaning fire.