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Gravattack Fusion
Gravattack Mega Fusion.png
General Information
Species 1/10 Cascan
1/10 Florauna
1/10 Galilean
1/10 Gastulence
1/10 Gomasapien
1/10 Hielofuegosapien
1/10 Kineceleran
1/10 Splicchac
1/10 Terrifiant
1/10 Tetramand

The Gravattack Fusion is a fusion of Cascan, Florauna, Galilean, Gastulence, Gomasapien, Hielofuegosapien, Kineceleran, Splicchac, Terrifiant, and Tetramand DNA.


  • Elastick: Skin on head
  • Four Arms: Eye and arm count
  • Freezerburn: Ice color of core
  • Gravattack: Body
  • Gutrot: Nozzles on arms
  • Mimecraft: Skin on fingers
  • Overflow: Head tanks
  • Snot Goblin: Lower arms
  • Wildvine: Growths on torso
  • XLR8: Tail