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Goop Fusion
Goop Mega Fusion.png
General Information
Species 1/10 Arburian Pelarota
1/10 Citrakayah
1/10 Eupocalypsis
1/10 Gimlinopithecus
1/10 Kema'i
1/10 Lapentande
1/10 Loboan
1/10 Piscciss Volann
1/10 Polymorph
1/10 Shenshangxian

The Goop fusion is a fusion of Arburian Pelarota, Citrakayah, Eupocalypsis, Gimlinopithecus, Kema'i, Lapentande, Loboan, Piscciss Volann, Polymorph, and Shenshangxian DNA.


  • Amoebola: Body color
  • Binoculears: Ears
  • Blitzwulf: Tail
  • Bloomageddon: Leaves
  • Cannonbolt: Bolt on left wrist
  • Fasttrack: Blades on right wrist
  • Goop: Body
  • Level-Headed: Tube from UFO to Goop
  • Ripjaws: Fins on ankles
  • Shocksquatch: Bolt on chest