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General Information
Species Dejimono
Planet Matori Shimyure
Body Type Digital Humanoid
Powers Data Absorption
Digital Interaction
Digital Physiology
Digital Materialization
Electronic Communication
Malware Manipulatoin
GPS Manipulation
Pixel Manipulation
Cyber-Mind Connection
Anti-Virus Immunity
Weaknesses Galvan Technology
Cerebrocrustacean Technology
Time Lord Technology
Debut TBA

Digi-Crisis is the Simplicitrix's DNA sample of a Dejimono from the planet Matori Shimyure.


Digi-Crisis is a small, humanoid alien made out of digital energy. He has a large round head. His eyes are also large and round with large pupils. He has short arms and legs, and a tail. He wears a black and red outfit that has a whole open for his stomach, and goes over the top of his head. He wears the Simplicitrix symbol on his forehead.


  • Digi-Crisis can merge with technology. Doing so allows him to absorb data, manipulate satellites and GPS devices, and easily communicate through technology.
  • Digi-Crisis can manipulate pixels.
  • Digi-Crisis can make a physical materialization of almost anything digital.
  • Digi-Crisis can merge with a Cyberman and become part of the cybernetic mind connection.
  • Digi-Crisis can create and manipulate malware viruses, and is also anti-virus immune.


  • Digi-Crisis cannot merge with technology that is too sophisticated. This means he is unable to merge with Galvan, Cerebrocrustacean, or Time Lord technology.






  • Digi-Crisis' name is a combination of the words "digital" and "crisis."
  • Digi-Crisis' species name is a mix of the Japanese words "dejitaru," meaning digital, and "ikimono," meaning creature.
  • Digi-Crisis' planet name is a mix of the Japanese words "matorikkusu," meaning matrix, and "shimyureshon," meaning simulaition.


  • Digi-Crisis is similar to Glitch, Experiment 223 from Lilo & Stitch.
General Information