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Danny Phantom
Danny Phantom.png
Movie information
Release date TBA
Number 2
Writer(s) Alan Rinehart
Previous Ben 10
Next Kim Possible
Other information
Based On Danny Phantom by Butch Hartman
Starring Logan Lerman
Elizabeth Gillies
Tyler James Williams
Karen Gillan
John Goodman
Laura Prepon
Danny Trejo
Other Danny Phantom Saga Movies Danny Phantom 2
Danny Phantom 3

Danny Phantom is a superhero film based on the Butch Hartman character of the same name. It is the second film in the Cartoonverse. The movie was written by Alan Rinehart.

The film stars Logan Lerman as Danny Fenton/Danny Phantom, Elizabeth Gillies as Sam Manson, Tyler James Williams as Tucker Foley, Karen Gillan as Jazz Fenton, John Goodman as Jack Fenton, Laura Prepon as Maddie Fenton, and Danny Trejo as Skulker.

This film is set to be the first in a Danny Phantom trilogy, followed by Danny Phantom 2 and Danny Phantom 3.


Jack (Goodman) and Maddie Fenton (Prepon) are avid ghost hunters, believing themselves to be experts in the paranormal field. They attempt to create a portal from our world to the ghost world, what they call the Ghost Zone. When it fails, the two fall into a years long depression. Tired of seeing his parents in that state after years, Danny Fenton (Lerman) attempts to fix the machine. While successful, it also somewhat backfired, altering Danny's DNA, making him half-human, half-ghost. Meanwhile, from inside the Ghost Zone, a ghost by the name of Skulker comes out in search of the one who activated the portal, putting him on the trail of Danny.

The movie has two post credits scenes. The first one shows Jack Fenton meeting with Max Tennyson, discussing the presence of ghosts in the world, and Max needing Danny for "something important." The second shows Vlad Plasmius (played by Johnny Depp) within the Ghost Zone, revealing he had been watching Skulker and Danny fight.


  • Logan Lerham as Danny Fenton/Danny Phantom
    • The titular character. Danny accidentally becomes half-human, half-ghost when he activates his parents' machine to open a portal to the Ghost Zone.
  • Elizabeth Gillies as Sam Manson
  • Tyler James Williams as Tucker Foley
  • Karen Gillan as Jazz Fenton
  • John Goodman as Jack Fenton
    • A paranormal expert and the father of Danny and Jazz. Jack is far more excitable about ghosts than anyone else in the family. As revealed in the post credits scene, Jack was once a Plumber, back when they only oversaw things dealing with extraterrestrials, and had directly worked with Max on several occassions.
  • Laura Prepon as Maddie Fenton
  • Danny Trejo as Skulker

Harrison Ford reprises his role as Max Tennyson in the first post credits scene, and Johnny Depp cameos as Vlad Plasmius is the second.