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The Cartoonverse is an extended universe comprised of characters from the following franchises:

  • Ben 10
  • Kim Possible
  • Danny Phantom


Ben 10[]

  • Ben Tennyson, Upgrade (voice)
    • Alan Rinehart (teen)
    • Finn Wolfhard (young)
  • Gwen Tennyson
    • Emma Stone (teen)
    • Veronika Bonell (young)
  • Kevin Levin
    • Ben Barnes (adult)
    • Chandler Riggs (young)
  • Max Tennyson - Harrison Ford
  • Phil Billings - Ioan Gruffadd
  • Heatblast, Ghostfreak, Vilgax - Steve Blum (voice)
  • Wildmutt, Stinkfly, Chromastone, Lodestar - Dee Bradley Baker (voice)
  • Diamondhead - Kevin Michael Richardson (voice)
  • XLR8 - Vic Mignogna (voice)
  • Ripjaws - Alan Rinehart (voice)
  • Four Arms - Richard McGonagle (voice)
  • Grey Matter - Richard Horvitz (voice)
  • Rath - John DiMaggio (voice)
  • Professor Paradox - Peter Capaldi
  • Magister Patelliday - Rob Paulsen (voice)
  • Julie Yamamoto - Kimiko Glenn
  • Colonel Rozum - Nick Offerman
  • Dr. Animo - Michael Keaton

Danny Phantom[]

  • Danny Phantom - Logan Lerman
  • Sam Manson - Elizabeth Gillies
  • Tucker Foley - Tyler James Williams
  • Jazz Fenton - Karen Gillan
  • Jack Fenton - John Goodman
  • Maddie Fenton - Laura Prepon
  • Vlad Master - Johnny Depp
  • Dark Danny - Eric Roberts
  • Clockwork - Tommy Lee Jones
  • Skulker - Danny Trejo

Kim Possible[]

  • Kim Possible - Cheryl Blossom
  • Ron Stoppable - Tom Holland
  • Dr. Drakken - Matt Smith
  • Shego - Anna Silk 

Phase One[]

Ben 10[]

Ben Tennyson, a ten year old boy, went on a roadtrip with his grandpa, Max, and cousin, Gwen, over the summer. Their first night on vacation, Ben found a crashed alien artifact known as the Omnitrix. Ben eventually learns the Omnitrix can transform him into an arsenal of ten aliens.

The post-credits scene of this movie shows Vilgax in his healing chamber, preparing for his trek to Earth to retrieve the Omnnitrix.

Kim Possible[]

Kimberly Ann Possible finds herself becoming the hero of a kidnapping while working as a babysitter. After saving the victim, she becomes the main target for the evil Dr. Drakken and his sidekick Shego.

Kim Possible takes place two to three years after Ben 10


Danny Phantom[]

Jack and Maddie Fenton, avid ghost hunting fanatics, created a device which was meant to enter a world known as the Ghost Zone, inhabited completely by the paranormal creatures. When their device failed, their son, Danny Fenton, attempted to enter the machine. Upon entering the machine, Danny unintentionally activated it, causing him to become half human, half ghost.

Danny Phantom takes place five years after Ben 10.

The post-credits scene of this movie shows Vlad Plasmius in the Ghost Zone.

Heroes United[]


  • The title of the large team is a reference to the Ben 10 video game, Ben 10: Protector of Earth.