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Title Pronunciation Airdate Number Plot
BLUZ Blues TBA 101 Alan obtains Richard's Simplicitrix after killing him, only to discover it has sustained damage from their fight, and has reset to ten aliens, none of which can help him get back home.
BRCK Brick TBA 102 Alan attempts to help rebuild Beacon while coming to terms with his being stuck in Earth-ERTH.
ICCE Ice TBA 103 Tensions of multiple kinds, stressful, platonic, sexual, rise between Alan and Weiss.
HNYB Honeybee TBA 104 Alan plays matchmaker with Blake and Yang.
NTMG Nutmeg TBA 105 Alan, Weiss, Blake, and Yang enter a couples cooking competition.
THNS Thanos TBA 106 Half of every team at Beacon goes missing. Come on. You know why.
AQUA Aqua TBA 107 Alan tries to help Neptune get over his fear of water.
TRDS TARDIS TBA 108 Wibbly, wobbly, timey wimey... stuff.
VSVS Vesuvius TBA 109 It's volcano day... but probably not the one you're thinking.
CEMN Semen TBA 110 Alan unlocks his first additional alien with Richard's Simplicitrix... and it is of absolutely no help whatsoever.
IRRN Iron TBA 111 Alan accidentally winds up in jail. Team RWBY tries to break him out, but Alan has other plans, conveyed through song.