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General Information
Species Caloropus (Calcitrasapien)
Planet Etsubterra
Body Type Humanoid Kangaroo
Powers Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Kicks
Strong Tail
Pyrokinetic Punches
Pyrokinetic Kicks
Pyrokinetic Tail
Fireball Form
Pyrokinetic Shield
Weaknesses Limited Pyrokinesis
Voice Actor Hugh Jackman
Debut The Al-Ternate Universes Part 2

Blisteroo is the Simplicitrix's DNA sample of a Caloropus (also known as a Calcitrasapien) from the planet Etsubterra. He is voiced by Hugh Jackman, and will debut in The Al-Ternate Universes Part 2.


Blisteroo is a humanoid kangaroo-like alien with mustard colored fur. His long ears and tail are tipped with white, flame-like patterns. He has black hair. There are black straps on his torso. He wears red gloves that have black knuckles and bands. He wears red shorts with a black belt. His legs have black bands around them. He wears the Simplicitrix on his chest.


  • Blisteroo has enhanced strength, which applies to his arms, legs, and tail. This lets him punch and kick effectively, balance on his tail, and jump to high places.
  • Blisteroo has pyrokinetic punches and kicks. This lets him surround his fists and/or feet with fire when he punches. He can also do this with his tail.
  • Blisteroo can combine his jumping and pyrokinetic powers to become a fireball.
  • Blisteroo can create a pyrokinetic shield around his body.


  • Blisteroo's pyrokinesis is restricted. His pyrokinesis allows for him to punch with fire, kick with fire, whack his tail with fire, have a fireball form, and a fire shield. However, he cannot project fire, create pyrokinetic constructs, or absorb fire.






  • Blisteroo's name is a mix of the words "blister" and "kangaroo."
  • Blisteroo's species name is a mix of the Latin words "calor," meaning heat, and "macropus," meaning kangaroo.
    • Blisteroo's alternate species name is a mix of "sapien" and the Latin word "calcitrare," meaning kick.
  • Blisteroo's planet name comes from the Latin phrase "et sub terra," which means land down under. This is a reference to Australia, which is nicknamed the land down under, but more specifically, is a reference to the song Down Under by Men at Work.


  • Blisteroo speaks with an Australian accent.
  • Blisteroo's fireball form is similar to the powers of Negasonic Teenage Warhead in the Deadpool movie.