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Alanomaly's Doctor Who is a Doctor Who fan-fiction written by Alanomaly. It will be released in 2018, and is currently set to have two seasons.


Alanomaly's Doctor Who features a newly regenerated Thirteenth Doctor (Alan Rinehart) traveling throughout existence with companion Sharon Blake (Kate Beckinsale).


  • The Thirteenth Doctor
  • Sharon Blake


Season 1[]

Title Written By Number Air Date
The Angel of the Morning Alanomaly
101 2018
After having regenerated, the Doctor finds himself seeking help from an old friend to save the life of Sharon Blake.
The Doctor's Doctor Alanomaly
102 2018
While in the Doctor’s archives, the Doctor accidentally causes himself to revert to the personality of his first incarnation, and his memories have been reverted to right before his first regeneration.
The Locked Ness Monster Alanomaly
103 2018
A trip to Scotland in 1934 leads the Doctor and Sharon to find out the truth about the elusive Loch Ness Monster.
The Butterfly Effect Alanomaly
104 2018
A Weeping Angel finds its way into the TARDIS, but rather than feeding off of the time vortex, it constantly sends the Doctor and Sharon five minutes into their past, causing them to have to do different actions to defeat it, while also avoiding their past and future selves.
Reverse Psychology Alanomaly
105 2018
The Doctor and Sharon go into a state of paralysis, where they come face to face with a being known as the Mind Lady.
The Dalek Paradox Alanomaly
106 2018
In the middle of a Dalek attack, one Dalek in particular catches the Doctor’s eye: one that doesn’t exterminate.
Uncanny Valley Alanomaly
107 2018
50 million years into the future, the Doctor and Sharon find themselves on the newly resurfaced continent of Zealandia, only to discover it is entirely populated by a not-so-human yet human-like species.
Angel’s Advocate Alanomaly
108 2018
The TARDIS lands on a planet with a Weeping Angel zoo, the prime location to keep a preception-locked species in check by always having it viewed.
The Sky’s Travel Alanomaly
109 2018
The Doctor and Sharon meet a friend once thought dead. While on an adventure with them, they find out the true origins of a well known foe.
The Open Road Alanomaly
110 2018
Sharon and the TARDIS get separated from the Doctor, causing him to have to go the long way around while Sharon attempts to get the TARDIS back to him.
One’s Future Looks Bleak Alanomaly
111 2018
The Doctor attempts to prevent an apocalyptic future of a planet, but as he tries, he begins to wonder if it's even worth the effort.
Weeping Angels Alanomaly
112 2018
That which holds the image of an Angel, becomes an Angel itself...
Laughing Demons Alanomaly
113 2018
That which holds the voice of a Demon, becomes a Demon itself...

Season 2[]



  • This series ignores the canon Thirteenth Doctor for the sake of easy continuity. For as long as this series goes on, it will most likely ignore any other future incarnations as well. However, everything from 1963 Doctor Who to 2017 Doctor Who is considered canon to this series, sans the Twelfth Doctor's regeneration.
  • This series includes an incarnation of the Doctor with an American accent (caused by him being played by Alan Rinehart), a very controversial choice, and the controversy of this will be acknowledged during the series.