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Part 1[]

[The scene opened up in a dimly lit kitchen. There stood an older woman of Chinese descent, with jet black hair and bright purple eyes; she wore a white shirt and black, knee-length skirt. She sighed before taking a shot of alcohol. A man walked into the room, his medium length hair platinum blonde and slicked to the right side. He wore a black suit and had piercing red eyes. He put his hand on her shoulder as she took another shot.]

Woman: Her outburts are getting worse.

Man: Yes, I know. But I'm sure it's just this move being stressful for her.

Woman: It's more than that. She's been this way since puberty.

Man: That's typically how it goes. Puberty tends to make people more emotional. Especially... women.

[The older woman took another shot before angrily slamming the shotglass down and staring daggers at the man.]

Woman: Who do you think you are, making sexist remarks like that?! You're supposed to be her fa-

[The woman was cut off whens he found herself lying on the floor; she held her cheek which was a bright red now. She looked up at the man, who angrily glared back at her, his hand clenching after having smacked her to the ground.]

Man: What have I told you?

[The man picked the woman up by the collar of her shirt and pinned her to the wall, his eyes glowing red.]

Man: Backtalking to me is not... normal.

[The woman's eyes flickered the man's red for a split second before she softly cried. The man let go of her collar and pulled her close, embracing her.]

Woman: Y-You're right... I'm sorry...

Man: Shhh, shh. It's alright. Don't worry. I'll get her under control... Eventually.

[The scene panned up to a vent on the ceiling. The scene shifted to a nearly identical vent within a different room of the house. Beside the vent sat a young woman who appeared to be the other woman's daughter, having an almost identical appearance aside from a lighter shade of black for her hair, and her eyes being a matching red to the man's eyes. Her eyes quivered as she listened in on the conversation through the vents.]

[Sunlight shown through the window of the Nomaly kitchen, a clock saying 7:00 AM. Jessica sat at the table eating cereal when she heard footsteps coming down the stairs. She looked up just as Alan entered the room, the latter stopping and breaking eye contact when he saw her already there.]

Alan: ...Morning.

Jessica: Hey.

[Alan awkwardly headed for the fridge, opening it up to search for some food. He grabbed a small pack of livermush from a drawer before closing the fridge, startled when he saw Jessica had gotten closer.]

Jessica: So, are we gonna talk?

Alan: I thought we already talked.

Jessica: No, you yelled and then I punched you in the face.

Alan: [sighs] Alright.

[Alan went over to the air fryer and turned it on, letting it warm up, before grabbing a knife.]

Alan: Let's talk then.

[Alan began to cut off pieces of the livermush as Jessica neared.]

Jessica: What are you gonna do about this?

Alan: I have no idea. I could sit here and tell you I'm not gonna kill a villain again, but I can't make an empty promise.

Jessica: I think not being able to make that promise is a bit of an issue.

[Alan went to argue, but sighed instead, opening up the air fryer.]

Alan: You're right, it is.

[As Alan put the livermush into the air fryer and closed it back, Jessica gave him a confused and baffled look.]

Jessica: Hold on, you agree?

Alan: Of course. I'm fucked up, but I don't know how to fix it. I don't know how to fix me. Jessica: Is not killing really that difficult for you?

Alan: [holds up the Stabilized Simplicitrix] This thing might be stabilized, but I'm not. I can't tell you what I'm gonna do because I don't know what I'm gonna do.

[The two stood in silence for a moment before Jessica spoke up.]

Jessica: You're not gonna hurt us, though, right?

Alan: No. I would never do that.

Jessica: [nods] Okay.

[They fell silent again before Alan spoke.]

Alan: I'm not counting that time as Mad Hatter, by the way.

Jessica: [smirks] I know. But you fixed that. [takes Alan's hand] Just like you'll find a way to fix you, too.

Alan: You have way too much confidence in me.

Jessica: Well, if I didn't, who would?

Alan: I sure as hell wouldn't.

[The two heard footsteps approaching and turned to see Alexis enter the room.]

Alexis: Oh, hey, nerds.

[Alexis went to the fridge and got out a bottle of water before closing it. Jessica noticed the lanyard of the car keys sticking out of her pocket.]

Jessica: Where are you off to?

Alexis: Oh. Right. That.

Alan: Taking a page out of my book with not telling people about stuff?

Alexis: [sighs] My... Mom got in touch with me, and wants me to meet with her.

Jessica: When was the last time you talked with her?

Alexis: We kinda fell out of touch after the house burned down. But, with the remains of the old one removed, and a new one built in its place, she wants to talk.

Alan: About?

Alexis: I think it's just gonna be catching up, which is gonna be awkward as fuck. But if I'm lucky... She'll be open to talking about what we are. Fæ.

Alan: [scoffs] You're gonna have to either get her under the influence, or tell her another accident almost happened to make her talk about that.

Jessica: What do you mean? "Accident?"

Alexis: I'm not exactly sure what the relationship status is right now, but this might be awkward, anyway. Just forewarning you. My mom had no interest discussing the Fæ. The only time she opened up was when Alan and I, being the dumb horny toads that we were, y'know. Fooled around.

Jessica: Yeah, I get it.

Alexis: Point is, she only told me I was a Succubus species of Fæ when I learned about my powers... When I almost killed Alan.

Jessica: That's... disturbing.

Alan: Luckily, she eventually got better at using those powers.

Jessica: Did she get better at using them, or did you get better at handling her?

Alan: ...I'm gonna plead the fifth.

Jessica: Right answer.

[Alexis rolled her eyes and saw the clock said 7:20.]

Alexis: Alright, I'm gonna go ahead and go. I wanna have the whole day to talk to her. Try not to kill each other.

[Alexis headed out of the room, and then the house to the Scion.]

Jessica: Bye!

Alan: Later!

[Suddenly, the air fryer went off, letting out a loud ding which startled Alan.]

Alan: FUCK! [proceeds to open the air fryer]

Jessica: [giggling] Calm down. It's not like it's Salem. [realizes Alan is glaring at her] Sorry. Bad taste.

Alan: Yeah, well. [flips the livermush over with a fork and puts it back in] In five minutes, that won't be bad taste. [turns to the table] Can't say the same about the cereal.

Jessica: Fuck, I was enjoying that.

Alan: I've got food going.

Jessica: You know I don't do livermush.

Alan: You are inhuman. [holds up the Stabilized Simplicitrix] And that's saying something coming from me.

[The Scion pulled up to a rather fancy, two-story house a few miles out. It was a dark grey, slate house, with several windows and a large front door. A garage of matching slate was attached nearby. Alexis pulled up to the garage, and let out a heavy sigh before cutting off the car and getting out. She headed for the front door, which seemed to open by itself, only for a woman to walk out and greet her with a smile.]

Alexis: ...Hey, mom. 

Anastasia: Oh, Alexis, honey. It's good to see you.

[Anastasia pulled Alexis in for a hug, which Alexis awkwardly reciprocated. Anastasia was, oddly enough, quite different from Alexis in appearance. Their only shared trait was their black hair, which was not exact as Anastasia did not share the white streak from Alexis' hair. Her skin was notably darker, her face shape somewhat different, and her eyes being a steely-blue. The scene cut to Alexis sitting in a heavily furbished living room, Anastasia walking in with a platter of sandwiches and cups of both coffee and tea, setting it down on the table next to the couch.]

Anastasia: I wasn't sure if you preferred coffee or tea, it's been so long.

Alexis: Yeah. Two years. Since the house burned down.

[Anastasia shifted uncomfortably.]

Anastasia: ...Would you like to ha-

Alexis: Cut the shit, mom. I wanna know why no one contacted me after the house burned down, I wanna know why you've been out of touch with me ever since then, and most importantly, I wanna know why you don't have the Fæ scent.

[Anastasia closed her eyes as she sighed.]

Anastasia: That's what I was hoping to discuss with you, actually.

[Alexis blinked as she had a confused look on her face.]

Alexis: ...Really?

[There was a knock at the door. Anastasia opened her eyes and stood up.]

Anastasia: That must be her.

Alexis: "Her?" Her, who?

Anastasia: Don't you have a wiff of that?

[Alexis continued her confused expression until her eyes widened. Anastasia led Alexis into the foyeur before opening up the front door. On the other side was a woman that looked almost exactly like Alexis, though noticably older. The woman looked past Anastasia to see Alexis.]

Woman: Wow. You're your mother's daughter, alright.

Alexis: Who... Are you?

Anastasia: Alexis, this is-

Silk: Silk. Silk Donovan. [walks past Anastasia towards Alexis] ...I'm your actual mother.

[Alexis gasped, taking a step back from both of them, eyes quivering in disbelief.]

[Police sirens wailed as the cars they were attached to drove down the street. One of the cars abruptly stopped as its frunt end was grabbed by Jail-Berd who squawked loudly. He lifted up the police car and spun it around before throwing it at another car, only for it to be surrounded in a red aura before it was placed safely on the ground. Jail-Berd looked on confused until his eyes widened at the sight of Alan as Gravattack waving at him.]

Gravattack: Hey, Jail-Berd. Been a while. Not including the skit, of course.

Jail-Berd: Oh, shit.

[Jail-Berd immediately began flying away. Gravattack assumed his planetoid form and gave chase. The Pinnavem criminal flew into an alleyway, realizing himself trapped as he heard Gravattack behind him, turning to see him having returned to his humanoid form.]

Gravattack: No where left to go.

Jail-Berd: But up, that is.

[Jail-Berd shot up, attempting to fly out of the top of the alley, only to get caught up in the red aura of Gravattack's power.]

Gravattack: Yeah, I figured you were gonna do that. Mason!

[With Jail-Berd suspended in the air, Mason came swinging in, shooting webbing all over Jail-Berd to keep him still as Gravattack set him back on the ground. Mason then proceeded to punch Jail-Berd's face.]

Jail-Berd: OW! WHA-

Mason: That was for the water tower incident two years ago! [sighs, turns to Gravattack] We ready?

Gravattack: Yeah, I think so.

[Gravattack reached up, lightly tapping the Simplicitrix before his body shrank in a bright flash of red light, becoming Rabbiture. He put out his right paw, shooting a red energy blast at a wall that turned into a portal back to their living room. Rabbiture hopped through before Mason dragged Jail-Berd through, the portal closing behind them. Devin and Jessica approached.]

Devin: That didn't seem like much trouble at all.

Mason: It was just Jail-Berd, of course it wasn't much trouble.

Jail-Berd: What's that supposed to mean?!

Rabbiture: Dude, you are easily a D-Tier villain.

Jail-Berd: Wha- Name five villains more dangerous than me!

Rabbiture: Vapor, Excambalir, Darama, Emina, Richard.

Jail-Berd: Y-Yeah? Five more!

Rabbiture: Envy, Shadow, Mitos, Hitmas, ElevenEleven.

Jail-Berd: I... Well.. Dead ones don't count!

Rabbiture: Fine, strike off Richard and Hitmas, there's still Techadon 59260 and Mischife.

Jail-Berd: Yeah, we- Wait. Richard? He's... dead?

[Rabbiture paused and an awkward, tense silence filled the room. The silence was temporarily broken by the sound of Rabbiture becoming Alan again, staring down Jail-Berd. He sighed and closed his eyes before turning and walking away.]

Alan: Find a place to get rid of the trash, will you?

[Alan's friends looked at each other concerned. Alan was then seen sitting out on a balcony of the house overlooking the street, seeing some of the nearby neighborhood. Jessica walked out onto the balcony and sat down next to him.]

Jessica: Is that... comment still getting to you?

Alan: I think it's always going to. But... I did bring that on myself by bringing him up. ...Just like I brought on my own guilt when I... offed him.

Jessica: It seems you're getting your conscious back. Even if just bit by bit.

Alan: ...Yeah.

Jessica: [thinks for a moment] Any ideas on when you lost it to begin with?

Alan: You some kind of therapist now?

Jessica: I'm trying to help.

Alan: [looks at her before sighing] I know exactly when I lost it. The same day Devin and Mason lost their normal lives. The day the Agent told me I'd kill Richard. The day-

Jessica: You killed Hitmas.

[There was a quick flashback to Alan as Similimander mimicking Dictator Hitmas' powers to fight him, before mimicking the powers of an Amperi to phase into him and electrocute him to death.]

Alan: There are a few different reactions to killing. Some people crave doing it more. Some people vow to never do it again. And then you have people like me. We grow numb to it.

Jessica: ...What makes this so much different, then? Why are you starting to feel remorse now?

Alan: When I killed Hitmas, when I killed Hagan, none of you stopped me or batted an eye. I thought it was because they were villains, that it didn't matter if I killed if who I killed was bad. It wasn't until after I... killed Richard I realized otherwise. That and... I thought I was going to lose you. All of you.

[Jessica put her hand on Alan's shoulder, eventually moving it down to Alan's hand, tightly grabbing it. Sighing, the both of them looked off towards the nearby houses. Something caught Jessica's eye. She watched on as she saw the young woman with black hair and red eyes sneakily drop from a window on the second floor of one of the houses. Jessica leaned forward and narrowing her eyes before having a realization once the woman turned around.]

Jessica: Ember?

Alan: Hm?

Jessica: I... I think I see someone I used to know.

[Alan followed her gaze, the two of them seeing the woman walk at a brisk pace away from the home.]

Alan: You know her?

Jessica: Yeah. I... I think I do. There's no way there's someone else with those red eyes.

[Jessica left the balcony as Alan kept looking at the woman.]

Alan: Hm. She kinda looks like... Yang's mom. Interesting.

[Alan then joined Jessica as the two left the house.]

[Alexis paced around the living room, in a mix of anger and confusion. Anastasia sat awkwardly next to Silk, who sipped on some tea. Alexis turned to her angrily.]

Alexis: How can you be so fucking nonchalant about this?!

Silk: Who in the hell have you been spending time with to talk like that?

Alexis: That is far from the point! What, am I just supposed to welcome you into my life with open arms just because you're my birth mother?!

Silk: Not at all.

Alexis: Then what the fuck is the point of this?!

[Silk sighed, sitting down her tea as she stood up.]

Silk: Fæ have a lot of rules. Dickish rules, but rules. I wanted to stay after you were born but... Something came up about a year in.

Alexis: What could possibly have taken you away from your daughter?! Or to keep you, either of you, from keeping in contact with me after the fucking house burned down?!

Silk: I did just say dickish rules. You're not human, you're Fæ, you follow those rules, however dickish they are. When it comes to a Succubus or Incubus, sixteen is about the age when you "leave the nest," per say. The house burning down was quite a coincidence. As for leaving you so early... Well, we're not directly related, but I have, or rather, had, a place in the Blood King's counsil. About seventeen years ago, a Fæ related issue came up that, as far as the Fæ were concerned, took precedence over family. So, when I had to leave, I left you in the care of Anastasia... my claimed human.

Alexis: Just...

[Alexis sighed, sitting down while holding her forehead.]

Alexis: Back up a bit. Fæ rules, claimed human... Blood King? I... What does any of that mean?

[Silk sat down next to Alexis, putting her hand on her shoulder.]

Silk: It's... a lot to explain.

Alexis: [looking back at Silk] ...I'm not going anywhere.

Part 2

Silk: In a lot of ways, Fæ are like humans. In a lot of ways, they aren't. One of the ways that we are is that we have wars, while one of our differences is how we go about those wars. We used to be a lot more open about them, which is where mythology and fairy tales come from. But we started to find things would be better if we just went into secret. Our wars became diplomatic, which is a lot less dangerous but admittedly also a lot less exciting. It was easy for most of us to blend in with humans but... Some of us had some issues. Alexis: Such as? Silk: Satyrs, Centaurs, Minotaurs, the ones that are obviously not humans. They found it difficult to blend in given their animal parts, though Mermaids had it pretty easy. Incubi, Succubi, Fairies, the Blood King, Mesmers, the rest of us that looked human or were able to subdue the non-human parts got off fine. It wasn't until the space people got involved that the others could integrate into society in some way. Alexis: You mean aliens? Silk: You don't sound so surprised about them. Alexis: The amount of aliens I've interacted with is numerous, and even more outnumbered by the amount of aliens my best friend turns into. That invasion last year turned two of my friends permanently into aliens, and we have an alien ghost in our house. Aliens aren't anything new, unlike the Fæ, which I find quite ironic given I am Fæ. Silk: [nods] The aliens helped the more animalistic ones with the use of ID masks. They're masks tha- Alexis: Utilize a perception filter to make the user appear like something else. Not particularly effective during thunder storms since the lightning disrupts the frequency of the field. Silk: ...You're good. Alexis: Like I said, aliens are normal, Fæ are a mystery. Silk: Most humans would agree. They've got proof of aliens but chock the rest of us up to legends. Alexis: Which I'm sure your secret society of super powered mythical creatures is happy about. Can we cut to the chase of why you left? [Silk slowly took a sip of her tea before continuing.] Silk: Fæ are separated into Light and Dark. Most places in the world are either Light or Dark turf, which specific locations being a grey-area. There's only one Fæ permitted to not align with one or the other, and that's the Blood King. Or Queen, depending on whoever's next in line. Alexis: And why are they called that? Silk: Blood royalty has the power to write the rules of the Fæ in their blood. Blood never really goes away, so neither do those rules. The blood royalty picks to leaders, one for Light known as the Ash, and one for Dark known as the Morrigan. I was picked to be the Ash a long time ago, and I didn't stop being the Ash until recently. Alexis: Why's that? Silk: It's the same reason I've managed to get away and get in touch with you again. The Blood King is dead.

[Alan and Jessica walked down into the living room from the Balcony, Jessica going to the front door as Alan turned to see Mason feeding microwaved hot dogs to GrimmZilla.] Mason: Is this all she'll eat? Alan: It's either that or humans. Mason: You've got clones, yeah? Alan: I tried that. Alanomany and Echo-Echo clones give her that tin can metallic taste, Ditto's are too chewy, and she's not a vegetarian so she doesn't like Swampfire's. [Mason stared back at Alan blankly.] Mason: ...You're joking, right? [Alan said nothing, simply giving Mason an ambiguous wink. Mason looked back concerned as Alan followed Jessica outside. Ember continued walking down the street until she turned her head towards the Nomaly house, freezing when she locked eyes with Jessica who stared back. They mouthed each other's names before Ember went running to Jessica, tears in her eyes as she reached and hugged her.] Alan: Huh. Kindred spirits I suppose. Jessica: [pulling out of the hug, noticing Ember's tears] ..Are you alright Ember: I.. I... [wipes away tears, puts on a semi-fake smile] I'm just really happy to see you. [Jessica smiled back at her then motioned to Alan.] Jessica: This is Alan Nomaly... my boyfriend. Alan, this is Ember Wugu. A childhood friend that moved away a long time ago. Ember: Hey. [sees the Stabilized Simplicitrix] ...Interesting piece of fashion. Alan: You're one to talk, Elliot Alderson. Jessica: What are you doing here? Ember: [motions to the house she came from] We just moved here. Me, my mom... and Samael. Alan: You refer to your dad by his name? [Ember looked offended by this and stepped towards Alan, Jessica stopping her by grabbing her arm.] Ember: He is not my dad. Alan: Okay, sorry. I didn't realize that was a touchy subject. Jessica: I... didn't either. Your mom found someone? Ember: Just before we moved the first time. When she started dating Samael, he didn't let- Samael: EMBER! [Ember jumped, and turned around with fear in her eyes, seeing Samael angrily approaching. He violently grabbed her by the arm.] Samael: You know you're supposed to go through me before you go out! That's our normal routine! [Ember didn't respond, just trying to get away from his grip, causing him to tighten it. Alan's anger rose and he pushed Samael back with his right hand, causing Samael's attention to drop to the Stabilized Simplicitrix's hourglass before he looked up.] Alan: Back off of her like that! [Samael grabbed Alan with his free hand and pulled him closer, his eyes glowing red with Alan's flickering the same shade.] Samael: It isn't normal to tell someone else how to parent their own childen. Ember: I'm NOT your child! Samael: Be QUIET! Alan: Y'know what, you're right. I'm... not even a parent, I shouldn't be telling anyone how to do it. Jessica: [reasonably confused] Hold on, what? Samael: That's better. Ember: ...Shit. Samael: You watch your language! We're going home now. [Samael let go of Alan and forcefully brought Ember back home. A few moments later, Alan held his head, groaning.] Alan: What... Just happened? Jessica: I think... You just backed down. That's uncharacteristic of you. Alan: ...Very much not normal.

Alexis: Hold on, let me get this straight. The Blood King, the guy in charge of the Fæ world, is dead? Silk: I guess I should be more specific. The Blood King that chose me, Amos, is dead. [sighs] It'll just be easier if I show you. [Silk reached into her pocket and took out a small container that had a strange bluish liquid in it. She poured some into Alexis' coffee then into her own.] Silk: Drink up. Alexis: What's this? Silk: It'll help us see into the past, makes things easier to elaborate on. [Silk drank her coffee, followed by Alexis slowly and reluctantly doing the same. After a moment, the two found themselves standing in a marble hallway lined with pillars and flowers. Hearing footsteps approaching, the two turned to see a younger Silk approaching, along with two others. Silk was dressed in a low-cut tanktop underneath a black jacket, and tight black pants, and grey stilettos. Following her was a man that had on a black and white suit-and-tie outfit, with a velvety red cape flowing behind him, and slicked back hair. The other person following her was a woman with bright ginger hair, green eyes, and golden, gladiator-styled armor that was paired with green cloth. As they walked by, present Silk motion to follow them.] Alexis: Who are these two? Present Silk: Those were my chosen disciples. The woman is Blair, a Scáthach. The man is Roman, a vampire. Alexis: Okay, vampires I know, but... a Scuffock? Present Silk: A Scáthach. A Gaelic warrior. [Turning a corner, the five of them came to a rounded room that was one half marble and plants like the hallway, while the other was made of ebony and had fire. Standing on the ebony side of the room were three more figures, two of which were Navajo and one being a Greek woman. The Navajo woman wore a deer-skin outfit with the antlers around her neck, while the Navajo man had an outfit made of electric blue feathers. The Greek woman had wings coming from her back, feathers along her arms, and noticeably had no shoes on, instead exposing her bird-like feet.] Present Silk: Those are the Dark Fæ. Cassandra there is a Harpy. The two Navajo are shifters, Niyol is the man and is a Thunderbird, while Aagia is the woman and is a Skinwalker. She's also the Morrigan. Past Silk: Can we make this quick, please? I was promised a couple years of immunity from this kind of stuff after having my daughter. [Aagia stepped towards past Silk taking very exaggerated steps, shaking her head in an equally exaggerated manner while looking her in the eyes.] Aagia: N-N-N-N-No. Th-Th-This mmmmmmmay take sommmmmmmmme timmmmmmme. Alexis: ...What's wrong with her? Present Silk: Skinwalkers are some of the few species of Fæ that were originally humans. They're Shamans that give up their humanity to become those creatures, giving them the power to shapeshift into animals. Any Fæ like that is called a shifter. Unfortunately, most of a Skinwalker's time is spent as an animal, so they eventually degrade in way of being able to behave like humans or Fæ. Walking awkwardly, weird speech patterns, but it's actually a lot better than when she first started trying. Past Silk: Yeah, well, if you keep talking, it's definitely going to take some time. [Aagia bared wolf-like fangs in response, only for Niyol to step foward, putting his arm in front of Aagia.] Niyol: Please, we're here for the same reason as you. We're honoring the call of the Blood King. Roman: Since when do the Dark honor anything but themselves? Cassandra: Big talk from a Vampire that chose the Light. [Roman changed into mist then reformed inches from Cassandra, his Vampire fangs flared, only for him to be pulled away by his cape by Blair.] Blair: As fun as it would be to see the bloodshed in a fight between us six, it would behoove us to remain passive. The Blood King doesn't like the rivalry. Aagia: If-If-If-If-If- Niyol: [cutting off Aagia] If Amos really didn't like the rivalry, he would've written it in blood that the divide of Light and Dark be gone. Past Silk: The only Blood King with the authority to remove the divide is the first one, and He's not back yet. [Roman scoffed, getting a negative reaction from everyone else in the room.] Past Silk: Hey, be nice. Roman: I meant no disrespect, of course. But you must understand my distaste when His symbol quite literally burns my flesh. "Loves everyone," my undead ass. [Alexis looked over at present Silk with an inquisitive look on her face.] Alexis: Are... Are they talking about who I think they're talking about? Present Silk: What do you mean? Alexis: Was... Was the first Blood King... Jesus? Present Silk: That's exactly what this is about. [As the two finished talking, part of the wall closest to past Silk and Aagia, revealing pair of cast iron doors painted blood red. They slowly opened, creating a loud scraping sound as they dragged across the floor. When they finished opening, the six walked in, followed by the two anachronistic Succubi. Looking up, Aagia and past Silk both gasped, their eyes filling with horror. Up above the ground was Amos, who appeared like a middle aged man with a crew cut and thin beard. He was stripped of all clothes but a white linen wrapped around his nether regions, and a crown of thorns on his head. He was positioned upright and nailed to a cross hanging from the ceiling, most of his body bloodied.] Present Silk: You're right. The first Blood King was Jesus. And that's what fueled this crime. [As everyone poured into the room, the disciples of Aagia and Silk glared at each other, anger filling their eyes.]

Mason: You think he's abusing her? [Alan, Jessica, Mason, and Devin sat in the living room.] Jessica: We know he is. We saw it happen. Devin: And you didn't stop him because...? Alan: I tried. But... He didn't let me. Mason: What exactly does that mean? Alan: I told him to back off her but he said it's... Not normal to tell someone how to parent their children. Even in a situation like that. And I agreed. I don't fucking know what came over me. Pride (voice): You're a weak-minded individual who fell to the powers of someone with more mental power than you, of course. Alan: Right fuck off. Jessica: So, what do we do about this, exactly? I don't wanna see her be in this situation. Devin: There are people that handle this. Mason: Is it in the authority of CPS or Social Services to help with an absued 18 year old? Alan: 911 would, maybe, but that's not what we're going to do. This Samael guy has some kind of power, there's no way I would've just backed down that easily otherwise. He manipulated me. Jessica: What do you propose then? [Alan sighed, rubbing his forehead while trying to think of what to do.] Alan: ..Infiltration? We get in, see what the home life is like, and if it's anything like that public display of inaffection, we get Ember out. Jessica: And what's your plan for that, exactly? I don't think he's just gonna let us walk right in. Well, not you anyway, after what happened earlier. Alan: He won't even know I'm there. [Alan activated the Stabilized Simplicitrix, revealing Nanomech's hologram.]

[Aagia and past Silk studied the gruesome murder. On the ground beneath the cross was a dried up puddle of blood. The two suddenly looked up and turned around when they heard the crack of thunder. Behind them their disciples were fighting one another. Niyol had assumed his Thunderbird form, throwing streaks of lightning at Blair who caught the lightning in her sword before drawing a bow and arrow to aim at him. Cassandra was attempting to use her talons to slash at Roman, who kept dodging by changing into mist. Aagia and past Silk turned to one another concerned, and Aagia gave past Silk an exaggerated nod. Silk closed her eyes and inhaled deeply before opening her eyes and revealing them to have changed from deep brown to bright blue. She opened her mouth and was able to remotely absorb chi from the four fighting Fæ, not enough to kill but enough to drain their energy to the point of not fighting anymore.] Past Silk: Children, please, your squabbling solves nothing. Aagia: W-W-W-We mmmmmmmmmust s-s-s-s-solve th-th-th-th-this. I-I-I-In a c-c-c-c-c-c-civil mmmmmmmmmanner. P-Please. [Past Silk's eyes changed from blue to orange as similarly colored chi came out of her mouth towards the four of them.] Alexis: What the hell was that? Present Silk: You've got a decent hang of your powers, but there's still some things you don't know. Alexis: Obviously. Past Silk: Roman. See how long ago the blood was spilled. [Roman hesitated before deforming into mist and reforming near the puddle. He scowled up at the bloodied cross hanging from the ceiling before sniffing the blood. Changing back into and out of mist to get away from the cross, he proceeds to respond.] Roman: Three days. Niyol: Our summons was three days ago. Cassandra: Amos gets killed on the same day he summons us? That'd be one hell of a coincidence. [As Cassandra finished, the echoes of a high pitched, deranged laugh were heard.] Voice: That's because it's not a coincidence, you little harlot Harpy! Cassandra: WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?! [Suddenly, a lanky figure jumped down from the ceiling, taking a bow before standing upright. He was a younger man with long, red hair done in a braided ponytail. He wore an ornage vest overtop a deep purple shirt, as well as having on black pants and brown boots. His eyes were a piercing silver. Cassandra immediately pinned him to the wall in anger.] Past Silk: CASSANDRA! Aagia: W-W-W-W-W-We n-n-n-n-need h-h-immmmm al-al-al-alive. Past Silk: He clearly knows something about this. We have to let him talk. [Cassandra didn't respond, instead only glaring at the man.] Man: Well? You heard your sacred leaders! I think you need to calm down, little birdy! [The man's eyes flashed silver and a similar flash came over Cassandra's eyes before she let him go, backing away in confusion.] Cassandra: Wh-What just happened?! Blair: He's a Mesmer. Man: Oh, lovely! It's so nice to konw my kind hasn't been forgotten! [snickers, bows again] Anton Ferdinand, at your service! [stands back up] Though, if we want to get technical, I suppose you would be at my service if I made it so. Past Silk: The Ash and Morrigan only answer to the Blood King. Anton: Oh, you mean him[points to Amos' body] I don't think anybody will be answering to him anymore. Even more importantly, without a so-called "Blood King" backing you, your authority is... [snickers] Questionable, at best! And even if he were still alive... No one rules the unaligned. [An eerie silence fell across the room.] Niyol: ..Fæ don't get to be unaligned. Past Silk: A side has to be chosen. [Anton scowled and began to stomp his foot on the ground like a spoiled child.] Anton: NO NO NO NO NO! The true Blood King told us we must be united! Fæ and humans alike! This "Light" and "Dark" nonsense didn't come until that treacherous successor Judas! The only blessing that fool ever gave us was his suicide! [Past Silk looked back up at Amos' body before turning back to Anton.] Past Silk: ...You killed him like this. Why? Anton: If the fool was going to play god, he should've been prepared to die like one! Roman: [baring fangs] I say we kill the traitorous bastard. Niyol: Seconded. Cassandra: I concur. Blair: Agreed. Past Silk: No! Aagia: Th-Th-Th-Th-This i-i-i-i-i-is n-n-n-not ou-our w-w-w-w-w-w-w-way. Past Silk: He'll stand trial for his crimes against the Fæ. Anton: Oh, will I? And who, pray tell, will I stand trial in front of? [mocking voice, prays to Amos' corpse] "Oh, please, Blood King Amos! It wasn't me! It was the man in the chicken costume!" [scoffs and laughs as his voice returns to normal] Without a Blood King, I am essentially scot free! Past Silk: We'll find the next Blood King, then. Anton: Is that so? And how long do you think that will take, hmm? Poor Amos never did have children, so it won't be as simple as following his bloodline. Besides, don't you think it would be easier to let this go? After all, while Amos never had a child... You do. Wouldn't you like to get back to poor little Alexis? [The room fell silent again. Anton eyed past Silk as a deranged grin came over his face, only for it to be knocked off his face when pasy Silk spun around and kicked him unconscious.] Past Silk: Cover up his mouth and restrain him. We've got to find the next Blood King. Aagia: Th-Th-Th-Th-That w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-will t-t-take a l-l-long timmmmmmme. Wh-Wh-Wh-Wh-Wh-What ab-ab-ab-ab-ab-ab-ab-about y-your d-d-d-d-d-d-daughter? Past Silk: ...I don't want to leave her but... Fæ-kind need a ruler, and she's part of Fæ-kind. She's in the safest hands she could be in besides my own. Anastasia has her instructions. Come on, Aagia. We've got business to attend to. [Past Silk began walking off, with Aagia following while taking cartoonishly awkward steps.]

[Jessica knocked on the door of the Wugu home, only for Ember's mom to answer and look at Jessica before smiling.] Finn: Oh, Jessica, it's been so long. Jessica: Hey, Ms. Wugu. Samael: Finn, who is- Oh. It's you. I'll have you know, I don't particularly care for you wasting my daughter's time when she wasn't even permitted to be out. Finn: Please, Samael. This is Jessica, a childhood friend of Ember's. [Reconsidering, Samael looked over Jessica. Examining her, Samael eventually sighed.] Samael: Very well, come in. I'll have you know, though, Ember is currently bound to her quarters. Jessica: Just for going outside? Samael: Please, I'm treating you as a guest, do be so kind as to learn from when your little friend tried to question my parenting. Come, let's sit. Finn, some coffee, please. [Finn nodded. Jessica walked in with Finn closing the door behind her. Samael and Jessica sat in the living room across from one another, with Nanomech flying out of Jessica's back pocket just before she sat down. Finn made her way to the kitchen.] Samael: So, you were friends with Ember? Jessica: We were friends until about six, that's when she moved away. You can imagine my surprise when we come back. [As the two talked, Nanomech flew up to the second level. Listening at each door, he managed to find one where Ember was softly crying on the other side. He then flew to another door and peeked in, realizing it was a bathroom. He flew in, then hit the Simplicitrix to transform back. He peeked back outside before slowly and quietly stepping out, making his way back to Ember's door. He softly knocked on it, and Ember opened it after a few seconds.] Ember: ...Alan? Alan (whispering): Yeah, surprise. Mind if I come in? [Ember opened her door more then Alan came in, closing it quietly behind him.] Ember: What are you doing here? Alan: After what happened earlier, we came to check on you. Are you alright? [Ember stayed quiet before her eyes filled with tears and she abruptly hugged Alan, surprising him. She cried into his chest.] Alan: ...That is a really bad sign. Ember: I.... I can't be here anymore. [Ember rolled up her left sleeve to reveal her arm covered in bruises, which angered Alan.] Ember: It's been too much for twelve years. Alan: ...I'll get you out of here. Ember: H-How? It's not just as simple as going out the front door. Alan: Don't you have- [Alan turned to the window and saw that it was screwed shut.] Alan: ...Fucking bastard. [sighs, thinks for a moment] Okay, I've got an alternative, but you'll have to trust me. [Ember looked at Alan worriedly.] Alan: Please. I want to help. [Alan put his left hand out for Ember. She pushed her sleeve back down then grabbed Alan's hand. Alan gripped her hand, then the two looked at each other. Alan then pretended to clear his throat as he looked away.] Alan: R-Right. Okay. [Alan then clenched the Simplicitrix, activating Big Chill's intangibility for the two to walk through the wall and float to the ground. Alan stopped the power and Ember looked confused.] Ember: How did- Alan: It's a long story. [Ember nodded then Alan realized he was still holding her hand. He let go, trying to play it cool, before motioning for her to follow him back to the Nomaly house. The two of them quietly walked from the house before taking off in a sprint.] Samael: WHAT?! [Samael stood up in the living room, seeing the two running through the window. Jessica turned around, and her face dropped.] Jessica: Shit. Samael: So, that's why you came. Those my daughter spends her time with seem to be quite the bad influence. Jessica: Says the abuser. [Samael violently grabbed Jessica's arm, and pulled her up towards him. She struggled against his grip.] Samael: Maybe it's time you learned a lesson. I knew you were an interesting one when you walked in. Jessica: What the fuck is that supposed to mean?! Samael: Trust me, my dear, those subconscious feelings you have right now are completely and totally... normal. [Samael's eyes glowed, then Jessica's flickered red before her anger and fear changed to a soft smile.] 

[The two came out of the trance letting them view the past. Alexis leaned back on the couch, obviously conflicted.] Silk: So... Alexis: ...You left to make things better for me? Silk: Immediately? No. In the long run? Yes. Even if that wasn't the case, Fæ rules dictate than an attack on the Blood King overules anything else. My Ash responsibilities came before my motherly ones whether I liked it or not. Alexis: What exactly does this mean for me, then? Silk: Well, I'm no longer the Ash, for one. We found the next Blood Royalty, and she's chosen a new Ash and Morrigan. That freed up my time to arrange this. But... Now you've got to make a choice. Alexis: And what choice is that? Silk: You have to choose between being Light Fæ or Dark Fæ. With the Light, the rules are a lot stricter, but the alliance amongst the Light is also a lot stronger. With the Dark, you're essentially on your own for the most part, but most rules are treated as loose guidelines. Alexis: I'm guessing there's a catch. Silk: There always is with Fæ. I'm Light Fæ, so if you choose Dark... We may never see each other again. [Alexis' face fell as she began to contemplate her options.]

[Jessica entered the Nomaly house with a pleased look on her face. She went to the living room and her demeanor instantly caused suspicion amongst Devin, Mason, and Ember.] Devin: You're awfully cheery for someone whose friend is going through abuse. Jessica: Well, that's what happens when... Y'know... Mason: No, we don't know. Jessica: Haven't you guys ever "fooled around" before? [Ember's face dropped.] Ember: Jessica... No, you didn't. Jessica: Do I have to spell it out? I went to talk with Samael and... Well, one thing lead to another and... We had sex. [The entire room went awkwardly quiet. The silence was broken by the sound of a plate shattering as it hit the floor, followed by heavy, loud footsteps rushing from the kitchen to the living room which were revealed to be Alan's as he entered the room, his look filled with a mix of disbelief and anger.] Alan: What did you just say? Jessica: Oh, hey, babe. Alan: What did you just say?! Jessica: Don't worry about it. He said it was normal to mess around with someone else from time to time. Alan: Well, he's a motherfucking liar. Jessica: Come on, it's just Sammy. Alan: [disgusted] "Sammy?" Is that what he's called now? Jessica: Well, that's not what he told me to call him. [The silence returned as the three sitting down awkwardly turned to Alan after this was said.] Alan: Alright. I'm gonna kill him. Mason: Al- Alan: He's gonna fucking die. Jessica: Alan, it's fine. [Alan's head burst into flames as he summoned Heatblast's powers in rage.] Alan: IT IS NOT FUCKING FINE! THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE US! THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ME! Jessica: You do it with Alexis all the time. Alan: I DON'T DO IT FOR PLEASURE! I DO IT SO SHE FUCKING STAYS ALIVE! JUST LIKE I'M ABOUT TO DO THIS SO HE FUCKING STAYS DEAD! [Alan's flames disappeared as he made his way out of the house. He activated the Stabilized Simplicitrix and began circling through the icons.] Alan: Swiftly killing is too good for him. First, I'll bind his soul to his piece of shit body with Helheim. Next, I'll zap him with the electricity of all my electric aliens combined. Maybe belittle the fuck out of him with Wombastic. Then, we could see how he likes being exposed to pure, unadulterated radiation. And finally... Well, we'll just have to wait and see. [Alan stopped going through the icons and pressed the core, becoming Echo-Echo, then he pressed the device again and became Ultimate Echo-Echo. He violently flew up into the air and shot off towards the Wugu house, letting off a sonic boom as he did it.]

[Samael exited the Wugu home, closing the door as he turned to see Ultimate Echo-Echo standing there, just before the latter turned human. He smiled.] Samael: I was wondering when you were going to show up. Say, what was your name, again? Alan: My name is Alan Nomaly. You fucked my girlfriend. Prepare to die. Samael: Oh, yes. Jessica, wasn't it? She was extremely fun, the way she- Alan: One more word, I will make you eat your own ass. Samael: Don't worry, it's normal to feel this way. It's also normal to forgive those who have wronged you. [Alan gritted his teeth, trying not to give in.] Alan: No. N-No. Stop. Get out of my head. [Alan put his hands to his head, feeling the urge take over.] Alan: I... I.... Samael: You know what else is normal? [Samael walked to Alan and looked at the Stabilized Simplicitrix, his eyes filled with lust for power.] Samael: Giving your good friend Samael your super powerful gauntlet. [Alan glared back in anger and fear, unable to speak, instead just breathing heavily in trying to stop Samael's influence.] Samael: You're a figher, but it's normal to give in. [This finally caused Alan to snap. Alan began to act like normal, though the look still in his eyes. He twisted the core of the device a few times before the gauntlet opened up, allowing him to slip his hand out before giving it to Samael, who quickly slipped it on, smirking.] Samael: Thank you. Oh, by the way, it's also normal to... Bash your head against the wall. Alan: If you say so. [Samael watched as Alan approached the Wugu house before knocking his head against the wall, falling to the ground unconscious. Samael smiled before activating the Simplicitrix and becoming Fasttrack, running off to the Nomaly house. The scene panned down to Alan, zooming in on his right hand, seeing it become dark grey rock.]

[Back at the Nomaly house, the four friends were sitting out back, contemplating on what to do.] Mason: He's probably already killed him. Devin: Even if he hasn't, we're not exactly fit to stop him. Jessica: I don't see what the big deal is. All we did was have sex. Ember: The only reason you don't see what's wrong is because he's still affecting you. Mason: Wait, I think I hear him. [The four turned, hearing the sound of Fasttrack running towards them just as he stopped. Devin's brow, what he had of one, furrowed.] Devin: Something's wrong. Fasttrack: Oh, whatever do you mean? [Fasttrack grinned and hit the Simplicitrix, changing back into Samael, resulting in mostly hostile reactions.] Ember: What the fuck are you doing here?! Devin: Where is Alan?! Mason: What did you do?! Jessica: Oh, hey Sammy. Samael: Hello, lovely. [Jessica blushed while smiling, averting her eyes. Samael's demeanor changed as he focused his attention on Ember.] Samael: Come, young one. It's time we get home. Ember: I'm not fucking going with you! Samael: Oh? Talking back? That's not normal. Ember: YOU'RE NOT NORMAL! Samael: NO, YOU'RE NOT BECAUSE YOU DON'T LISTEN! YOU RESIST WITH EASE! [inhales deeply and calms down] ...But that doesn't change that I am in charge of you. Ember: YOU ARE NOT! I AM NOT YOUR PET! I AM NOT ANOHTER THING YOU OWN! Samael: Aren't you... daughter? Ember: YOU'RE NOT MY DAD! Samael: ...That's what you think. [Ember let out a small gasp, feeling her confidence diminishing, what was left of it, anyway.] Ember: N-No! You're lying! Devin: WILL EVERYONE JUST SHUT UP FOR A MINUTE?! [breathing heavily] Where is Alan? Samael: ...Left in the dust. [Everyone went silent for a moment, Devin focusing on Samael.] Devin: He's still alive, at least. [charges up electricity] It looks like we'll have to handle this ourselves. Samael: As you wish. [Samael pulled up the hologram of Armodrillo and raised his hand, but found himself incapable of hitting the core, as he saw his hand being taken over by Pride's tentacles.] Pride (voice): I was just getting used to Apocrypha in Alan's mind. I'd rather not have to adjust to someone new. Samael: [struggling] Y'know... It's normal to not interfere with my plans. [Pride let out a small gasp and slowly his tentacles retracted, causing Samael's hand to land on the Stabilized Simplicitrix's core, transforming him into Armodrillo. Devin and Mason stood at the ready.] Armodrillo: What exactly makes you think you'll be able to stop me now that I have all this power? [Mason quickly shot a web at Armodrillo's face, blinding him. As he attempted to pull it off, he was suddenly overwhelmed by Devin's electricity, causing him to fall to the ground.] Mason: Mainly the fact we know their faults. Devin: You really should've chosen someone not weak to electricity. [Being electrocuted, Armodrillo struggled before hitting the Simplicitrix, changing into Chromastone and absorbing the electricity. Devin stopped, and then Chromastone shot up, his body covered in colorful ultraviolet energy. He concentrated it into his hands, attempting to throw punches at Devin, who swiftly dodged each one. Mason shot webbing onto Chromastone's hand which melted off with ease. Chromastone then focused and changed the energy into the form of two swords. He headed for Mason.] Mason: How are you able to use him that well? Chromastone: If you thought I wasn't going to keep an eye on those my daughter associates with, then I'm offended at the kind of fool you take me for. Ember: You didn't even know Jessica was my friend! Chromastone: Oh, come now. Do you seriously believe it was just coincidence we moved to where she is? Well, actually, I suppose it is, seeing as how I didn't move us here for her, but for her little boyfriend. I had to get this power, after all. [Chromastone swung his sword at Devin, only for it to be blocked by Devin, who fell to the ground. Chromastone looked down at him.] Chromastone: Don't worry, that feeling of pain you have is normal. But so is not getting in my way. [Devin groaned before wrapping a tentacle around Chromastone's leg, lifting him up and spinning him before throwing him at a tree. Chromastone shot up, surprised and angered.] Chromastone: WHY DIDN'T YOU BEND TO MY WILL?! Devin: You don't have your default form's powers while alien, moron. Chromastone: Fine. I'll just have to utilize a different form. [Chromastone hit the Simplicitrix and became Brainstorm. He shot electricity at Devin, attempting to brainwash him, only for him to absorb the electricity and have it flowing around him instead.] Brainstorm: What the deuce?! Devin: You're not the only mind-based electric alien. [Aggravated, Brainstorm attempted to open his head, but found it closed shut by Mason's webbing. Grumbling, Brainstorm calmed himself before pressing the Simplicitrix. Devin and Mason covered their eyes from the red flash before looking on in fear at Brainstorm having become Atomix.] Atomix: I believe it's time for you two to go away. [Atomix began charging an orb of atomic energy between his hands, but it dissippated. Confused, he charged up another, but the same happened.] Atomix: What is happening? Voice: Hey, Kilgrave. [Atomix turned and was suddenly flung back several feet, knocking against the somehow still standing giant diamond penis. He looked up, surprised by the sight before him. Landing on the ground was what appeared to be Gravattack without the Simplicitrix on his forehead, but his body was covered in the body parts of over one hundred other aliens. The others looked on just as shocked and fearful.] Atomix: You don't have the Simplicitrix... How is this possible? Gravattastic: That's the Stabilized Simplicitrix, actually. A rebuilt version that keeps my DNA from doing... this. Taking the device didn't take away my power. It unlocked my power. And now, it's time for you to die. [Atomix apathetically generated another atomic orb, launching it at Gravattastic who simply absorbed it, being covered in Chromastone's ultraviolet energy before redirecting it at Atomix, causing an explosion. Atomix weakily stepped through the smoke, reaching onto his back to press the Simplicitrix, becoming ReDoubt. His otherwise beautiful face suddenly distorted, his mouth becoming wrinkly and his brow furrowing before his nose sharpened and his eyes became black pits with small white dots at the center. Gravattastic walked up and grabbed him by the neck.] Gravattastic: Nice trick. Too bad it doesn't do you any good right now. [Using a free hand, Gravattastic forced ReDoubt back into Samael. He used Lodestar's magnetism on the Stabilized Simplicitrix and it fell off of Samael's arm onto the ground. Gravattastic then forced himself high into the air with Astrodactyl's propulsion.] Samael: This... Isn't... No- [Samael was cut off by Gravattastic wrapping Snare-Oh bandages around his mouth.] Gravattastic: I've had enough of your fucking mouth. [The two soared higher and higher, Samael's body noticeably becoming colder the higher the altitude. He struggled to talk.] Samael: I-I... I'm not dead... Gravattastic: Not yet. I've bound your soul to your body. We're going to have some fun first. You look cold. Let me fix that. [Gravattastic threw Samael, then shot radioactive beams from the ChamAlien eye-colored NRG grates on his chin. Samael began falling to the ground, but was brought back up by Anenemy's tentacles. He threw him up in the air again, shooting an ice beam at Samael to keep him frozen before shattering the ice with Blitzwulf's sonic howl. The howl morphed into Shocksquatch's electric breath as Samael become badly scarred from the electricity. Gravattastic grabbed him and, for whatever reason, healed him with Ouroborosaurus.] Samael: Wh-What are you doing? Gravattastic: Just had to be sure your soul didn't leave before I was done. Samael: B-But you said- Gravattastic: Yeah. I undid it. Say goodnight, Samael. Samael: ...Goodnight, Samael. [Gravattastic let go of him, causing him to float in the low-gravity of the hgh atmosphere before touching him with his Antidisintegratematerialism finger, causing a large explosion visible from the ground. Gravattastic slowly made his descent back to the house, where he saw, Jessica holding her head in pain as Ember comforted her. They looked as Gravattastic landed and approached the Stabilized Simplicitrix. Touching his hand to the device, there was a bright red flash, and the hourglass symbol suddenly appeared on his forehead, with Pride's chains attached to it. Gravattastic groaned as all the excess alien parts retracted, leaving him as Gravattack just before becoming human. Jessica left Ember's side to go to Alan, hugging him.] Jessica: I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to- Alan: I know, I know. It's not your fault. He's gone now. Jessica: [pulling away to look Alan in the eyes] We... We can just undo it, right? Alan: What? Jessica: Y-You can use Brainstorm to alter my memory, yeah? Clockwork to take it back? It'll be like it never happened. [Alan stared back at her for a moment, heavily considering what she had to say.] Alan: ...No. Jessica: W-What? [eyes tearing up] What do you mean "no"? I don't want to remember basically being... Y'know. Alan: I know, I know, but... You saw what just happened, yeah? I told you I was going to try to get better and... I fucking killed someone again. I... I don't have the right to do this. Jessica: I am literally giving you the right to do it! Alan: Why don't I just erase all your bad days then?! What if I just remove every bad memory? You'll question what led up to us even getting together! Devin: He has a point. Ember: What?! Devin: We can't just erase the bad. The good loses its meaning, then. Alan: The world isn't meant to be my sandbox that I can just change however I want. Jessica: You pick an interesting fucking time to start having morality! [A silence fell over the five of them.] Alan: ...I'm sorry. I have to keep myself in check somehow. I can't do this for you. [Alan stepped away, silently walking into the house.]

[The group sat awkwardly in the living room, the silence only being broken once Alexis walked through the front door. Reading the room, she almost immediately took notice of how wrong everything felt.] Alexis: ...You guys look like shit. What happened? [After being caught up to speed, Alexis thought for a moment, looking over at Ember.] Alexis: You said his powers didn't work on you? Ember: Yeah. None of us really know why. Alexis: ...You're a Mesmer. Jessica: A what? Alexis: A Mesmer is a type of Fæ that manipulates people through use of a trigger word and eye contact. That's how you described Samael's powers. A Mesmer's powers can work on other Fæ, but if they didn't work on you, then I would assume you're the same kind. Alan: Does she have the Fæ smell? Alexis: Yeah. I just wanted to hear the whole story before I brought it up. Ember: What does that mean, then? Alexis: It means that you've got some trigger word you can use to manipulate people. And that you're gonna have to choose between Light Fæ and Dark Fæ. Devin: Light and Dark? Alexis: Yeah. I... met my actual mom. My Succubus mom. She told me about why she was gone, and that all Fæ have to choose between Light and Dark. Mason: ...So? Alexis: So what? Alan: So, which one did you pick? [Alexis went to answer but there was a knock at the door. Mason and Devin quickly put their ID masks on to appear human before Alexis answered the door. Finn entered the home, eyes red from crying as tears continued down her face and she turned to Ember.] Finn: Ember! Ember: Mom? [Ember stood up and took a few steps towards Finn only for the latter to embrace her in a tight hug while continuing to cry.] Finn: I can't tell you how sorry I am for how you've been treated! I-I don't know what was happening, I- Ember: Mom. [Ember pulled away slightly to look her mom in the eyes.] Ember: It's okay. [The familiar Mesmer eye flash was seen between the two as they hugged again. Alan leaned over to Alexis.] Alan: I guess we found her trigger word. [Alan's face then dropped as he slouched somewhat. Jessica took notice of this.] Jessica: What is it? Alan: ...I wish... I wish all situations were that easy. There's so much pain we could stop if it was like that. Jessica: ...You could make it be that way. [Alan clenched his fist and closed his eyes. Jessica looked down at the Stabilized Simplicitrix, surprised to see its core not glowing. She looked back up at Alan who turned towards her.] Alan: I don't have that authority. [Jessica kept her gaze on Alan before embracing him in a hug. Alan hugged her back, the two sharing the embrace for a moment. Alan then pulled back and caressed her cheek, holding both in his hands before violently snapping her neck. Jessica let out a light gasp as she opened her eyes, seeing she was still hugging Alan, her neck just fine.] Alan: You alright? Jessica: ...Yeah. I think so. [The scene panned away from them, showing a pale red mist being sucked into one of the vents of the house.]

Major Events[]

  • It is revealed that Alexis was adopted by a human family that was given specific instructions by her biological Fæmily on how to handle her situation.
    • Alexis also learns that her actual last name is Donovan.
    • It is revealed that Silk had to leave Alexis due to the murder of Blood King Amos.
    • The Fæ are revealed to be ruled by a "Blood King." It is also revealed that the first ever Blood King was Jesus Christ, while the second was Judas Iscariot.
  • The group meets Samael Missbrauch, a Mesmer species of Fæ, the group's first encounter with a Fæ other than Alexis or Intimachi. It is later revealed Ember Wugu is also a Mesmer.
  • Gravattack and Gravattastic debut.

Stabilized Simplicitrix Debuts[]

  • Gravattack
  • Gravattastic


  • Alan Nomaly
  • Alexis Dwyer
  • Jessica Nietzsche
  • Devin Lorenzo
  • Mason Babadzhanov
  • Pride
  • Ember Wugu (debut)
  • Finn Wugu (debut, manipulated)
  • Anastasia Dwyer (debut)
  • Silk Donovan (debut)


  • Samael Missbrauch (debut)
  • Jail-Berd
  • Dictator Agorm Hitmas (flashback)


  • Blood King Amos (debut, death)
  • Count Roman Sange (debut)
  • Blair Trodaí (debut)
  • Aagia Skinwalker (debut)
  • Niyol Thunderbird (debut)
  • Cassandra Pouli (debut)
  • Anton Ferdinand (debut)

Aliens Used[]

Alan Nomaly[]

Actually Used[]

  • Gravattack (2x, debut)
  • Rabbiture
  • Nanomech
  • Echo-Echo (cameo)
    • Ultimate Echo-Echo
  • Gravattastic (debut, unintentional)
    • Clockwork (2x)
    • Chromastone
    • Gravattack
    • Lodestar
    • Astrodactyl
    • Snare-Oh
    • Helheim (2x)
    • NRG
    • Anenemy
    • Arctiguana
    • Blitzwulf
    • Shocksquatch
    • Ouroborosaurus
    • Antidisintegratematerialism

Powers Only[]

  • Big Chill
  • Heatblast (unintentional)

Samael Missbrauch[]

  • Fasttrack
  • Armodrillo
  • Chromastone
  • Brainstorm
  • Atomix
  • ReDoubt


  • Similamander


  • Alan references Mr. Robot when comparing Ember's hoodie outfit to that of Elliot Alderson's.
  • The way Alan's head becomes Heatblast's is similar to the Marvel character Ghost Rider.
  • Ember saying "I am not your pet, not another thing you own." is a direct reference to the song This Life is Mine from the RWBY soundtrack.
  • Alan directly referenes The Princess Bride.

Fourth Wall Breaks[]

  • Gravattack breaks the fourth wall to mention The Alan 10 Skits when discussing Jail-Berd having not appeared for a while aside from the Skits.


  • Samael's first name is that of the Grim Reaper, while his last name is German for abuse.

Credit Scene[]

[The scene opened up in a messy laboratory. Magenta electricity crackled all around as a female Fulmini made of magenta energy matching the electricity, as well as greenish rock, was working on something. She combined large hunks of metal with her own energy and rock. After hours, she left the back room of her lab. Entering the front, she saw a sleeping Arburian Pelarota, a female one specifically, not that the species has much in way biological differences between gender. The Pelarota was lavender, with deep blue bolts on her body. The Fulmini zapped her lightly, causing her to wake up, startled, her eyes a bright blue.]

Fulmini: Come on, Taida. It's ready.

[Taida groaned, begrudgingly getting into her sphere form as she followed the Fulmini. Once in the back room, Taida exited her sphere form, seeing a Pelarota-tailored helmet, which had five large, rocky protrustions, and was covered in rocky armor matching that of the Fulmini, with magenta energy flowing through it. Taida dropped a bag of Taydens into the Fulmini's hand before assuming her sphere form again, turning around and rolling backwards into the helmet, putting it on as she exited sphere form again.]

Taida: It's... perfect. Thank you, Abilitare.

Abilitare: Don't mention it. Seriously. If you go babbling about where you got this, I'll be out of business.

Taida: You know I don't... have the energy for that.

Abilitare: Riiiight. Well, if that'll be all, then you should be on your way, Taida.

Taida: Of course. Oh, actually... Should our paths ever cross again, which I doubt... Don't call me Taida.

Abilitare: What should I call you then?

Taida: Call me... Sloth.