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[Alan and Alexis walked through the aisles of a store, Alan pushing the cart whilst Alexis looked for stuff.]

Alexis: Alright. Since we're gonna be living together now, we need to find essentials... And only essentials. You take the cart and go find us some essential stuff for this house. I'll be getting some smaller essential stuff.

Alan: Aight.

[Alan walked off with the cart. Alexis was looking around the aisle she was on, and grabbed cartons of eggs. She turned around and saw Alan was already back, the cart filled with everything but essentials.]

Alexis: What the hell is all this shit?!

Alan: Essentials.

Alexis: I highly doubt pornographic magazines are considered essential.

[Alexis began rummaging through the clutter Alan had piled into the cart.]

Alexis: Guns and katanas? How the hell did you- Oh. You... You used him, didn't you?

Alan: [eyes glance to the side] No...

Alexis: Goddamnit, Alan. That guy's too dangerous to use... Plus, you shouldn't be using them in public if you don't want that secret revealed. Anyways, these aren't essentials. We need to only focus on those. We have to grow up.

Alan: "We have to grow up?" Do you even know who you're talking to?

Alexis: Apparently, the most immature hero in existence.

Alan: No, no, wrong watch user.

Alexis: Wait, what?

Alan: Nevermind. My point is, we don't have to grow up. Growing old is optional, but growing up isn't, and if we are gonna grow up, then we need to be childish at times, otherwise there's no point in growing up. Besides, the guns and katanas are for protection in case the Simplicitrix messes up.

Alexis: And the magazine?

Alan: Well...

Alexis: You have a girlfriend.

Alan: And I'm moving in with my best friend. Look, until or unless Jessica moves in with us later, I need something to sustain me on the nights she's not there.

[Alexis gave Alan an almost offended look.]

Alexis: So, what I do doesn't count?

Alan: That's not what I meant. I enjoy that but... It's not making love or anything. It's just us doing it so you stay alive. That's the reason I do it. Not for me to do it, but for you to live.

[Alexis' expression changed from offended to smiling.]

Alexis: Y'know, I know we called it off a long time ago, but I will still, until the day I die, say that Jessica is one of the luckiest girls on the planet to have someone who cares so much about others.

Alan: [face turns a bit red] Oh, shut up. Jessica makes me blush enough, I don't need you doing it, too. And don't worry. You'll find your Alan soon enough.

Alexis: Oh, my “Alan?" Is that what we're calling it now?

Alan: Yes, yes it is.

[Alexis rolled her eyes. Alan turned to the audience.]

Alan: Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is how we're starting-

Alexis: Who are you talking to?

Alan: Oh, right, I forgot. You don't have that ability.

Alexis: Wha- Y'know. Nevermind. Just... stop talking to yourself.

Alan: Fine. I'll let the voice-over take control.

[Alexis rolled her eyes again and began walking, Alan followed with the cart as his voice was heard talking over everything.]

Alan (voice): Well, now that we're not being interrupted, perhaps I can continue. Yes, this is how we're starting this story. But, this isn't the start of the story. The start of the story is the end of the season one finale.

[The scene changed to Gearo and the Agent talking.]

Alan (voice): No, not THAT ending.

[The scene then changed to Alan, Alexis, and Jessica hanging out in Alan’s house, the living room empty.]

Alan (voice): Yeah. That ending.

Alexis: So, why exactly is everything empty?

Alan: While I was Un-Named, I made sure they were leaving. I also made sure they’d get everything done in a timely manner. I don’t need Richard coming in and ruining everything for them the way he’s tried for me.

Jessica: Where do you go then?

Alan: I’ve got an idea.

[Hours later, Alan was seen packing in a final box to his Scion. He turned to the house.]

Jessica: What are you doing, exactly?

Alan: Removing memories.

Alexis: You have nowhere else to go.

Alan: Yeah I do. We’ll go there after we’re done here.

[Alan activated the Simplicitrix and pressed the core down. His body was encased with a dark shadow as his eyes glowed red. Red energy went over his entire body, changing it to a dark red rock, and then red flames filling up the cracks. A red flash occurred, and Alan was in the form of a new, fiery alien.]

Jessica: Who’s that guy?

New Alien: No idea, I was going for Clockwork. I was planning on aging the entire house, but I guess burning it works just as well.

[Alan reached out his hand and snapped his fingers, sending a stream of fire to the wood of the house, catching a flame. Within a small amount of time, the entire house was engulfed in flames. Alan, Alexis, and Jessica were watching from within his car. Alan then pulled off, leaving behind the burning house. The next morning, the car pulled up to a large, dark, gothic-style house. The three got out.]

Alan: This is the place.

Alexis: What is it?

Alan: A house that’s been in the family. Never was actually a home to anyone, but it was kept around. Was always planned to be backup in case, oh, I don’t know, the house burns down.

Jessica: This is where you’re staying now, then?

Alan: Yeah. New base of operations. Time to unpack.

[The scene changed to Alan and Alexis returning from the store they were seen in at the beginning of the movie. They walked into the house, meeting up with Jessica, Devin, and Mason.]

Alan (voice): There we go.

Devin: Remind me why you’re moving in here alone.

Alan: It’s not alone… Alexis is living here, too. [turns to Jessica] Hopefully, you will too, at some point.

Mason: Okay, true, but why?

Alan: House burnt to the ground.

Devin: And other family?

Alan: Away.

Alexis: Your lying skill?

Alan: Absolutely none whatsoever.

Jessica: Should probably tell them what’s actually going on?

Alan: Yeah. Probably is gonna seem weird having two episodes in a row and now the movie having people learn the secret, but oh well. Fuck it.

Devin: Yeah is right. What’s going on?

[Alan sighed and activated the Simplicitrix, and was transformed into Mole-Stache. Devin and Mason looked surprised and confused.]

Mason: What the fuck?

Jessica: Yeah, bit of a shocker.

[The Simplicitrix began flashing and beeping. Suddenly, Mole-Stache was transformed into a red humanoid with orange bumps on his arms and legs, with white fingers, and a red hood over his head. He had four rectangular eyes and two more eyes on his chest.]

New Alien: This… Is a new one… And… Unexpected. I didn’t mean to transform again.

[Alan was then transformed into a large, purple, four armed creature, wearing a black shirt with red stripes on the shoulders, and a stripe down the middle that lead to red pants.]

Alexis: Are you… okay?

New Alien: I don’t think this is good. I’m guessing something’s wrong with the Simplicitrix.

[Alan transformed back into human, and sighed with relief.]

Alan: Let’s hope that doesn’t happen again.

[Alan looked at Devin and Mason, who seemed to both be concerned.]

Mason: Is there anything else you mind telling us?

Alan: I’m friends with the alien who made the thing, I recently met a time traveling version of me from another timestream, and Alexis is a sex eating succubus.

[Alexis hit Alan over the back of the head.]

Alan: OW!

Alexis: Are you fucking kidding me?

Alan: I figured since we were revealing the watch, they’d find out about you, anyways.

Devin: So, wait, did you two-

Jessica: Yeah, they did, that’s all we’ll discuss for now cause uh, there’s probably some, um, big, y’know… Villain to go after. Right, Alan?

Alan: Fuck no. What’s gonna happen now, is we’re gonna do a fucking party. I’ve faced an omnipotent judge, a mentally enhanced dog, and my psychotic sibling. I need a break with alcohol.

Devin: We can’t have-

Alan: We can now.

[Alan walked over to a bar in the living room, and opened up the fridge behind it, and sat out five shot glasses, halfway filling each with 43, and then filling the rest of it with cream. Each of them picked up a glass.]

Alan: I’m not good at this shit… But god fucking damnit I say this drink is well fucking deserved.

[The five friends clinked their glasses together, and took their shots.]

Alexis: WOOO!

[Alexis sat her drink down, Jessica turned to Alexis.]

Jessica: Alcohol seems to have an effect on you.

Alexis: Succubus body, baby!

[An insert song began. Alan was seen drinking straight from a bottle of green apple Smirnoff. Alexis and Jessica were seen dancing close to each other and grinding up on one another while Alan, Mason, and Devin watched. Mason was then seen attempting, and failing, to break dance, much to the entertainment of the group. Devin was seen doing a cowboy-style dance.]

[Alan was seen doing several different dance moves. In a red flash, Alan was changed into Clockwork. He put his right foot forward, and his left foot back, then slid across the floor. He moved to his left, then stepped to his right, then looked upwards. Eye Guy was seen moonwalking. Ripjaws was seen whipping.]

[The music ended as the scene changed. Alan woke up on the couch. Jessica was sleeping at the other end of it, while Mason, Devin, and Alexis were on the floor. Alan got up, then held his head.]

Alan: Ugh… First hangover.

[The doorbell was ringing. Alan got up, and groaned.]

Alan: I’m… Still not up to this. Hey, reader, take over for me.

[A line of text showed up on the screen: “Use the Left Trigger to move.” Nothing happened.]

Alan: Reader. Helllllllooooooooooooooo. I need some help over here.

[Still nothing happened.]


[Suddenly, Alan began walking towards the door.]

Alan: Finally! Took you fucking long enough.

[The line of text changed: “Press A to open the door.” The door remained closed.]

Alan: Don’t start this again.

[Still nothing happened.]

Alan: You’re just doing this to see if there’s any extra dialogue that comes with not doing it, aren’t you?

[Still nothing happened.]

Alan: You’re a little bitch.

[The door finally opened, and a pizza man was standing outside the door with two large pizzas.]

Pizza Man: I have your pi-

[Alan yanked the pizzas away from him, quickly handed him the money, then closed the door.]

Alan: There we go. Didn’t want you fucking around until the pizza was cold. This ain’t plaza… What the fuck did we do, tell them not to deliver until this morning?

[Alan looked on the box, and it had a note that read: “Do not deliver until morning.”]

Alan: Well, apparently we fucking did.

[Alan sat the pizza down on the bar. Jessica walked behind him and put her arms around him.]

Alan: Morning, beautiful.

[Jessica smiled then kissed Alan’s cheek. Alan reached into the pizza box and pulled out a slice, putting it over his shoulder to where Jessica could take a bite, then he himself took a bite.]

Jessica: That party was amazing.

Alan: Yeah. Did we um… You know…

Jessica: I don’t think so. Were you hoping we would?

Alan: Just a bit. It’s probably better we didn’t though. [turns around while in Jessica’s arms] I don’t like the idea of having kids anyways.

Jessica: And that’s why you were never a good choice to work at Tacopolis.

Alan: That, and animatronics are horrible. I still have nightmares. Though, that’s mainly cause they went after you, too.

Jessica: You’re so sweet.

[Jessica kissed Alan’s lips.]

Alexis: Oh, lovely, the lovebirds are up.

[Jessica and Alan turned to Alexis and began busting out laughing. Alexis became confused.]

Alexis: What?

Alan: You have a di… [laughs] You have a di…

Jessica: You have a penis drawn on your face!

[Alexis went into her phone and opened up the front facing camera as Alan and Jessica continued laughing. She immediately went to the sink and began rubbing water on the drawing, rubbing it off. She turned and scowled at the laughing couple.]

Alexis: Whoever did that… Is going to pay.

Alan: What for? I thought you liked those on your face.

[Alan and Jessica continued laughing as Alexis firmly grabbed Alan by the crotch, and her eyes changed to blue.]

Alexis: You were saying?

Alan: I… I uh…

[Alexis let go of Alan and her eyes changed back to blue. Alan fell to the ground, holding himself.]

Alan: Holy fuck, OW. Christ on a bike.

Alexis: And that’s what you get for laughing.

Alan: Christ… She laughed too!

Jessica: Hey, now, don’t bring me into that duo of weird sexual actions.

Alexis: Fine.

[Alexis walked over to Jessica and put her hand on her cheek.]

Alexis: I’ll just make the duo be us instead.

[Alan stood up and looked at them.]

Alan: I’m not sure if I should be protective or aroused.

Jessica: Why not both?

Alan: Good idea.

[The scene changed to a large ship. The front of the ship had a blue trapezoid shaped symbol, with four circles in the upper half, the two top circles being smaller than the two bottom circles. Inside were several members of several alien species. There were large, bug-like species, with large wings, four legs, tails, and four eyes, a monkey-like species with multiple arms and eyes, a jellyfish-like species with strange patterns on them and six limbs, and muscular, four armed humanoids. All the species were dressed in brown outfits with the symbol from the front of the ship on the right pectoral of their outfits. A green member of the four armed humanoids walked into the bridge.]

Green Alien: Status report on the progress to planet Earth.

[A silver member of the monkey-like species ran up to him.]

Silver Alien: We are approaching Earth’s solar system, Dictator Hitmas. While a primitive species in relation to our worlds, it is the only source of life in this system.

Dictator Hitmas: Good. [to a yellow jellyfish-like creature] General Qualle. Is any of the aquatic life worthy?

General Qualle: [floats up to Dictator Hitmas] The cephalopod creatures will increase our armies, drastically.

Dictator Hitmas: [to a bright blue bug-like creature] The miniscule of the world, General Fliege?

General Fliege: The insectoids and arachnids are high in numbers, and the arthropods are naturally heavily armored.

Dictator Hitmas: [to a silver monkey-like creature] And finally: the large land creatures. General Spinnehart?

General Spinnehart: I have seen no worthy creatures on land, sir. Their dominant species is extremely bland, in both appearance and abilities.

Dictator Hitmas: So, a dominant species without any special powers. Fascinating how they became the top of their food chain. But, that is all about to change. All hail the Multi-Limb Race!

All: All hail the Multi-Limb Race!

[The scene then changed back to Alan’s house, with Alan and Alexis walking into the living room, red faced, and their hair messy. Jessica turned to them.]

Jessica: Jesus, you two have been busy.

Alan: [breathing heavily] The fact… you’re not… mad about this…

Jessica: [walks to them] Look, you’re doing it to keep her alive, so it’s fine. Though… Maybe one day she’ll need a new fuckbuddy. Most likely.

Alexis: I’ll find someone, don’t worry. Also, he has uber endurance, you’re going to have a lot of fun. If he can live through a succubus feeding, he can live through anything.

[Alexis pushed Alan closer to Jessica then walked to the fridge and opened it. She closed it, disappointed, then walked to the bar, and looked down, then looked back up.]

Alexis: We drank all the alcohol. Jessica, wanna go on a beer run? Alan kinda changed the legal age so we could drink which means we can legally buy it now.

Jessica: Sure.

Alan: Wait, what about me?

Alexis: Considering you’re not exactly your best after last night, and you just got done being busy with me, it’s probably best that you stay here. We got this.

Alan: What am I supposed to do here? Mason and Devin are gone, I’m still in refractory period so it’s not like I can masturbate the time away.

Jessica: I’m sure you’ll find something to do.

[Alexis and Jessica walked out of the house and then drove off. Alan looked out the window, seeing them pull off. Alan turned away from the window, then quickly turned back, seeing a little girl standing in the road. He ran to the door and opened it to get a better view of the situation. He saw a car barreling down the road. Worried, he quickly closed the door. A red flash was seen from the windows. Everything outside of the house was seen slowing to a stop. The camera changed back to view the door, and Clockwork ran out of the house. He quickly zoomed down the street, and across the road, saving the girl just before the car could hit her. He dropped her off in front of an alley on the other side of the road. She looked up at him, worried.]

Clockwork: Kid. Didn’t your parents ever teach you not to play in the road?

[The girl was speechless. Clockwork sighed, and began walking down the alley. In the midst of walking down it, the Simplicitrix transformed him back into human, with no warning.]

Girl: Mister?

[Alan stood straight up, all the muscles in his body clenched.]

Girl: Mister, where is the clock man?

[Alan, without turning back, ran down the alley way, away from the little girl. About an hour later, Alexis and Jessica were seen walking into the house, with bags of drinks.]

Alexis: Hey, Alan, we’re back.

Jessica: Could use a little help.

[Alan was heard walking down the stairs. He walked into the room, and was shown to be wearing a cowboy hat.]

Alexis: What’s the hat for?

[Alan looked at Alexis.]

Alan: I probably should have stayed in like you said.

Alexis: What did you do?

Alan: Saved a little girl from being run over.

Jessica: And this is a bad thing because?

Alan: [turns to Jessica] She almost found out my identity.

Alexis: You’re wearing a cowboy hat… to hide your identity?

Alan: No, I’m wearing to because I’ve got a surprise as to how I’m gonna attempt to hide it.

[Alan took off the hat, and revealed to have changed his hair to a vibrant green color. Alexis and Jessica were wide eyed and in shock.]

Alexis: You…

Jessica: Your hair…

Alexis: Are you fucking JackSepticEye now?

Alan: Look. Someone out there that I don’t know thinks the aliens are one person with brown hair. Now, I’m low-key incognito, with green hair instead. Sure, I’m gonna stick out, but I’m gonna stick out as the guy with green hair, not as the guy who’s all the aliens.

[Alan got a piece of pizza from the box on the counter, then walked to the couch, and turned on the television. The television turned on to a show, displaying a blue, bug-like humanoid character, and green character with flower petals around his neck, and a purple, blob-like character. Alan’s face dropped.]

Alan: Ugh, these fucking reboots are fucking horrible. [turns to audience] Don’t any of you fucking dare say shit about this show being a fucking reboot.

[Jessica leaned over to Alexis.]

Jessica: Does he do that often?

Alexis: A little too often.

[Suddenly, the screen of the television went snowy, and a new signal was picked up, showing Dictator Hitmas on the screen. Alexis and Jessica ran over to get a better look.]

Dictator Hitmas: Creatures of Earth. I am Dictator Agorm Hitmas, the leader of the Tetramand and Multi-Limbed races. Prepare for extermination of the majority of your species, and the purification of your planet. Creatures with only four limbs shall be removed, and replaced with superior species.

Alan: Really? That’s his idea? The fuck kind of Adolf Hitler is this?

Dictator Hitmas: We will be entering Earth’s atmosphere in twenty-four of your hours. You have until then to be prepared.

[The intermission cut off and returned to the normal broadcast. Alan stood up.]

Alan: The twenty-four hour threat. Classic. Joke’s on him, he’s the one who’s gonna have to be prepared.

[A red flash occurred, and Alan was transformed into Grey Matter. Jessica and Alexis looked down at him.]

Alexis: Looks like we’re gonna have to prepare first.

[Grey Matter pushed himself back, hitting the Simplicitrix on the couch, and was transformed into Un-Named.]

Un-Named: Alright. I’m gonna head up to the Celestialsapien Court jail thing and get Gearo to take a look at this.

Alexis: Wait… Aren’t you omnipotent? Why don’t you just do it yourself?

Un-Named: Because I have to follow the fucking plot, that’s why.

[Un-Named teleported away in a flash, then reappeared and transformed back.]

Alexis: Well?

Alan: Fortunately, he fixed it randomly transforming me. Unfortunately, if he prevents it from randomly unlocking aliens, the ones I’ve already been will be locked… God, that is the absolute worst way to keep debuting new aliens.

Alexis: Great. We’ve got Nazi aliens on their way to get rid of us, and we don’t know if you’re gonna turn into something you know how to use or something completely… well, for a lack of a better word, alien.

Jessica: He’s managed to learn how to use his other aliens pretty easily.

Alan: There’s a difference there. The nine aliens I used in court, I already knew what their powers were. Heatblast was coincidental and his powers were obvious. Same with Four Arms last night, four muscular arms, very clear what he can do. But the other one, I’m not too sure.

Jessica: The guy with the hood?

Alan: Exactly. Who knows what the fuck he does? Not me.

Alexis: Maybe it’s time to train again.

Alan: Ugh. I hated training. [sighs] Fine. I guess it’s useful. Learning the Ropes 2, here we come.

[The scene changed to a courtyard behind the house. He activated the Simplicitrix and transformed into the hooded alien. He held out his arms.]

New Alien: I seem to have a problem with aliens that have these nozzle looking things on their body.

Alexis: Gutrot was able to shoot gas from his nozzles. Maybe…

[Alan stuck out his arms, and focused, forcing his energy to the barnacles on his palms. Water then started shooting out.]

Jessica: A water alien. I wasn’t expecting that. What are you gonna name him? Overflow?

Alexis: Crabhammer?

[Alan lost focus while thinking of a name, and water began shooting out of the other barnacles on his forearms. Then water shot from the barnacles on his legs, and then the ones on his shoulders. The force of the water caused him to be flung around the yard and into the air. The water stopped shooting out, and fell to the ground. Alexis and Jessica ran over to him.]

New Alien: Ugh… [raises arm] How about… Water Hazard… [arm falls back to ground, groans]

[An insert song began to play as Alan slammed down on the Simplicitrix. His body was covered by blue crystals, two large crystals growing out of his back, and wore a black and red jumpsuit with the Simplicitrix on his belt. He put his arms out, and shot crystals into the ground. He threw his arms up and moved his hands around, causing the crystals to grow and shape themselves into a phallic shape. Alexis and Jessica groaned.]

Jessica: Really?

New Alien: It was bound to happen eventually.

[Alan pressed the Simplicitrix. His body shrunk down and turned pink, with his mouth widening and growing headphones, which connected to his back. The Simplicitrix was on his forehead.]

Alexis: And this is supposed to be?

New Alien: I. Don’t. Kno-

[As Alan talked, his voice grew louder, shooting soundwaves from his mouth. Jessica covered her ears as Alexis covered Alan’s mouth.]

Alexis: Don’t do that again… Not that loud, at least.

[Alexis uncovered his mouth, and he created a quieter soundwave. The soundwave hit the ground, and another version of him appeared. The soundwaves caused his clone to create soundwaves, causing another clone to appear next to a wall. That clone then shot soundwaves, which hit the diamond structure, destroying it. The clones ran over to the original and merged back into one, falling to his knees.]

New Alien: My… my beautiful creation…

[Alexis leaned over and whispered to Jessica.]

Alexis: More like beautiful compensation.

New Alien: I HEARD THAT!

[The scene changed to a moment later, in which Alan was seen as a purple, humanoid alien. He had a red cloak on, wearing black pants, and his body was tattooed with strange symbols. He clapped his hands together, then aimed the diamonds. All the diamonds came together and took on their previous shape.]

Purple Alien: That’s better.

[The scene changed. Alan, Jessica, and Alexis were walking back into the house from the courtyard as the song ended. Alan turned on the television again.]

News Anchor: Governments around the world are urging citizens to remain calm.

Alexis: Remain calm? How do they expect us to do that?

Alan: Government expects a lot of things from us, like tax money that doesn't go towards something like free health care. One thing they don’t expect… is me. The people have a reason to be calm. We’re still here.

Jessica: “We’re?”

Alan: I can’t face a whole army on my own. We’re about to go to war. I’m gonna need all the help I can get.

Alexis: Alright, so we’ve got the guy who can turn into a lot of aliens, and we’ve got my succubus powers… [to Jessica] What about you?

Alan: I’ve got an idea.

[Alan went to a pile of boxes next to the wall, and moved some boxes out of the way. The other two walked up beside him, and saw weapons in the box.]

Jessica: You expect me to know how to use these?

Alan: You won’t need to.

[Alan rummaged through the weapons and pulled out his suit. He got up and sat it on the counter.]

Alan: This is what we need.

Alexis: I’m confused.

Alan: Just leave it to me.

[Alan activated the Simplicitrix, and transformed into Jury Rigg. He zoomed around the suit, adding several bits and pieces into the fabrics. The suit glowed, and the suit retracted itself into the symbol on the belt. He jumped off the counter, transformed back into human, and gave the symbol to Jessica.]

Alan: Try it on. Put that where you would a belt buckle.

[Jessica nervously put the symbol on. The symbol changed from red to blue as it glowed. The suit grew around her, all the red being replaced by blue. Alan smirked.]

Alan: Perfect.

Jessica: What did you do?

Alan: Worked some technology into the suit. Now, for one, the color matches the person’s favorite color, or if you’re reading this, it matches their text color, and it also lets you use weapons with ease. Oh, and if you press the symbol you’ll get the mask, too, which will help with explosions and whatnot. Turns indestructible.

Alexis: Is this all we can do?

Alan: No. There is one other thing we can do.

[The scene changed to a vacant parking lot a few hours later, after dark. Alan was standing in the middle of it. The camera panned back, showing Alexis and Jessica watching from a distance. They were talking over a com-link.]

Alexis: You never did exactly say what you were planning.

Alan: That’s cause I know you wouldn’t agree to it. But if we wanna stand any real chance at stopping this… We’d have to do this.

[Suddenly, there was a blue flash of light behind Alan. He turned too late to see what it was. The blue flash began to circle him. It stopped, revealing a humanoid, cat-like creature. It had a white body with black markings on his chest, black feet, hands, and face. He had glowing aqua eyes. The camera panned down, revealing the Negative Simplicitrix on his chest. There was an aqua flash as the alien transformed into Richard. Alexis’ eyes widened.]

Alexis: Alan, what the fuck are you doing?

Richard: Brother.

Alan: Richard.

Richard: You called?

Alan: You know I wouldn’t if I had no other choice.

Richard: So, one minute, you’re tearing apart my plans, and the next, you’re asking for help?

Alan: Your plans won’t mean shit if you don’t help me. I suspect you know of the Nazi aliens that are coming tomorrow.

Richard: The entire world knows. What of them?

Alan: You have plans. Whatever they are, they’re going to be for nothing if you, Emina, and Envy are dead. And I can’t fight this threat alone. I have Alexis, I have Jessica. But an alien, a Succubus, and a heavily armed hot chick aren’t going to be enough to stop it. This Hitmas guy, whoever he is, he’s more of a threat to you than I am. I’m only highly likely to kill you one day, but this guy is absolutely going to kill you tomorrow. So, if you want your plans to succeed, or at least be five percent more likely to succeed, you don’t have much of a choice.

Richard: I’m impressed. You actually managed to put aside your hatred and ego to ask for my help. I suppose… You have a point.

[Richard slowly walked to Alan, stopping right in front of him.]

Richard: Temporary truce until the end of this invasion?

Alan: Very. Temporary.

Richard: Where exactly will our base of operations be? You burnt the house down, and I doubt either of us will want to bring the other to their own base.

Alan: I think we both know where.

Richard: [chuckles] I’ll see you at home, brother.

[Richard transformed into the alien he was, and ran off. Jessica and Alexis ran up to him. He turned to them, and Alexis smacked him.]

Alan: Fucking… Yeah. I deserved that.

Alexis: What the fuck are you thinking?! We can’t trust him!

Alan: Right now, we don’t have a fucking choice. I told you. All the help we can get. Unfortunately, that includes him, Envy, and Emina. We need to go.

Jessica: Go where?

Alan: Like he said. Home.

[The scene changed to an abandoned apartment complex.]

Alexis: You guys used to live here?

Alan: I try not to remember it.

[The three walked inside, and saw Richard, Emina, and Envy inside already. Richard put his arms out.]

Richard: Welcome home.

Alan: Yeah. Home sweet rat’s nest. What happened to this place?

Richard: Bankruptcy. Lucky for us, I decided to keep it around. Can’t have people ruining any possible back up base, now can we? [to Jessica] I don’t believe we’ve ever had a proper introduction.

[Richard began walking towards her, but Alan stepped in the way.]

Alan: Yeah, and I’d like to keep it that way. We’re not doing this to become friendly and personal with each other. We’re doing this to stop Hitmas. Jessica, Richard, Richard, Jessica. There’s your introduction.

Richard: [smirked] Right now, I want nothing more than that. [to entire group] We have about twelve hours until their army gets here. I suppose it’s time to make a plan. Any ideas, brother?

Alan: Alexis can drain the chi of several beings at once, [to Alexis] I suspect the only problems you’ll have are not killing anyone and the jellyfish aliens. No mouths. [to Emina and Envy] You know anything about the guys we’re up against?

Envy: Tetramands, Amperi, Lepidopterrans, and Arachnichimps. I’ll be good against the Tetramands and Arachnichimps. My speed is too quick for heavy hitters to hit me, and Arachnichimps aren’t the sharpest shooters with their webs.

Emina: I know a gas that can harm even the resistant nose of a Lepidopterran, and also one that can negate the electricity of an Amperi.

Alan: So there’s that figured out. [to Jessica] That suit’s invincible, and your weapons will be of easy use. Go nuts.

Richard: And what of us two? We’re the most powerful here, what will we do?

Alan: We’re gonna need to funnel them into where we are. It’ll give us a better chance of ruining them. Before we get into actually fighting them, we’re gonna need a distraction. That distraction will be us.

[Richard nodded, then smirked again.]

Alan: One more thing, Richard.

Richard: Let me guess. You want me to give you the function that allows you to access Ultimate forms.

Jessica: What’s an Ultimate form?

Richard: An evolved form of an alien. Fixes their flaws and makes them more powerful. What makes you think I’m going to give you that function? Aside from your morals, it’s the only advantage I have over you.

Alan: Simple. If these guys are too powerful for one Ultimate, then they’ll be too powerful for all of us. They take you down, there’s nothing to stop them afterwards. We’ll need two Ultimates to do it. You don’t want your plans to be ruined by that, now do you?

Richard: I see why she likes you. You have such a way with words. Let me see the Simplicitrix.

[Richard stepped to Alan, who pressed the Simplicitrix and transformed into ChamAlien. Richard cocked an eyebrow.]

ChamAlien: We both distrust each other. You understand my caution.

Richard: But, of course, brother.

[Richard reached out, and activated the Simplicitrix, the core popping out whilst it was on ChamAlien. He twisted and turned it, pressed several points on the core, and pushed the core back in. There was a red flash. Four spikes shot out of the paneling. Red energy went over his body. His skin turned a silvery blue. Muscles popped out of the sides of his arms, and his fingertips grew claws. Muscle popped out of his calves, and his feet changed shape, and gained toes. His tail grew longer and changed patterns. His back grew small spikes before muscle popped out of it. The horn on his head curved upwards as his face changed structure, and his eyes gained strange circular patterns. The group looked at him with shock and a little bit of discuss.]

Richard: How does it feel? The prime Merlinisapien.

Ultimate ChamAlien: [looks at his body] I… I feel power.

Richard: [grins] I do believe we’re ready for war.

[The scene changed to the Multi-Limbed Ship, entering the atmosphere of Earth. Dictator Hitmas entered the bridge.]

Dictator Hitmas: Within a few hours, Earth will be purged of its disease.

[General Spinnehart crawled along the ceiling then swung down to the floor.]

General Spinnehart: Sir, our reports say there is a battle happening above the region known as North Carolina. It is comprised of a Necrofriggian and Sonorosian.

Dictator Hitmas: What?! [ponders the situation] Take us to this “North Carolina.” We shall witness this… battle.

[The ship changed directions and headed to the battle. The changed to Echo-Echo being carried by Negative Big Chill.]

Negative Big Chill: This plan is idiotic. If I cared for your life, I’d stop you.

Echo-Echo: Even if you did, you wouldn’t.

[A strange noise was heard.]

Echo-Echo: You hear that?

Negative Big Chill: Of course not. Your hearing as that alien is superior to mine. What is it?

Echo-Echo: Sounds like… Some sort of engine. Turn around.

[Negative Big Chill turned around, only to see the army’s ship approaching.]

Negative Big Chill: Now?

Echo-Echo: Now!

[Negative Big Chill threw Echo-Echo into the air. Echo-Echo’s Simplicitrix began glowing, and a red flash occurred. His arm grew out in length, the red spot on his wrist expanding and growing a black panel around it, and the same thing happened to his shoulder. His fingers turned black, and a wire grew out of his arm and attached to his back. His legs grew out, getting two disks on the front and one on the outer side of each leg. His head thinned out, and another disk grew on his head as his face changed structure. His body turned from a light pink to a vibrant purple. A red flash occurred again and he flew around. Dictator Hitmas and his soldiers were revealed to have been watching, and they all gasped.]

Dictator Hitmas: What is this?!

Ultimate Echo-Echo: I think we’ve got them distracted enough. Freeze em!

[An aqua flash occurred as Negative Ultimate Big Chill turned around to face the ship. He shot out a white flame, engulfing the whole ship, and turned to ice. Ultimate Echo-Echo shot out disks from his body. The disks flew around the ship, shooting sonic waves at it. The ice shattered, but the ship was still intact. Ultimate Echo-Echo and Negative Ultimate Big Chill’s eyes were filled with surprise. Dictator Hitmas laughed.]

Dictator Hitmas: This is foolish! Attack!

[General Qualle used his electricity to activate controls. The sides of the ship opened, and two energy beams shot out, blasting the two aliens, knocking them out, both consciously and out of the sky. The two landed on the ground, creating two small craters, and transformed back. The ship was seen landing nearby as the rest of the group ran up to Alan and Richard. Both of them got up, slowly.]

Richard: Any more ideas?

Alan: [turns around to face group] For now, this is where you four come in. We can’t let them get to anybody. Chi absorption, cloning super speed, gas control, and weapons. Use whatever you can to fight back. [to Richard] I think it’s time we pay Agorm Hitmas a visit.

[The ship opened up, and several members of the four species came out. Alan turned to Jessica.]

Alan: Get ready to take that suit for a test run. We’re gonna need a disguise.

[As the troops were running out of the ship, Jessica was seen sideways jumping over a hill near the crowd with the suit’s mask on. She pulled a grenade off the belt of the suit, pulled the ring, and threw the grenade. It landed in the middle of the crowd and exploded. The explosion knocked her back over the hill, as Alexis, Emina, and Envy ran up to her, and Alexis helped her up.]

Alexis: You alright?

Jessica: [stands up, dusts off suit] He was right. This thing is indestructible.

[There was a red and aqua flash. The group looked over, and saw Richard and Alan both as the Four Arms, pulling members of the army away from the crowd. They took the outfits off of them and put them on.]

Four Arms: Let’s hope he doesn’t personally know every one of his troops.

Negative Four Arms: [to group] Make sure the army doesn’t get too close to the city.

[The two walked into the ship as the rest of the group followed the troops. The group stopped at the top of a hill and saw the troops already flooding the streets.]

Jessica: What do we do? We can’t just go willy nilly in there. We’ll hurt innocents.

Emina: Your species has no innocents. I’ve studied your religions. Apparently just being a human is a sin.

[Suddenly, the four were picked up, screaming. The camera panned around and showed that the two Tetramands from earlier had woken up and followed them.]

Tetramand 1: Did you really think one small human grenade would keep us down?

Tetramand 2: We’re taking you to Dictator Hitmas. You four will make great additions.

Envy: Additions?!

[Alexis’ eyes changed from brown to blue.]

Alexis: I. Don’t. Think. So.

[She opened up her mouth. The eyes of the Tetramands widened as their mouths were slowly forced open by Alexis’ powers. Their chi slowly drained, as did their color, and Alexis absorbed it. The two fell, dropping the group. Alexis’ eyes turned back to brown. The three looked at her.]

Alexis: With that taken care of… Let’s get the rest of the army taken down.

[The group went over the hill and slid down the otherside in the direction of the city. The scene changed to inside the ship. Four Arms and Negative Four Arms walked through the ship to the bridge. Dictator Hitmas stood there, grinning.]

Dictator Hitmas: Did you really think you could fool me?

[The two glanced at each other, then back at Dictator Hitmas, who jumped in front of them and grabbed them both by the necks.]

Dictator Hitmas: Need I tell you how I got to the position I am at? I am Dictator Agorm Hitmas, the most powerful Tetramand to ever live. You think your puny Tetramand transformations will stand even the slightest chance?

[Dictator Hitmas spun around, pulling and carrying the two with him. He threw them at the wall, and they transformed back.]

Dictator Hitmas: Do not tell me you two are Earth’s greatest form of defense. If so… This planet is surely doomed.

[The two got up, grunting, and both activated their Simplicitrixes. A red flash occurred. Alan’s body and head grew wider as his arms and legs shortened in length. His lower jaw increased in size, and a horn jutted from his head and spit at the end. An aqua flash occurred. Richard’s body was covered in black feathers. His arms stuck out to the sides and changed structure. His feet changed to have three toes with sharp talons. The sequences ended, showing Eatle and Negative Paralite.]

Dictator Hitmas: An Oyrctini and a Pinnavem. Even worse choices.

[Negative Paralite jumped in the air and shot himself at Dictator Hitmas. Eatle ripped off a part of a chair and ate it. Dictator Hitmas grabbed Negative Paralite and threw him at Eatle, who shot out energy and created a shield, catching Negative Paralite. He took down the shield then shot a ray at Dictator Hitmas, which seemed to not affect him at all.]

Dictator Hitmas: This is going to be easier than I thought.

Negative Paralite: Perhaps we should take… a different approach.

[There was another aqua flash, and Negative Paralite was transformed into Negative Wildmutt.]

Eatle: Actually, that’s not a bad idea.

[Eatle pressed the Simplicitrix, and was transformed into Rath. The two aliens lunged at Dictator Hitmas, who grabbed them both by the heads. Rath was trying to throw punches, despite not being able to reach him.]


[Negative Wildmutt roared.]


[Dictator Hitmas chuckled.]

Dictator Hitmas: If you insist.

[Dictator Hitmas chucked the two aliens out the exit they entered through, causing them to be forced through the ground. Both of them dug straight upwards out of the dirt and looked at each other.]


[Negative Wildmutt growled and roared.]

Rath: Huh?

[The tone in Negative Wildmutt’s roars changed. Rath groaned.]


[Negative Wildmutt groaned and shook his head. He got up out of the dirt and shook it off, flinging dirt into Rath’s face.]

Rath: HEY!

[Negative Wildmutt’s Simplicitrix began glowing. His skin lightened in tone as his collar disappeared. His teeth and claws grew sharper and lighter. Bone structures grew out of his back, and he grew a tail with a pointed bone end.]

Negative Ultimate Wildmutt: The fucking Ultimate forms, you idiot.


Negative Ultimate Wildmutt: Just transform already.


Negative Ultimate Wildmutt: Whatever lets you sleep with a succubus at night.

[A red flash occurred, and Ultimate Rath broke out of the ground. Inside the ship, Dictator Hitmas was seen looking at a map of Earth. Suddenly, he was tackled by Negative Ultimate Wildmutt, who focused his claws and teeth on getting to his neck.]

Dictator Hitmas: Get off me, you vile creature!

[Dictator Hitmas reached around with his arms, only to have them become injured by Negative Ultimate Wildmutt’s claws on his lower feet and the tip of his tail. Dictator Hitmas threw himself against the wall, back first, pushing Negative Ultimate Wildmutt into it. Getting out of his grasp, Dictator Hitmas turned around, and went to punch him, only to have his fist grabbed. He turned, and saw Ultimate Rath.]


[Ultimate Rath dropped Dictator Hitmas to the floor. Negative Ultimate Wildmutt ran up to him.]

Negative Ultimate Wildmutt: That last one was a question.

[Ultimate Rath transformed back.]

Alan: Whatever. Let’s get to the rest of the army. Our guys might need help.

[Negative Ultimate Wildmutt transformed into the black and white speed alien, and Alan pressed the Simplicitrix, transforming into Big Chill.]

Big Chill: You got a name for that one?

Negative Alien: I don’t exactly name. That’s your gig… Velocity?

Big Chill: Lame. How about… Fasttrack?

Negative Fasttrack: Like I said, it’s your gig. I may be on the opposite end of the spectrum of morality than you, thievery is below me.

[Negative Fasttrack sped out of the ship, and Big Chill flew after him. The camera panned down to Dictator Hitmas, who groaned. The scene changed to the city streets, being overrun by the army. The group of four was hiding out in the apartment. Negative Fasttrack and Big Chill entered, and transformed back.]

Jessica: Is Hitmas down?

Alan: For now. I don’t think it’ll be for long. We need to wipe the army out while we still have a good enough chance.

Emina: Is this all they’ve got? Some army.

Richard: Yes, it is quite the army. In the midst of our fight, I managed to get a look at their plans. If they’re successful with this first wave, the rest of the army will come in and ravage the rest of the world.

Alexis: What do we do?

Alan: New plan. Emina. Try to use a gas to get all of the army in one place. Alexis, you use your powers on as many as you can as they get there, filter them out. Richard. Envy. You two are gonna need to get all the innocents out.

Richard: Me, saving innocents?

Alan: Would you rather them succeed, kill everyone, and then ruin your plans?

Richard: [cracks neck] Unfortunately, you make a good point.

[The scene changed to Emina standing on the east side of the city.]

Emina: You sure this is gonna work?

Alan (voice): Best case scenario: It works and we win the war.

Emina: And worst case?

Alan (voice): It works… And reinforcements come in.

[Emina held his arms out, and shot gases out of his palms. The gas spread over the entire city, harming no Earth species, but caused the army’s species to have dilated eyes and move to the source. Alexis walked up behind Emina.]

Alexis: You’ve got the gas to take down the guys without mouths, right?

Emina: Of course I do. Just focus on the ones with mouths.

[About 2 hours later, out from behind the group, Negative Fasttrack and Envy ran up to Emina and Alexis. Negative Fasttrack transformed back.]

Richard: Innocents are safe.

Alan (voice): Did you guys get Mason and Devin out?

[Richard looked at Envy, who shrugged.]

Richard: Neither of us saw them.

Alan (voice): Damnit. [groans] We’re just gonna have to hope for the best and hope they got out before anything bad happened. When you get done there, get back to the complex.

[The group began walking away from the city. The scene then changed to a couple hours later, at Dictator Hitmas’ ship. Devin and Mason were seen chained in energy cuffs, hung against a chamber. The two struggled.]

Dictator Hitmas: Pointless to try and struggle. In a matter of your Earth hours, I will unleash my strongest warriors against your planet’s forces. Your lives and every other’s lives on Earth are finished… For the most part.

[Devin struggled more.]

Mason: What do you plan on doing with us?

[Mason looked at Hitmas confused and stern. Dictator Hitmas lowered himself to be eye level with him, and smirked.]

Dictator Hitmas: You are going to help us.

Mason: What makes you think we’d help you?

Dictator Hitmas: Well, you do not exactly have a choice in the matter.

[Dictator Hitmas walked away for a brief second to grab a hold of something. He could still hear them. Devin turned to Mason.]

Devin: What does he mean by that?

Mason: I don’t know, but I’m telling ya, it doesn’t sound good…

[They both looked back at Dictator Hitmas’ direction. Dictator Hitmas walked back into the room, holding two syringe-like devices.]

Dictator Hitmas: You do not think this entire army comes from the four species that make it up, do you? Not everyone in our species agreed with our views, so as we took over planets… Some people were, as you would say, drafted into our forces.

Devin: Honestly… nothing surprises me anymore.

[Dictator Hitmas adjusted his arms, putting the syringes right near the arms of Devin and Mason. The syringe near Devin had a symbol that looked similar to Qualle, while the one near Mason had a symbol that looked similar to Spinnehart. He injected the syringes into their arms. The two began screaming as he dropped the syringes, and then walked out of the room.]

Dictator Hitmas: Within a few hours, we will have all the military power we will need. Let’s see you stop me this time.

[Orange electricity shot all around Devin’s body. His skin turned white and orange spots began appearing on his body. Mason’s body thinned out as teal fur began growing all over it.]

Voice: You were saying?

[Dictator Hitmas quickly turned around, and saw a man standing behind him. The man had light brown hair, and wore a dark blue suit jacket, with a black button up shirt under it, black pants, and a white bow tie.]

Dictator Hitmas: You have changed your face again, Time Lord.

Agent: It happens.

Dictator Hitmas: What regeneration is this?

Agent: Sixth.

Dictator Hitmas: Hmm, is that so?

[Dicttor Hitmas started walking toward him.]

Dictator Hitmas: Well then, how about we change that to your seventh?

Agent: Oh no, I’m not here for that. No fighting on my end. I’m here to give you a choice. Give up, or be defeated.

Dictator Hitmas: That seems a bit contradictory, Agent.

Agent: Well, it would be, if I had said you’d be defeated by me. But I never said that, now did I?

Dictator Hitmas: By who then?

Agent: I believe you’ve already met them.

Dictator Hitmas: You expect me to believe the two transforming fools from earlier will defeat me?

Agent: I believe so. Benefits of going through time, you see. I know exactly how this is going to play out. You can’t stop them… But the two in there can.

[Dictator Hitmas turned to the door, where the screams of Devin and Mason were heard. He turned back to the Agent.]

Dictator Hitmas: You are setting me up, Time Lord. Why would you help me?

Agent: Because, well, quite frankly, I’m tired of keeping things in order. Everything in order is boring. Send those two and you’ll have a higher chance of winning. They’re friends of your enemies. You send them, they won’t fight them.

Dictator Hitmas: A more reckless incarnation, I see.

[Dictator Hitmas turned slightly towards the door again, then quickly pinned the Agent up against the wall.]

Dictator Hitmas: You had better hope this works. If not, it’s your own life on the line. And I will be sure you won’t regenerate from this.

[A few moments later, the Agent was seen chained to a wall. Dictator Hitmas walked to him, followed by an orange Amperi, and teal Arachnichimp.]

Dictator Hitmas: Their friends, you say. Perfect, then. You two. Get after these rebels.

[The two aliens nodded then ran out of the ship. Dictator Hitmas turned to the Agent and grinned menacingly.]

[The scene changed to the middle of the city, where the group was split between the good and the bad. The camera panned down to the bad. Richard, Envy, and Emina were walking down towards the east side of the city.]

Envy: Now’s our chance to get away from them!

Richard: [stops walking, turns to Envy, picks him up by the neck] And be killed by the alien army? No.

[Richard dropped Envy, but before he could fall to the ground, he was snatched up by webbing. Richard and Emina looked up, and saw Mason as an Arachnichimp.]

Richard: I thought you and the Succubus took care of all of them.

Emina: We did. I don’t know why-

Richard: Spare me your excuses, just get rid of him.

Emina: [reluctantly] Yes, sir.

[As Emina ran up to Mason, the scene changed to the good group.]

Jessica: What makes you think they won’t run off?

Alan: The same reason they’re working with us at all. I keep reminding Richard that if he doesn’t stop Hitmas, Hitmas will stop him.

[Suddenly, Devin, while intangible, came out from the other side of a nearby wall. He turned tangible, then grabbed the swords on Jessica’s back, and began electrocuting her. However, due to her suit, it had no effect. Alexis and Alan turned to her and Devin. Jessica pressed a button on the belt, and teleported out of Devin’s grip, and next to Alan.]

Jessica: Didn’t you and Emina get rid of all of them?

Alexis: I thought we did.

Alan: Doesn’t matter if you did or not, this one’s here now.

[Alan activated the Simplicitrix and slammed it down. His body was covered in shadows, and his eyes glowed red. Red energy went over his arms, as his hands turned to giant pincers, and grew spikes on his elbows. His skin turned gold. Red energy went over his lower body, and his lower abdomen and legs shortened, as he grew another pair of legs. His shoulders went to the sides of his head, and his head enlarged. His brain bursted out of his skull as the new golden exoskeleton created a new covering for it and closed, resulting in a bright red flash. Jessica and Alexis looked at the alien in confusion.]

Alexis: Now is definitely not the time for a new guy.

New Alien: Are you implying that I have authoritative control over whether or not this device allows for me to obtain new transformations?

Alexis: What the actual fuck did you just say?

New Alien: I haven’t the slightest of clues, Succubus.

[A zap of orange lightning hit Alan, only to have no effect.]

New Alien: How rude! Our Amperi adversary dares blast me with his inferior electricity!

Jessica: I mean… That’s kinda what enemies do.

New Alien: Enemy? Hah! Hardly. Are you both so daft and blind to where you cannot see what is oh so clearly right in front of you?

Alexis: No, we see what’s in front of us. Another one of those jellyfish aliens.

New Alien: Oh, you humans, and your tiny, closed minds. If only you had an intelligence as great as mine. You and the Professor did indeed take care of all the members of the army.

Alexis: Then where the hell did this guy come from?

New Alien: Most presumably from a homosapien female's womb… Ah, you must mean where he appeared from, correct? More than likely he discovered our location through unknown measures. Judging by the lack of… intellectual thought, it is a safe assumption that this Amperi is more than likely to be Devin.

Jessica: Do you have to be extremely confusing about this?

New Alien: Fine. Allow me to put this in a more direct way that your primitive mind can understand.

[Alan’s head opened up, revealing his brain. It lit up with red electricity, and shot at the Amperi. The red electricity surrounded him, and caused him to shout in pain as he fell to the ground. Alan stopped zapping him, and the Amperi got up, breathing heavily.]

Alexis: Well, how did that help?

New Alien: Wait for it.

Amperi: Ugh… [looks up at the group] Guys?

Alexis/Jessica: Devin?!

New Alien: Told you.

Alexis: How did you-

New Alien: Cerebrocrustacean intelligence.

Jessica: Smarts and electricity? Pretty good combination of powers.

New Alien: But of course. Brainstorm’s species has been in their prime for several Earth centuries. Natural selection was a novice task for them.

[Devin floated closer to the group.]

Jessica: What happened to you?

Devin: Mason and I were kidnapped by the army right when they first entered the city. According to their leader, several members of this army aren’t even the species they appear. Mutated and brainwashed to follow his orders. It happened to us, too. I got turned into this.

Alexis: And Mason?

Devin: He’s one of the monkeys. I’m guessing you haven’t seen him then.

Jessica: And if we’re the only ones left in the city, then that means…

Brainstorm: They’ve gone after my sibling and his lackeys.

[Back to the evil group, Emina was seen attempting to shoot Mason with gas, who was constantly dodging every blast. Envy was attached to a wall by webbing.]

Richard: Hit him already!

Emina: What do you think I’m trying to do?!

Richard: Talk back to me with that attitude again and see what happens! If you can’t hit him, just keep him busy! I’ll get Envy!

[Richard activated his Simplicitrix, and transformed into an orange version of the crystal alien, with a white outfit. He turned his hand into a blade, and cut Envy free of the webbing.]

Negative Alien: Now to take care of the monkey.

Alexis (voice): Richard, wait!

[The evil group turned around and saw the good group running up behind them. Brainstorm opened up his head and shot an electric blast, hitting Mason, who fell to the ground. Richard and Alan transformed back.]

Richard: What did you do? [to Devin] And who is that?

Alan: That’s Devin. And the monkey is Mason. Used Brainstorm to fix him being brainwashed by Hitmas. Apparently several members of the army aren’t actually this species. If we fix any that are brainwashed mutants, we might be able to take down their numbers drastically.

Envy: And how do you propose we do that?

[The scene changed to the group standing near the still unconscious army. Alan activated the Simplicitrix and transformed into the purple tattooed alien, and Richard transformed into a blue version of Brainstorm with white clothing. Alan smacked his hands together, and put them against a building nearby. The metal of the building shot out and went around the entire group in a dome shape. After Alan was finished, Negative Brainstorm shot electricity at the dome, zapping everyone inside. Alan removed the dome, and both he and Richard transformed back. Emina shot a gas out, waking everyone up. Alan and Richard readied themselves. A blue Tetramand looked at them.]

Blue Tetramand: You… I don’t know how you did it but… You freed us!

Alan: “Us?”

[A purple Lepidopterran then flew up, followed by a pink Amperi.]

Purple Lepidopterran: Yes, all of us!

Pink Amperi: We were slaves to Dictator Hitmas and his three lackeys.

Alexis: “All of us?”

Envy: “Three lackeys?”

Richard: Then that means everyone except the four leaders are mutated slaves.

Red Arachnichimp: It’s true! I was a Galilean!

Pink Amperi: I was a Strogosapien!

Purple Lepidopterran: Former Viitorău here.

[Everyone looked at the blue Tetramand.]

Blue Tetramand: Oh, I actually am a Tetramand. I was just brainwashed.

Alan: Now that that’s dealt with, we need to take the fight to Hitmas. He’s strong, and he’s got his main generals to back him up, but I don’t think he can get past all of us.

[Back at Dictator Hitmas’ ship, the Agent was shown inside the chamber Mason and Devin were seen in earlier.]

Dictator Hitmas: A member of my army having your intelligence and experience, and all under my command. This will be most helpful, indeed.

[Dictator Hitmas pulled out another syringe-like device, with a Tetramand symbol on it. He stuck it into the Agent’s arm, who screamed in pain, then left the room. He entered the bridge, and saw Alan’s team, Richard’s team, and his former army standing before him.]

Dictator Hitmas: What is this?!

Alan: The end for you.

Dictator Hitmas: You dare turn my army against me?!

Blue Tetramand: We were never your army! We were slaves!

Dictator Hitmas: I saved your lives! If you were not a part of my army, you would be dead!

Purple Lepidopterran: Being dead would be an improvement on our lives if we were all working for you!

Pink Amperi: And now we’re going to take care of you!

[Dictator Hitmas smirked and laughed.]

Dictator Hitmas: You fools. I am about to have the most powerful ally in existence.

[A screen came down behind Dictator Hitmas, and showed the Agent, struggling to get free.]

Dictator Hitmas: Look familiar?

[Alan’s group looked at each other confused, then back at Dictator Hitmas.]

Alan: Uhhhh… No?

Dictator Hitmas: What?

Alan: I’ve never seen the guy before in my life.

[Dictator Hitmas looked at the screen, then back at Alan.]

Dictator Hitmas: He claims to know you!

Alan: Must be a liar.

Dictator Hitmas: Have you not met the Agent? The most excruciatingly painfully annoying Time Lord in existence?

Alan: [even more confused] That’s not the Agent. The Agent looks like me in a suit and cowboy hat.

Dictator Hitmas: Fine. If you claim to not recognize him, you must not care if this happens to him.

[Dictator Hitmas held up a small remote control. He pressed a button on it. The Agent began screaming in pain as his arms started to get muscular and his flesh turned red. However, before it could continue, his muscles and skin returned to normal.]

Dictator Hitmas: WHAT?!

Agent: You should’ve seen this coming from a mile away, you’re a fool, Hitmas! You will never have my knowledge, and I will never succumb to you or your mutagen technology! Because you forgot one thing, Hitmas. Thing about Time Lords is… we regenerate. You did say you wanted to make me my next incarnation, didn’t you? Wish granted!

[The Agent’s hands and face began glowing with gold energy. This energy was then blasted from his hands and face as he screamed in pain. Both Alan and Richard’s group looked on in amazement and confusion. The Agent’s body changed form. His hair grew longer and turned brown. He grew facial hair and his facial structure changed. The gold energy went away, and the Agent was left breathing heavily, now looking like Alan, prior to changing his hair color. He looked up.]

Agent: Well, this is a sudden fresh feel for me… [looks down at body] Oh, good, Tetramand DNA didn’t stick with me. Nice to see regeneration worked. [pauses] But what is this ungodly accent? Oh… Oh no. I’m American again. Ohhhhh no. Not again.

[Dictator Hitmas grew increasingly angier, and crushed the remote in his hand.]

Agent: Oh, and don’t worry about trying to do it again. 15 hour period of me being able to stop myself from dying without using any incarnations.

Alexis: What the fuck just happened?


Jessica: That was the Agent the whole time?

Dictator Hitmas: Ugh. No matter. He has only allowed himself to become one step further to death.

Alan: Ohhh, I get it. We met the Agent in the future. Kind of. It was our past, but to him it was the future. Now, it’s our future, his past. Time travel stuff.

[Dictator Hitmas turned to the group.]

Dictator Hitmas: Do you really think, that even with your massive amount of numbers, you’d be able to stop me?

[The Generals of the other species came up beside Dictator Hitmas.]

Dictator Hitmas: Let’s see you try.

[Alan turned to the group of former slaves.]

Alan: Go get em.

[The former slaves ran around the two groups, and charged at the leaders of the army. Alan turned around and saw a screen lit up with several dots around Earth, one of which being on Earth.]

Alan: Something tells me that’s Hitmas’ army. You guys go find the Agent. I’ll take care of this.

[Alan ran out of the ship as the rest of the group made their way around the fight and down the corridor. Richard, however, activated his Simplicitrix, and transformed into a blue Arachnichimp wearing white sashes. Outside the ship, Alan activated his Simplicitrix and transformed into Big Chill. He flew up into the air, through the atmosphere. He eventually was able to see all the ships of Dictator Hitmas’ army. He then transformed into Smack-Magic. He clapped his hands together, and shot out a blast of energy. The energy hit each ship, and then bound them all together. He then transformed into Brainstorm and opened his head.]

Brainstorm: My Cerebrocrustacean physiology allows me to survive in the vacuum of space for enough to use my electrokinesis on the dictator's air fleet.

[Brainstorm shot out electricity from his brain, and it hit one of the ships. Due to them all being bound together, the electricity spread to all the other ships. Brainstorm stopped zapping them, and then closed his head. He grunted a bit as his eyes slowly closed. He began falling back down to Earth. His shell heated up as he came through the atmosphere. As he entered the lower layer, his shell cooled a bit, and the Simplicitrix began beeping, transforming him back into human. On the ship, the group was running down a corridor.]

Devin: This way!

[Devin and Mason led the group to the mutation chamber. Emina shot a gas that melted the door away, and the group came in. Devin shot electricity at the shackles, dropping the Agent, who then got up.]

Agent: Thanks, but you might wanna work on your electricity. Shocked me a little there.

Devin: I’m still getting used to this whole alien body thing.

Alexis: Maybe Alan can fix you onc-

Agent: No, no, he can’t. I mean, physically, yes, he can, but it would disrupt the timestream. Fixed points and all. Things that can’t be changed without significant consequences and timey wimey issues. Speaking of Alan… Oh. Ohhh. OH! Quick! To the TARDIS!

[The Agent frantically ran past the group and out of the mutation chamber. The group followed. They ran down the corridor to the TARDIS, and the Agent ran in, keeping the door open. The group, save for Alexis and Jessica, slowed to a stop, and looked inside.]

Mason: What the fuck…

[The Agent looked back at them.]

Agent: Get in already! We don’t have ti- Okay, well, yes, we technically have all the time ever since this is a time machine, but still!

[The group looked at each other then walked into the TARDIS. Inside, bigger than the outside, was wooden flooring, weirdly shaped supports going from the outer bottom of the room to the top center. Along the black walls of the room were white circular lights. In the center of the room, there was a large, circular control panel, with a column in the middle going all the way up to the ceiling. The Agent snapped, and the door closed. He began flipping controls on the console, and a noise was heard.]

Agent: Let’s see here. If I’m right, Alan just used Brainstorm to remove Hitmas’ control of the rest of the army. Which means...

[The Agent snapped again, and the door flung open. The Agent then pressed a button on the console, causing a cushion to deploy. Alan fell into the TARDIS, and onto the cushion, and the door closed. The Agent ran up to him and pulled out a small device, and aimed it at the Simplicitrix. The end of the device lit up, and the device made a noise. The Simplicitrix began glowing, and Alan was transformed. His arms were a bright red. His body was covered in black, red, and iron armor. His face was covered in armor as well, and the Simplicitrix was on his forehead. The Agent put the device up.]

Jessica: Well, what is he now?

Agent: A Sanguiscat. He became light headed after dealing with the rest of the army. This transformation should help out.

[The Agent went back to the control panel and landed the TARDIS. Outside, the bound ships landed nearby. Back inside Dictator Hitmas’ ship, most of the army was taken care of, with Dictator Hitmas and his men throwing the last standing into a pile of unconscious aliens.]

Dictator Hitmas: Taken care of.

Voice: Not necessarily.

[Richard, still in the Arachnichimp form, jumped down in front of them.]

Richard: You still have me to deal with.

Dictator Hitmas: Do you really think you can stop all of us with that form?

Richard: I wasn’t planning on using this form.

[The Negative Simplicitrix glowed as spikes shot out all around it. His fur grew darker, and more aqua. His body changed from small and thin to large and round. His sashes disappeared as his arms became more muscular, and grew an extra set. His legs shrunk in length but became larger in girth. His head changed shape, and the fur on the sides of his head pulled away some, revealing large fang-like spikes. He grew four spider legs out of his back.]

Richard: You forgot about the Ultimate forms.

[Richard jumped at the group. The scene changed to inside the TARDIS, where Alan was seen still lying down in his new transformation. Alexis walked up to the Agent.]

Alexis: How long is it gonna take?

Agent: It shouldn’t be much longer now. [pulls computer screen on console closer, screen shows members of different species exiting the bound ships] I suspect they’ll want to see someone about what happened.

Alexis: Would that someone be you?

Agent: Probably. [opens mouth, golden energy leaves mouth] I’m still in the early stages of regeneration. I’m a bit unpredictable right now, it’s a surprise I’ve managed to do as much as I’ve already done. I can try to talk with them at least. [abruptly stands up] Say, speaking of regeneration. I need to figure out what I look like.

[Alexis stood up, and the Agent pulled out his device again.]

Alexis: What’s that?

Agent: Sonic probe is what the Time Lords call them. I’ve always found it a bit inappropriate, given the negative association between off-Earth aliens and probes. So, I call it a sonic USB.

[The Agent pointed the sonic USB upward, and activated it. A mirror came down from the top of the pillar. The Agent looked at it in confusion.]

Agent: No, no. There must be some mistake. [glances at Alan, then back to the mirror] That can’t be right. Is that right? No, it can’t be.

Alexis: What?

[The Agent turned back to Alan. A loud knocking was heard at the door of the TARDIS, startling the Agent.]

Agent: Right! One of you, keep them busy.

Alexis: What about you?

Agent: I’ve got to get a more fitting style. If I have to appear in front of a group, I’m gonna do it right.

[The Agent ran out of the room, and the knocking happened again. Jessica opened the door, and a large, muscular, albino Arachnichimp was standing outside the door.]

Jessica: [nervous] Hi?

[A few levels below, the Agent is seen entering a large closet from a staircase. He took off his dark blue suit jacket and looked at it.]

Agent: That won’t do at all for this.

[The Agent threw the jacket off to the side, and then removed his bow tie and began unbuttoning his shirt. He grabbed a white button up shirt, and then a red and black plaid button up flannel shirt, putting the latter on over the former. He removed his black dress pants and replaced them with black jeans. He put on a black vest over his plaid flannel, then put on a black suit jacket over that. He looked further into the closet, and saw a cowboy hat on a rack, and cowboy boots on the floor. He sighed.]

Agent: Since I’m American again anyways…

[The Agent walked over to the boots and hat, and threw them on. He snapped his fingers, and a body mirror came down. He looked himself over.]

Agent: This won’t do at all.

[The Agent walked to the wall, where a bag was hanging. He reached in the bag and pulled out a pair of glasses. He walked back to the mirror, put them on, and looked himself over again.]

Agent: That’s better… Now why do I look like this? [looking intently into the mirror, shook his head quickly] Doesn’t matter now, I can figure it out later.

[The Agent quickly ran out of the closet and back upstairs to the console room. The albino Arachnichimp stood at the door, Jessica still in front of him. The Agent came up and stood beside Jessica.]

Agent: Right then, look at you, Harambe. [leans over to Jessica, whispers] That joke is still relevant, right?

[Jessica shook her head in disappointment.]

Agent: [whispering] Damnit. [normal voice] Yes, um, species you were prior to this?

Albino Arachnichimp: Thep Khufan. Hitmas put me in charge of commanding the bigger army after mutating me.

Agent: He’s got quite a lot of range, then. Well, he had quite a lot of range. Managed to even get Anur species.

Albino Arachnichimp: [picks the Agent up by the collar] Enough talk.

Agent: Hey, hey! Watch the outfit! I just got this thing!

Albino Arachnichimp: Where is the creature that saved us?

[The Agent turned and pointed to Alan. The albino Arachnichimp put down the Agent and entered the TARDIS and looked at Alan. He loudly grunted, forcing Alan awake. Alan screamed then fell off the cushion he was on, and transformed back into human. He stood up slowly and looked at the albino Arachnichimp.]

Albino Arachnichimp: You freed us from the control of Dictator Agorm Hitmas. It would be an honor to fight him alongside you.

[Alan looked out the door of the TARDIS, and saw numerous amounts of aliens. He then turned back to the albino Arachnichimp.]

Alan: Might be a bit overkill but… alright.

[Alan and his group, along with Richard’s group and the Agent, walked out of the TARDIS towards Dictator Hitmas’ ship, with the army following closely behind. The two groups, the Agent, and the albino Arachnichimp entered the ship. Inside, they found Dictator Hitmas and his generals on the ground, with Richard in his Ultimate Arachnichimp form standing over them. Richard looked at the groups.]

Richard: I took care of your Tetramand Hitler problem.

[Alan looked at Richard’s hand, and saw he was holding one of the syringes.]

Alan: What is that?

Mason: That’s one of the things Hitmas used to mutate us.

Richard: And now, it’s mine.

Alan: Richard. Put it down.

Richard: No.

Alan. Put it down, or I put you down.

Richard: I’d like to see you try.

[Alan activated the Simplicitrix, and transformed into an orange Arachnichimp with red sashes. He went to press the Simplicitrix again, but was shot and stuck against the wall by Richard’s webbing. The Agent quickly pulled out the sonic USB and activated it in Alan’s direction. A red flash occurred, and Alan was transformed into a black Amperi with red markings.]

Agent: Amperi can go intangible!

[Alan concentrated, and his body turned intangible. He phased through the webbing and then turned tangible again. He reached up and pressed the Simplicitrix, transforming into a dark purple Lepidopterran with pink wings. He began shooting goop at Richard, sticking his limbs to nearby surfaces. He flew closer to Richard, who broke one arm free of the goo, and then punched Alan away. In mid-air, Alan changed into Four Arms, and landed on the floor. Richard got the rest of his limbs loose.]

Richard: I defeated Hitmas, who defeated that form earlier. What makes you think you’re going to defeat me now?

[The albino Arachnichimp walked up beside Four Arms.]

Albino Arachnichimp: Because he has me to help.

[Richard spat webbing into the albino Arachnichimp’s face, blinding him. He then jumped at Four Arms, and grabbed him with all six arms, using his spider legs to keep him standing. Four Arms struggled to break free. Richard grinned, then opened his mouth, showing large fangs. Suddenly, Richard was grabbed from behind by the albino Arachnichimp. Richard dropped Four Arms, who transformed back. Alan looked up, and saw Richard shove one of his spider legs through the chest of the albino Arachnichimp, the blood staining his white fur.]

Alan: NO!

[Alan activated the Simplicitrix, and slammed the core down. He transformed into a thin, flimsy, red humanoid, with three legs. Rather than a head, he had two faces on either shoulder.]

Alien: What? New guy? NOW?! Perfectly bad timing, Simplicitrix!

[Richard looked at Alan, pulled his spider leg out of the dying albino Arachnichimp, and rushed at Alan. Richard whacked him against the wall with one arm. Upon hitting the wall, Alan disappeared in a red flash. In a room similar to Alan’s old room, the red flash occurred again, and Alan fell onto the ground, and transformed back. He quickly got up, and looked around, and saw someone sitting in a chair at a desk in the room. The person turned around, and was revealed to be Alan. The two looked at each other in confusion.]

In-Show Alan: Who are you?

Real Life Alan: You.

In-Show Alan: No, really.

Real Life Alan: Yes, really. Real as in the guy writing the show.

In-Show Alan: Is… Is this even possible?

Real Life Alan: Yep. It’s what happens when you go a fourth wall breaking alien like 4D2.

In-Show Alan: Oh, jesus. Wait. “4D2?” What kind of name is that?

Real Life Alan: Don’t ask me. CaT named him. Right, anyways, I need to write you back into the show.

In-Show Alan: Can’t I know what happens first?

Real Life Alan: Fuck no. Spoilers, plus since you got here with 4D2, I’m making sure you’re bound to his weaknesses while here.

In-Show Alan: Oh, come on!

Real Life Alan: Hold on tight.

[Real Life Alan sat down and began typing. He typed “In-Show Alan, whilst trying to peak at what Real Life Alan was typing, was transported back into his own universe.” In-Show Alan, whilst trying to peak at what Real Life Alan was typing, was transported back into his own universe. Back inside Dictator Hitmas’ ship, In-Show Alan reappeared in a flash. He looked up, and saw his teammates and the Agent stuck to the wall with webbing. Richard, Emina, and Envy were gone. Dictator Hitmas turned around and saw him.]

Dictator Hitmas: Good. You are back. Now you can watch as your friends die.

Alan: I don’t think so.

[Alan activated the Simplicitrix and slammed it down. His body became covered in dark shadows as his eyes glowed red. Red energy went over his arms as they turned thin, brown, and slimy. The same happened to his legs and head. His body changed to being rounded, with a double helix pattern down his back. His body shrunk down as a red flash occurred. Dictator Hitmas looked at the transformation, and busted out laughing, as did his generals.]

Dictator Hitmas: You obviously have no idea what you are doing with that device. Generals… Go get him.

[The generals started towards Alan. Alan backed up towards the wall, worried.]

Alan: Agh… Why did you give me this thing? I need someone who can match Hitmas’ powers…

[Alan continued backing up, hitting the wall. He closed his eyes in fear. Suddenly, his body began growing in size. His body became humanoid. His legs turned from scrawny to muscular. His arms became muscular and he grew an extra pair. His torso changed from round to muscular, and the Simplicitrix generated clothing for his new form. He opened his eyes, and looked down at himself. The generals stopped in their tracks. Everyone’s faces showed shock, except for the Agent, who smirked.]

Agent: You really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, Hitmas. I realize that’s pretty much how your army operates, but you overlooked one thing with this alien. He’s a Mimewt. Their main power is mimicry of other powers.

[Alan grabbed the generals by the heads, and flung them around, throwing them against the wall, knocking them each out. Dictator Hitmas then walked up to him.]

Dictator Hitmas: No matter whether you mimic my powers or not, [grabs Alan by the head] you will never defeat me.

[Alan’s body became intangible, while maintaining his Tetramand form. He phased into Dictator Hitmas. Dictator Hitmas began coughing.]

Dictator Hitmas: What are you… Get out!

[Dictator Hitmas was then blasted with electricity from the inside out. He screamed in agony.]

Alan (voice): Wanna know the difference between you and the Agent, Hitmas? You won’t regenerate from this.

[The electricity intensified, as did Dictator Hitmas’ screams. His screams eventually faded, as his heartbeat slowed. He fell to the ground, lifeless. Alan phased out of his body and returned to the alien’s default form before transforming back to human.]

Alan: With that taken care of, let’s get you guys out of there.

[A few hours later, the Celestialsapien ship was seen outside of the Multi-Limb Army’s ships. Starbeard floated down to the group. The generals were seen in detention containers, and Dictator Hitmas’ body was brought forth in a gladiator style coffin. Starbeard looked at Alan.]

Starbeard: Hopefully, you now see why DNA altering devices are outlawed. Dictator Hitmas’ acts are why we were cautious about the Simplicitrix. It seems as though you have proven yourself even more worthy of the Simplicitrix, Alan Nomaly. As a result of showing your ability to conduct good deeds, and even eradicate great threats, time will be taken off of Dr. Morphanewal’s sentence. You are also granted the ability to visit him whenever you wish. [to the generals] As for you three, you will not be given a trial. You are found guilty of genocide and illegal mutation. No further action is necessary.

[Another coffin came forth, and stopped next to Alan. It was an Egyptian-style coffin. On it, read the name, “Matahat.”]

Agent: He was a Thep Khufan philosopher. He believed that once a species passed on to the grave, it would become a member of the Anur system, with no memory of their past life. Fitting to his former species and belief, he will be wrapped in Thep Khufan bandages and jewelry. I can assure you of that.

[Alan turned away from the coffin to the Agent.]

Alan: I barely knew him. I barely knew him and I… I felt like I knew him my whole life, for a second there.

Agent: That’ll happen.

Alan: Agent… You said that Mason and Devin being transformed was a fixed point in time.

Agent: Yes. What of it?

Alan: Does Richard’s death have a fixed point in time?

[The two gave each other the same intensified look.]

Agent: Yes. Yes, it does.

Alan: Good. I’ll be sure to follow through with time’s wishes, then.

[Alan walked away from the Agent, who then headed to the TARDIS. Matahat’s coffin floated into the Celestialsapien ship, and mutated members of the army followed. A few hours later, back at Alan’s house, the television was playing, with a list of people who had died in the invasion. On the screen showed the names “Devin Lorenzo” and “Mason Babadzhanov.” The two came up behind the couch.]

Mason: So, what, our families are supposed to think we’re dead?

Jessica: Unless you want to scare them with more aliens in their lives.

Alexis: The Agent said them being mutated was a fixed point in time. Doesn’t that mean they can be unmutated now that we’re past it?

Alan: I talked to him about that.

[The scene changed to show the Agent in the TARDIS, flipping controls. Alan’s voice was talking over the scene.]

Alan (voice): He said there was a point in the future where they become unmutated, also a fixed point.

[The Agent pulled a screen across the console, and looked at it. It showed the face of an elderly man with white, untidy hair.]

Alan (voice): I suspect that he’ll probably show up when the time is right.

[The screen then changed to an elderly African-American man with white hair and facial hair. The next face was a Spanish man with slicked back black hair. The next face was a slightly Asian man with somewhat spiked up black hair, and stubbly facial hair. The next face was an older man with a more square face, with black hair and some silver. The next face was more elongated, with shorter brown hair, and brown eyes. The next face had blue eyes, and light brown hair, with some facial hair. The next thing the screen showed was the previous Agent regenerating into the current one.]

Alan (voice): He always does.

[The Agent looked at the screen as his current face looked up. He stared intently and confused. He then breathed deeply, and flipped a switch on the TARDIS’ console, causing it to activate. The scene changed back to the living room of Alan’s house.]

Alexis: So… What do we do now?

Alan: We move on, and expand our horizons. Except our show won't take an extremely ungodly amount of time to get our next episodes out.

[The scene faded to black as the movie ended.]

Krimaar Grahdopaan

Major Events

  • Heatblast, Water Hazard, Four Arms, Diamondhead, Echo-Echo, Smack-Magic, Ultimate ChamAlien, Ultimate Echo-Echo, Brainstorm, Bloodstream, AmpFibian, Stinkfly, 4D2, and Similamander make their debuts.
  • Negative Fasttrack, Negative Ultimate Big Chill, Negative Ultimate Wildmutt, and Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey make their debuts, albeit negative.
  • Ultimate Rath makes his first appearance by Alan.
  • Devin and Mason learn of the Simplicitrix and Alexis' powers.
  • Dictator Agorm Hitmas, General Qualle, General Fliege, and General Spinnehart make their debuts. However, Dictator Hitmas is killed.
  • Alan gains Richard's ability to transform into Ultimate Forms.
  • Alan and Alexis move into a gothic-style house, which becomes their base of operation.
  • Alexis displays her ability to absorb chi from multiple opponents for the first time.
  • Jessica gains her suit by Alan modifying his own.
  • Devin is permanently transformed into an Amperi, and Mason is permanently transformed into an Arachnichimp.
  • The Agent regenerates from his seventh incarnation to his eighth.
  • Matahat makes his first and final appearance, being killed by Richard.
  • The real life Alan makes his debut.
  • This marks the first time Alan kills anyone.
  • Richard gets Dictator Hitmas' mutagen technology.
  • All the incarnations of the Agent up to his current one are debuted, albeit his first through sixth are only shown on a screen in the TARDIS.


  • Alan Nomaly
  • Alexis Dwyer
  • Jessica Nietzsche
  • Devin Lorenzo
  • Mason Babadzhanov
  • Richard Nomaly
  • Professor Emina
  • Envy
  • The Seventh Agent (debut, regenerates)
  • The Eighth Agent

Flashback Characters

  • Dr. Gearo Morphanewal (cameo)
  • The Eighth Agent (cameo)


  • Starbeard
  • Matahat (debut, death)
  • Hitmas' Army
  • Real Life Alan


  • Dictator Agorm Hitmas (debut, death)
  • General Qualle (debut)
  • General Fliege (debut)
  • General Spinnehart (debut)


  • The First Agent (debut, cameo)
  • The Second Agent (debut, cameo)
  • The Third Agent (debut, cameo)
  • The Fourth Agent (debut, cameo)
  • The Fifth Agent (debut, cameo)
  • The Sixth Agent (debut, cameo)
  • The Seventh Agent
  • The Eighth Agent

Aliens Used

Present Aliens

By Alan

  • Un-Named (2x; first time offscreen)
  • Mole-Stache (cameo)
  • Water Hazard (2x; first time unintentional cameo debut; second time cameo)
  • Four Arms (3x; first time unintentional cameo debut)
  • Clockwork (2x; first time cameo)
  • Eye Guy (cameo)
  • Ripjaws (cameo)
  • Grey Matter (unintentional cameo)
  • Diamondhead (debut)
  • Echo-Echo (2x; debut)
  • Smack-Magic (3x; debut)
  • Jury Rigg (cameo)
  • ChamAlien (cameo)
  • Ultimate ChamAlien (debut, cameo)
  • Ultimate Echo-Echo (debut)
  • Eatle
  • Rath
  • Ultimate Rath
  • Big Chill (2x)
  • Brainstorm (2x; debut);
  • Bloodstream (debut)
  • Spidermonkey (debut)
  • AmpFibian (debut)
  • Stinkfly (debut)
  • 4D2 (debut)
  • Similamander (debut)

By Richard

  • Negative Fasttrack (3x; debut,; all times cameo)
  • Negative Big Chill
  • Negative Ultimate Big Chill (debut)
  • Negative Four Arms
  • Negative Paralite
  • Negative Wildmutt
  • Negative Ultimate Wildmutt (debut)
  • Negative Diamondhead
  • Negative Brainstorm
  • Negative Spidermonkey
  • Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey (debut)

Flashback Aliens

  • Heatblast (debut; accidental; selected alien was Clockwork)


  • The way Heatblast lights Alan’s house on fire by snapping his fingers is a reference to the way Roy Mustang uses fire alchemy in the Fullmetal Alchemist franchise.
  • The dance Clockwork does is the Rick Dance from Rick and Morty.
  • Alexis makes a reference to the YouTuber JackSepticEye when referring to Alan’s hair, as Jack also has green hair.
  • The show Alan sees when he turns on the television references the Ben 10 reboot, as the reboot versions of Upgrade, Wildvine, and Stinkfly appear.
  • Richard suggesting the name “Velocity” for Fasttrack references a speculated name for Fasttrack in Ben 10 before his official name was revealed. The way it is written also references the way Ben named Arctiguana for Ben 10,000.
  • Alan saying “Expand our horizons” and referring to the show not stopping production is a joking jab at the Ben 10 Fan-Fiction Wiki series Horizons, which is notorious for having few episodes, with a joke being that production has stopped.

Fourth Wall Breaks

  • Alan broke the fourth wall to initiate and end a flashback sequence.
  • Alan broke the fourth wall to mention how the previous two episodes as well as the movie have people find out Alan's secret and Alexis’ powers.
  • Alan broke the fourth wall to tell the reader to take control of his movements, similar to a video game.
  • Alan broke the fourth wall to tell the audience not to mention how The Alan 10 Adventures is a reboot of the Richard 10 franchise.
  • Un-Named breaks the fourth wall to say that the plot of the movie is why he doesn’t fix the Simplicitrix himself.
  • Alan breaks the fourth wall to criticize the method of debuting new aliens.
  • Alan breaks the fourth wall to reference Learning the Ropes, episode three of The Alan 10 Adventures.
  • Alan breaks the fourth wall to say the suit matches the color of the text of whoever is wearing it, as it turns blue when Jessica wears it.
  • 4D2 accidentally wound up in the real world via breaking the fourth wall, and met and talked with the real life Alan.
  • The Horizons joke is a fourth wall break as Alan refers to the show itself having stopped production.


  • Alan burning his original house down is symbolic of moving on, and is also a reflection of how Alexis’ house was destroyed.
  • This marks the most amount of aliens debuted, having eighteen aliens debuted in total, fourteen from Alan, and four from Richard, topping The Trial of Alan Nomaly by nine.
  • Alan mentions having a problem with learning the abilities of aliens with nozzles on their bodies, referencing the similarities between Gutrot's nozzles, an alien he had problems with in Learning the Ropes, and Water Hazard’s barnacles.
  • From the Agent’s point of view, this takes place before The Trial of Alan Nomaly.