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Acid Reflex
A10 Acid Reflex.png
General Information
Species Acitelum
Planet Circum Limus Niger
Body Type Gelatinous Dinosaur
Powers Serqekinetic Constructs
Acid Projectiles
Minor Shapeshifting
Bodily Constructs
Adhesive Projectiles
Weaknesses Fire
Limited Shapeshifting
Debut TBA

Acid Reflex is the Simplicitrix's DNA sample of an Acitelum from the planet Circum Limus Niger.


Acid Reflex looks like a large, purple gelatinous dinosaur. He has long arms that droop down to the top of his stubby legs, and a small tail. He has dark purple bits floating in his arms and head, which make up his face. He has glowing red eyes and no mouth, and wears the Simplicitrix symbol on the top of his head.

Two-Face Acid Reflex[]

Two-Face as Acid Reflex is negative on the left half of his body, making him mostly green.


  • Acid Reflex can create acid-based weapons. He can also shoot acid. His acid is much more concentrated and sophisticated than that of Goop.
  • Acid Reflex can shapeshift his arms and tail, creating bodily constructs or just moving them about in otherwise impossible ways.
  • Acid Reflex can regenerate himself.
  • Acid Reflex can shoot adhesive projectiles, able to make aliens like XLR8 and Cannonbolt get stuck.


  • Acid Reflex can be both burned solid or frozen solid.






  • Acid Reflex's name is a combination of the words "acid reflux" and "reflex."
  • Acid Reflex's species name is a mix of the Latin words "acidum," meaning acid, and "telum," meaning weapon.
  • Acid Reflex's planet name is the Latin translation of "ooze."


  • Acid Reflex's design was made based on that of Sploot from the Ben 10 canon.
Acid Reflex
General Information