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Ace Operatives is the third episode of The RWBYA Adventures.


[The scene opened up with Clover debriefing Qrow, Ruby, Jaune, and Alan in Ironwood's office. Between them was a holographic screen showing a Dust mine within the ice fields.]

Clover: All right, gather 'round. Our mission today is to secure the launch site for the Amity Communications Tower. The designated area is an abandoned Dust mine. Since its closure, the Grimm have moved in.

[The screen then displayed a ghastly looking Grimm, having a smokey lower body instead of legs, and long, spindly arms with sharp clawed fingers. It also had a mask-like face with red markings, and a singular glowing eye in the center.]

Clover: The good news is all that untouched Dust is still down there, too. Science team says they'll need it for the first phase of their launch. Atlas military Huntsmen are already hard at work clearing out the surrounding tundra. But recon has identified a powerful Geist that's managed to evade destruction and take several lives. After we increased our numbers, the Geist was smart enough to retreat into the mine itself, meaning it's old and extremely dangerous. The mine was a labyrinth back in the day. There's all sorts of tunnels and chambers the Geist can move between, so if we're gonna kill this thing, we'll have to split up and corner it.

[The holograms disappeared as Clover looked to the four of them.]

Clover: General Ironwood says you've seen your fair share of combat. I trust that man with my life, so tomorrow, I'll be trusting you all, too.

[The four of them nodded as the door to the office opened, revealing General Ironwood who looked at Alan, Ruby, and Jaune..]

General Ironwood: Pietro would like to see you three.

[The scene cut to Pietro's much more glamorous workshop in Atlas Academy, with him leading the huntsman teams and Alan inside.]

Pietro: Apologies for the mess and for holding onto your weapons for so long. The upgrades you requested were, uh… well, they were more than I anticipated.

[Teams RWBY and JNR went over to a group of lockers against the wall.]

PietroL Your new weapons and armor should be as requested, but I also took the liberty of reviewing your combat footage from the Vytal Festival Tournament. There's some additional enhancements I'd like to suggest. Oh, but for now, these should serve you well enough.

[As the teams got their weapons out, Pietro turned to Alan.]

Pietro: I'm not sure there's anything I can do for... that thing on your arm. But I do have something you may want to have regardless.

Alan: And what would that be?

[The scene cut to a group of airships flying through the sky, rapidly approaching the Dust mine. Clover's voice sounded over the radio.]

Clover (voice): Let's make it happen, people.

[One of the ships opened its side door to reveal Team RWBY and Alan in their new outfits, those they wore in Part 3 of RWBYA. Nodding at one another, the five of them jumped from the ship simultaneously. Ruby activated Crescent Rose as she fell, turning it into scythe form then pointing it blade down while standing on it, firing off bullets to keep her from landing too quickly. As Weiss fell, she used Myrtenaster and her Semblance to create a Glyph mid-air which summoned the arm and sword of a giant, icy knight, allowing Weiss to slide to the ground on the sword's blade.]

[Blake activated Gambol Shroud by removing its sheath, then sent it into grappling hook mode to swing around to the ground. Yang rapidly descended, laughing as she approached the ground, simply hitting her fist to the ground while simultaneously shooting a bullet, allowing her to safely land next to the rest of her team. Whilst Alan approached the ground, he hit the Simplicitrix's core, transforming into NRG as he performed a superhero landing, then looked up to see Harriet and Marrow having landed as well.]

[Blake stepped forward but then noticed Yang staring at her, prompting Yang to become flustered.]

Yang: O-Oh, sorry. I'm just... not used to the new hair yet.

Blake: [blushing and brushing hair back] Is it... bad?

Yang: N-No! It's good, really good! Great even!

[Marrow and Harriet watched from a distance.]

Marrow: I did not sign up to become a babysitter.

Harriet: Yeah well the rest of us babysit you all the time.

[Harriet led the way as Marrow gave a small pout. Weiss wiped away some snow from a piece of metal, revealing it to say SDC, causing her to groan some.]

NRG: Everything alright?

Weiss: Yeah, just... some bad memories.

[The two then looked up to see Ruby crossing her arms across her chest while shivering.]

Ruby: It's freezing out here!

NRG: Is it? Genuine question, by the way. This transformation doesn't feel temperature.

Weiss: Without heating or projected Aura, the cold of Solitas can kill you in a matter of hours.

Blake: I suddenly don't feel as bad about leaving Oscar behind.

Yang: [sighs] Can we talk about that again?

[The five of them looked up to see they had gotten some distance between themselves and the two Ace-Ops paired with them. Ruby then turned back to the others.]

Ruby: What about it?

Yang: We're really not gonna tell Ironwood about what happened to Oz? What we learned about Jinn? About Salem?

Ruby: We are! ...We will. But you saw how things looked when we flew into Atlas.

Blake: The General's heart seems to be in the right place, but that doesn't mean we should trust him yet.

Weiss: We need to play along for a while before we make any major decisions.

Yang: Okay. How did Oscar feel about that?

Ruby: ..We-

Harriet: Hey!

[The five turned back to see that the Ace-Ops noticed how far behind they were.]

Harriet: We don't have all day!

NRG: She's right. We can discuss the specifics of our world-saving plan when we get back to Atlas.

[The group caught up with the Ace-Ops and entered the mine. Almost immediately, it was evident they weren't making it far as the mine was blocked up by a cave-in. Harriet put her hand to her ear piece.]

Harriet: Bravo checking in. Hit a bit of a snag. There's been a cave-in in the main entrance. Not sure if it's recent or was caused by the original accident. Either way, we'll have to do a little problem solving.

[Blake looked around, her ears perking up as she seemed to realize what was happening.]

Yang: You okay?

Blake: I just realized where we are. This mine was closed after an explosion.

Weiss: I remember this disaster. Or rather, I remember how furious it made my father. [approaches Blake] I wish I could take back the years of pain my family has caused the Faunus and all of my complacency in it.

[As the two softly smiled at one another, Marrow came up to them.]

Marrow: This society is set up for Faunus to be at the bottom, and humans are willing participants. They benefit from doing nothing to help us. But there are still those who actively abuse us. Anyway, I didn't come over here looking to solve systemic societal issues. Harriet found a gap in the rubble we think one of you could fit through, ideally someone with a knack for seeing in the dark.

[Both Marrow and Weiss looked at Blake who seemed to be lost in thought before she realized they were talking about her.]

Blake: O-oh. Of course.

[Blake approached the large boulder wall and crawled in through the crevice, pulling out Gambol Shroud's katana when she had enough room, then changed it to the sickle form for her to be ready to fire its Dust bullets.]

Marrow: All right, Blake. Take a look around. Is there any Dust in the immediate area?

Blake: Mine carts… debris… no Dust, though.

Marrow: Great, then it should be safe to blast our way through.

Blake: Okay. Heading ba-

[Blake was cut off as the Geist suddenly appeared, swiping at her but hitting her clone instead as the real Blake jumped back, firing off her weapon at the Geist. On the other side of the wall, the shots were heard.]

Harriet: Damnit! Blake, stand back!

[Harriet deployed her weapon, a pair of mechanical gauntlets that formed around her arms and generated electricity for her as she hit the boulder, though it did almost nothing.]

Harriet: Wh- How thick is this rubble?!

NRG: Let me try!

[NRG got close to the rubble, then the three grill plates on his face lit up before he fired a green beam of radiation, blasting through the rubble. As the smoke cleared, the group saw the Geist beginning to fly off.]

Yang: Don't let it get away!

[The others ran off as NRG hit the Simplicitrix, changing into a black and pink ostrich-like alien. He had a large, black crest on his head between his two large eyes, stubby wings, Velociraptor claws on either foot, and each leg had two red and black bands. He wore the Simplicitrix on the bottom band of his left leg.]

Ostrush: OSTRUSH!

[Ostrush caught up with the others with his enhanced speed, but then stopped in the middle of an icy hallway, prompting the others to turn to him.]

Marrow: What are you waiting for?!

[Ostrush looked around, stepping closer to the group before leaning his head down and examining the ground. He pecked a spot twice then stepped back.]

Ostrush: Yang, mind punching a hole there for me?

[Confused, Yang reluctantly complied, using her robotic arm to create a small crater in the stony floor. Ostrush took a deep breath before plunging his head into the hole, using his beak and crest to dig further in the softer material beneath the rock. After a moment, he pulled his head back up, looking around again.]

Ostrush: ..Something's coming.

[Everyone looked around, cautiously on guard. As said by Ostrush, something did indeed come, as gigantic, centipede-like Grimm shot out of the floors and walls, spinning as they did. Yang hit one in the mouth, firing off a bullet from Ember Celica as she did. Green ooze came from the Centinel's wound and is slithered around in pain.]

Yang: That's disgusting.

[Another came for Yang, prompting her to punch it again. Each punch resulted in a small device being attached to the Centinel before she flipped and threw it, causing it to explode in mid-air. Weiss created a pathway of Glyphs which Blake skates along, using Gambol Shroud to slice through the creatures. Ruby spun the blade of Crescent Rose around, slicing up several Grimm before slamming it into the ground, steadying its sniper form. She aimed the weapon at two Centinels that spun around each other towards the group. Before Ruby could fire, Marrow jumped towards them, and smirked as he snapped his fingers.]

Marrow: Stay!

[The two spinning Centinels came to a halt due to Marrow's Stay, and Harriet ran up to them, leaving a trail of electricity behind her as she did. Ostrush watched from a distance.]

Ostrush: Hm.

[Harriet clasped the two Centinels together and bashed them onto the ground to kill them, then put her hand to her comms device in her ear.]

Harriet: This is Bravo! We found the target, but it fled deeper into the mine. Engaging Centinels!

[Harriet was then surprised by Ostrush Ostrushing past her towards more Centinels. The Simplicitrix on his leg glowed red and his body became more humanoid, his flesh turning into a teal-grey rock with additional black elements. His flightless wings grew into arms, with his right one gaining green gemstones, and the left gaining blue. Yellow ones formed from his legs, and red from his head and chest.]

Geode: GEODE!

[Geode activated the yellow gemstones in his legs, generating electricity around them which increased his speed. He lowered his upper body while gaining on the Centinels, activating the red gems on his head. Coming in contact with the Centinels, Geode created a fiery implosion which destroyed the two, and left him unscathed. Looking up, he saw a lone Centinel.]

Weiss: One more!

[Weiss was surprised by an electric rush going past her.]

Ruby: I got it!

[The same electric rush zoomed by Ruby as well.]

Geode: I'm the closest, I should-

[The electricity went passed Geode as well, revealing itself to be Harriet as she mounted her power fist gauntlets onto her arm, punching through the Centinel, causing it to disintegrate. Ruby then rose up beside her, wide eyed in excitement.]

Ruby: Woah! Your Semblance makes you super fast! Just like me!

Harriet: ...Cool. But, judging by your reaction speed, I'd say I'm a little faster. [winks]

Marrow: Not everything's a competition, Hare.

Geode: Besides, if it was, I'd win depending on which form I'm using. ...Including this one.

[The group eventually came to a large chamber, with Alan landing on the ground and transforming back to human from having used Absorbat at some point in the mines. Looking up, the group was able to see Team JNR, Elm, and Vine on a higher level in the same chamber.]

Ruby: [waving] Hey!

Vine: [over comms] Everyone use caution. This room is highly active with Dust energy. Triggering it could ruin the launch site.

Marrow: [over comms] And vaporize us. Why is that always second with you?

Nora: [over comms] I thought the target was supposed to be in here?

[The ground then rumbled as the Geist, now merged with chunks of ice and rock, along with large purple Dust crystals, fell to the ground. The vibrations caused those on the ground to stumble, and Alan accidentally hit the Simplicitrix against the wall, creating a red flash.]

Vine: Elm!

[Using their respective hard light Aura Semblances, Elm was able to launch Vine up onto a nearby minecart. Team RWBY turned, confused, to see Alan after having transformed.]

Yang: Are... you okay?

Alan: I'm fine. I'm fine. I just- [looks at his arm, seeing his transformed state] ...Ah, shit.

Weiss: ...Should we be concerned?

Alan: No, no. But...

[The scene panned back to reveal Alan's form: Antigravitesla.]

Antigravitesla: ...I'd recommend standing ba-AHHHHHHHHHH!

[Antigravitesla screamed as the nodes on his body fired up, sending him flying upwards into the air. Team RWBY stared in awe as Antigravitesla went flinging around the upper portions of the mine like a pinball.]

Ruby: We need to stop him before he damages this place!

Yang: On it! Blake!

[Yang launched herself up into the air using the recoil of both Ember Celica and her robot arm. Blake activated the ribbon form of Gambol Shroud, sending the blade up to Yang for her to catch. All the while, Antigravitesla managed to narrowly dodge each of the Ace Ops as they fought against the Geist, which was the actual mission. Yang managed to get above Antigravitesla, letting herself fall across the other side of him before firing herself back upwards, and then falling on the other side again, hitting the ground and putting Gambol Shroud's blade into the ground, tying up Antigravitesla as he fell to the ground. Antigravitesla then unintentionally activated his nodes again, only for himself, Blake, and Yang to be stabilized to the ground by Weiss' black Glyphs, which seemed to be straining her.]

Weiss: I don't know if I can-

[Yang looked up and gasped, seeing the arm of the Geist being pulled down towards her because of Weiss' Glyph. She jumped out of the way, and the arm came crashing onto the ground. The blade of Gambol Shroud had dodged being crushed as it was pulled out of the ground by Antigravitesla managing to come off of his Glyph, pulling the weapon, and thusly Blake through the air. Both of them screamed rapantly as they flung about the air. The two thrashed about, knocking into the sides of the walls and mine, somehow still evading the Geist and Ace Ops. It wasn't until Blake hit a wall and purple energy flashed over her and dispersed as her Aura broke, that someone managed to step in. Ruby changed into her Petal Burst form, running up and taking Blake out of the fight and back towards the tunnel they came in through, with Antigravitesla still being thrown about with Gambol Shroud wrapped around him. The Geist turned about, only for the hook of Clover's weapon to wrap around and hook its face, allowing him to yank it away from its ice and Dust body. The Geist pulled away from the hook, only to be slammed against the wall by Antigravitesla bashing into it, causing it to disintegrate and die.]

Antigravitesla: I.. I did it-AHHHHHHHHHH!

[Antigravitesla went flying towards the chunks of earth, hitting the mass and causing another large Dust crystal to fly out of it.]

Clover: Harriet!

[Harriet took a readying stance before running about with her Semblance, just barely missing catching the Dust crystal before Ruby's petal burst form caught it instead, with her sliding to a halt as she bumped against a boulder. Harriet looked at her surprised only to take a quick sidestep with her Semblance before Antigravitesla could land on her.]

Harriet: Do you mind?

Antigravitesla: ...Sorry.

Harriet: [rolls eyes] I thought you said your Semblance was like mine? [looking at Ruby]

Ruby: [handing the Dust crystal to Harriet, confused expression] ...It is?

Harriet: I've seen other speed Semblances before, but none like that. I think there's more going on than you think.

Yang: [to Weiss and Blake] Just wait until she sees what she can do with her eyes.

[Blake giggled at the comment. Qrow and Clover reached the lower level, standing a few feet away.]

Qrow: Lucky fight, huh?

Clover: No. I'd chalk that one up to talent. [sees Antigravitesla turning back into Alan] ...Well, mostly talent.

[Alan weakly sat up, unwrapping Gambol Shroud from his body.]

Alan: ...Blake. I-I think this is yours. [lifts it up for Blake to take] ...Sorry.

Blake: [takes the weapon] Just... Don't do that. Ever again.

Weiss: Are you alright?

Alan: [lying back down] I'll... be fine. I just... [coughs, almost vomiting] ...N-Need a minute.

Nora: Guess there's a new vomit boy.

[Jaune laughed a bit at the remark, but Nora became disheartened seeing Ren not give much of a reaction.]

Alan: ...I don't... I don't know what that mea-HEY!

[Alan was surprised as he was suddenly lifted into the air alongside Ruby onto Elm's shoulders.]

Alan: OKAY, NOPE! [covers mouth, muffling his voice] STOMACH'S COMING UP!

Clover: [chuckles, putting hand to earpiece] Atlas Control, this is Clover. Mission accomplished.

[The groups meet with the military trucks approaching the entrance of the mines. Most of them look tired, only to become surprised when seeing the overdramatic admiration of the Ace-Ops by Ruby, Jaune, and Nora. Jaune makes his way to Clover.]

Jaune: You guys were incredible! The way you took down that Geist without even needing to talk out your strategies! You just knew exactly what to do!

Clover: Well, Ace-Ops are hand-picked to perfectly complement each other in battle. That way, we can strengthen our assets, and leave our liabilities behind.

Marrow: Some of us are all asset, no liability!

[The comment gained a chuckle from Elm, whom Marrow immediately ran up to.]

Marrow: You think I've got some liability, Elm?!

Elm: Your brains for one.

[Marrow put on a pouting face as the others, sans Vine, laughed.]

Vine: You did ask.

[Elm's chuckling ended when she felt a presence behind her, turning to see Nora looking up at her with almost unnerving admiration.]

Nora: Hiiiiii. Do you need a new best friend? Our team name can be.... THUNDER THIGHS!

[Ruby then ran up to Harriet.]

Ruby: Oh, yeah. Perfectly complementary teamwork. I want to have my friends' backs like that.

Harriet: ...Friends?

Elm: This isn't the schoolyard, kid.

[The rest of RWBY, along with Alan, step closer.]

Yang: But... You go through so much with each other, that changes things, doesn't it?

Harriet: We get along well enough, sure. I can count on them to keep me alive. They do the same. But that's the job. We don't confuse the two.

[As Harriet stepped away, RWBY became saddened, though Alan looked as if he were annoyed.]

Alan: ...I really don't like her.

[Ruby thought for a moment, then turned to the other four, changing her sad look to a smile.]

Ruby: What should we do when we first get back to Atlas? Sightseeing? Ooh, what should we visit first?

Blake: [yawns] How about our beds?

Ruby: Oh, come on, guys! This is a great time to go exploring! We haven't done that in so long!

Weiss: Ruby. We just explored an entire continent on foot before flying to this one.

Ruby: Well, yeah, but that was just the boring parts!

Yang: We almost died.

[Ruby scoffed with an awkward smile, but let out a sad sigh as the other three walked away. Alan put his hand on her shoulder.]

Alan: Ruby, I've only been here for a couple of weeks. But I can say I 100%, absolutely, without a doubt, wholeheartedly, totally... Agree with them.

[Ruby's face became more and more excited as Alan spoke, only to fall back to disappointment by the end of the sentence.]

Alan: Seriously, with all the monsters and people trying to kill you, this place is tiring. I don't know how you guys do it.

Ruby: ...Isn't that what it's like on your world, too? Just, aliens instead of monsters?

Alan: Well, yeah, but I handled it.

Ruby: How?

[Alan tensed up, clenching his fist upon lamenting over... something.]

Alan: ...Don't worry about it.

[Ruby and Alan caught up with the others just as Ironwood, who had since arrived and was standing afar with Clover, spoke up.]

Ironwood: Can I get the team leaders over here? There's something I'd like to discuss with you. You too, Qrow. ...And Alan for good measure.

[The four of them approach Ironwood as Clover departs.]

Qrow: More troubles in Mantle?

Ironwood: More of the same, I'm afraid. [pulls up his scroll to show the mugshot of a man named Forest] Someone in Mantle is taking out public leaders who speak out against Atlas. Specifically, people who speak out against me. It didn't look like a pattern at first. But this is the third murder of its kind in the last week.

Jaune: Wait a minute. That's the guy that rode with us after we were arrested.

Ruby: He... [becomes upset} died?

Qrow: Your opposition in Mantle dropping dead isn't exactly a good look for you, huh?

Ironwood: It's not exactly my public image I'm worried about. But... I think someone is trying to frame me, and by extension, Atlas. And it's working.

Jaune: Well, if it wasn't for the embargo making everybody so mad, people probably wouldn't be so quick to blame you for everything else.

[Ironwood looked at Jaune with an annoyed frown.]

Jaune: [awkwardly clears his throat] S-Sir.

Alan: No, no. By all means. Keep criticizing the leader of the entire military. I'm sure that'll go over well.

Qrow: Didn't you fight the Ace-Ops?

Alan: ...I won't hesitate to do it again if I need to.

Ironwood: [pinches the bridge of his nose] No, no, Jaune's right. Contrary to popular belief, I'm not totally blind to Mantle's issues. In fact, that's what I was wanting to talk to you about. With the launch of the Amity Communications Tower and tensions rising in Mantle, I think there's a lot of good your teams could do there. [stops when his earpiece beeps, listening] ...What? Already? Here? ...No. Let him land. I'll deal with him myself.

Qrow: What? More Mantle problems?

Ironwood: No. This one... is an Atlas problem.

[Ironwood looks up to see an airship approaching and landing. The group takes closer steps towards the airship, Ironwood front and center, as a ramp lowers from it and the doors open, allowing the dreadful chatter of on Jacques Schnee to begin as he exits the ship.]

Jacques: So let me get this straight, James. In addition to this nonsensical embargo of yours crippling my business, you've also decided you have the authority to commandeer private property? When the council hears about this, you'll never-

Ironwood: Actually, I've already informed them. And, as this is now the site of a classified military operation, it didn't even require a vote.

Jacques: Didn't require a vote?!

Ironwood: You might want to brush up on Council law before you lose this upcoming election, Jacques. Now. I've allowed you to land here once as a courtesy. The next time, it won't be a friendly reception.

Jacques: [glaring at Ironwood] Lately, you seem to forget who your friends really are. I'm going to get that Council seat, James, and maybe then, you'll-

[Jacques glances over Ironwood's shoulder, seeing the others behind him. His eyes focused on Weiss who stared back at him.]

Jacques: You... You roped my missing daughter into this scheme of yours?! How long has she been back in Atlas? Did Winter know about this?

Weiss: [stepping forward] Actually, it was my choice to come here. Just like it was my choice to leave. Or have you forgotten all about that?

Jacques: If you think I'm one to forget anything, girl, then you've misjudged the kind of man your father is.

Weiss: Oh, believe me. I know exactly the kind of man you are.

Jacques: How dare you! I have half a mind to-

Ironwood: To what, Jacques?

[Ironwood steps closer behind Jacques, who angrily adjusts the cuff of his suit.]

Jacques: You know... Your mother was devastated when you left. Didn't leave her room for days. You know how she... gets... when she's upset.

[Jacques' tone mockingly acted sad, causing genuine glimmers of sadness in Weiss' eyes. Further back, Blake and Yang glare angrily at Jacquese, while Ruby looks upset, and Alan clenches his fist. Jacques smirks as his attention returns to Ironwood.]

Jacques: I knew one day you'd over-extend your reach.

[Weiss was suddenly surprised by Blake coming over and holding her hand, while still keeping her shared glare with Yang towards Jacques. She turns to her other side and sees Ruby coming up beside her and smiling. On the other side of Ruby, Weiss sees Alan, who gives her a wink, causing her to blush lightly.]

Jacques: I didn't come here to beg for an abandoned mine. I came here to thank you... For personally handing me the noose to hang you. You'll regret this. [turns attention back to Weiss, seeing the others now there] So. These are the little friends you threw everything away for.

Weiss: Not friends... Family.

[Jacques ponders the comment, looking over the group. His attention then turns to Alan, who angrily gives him the "eyes on you" gesture. Jacques cocks an eyebrow before turning about with an eyeroll, entering his ship again. RWBYA sigh with relief as it takes off. A military truck then pulls into view where the ship was, and Winter opens the door, looking around as if to ensure Jacques had indeed left, then steps out.]

Weiss: Oh, now you show up, Winter. You just missed Father.

Winter: ...I wouldn't say I missed hi-


[Penny lands violently as she shouts, causing Winter to stumble, and sending RWBYA flying back, resulting in laughter from Jaune and Nora. From behind Penny is a green hologram saying "CONGRATULATIONS!" She then notices the state she caused upon landing.]

Penny: Oh! Did... We not start yet?

Winter: [sighs] Apparently, we haven't.

Ruby: [standing in confusion] Start what?

[The group then stands in the middle of Amity Colosseum, right in the arena. RWBY and JNR are lined up, with Ironwood, Winter, and Penny across from them. Qrow and Alan stand to the side. Penny is excitedly moving up and down in place, and with a smile, Winter puts her hands to Penny's shoulder to try to calm her down some.]

Ironwood: It goes without saying that this arena holds a significance to all of us. It's only fitting that we should be able to reconvene here. Now. When the world needs to be brought together more than ever. The road you traveled from our first meeting hasn't been easy. You fought for your school and your friends at Beacon. You fought for the world and the innocent at Haven Academy and beyond. You faced down terrors people can't even fathom. That's not the behavior of students. It's the behavior... of Huntsmen and Huntresses.

[Ironwood motions to Penny, who uses her Scroll as she passes each person in line. Ren looks at his scroll, seeing his ID change from "Student License Beacon" to "Huntsmen License Atlas."]

Ren: What... What is this?

Winter: You are being granted your huntsmen licenses. Today.

[Penny finishes handing out the licenses with a big grin, and the seven look stunned and surprised.]

Ironwood: I know this is coming a little ahead of schedule, but Brothers know you deserve it. I only regret that I couldn't do something a little more ceremonious for the occasion.

Ruby: I... Th-Thank you, General Ironwood. We're honored. But, you didn't have to do thi-

Ironwood: Please. With the threat of Salem still out there and tensions rising in our kingdom, I certainly could use more trustworthy fighters by my side. I should be so lucky to have all of you.

[Ironwood notices the still shocked looks, albeit with many having turned to smiles.]

Ironwood: It's okay. It's a big moment. And what better way than to celebrate here? When this tower is ready and communications are back up and running, we'll tell the world about Salem and face down whatever comes at us after that. Together. [clears throat] That's… just about all the pomp I have in me. [awkwardly adjusts his tie] If you'll excuse me, I have to get back to running this operation. Um… [turns away] Well, then. Enjoy the cake.

Penny: Your speech outros are improving, sir!

[Ironwood went to leave the arena, stepping away from the group.]

Winter: Sir.

[Ironwood stopped and turned to Winter.]

Winter: What should we do about Mr. Nomaly?

[Winter motioned to Alan, and Ironwood pondered for a moment.]

Ironwood: Alan. A word.

[Alan turned to Ironwood, seeing him motioning for him, prompting him to walk over.]

Ironwood: It's to my understanding you don't have any official huntsman training

Alan: That's an extremely simplified way of putting it, but yes.

Ironwood: Regardless, I've seen the report from the Ace Ops regarding their initial interaction with you, as well as just seeing what you can do for myself. You may not have formal training, but I'd like to extend an invitation to grant you an official huntsman license.

[Alan thought for a moment before taking a step back.]

Alan: I'm... going to have to decline.

Ironwood: I'm sorry?

Alan: No offense, but I don't have the best history with military. Besides, I have more freedom not being licensed. I'm not saying it will happen, but if you make a decision I don't agree with, I'm going to need to cut my losses. I'll help you, but I'm not going to be one of your soldiers.

[Giving a half fake salute, Alan headed to the rest of the group, who had begun enjoying slices of the large cake. Ironwood laments for a moment.]

Winter: Sir? Should we... Keep an eye on him?

Ironwood: [pondering silently for a moment] ...No. It was his choice. We all have those to make. Whatever we feel the right one is.

Winter: [concerned at first, then nods] Yes, sir.

[The heroes enjoyed cake and celebrating with one another, smiling and selfie-ing, only for a voice to come in through the entrance hall.]

Marrow: Hey, do you guys smell that? [pretends to give an exaggerated sniff] Smells like... Fresh meat.

[Marrow, Vine, and Elm entered the scene. Marrow was surprised when he heard Vine giving a genuine sniff, followed by Ren.]

Vine: That's odd. I don't smell meet.

Ren: Neither do I.

Alan: Oh, great. The "people don't get figures of speech" trope. Just what we needed.

Marrow: [groans] Y'know what? Nevermind.

[Elm looks over and notices the group was looking at a holographic display of Huntsmen jobs, then scoffs with a smile.]

Elm: Let me get this straight. You've only been official for an hour now and you're already looking for Huntsman work?

Weiss: To be fair, we've been huntsmen for a whole.... fifty-seven minutes.

Vine: I'd like to remind you all that the real mission here is ensuring the successful launch of the communications tower.

Ren: True, but we can also keep training and improving by helping where we can.

Elm: [sighs with a smile] The enthusiasm of youths!

Marrow: Well, it's hard to argue with that. Okay, let me show you how it works.

[Marrow scrolled through the hologram, looking at the different jobs available.]

Marrow: Oh, here's an important one! Who wants to volunteer? [turns to see everyone has their hands raised, including the unlicensed Alan] We need someone to escort children to pre-primary school down in Mantle. There's not actually any danger, but the parents fret, and that attracts Grimm.[sees everyone's hands lower except for Jaune's] Perfect! Thanks... [becomes uncertain] Juan... Jwan... Jim?

Jaune: Close enough, I guess. [chuckles awkwardly] Wow, my first Huntsman mission.

[Elm then comes into view, shoving Marrow out of the way and visually looking as if she knocked him into another reality. She then scrolled the hologram rapidly before stopping it on another job.]

Elm: NEXT! A massive Sabyr is loose in the Mantle sewers! We need two brave warriors to flush it out!

[Everyone else's hands then went back up in the air, and Jaune looked around desperately.]

Jaune: Wh- But- Why didn't I get a choice for that one?!

[The rest of the group began laughing in response. Weiss took a step back, accidentally bumping into Alan. The both of them blushed then awkwardly chuckled at one another.]

Major Events[]

  • Teams RWBY and JNR get their Huntsman licenses. Alan is offered one by General Ironwood, but turns it down.
  • Ostrush, Geode, Crashhopper debut.

Simplicitrix Debuts[]

  • Ostrush
  • Geode
  • Crashhopper


  • Alan Nomaly
  • Ruby Rose
  • Weiss Schnee
  • Blake Belladonna
  • Yang Xiao Long
  • Jaune Arc
  • Nora Valkyrie
  • Lie Ren
  • Qrow Branwen

Atlas Personnel[]

  • General James Ironwood
  • Winter Schnee
  • Penny Polendina


  • Clover Ebi
  • Harriet Bree
  • Marrow Amin
  • Elm Ederne
  • Vine Zeki


  • Jacques Schnee


  • Geist
  • Sentinels

Aliens Used[]

  • NRG
  • Ostrush (debut)
  • Geode (debut)
  • Crashhopper (debut)