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A10 Absorbat.png
General Information
Species Vepsere
Planet Tilio
Body Type Humanoid Bat
Powers Bodily Fluid Absorption
Enhanced Hearing
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Ability
Prehensile Feet
Weaknesses Weaker Than Whampire
High Frequency Sounds
Sonic Sounds
Debut TBA

Absorbat is the Simplicitrix's DNA sample of a Vespere from Tilio.


Absorbat looks like a giant, humanoid bat. His fur is dark brown, and his wings are tan. The insides of his large ears are pink. He wears grey pants with red ruffles at the top. His eyes are red but are pink in the center. His wings and ears both have dark red veins on them. He wears the Simplicitrix symbol on his left pectoral.

Two-Face Absorbat[]

Two-Face as Absorbat is negative on his left side, giving him silver and white pants-halves, and making his fur completely blue on the left side.


  • Absorbat can absorb the bodily fluids of his victims. Absorbat's absorption powers do not rival that of Whampire's, though, as Whampire absorbs life energy entirely. However, he makes up for that with the fact that absorbing bodily fluids doesn't kill a victim right away, and can be used as a means of torture instead.
  • Absorbat can fly almost silently.
  • Absorbat has sharp fangs.
  • Absorbat gas enhanced hearing, strength, and agility.
  • Absorbat has echolocation.
  • Absorbat has prehensile feet.


  • Absorbat is weaker than Whampire in regards to his absorption powers, as Whampire absorbs life energy, and Absorbat only absorbs bodily fluids.
  • Absorbat is blind and is completely reliant on echolocation.
  • Absorbat's sensitive ears are weak to high frequency sounds, or the sonic screams of Echo-Echo or Blitzwulf.






  • Absorbat's name is a mix of the words "absorb" and "bat."
  • Absorbat's species name comes from the first part of the Latin word for bat, "vespertilio." His planet name comes from the latter half of the same word.


  • Absorbat's design is based off of the DC villain, Man-Bat.
  • Absorbat's powers and bat-like appearance are similar to that of Snooty, Experiment 277 from Lilo & Stitch. However, Snooty just absorbed mucus, whereas Absorbat absorbs all bodily fluids.
  • Absorbat lacks the instinctive need to feed that Whampire has, making him a bit easier to control.
General Information