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A New Approach is the second episode of The RWBYA Adventures.


[Clover used his fishing rod to swing between buildings and dodge Mechasaurus' attacks. He jumped to the roof of a building then whipped around, sending the rod's hook down towards the ground. Harriet ran towards the hook, generating yellow electricity as she did, then grabbed the hook and ran it through the handles on his ankles, causing him to trip amd fall as he went to move. Clover jumped back down to join the others.]

Clover; GIve up now and we won't have to resort to lethal force. This'll all be easier if you cooperate.

Mechasaurus: Yeah. I heard that one before.

[Mechasaurus lifted his tail and smashed it into the ground, knocking the Ace-Ops down, then tapped the Simplicitrix. The device's red flash was soon replaced by a thick, reddish-black smoke that blocked the view of the Ace-Ops. A figure jumped from the other side, making their way around a corner and running down the street. The figure wore a primarily brown and tan cowboy get up, and had red canisters strapped to his chest. His face was covered in a white plague doctor mask with red lenses, and his cowboy hat bore the Simplicitrix, revealing the figure to be the transformation Chemarro.]

[Chemarro reached under his coat and pulled out a black and red gun then placed it to the beak of his mask. As he did so, the high pitched sound of pressurized air was heard before he pulled it away and pointed it to the ground. Firing the gun, he was shot high up into the air by the pressurized air bullet. Landing on a rooftop, he did so again, jumping up to a higher roof before examining the underside of the iceberg floating above Mantle.]

Chemarro: Transport to Atlas, huh?

[Chemarro suddenly whipped around as he heard someone behind him, seeing Clover had arrived.]

Clover: Any particular reason you decided to run?

Chemarro: I like doing things of my own accord. Apprehended by law enforcement and having to go through all those trials and tribulations doesn't exactly fall under that.

Clover: I'm sorry, but things here don't exactly work that way.

Chemarro: Looks like we'll have to keep fighting then. Just kidding. I'll make this quick.

[Chemarro once again refilled his gun, an icy vapor coming from his mask as he did. He then aimed it at Clover and fired. Clover pulled out the fishing rod and shot the hook out, blocking the bullet in a split second and causing it to richochet back to Chemarro, hitting him in the head and freezing half his face before the Simplicitrix forced him back to human as he fell down unconscious.]

Clover: Looks like luck wasn't on your side. [puts hand to earpiece] Ace-Ops, I've got him. Requesting prisoner transport. We're gonna wanna go with this one.

[Not long later, Alan woke up sitting in a prisoner transport airship. Harriet was piloting with Elm being her co-pilot, and across from Alan sat Clover, Vine, and Marrow. Alan then noticed his hands were bound to either side of him by separate bolases. He attempted to pull his arms away but stopped and looked up as Vine spoke.]

Vine: We attempted to remove your gauntlet, though when that seemed futile, we decided on just binding your arms separately.

Clover: Can't have you transforming like that again while we're trying to transport you.

Alan: ...Yeah. I understand. Too bad you don't understand exactly how this thing works.

[Alan shifted his wrist and hit the core against the seat he was in, allowing him to transform. When the red light disappeared, Alan was in the form of a humanoid bug with a green underbelly and face, and black shell on his back. From his face protruded gigantic, red, compound eyes. He had six stubby blue arms and his legs were the same color.]

Graphic Violets: GRAPHIC VIOLETS!

[From Graphic Violets' back shell protruded two blue wings that began flapping, but then Marrow snapped his fingers and pointed at him.]

Marrow: STAY!

[Graphic Violets slowed almost to a halt, groaning in an attempt to fight Marrow's Semblance. Suddenly, the Ace-Ops were surprised by the sudden hole in the ceiling, not made by something breaking in, but something breaking out. Looking at Graphic Violets, he appeared to shimmer purple before disappearing, revealing him to be an ultraviolet clone. The real Graphic Violets flew above the ship before getting ahead of it. Flying towards Atlas, he stopped when he realized he was being surrounded by Atlesian airships. Clover's voice suddenly boomed from the prisoner ship he was originally on.]

Clover: I'd suggest coming back to the ship. The air fleet won't hesitate if you keep this up.

[Weighing his options and looking around, Graphic Violets headed back for the prisoner ship and flew back in through the hole he made.]

Graphic Violets: Fine. I'll go with you on one condition.

Harriet: You're not in a position to make demands.

Graphic Violets: I'm always in a position to make demands.

Clover: What do you want?

Graphic Violets: No binds. If we're gonna do this then I'm doing it without being restricted.

[Clover pondered this for a moment before responding.]

Clover: Fine. No binds.

[Graphic Violets nodded before hitting the Simplicitrix and transforming into Smack-Magic. He clapped his hands together then placed them to the ceiling, repairing the large hole he made before becoming human again.]

[The Ace-Ops surrounded Alan as they walked the chalk-white halls of Atlas Academy. At almost every intersection Alan noticed groups of Atlesian guards either stationed or walking around.]

Alan: Security around here is... rather tight.

Clover: That's how a lot of things have been since the Fall of Beacon.

Alan: ...I'm just gonna pretend I know what that means.

[The group came to a halt in a circular room with a high ceiling. Across the room was an identical hallway to the one they just exited. To one side was a room with four elevators, while the other side had a large staircase leading up to a closed door. Clover turned to Alan with a confused look.]

Clover: You don't know about the Fall of Beacon?

Alan: It's a long story.

[Before Clover could question him further, the door at the top of the staircase opened up, with the heroes coming out and down to the Ace-Ops and Alan. They were followed by General Ironwood, Winter Schnee, and Penny.]

Yang: Well, there's the runaway.

Alan: Technically I stayed in the same place.

Clover: You know these people, General?

General Ironwood: Indeed. The students here fought during the Fall of Beacon, and Qrow here is an associate of mine.

Clover: I see. In that case, I must apologize for the miscommunication down in Mantle. I-

[Suddenly, Elm pushed her way past Clover and Marrow and began frantically shaking Ruby's hand, accidentally flailing her about in the air.]

Elm: I feel so bad, honestly! If we had known who you were, we'd be laughing over a hot meal right now and--

[Partway through her second sentence, Elm dropped the now-dizzy Ruby on the floor.]]

Ruby: I understand. You were just following orders.

[Ruby got to her feet, groaning, only to be spun around by Weiss.]

Weiss: I mean, you could have asked us some questions first.

Marrow: Questions are for the weak. But we're all on the same team now. Not that I'm happy about it.

[Alan leaned his head back to see Marrow's tail wagging about.]

Alan: ...You're not very convincing, y'know?

[Marrow quickly reached his hand back and grabbed his tail, much to the amusement of Harriet.]

Clover: We just wanted to say we're sorry. And that we're looking forward to working with you on our next mission. You might be students, but you've been fighting just as hard as we have, if not harder.

Harriet: Exactly why I'm looking forward to seeing what you kids can do.

Vine Zeki: Not everything's a competition, Hare.

[Penny slids in front of Ruby, throwing her hands up in excitement.]

Penny: C'mon! Let me show you around campus.

[Penny began leading RWBY, JNR, and Oscar down a hall, while Alan looked confused.]

Alan: Wh- Bu... Didn't we just come from that hallway?

Vine: Actually, [points to the other hallway] that's the one we came from.

Alan: Wh-Wh... Why does everything in this school look the fucking same?

[Disgruntled, Alan followed the others down the hallway. Penny lead Alan, Team RWBY, Team JNR, and Oscar through various hallways, the group becoming more and more tired as the tour goes on.]

Penny: So that way's the cafeteria, and that way is the training rooms. Oh, and over there are the classrooms!

[Ruby stretched, yawning loudly. The group coame to a stop, with everyone looking exhausted. Nora leaned against Ren, asleep on her feet.]

Ruby: This all looks great, Penny. But where are we staying?

Penny: Remember, you're in Atlas now. As the most well-funded school on Remnant, every team at Atlas Academy gets their own room! And if that wasn't enough--

Ren: So we're staying in the dorms?

Penny: It'll be just like Beacon again!

[The group collectively groaned, and Nora collapsed to the floor, Alan's face dropping.]

Alan: I knew there was a reason I didn't go to college.

[With Team RWBY set up in one room, and Team JNR and Oscar in another, Alan stood in the hallway and Penny approached.]

Penny: Alan, yes? I'm pleased to make your acquaintance! I see you don't have a team, perhaps I can get a personal room ready for you?

Alan: That's nice, Penny, but I think I wanna talk with Team RWBY for a bit. I need to get caught up to speed.

Penny: Oh, of course!

[Penny stepped away and Alan knocked on the semi-closed door to Team RWBY's dorm.]

Alan: You guys decent in there?

Ruby: Yeah, come on in.

[Alan stepped into the room, seeing Team RWBY had changed into Atlas Academy pajamas which consisted of white shirts and black pants. The room was a decent size, with one wall having a closet, television screen, and small desk with a mirror. The other wall had four beds integrated into it in a similar manner to bunkbeds with a single ladder in the middle.]

Yang: What's up?

Alan: What was the talk with the general about?

Ruby: He's planning on launching a communications tower.

Weiss: He'll use it to warn the entire world about Salem.

Alan: And Salem's the evil, immortal bitch we're fighting against, yeah?

Blake: That's about right.

Alan: Warning the entire world about that all at once sounds... intense. Potentially dangerous.

Weiss: You're not wrong. Something like that could bring the attention of a lot of Grimm with all the negative emotions.

Alan: I have a distaste when it comes to military. I can't say there isn't a benefit to doing this but... It almost seems too risky.

[The others nodded, the five of them sitting in silent agreement for a few moments.]

Blake: So...

Yang: Is there anything else?

Alan: ...I'm in an alternate universe where I don't know anyone, really. I... kinda don't wanna sleep by myself.

Weiss: Not sure if you've noticed, but there's only four beds, and five of us.

Alan: I'll make do.

[Alan walked over to the closet.]

Alan: I'm sure there's some extra blankets or some shit in he- [gets cut off as he opens the closet and falls to the floor with a bunch of pillows and blankets covering him] ...That'll do.

[The others rolled their eyes as Alan put a thumbs up out of the pile, then had his arm collapse from exhaustion.]

Major Events[]

  • Chemarro and Graphic Violets debut.

Simplicitrix Debuts[]

  • Chemarro
  • Graphic Violets


  • Alan Nomaly
  • Ruby Rose
  • Weiss Schnee
  • Blake Belladonna
  • Yang Xiao Long
  • Jaune Arc
  • Nora Valkyrie
  • Lie Ren
  • Qrow Branwen
  • Oscar Pine

Atlas Personnel[]

  • General James Ironwood
  • Winter Schnee
  • Penny Polendina


  • Clover Ebi
  • Harriet Bree
  • Marrow Amin
  • Elm Ederne
  • Vine Zeki

Aliens Used[]

  • Mechasaurus
  • Chemarro (debut)
  • Graphic Violets (debut)
  • Smack-Magic


  • Graphic Violets' appearance was originally going to be either Jetray or Astrodactyl.