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A10 6SixSicks.png
General Information
Species Hermora
Planet Bolag Mal
Body Type Four-Legged Snake
Powers Social Manipulation Skills
Enhanced Strength
Prehensile Neck
Prehensile Tail
Sharp Teeth
Sharp Teeth
Weaknesses Evil Personality
Debut TBA

6SixSicks is the Simplicitrix's DNA sample of an Hermora from the planet Bolag Mal.


6SixSicks is a snake-like alien with four legs. His limbs each have five joints, giving them a strange appearance. His neck and tails are both very long, and he has two round eyes on either side of his head. 6SixSicks wears the Simplicitrix symbol on his chest.


When Alan becomes 6SixSicks, he basically becomes an entirely different person. While Highbreed and Dalek-Ten are egotistical and consider everyone else below them, and while Rath is extremely volatile, 6SixSicks is the opposite of whatever the user is. For example, Alan turns from his comical and good-natured self into a social manipulator and more inclined to evil.


  • 6SixSicks has the ability to manipulate his opponents into doing whatever he wants them to do, as opposed to hypnosis or possession.
  • 6SixSicks has enhanced strength.
  • 6SixSicks' neck and tail are both prehensile.
  • 6SixSicks has sharp teeth and claws.


  • 6SixSicks has an evil personality, which means he does the opposite of what Alan would normally do in a given situation. This means he has to be used extremely strategically in order to use him properly.






  • 6SixSicks' name is a play on "666," a number associated with Satan.
  • 6SixSicks' species name comes from Hermaeus Mora, a Daedric Prince from The Elder Scrolls franchise, associated with forbidden knowledge and has been portrayed as having tentacle-like appendages.
  • 6SixSicks' planet name is a spoonerism of Molag Bal, a Daedric Prince from The Elder Scrolls franchise, associated with domination and enslavement, and was responsible for creating the vampires of the franchise.


  • 6SixSicks was inspired by Evile, Experiment 627 from Lilo & Stitch.
  • 6SixSicks' snake-like appearance coupled with his manipulative personality is an unintentional nod to Satan, as Satan, while in a serpent form, manipulated Eve into eating from the Tree of Knowledge. This parallel is also strengthened by the fact 6SixSicks' species name references Hermaeus Mora, who holds forbidden knowledge.