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Alan's Entry
Oh. Yes. Hi. I haven't done shit in ages, have I? Oops. Well, I suppose I should give a little update on all the projects that people know I have, sans The Alan 10 Adventures cause that's my main thing.

Alanomaly's Doctor Who

This is supposed to have three seasons, and I've got all three planned, with probably some adjustments to make here and there, and I've only got like a little bit of the first episode done. It'll happen, but I'm not sure when. When it does, it'll be done on the wiki where Alan 10 is happening.


I started writing the rewrite of Batman & Robin a while back but haven't really gotten back into it just yet. This is probably gonna be the longest project cause I planned a lot for it. It's in the same boat with Doctor Who, where I'll do it, not sure when, and it'll be done on my wiki as well.

Færy Tæl

I announced this one back in 2016. It was supposed to be a spin-off focusing on the Alan 10 character, Alexis Dwyer, and was supposed to deal with the mythical creatures of Fæ. I don't really have an update on this one. It may happen. It may not happen. I'm not quite sure. It depends on how Alan 10 goes.

Ben 10 Theory

Haha nope. Half the shit I wanted to do for it was stuff that's more than likely gonna be done in CaT's biology series, and he's a hell of a lot better at that subject than I am.

I think that's pretty much it for the side projects. Now, onto the main one.

It's been over a year since the last episode of The Alan 10 Adventures. I have hit the biggest dry spell of writing. I tried forcing myself to write the episode that was supposed to be next, My Dear Nemuina, but it wasn't working. So, I decided to reschedule the episodes so that Magnetic Personality happens first. Luckily, nothing in particular happens in either episode that makes it so they can't be switched, so I'm fine doing this. And I also managed to get a lot of the latter done in a faster time than it took me to get some of the former done. So, I'll give you a little sneak peek for Magnetic Personality.


[The scene was dark.]

Gravelly voice: What's happening here is not normal.

[The scene opened up with an overhead view of a body on a table. The body was black with pink designs on the hands, feet, chest, and shoulders. It had no head. On the center of the chest was the Simplicitrix. The body was strapped down to the table, struggling to get free.]

Gravelly voice: It's extraordinary.

[A man, whose details are not shown, was seen attaching tubes to the sides of the Simplicitrix. After attaching them, red energy shout out of the Simplicitrix and hit his hands. His hand changed to have red skin, and his five fingers turned into three orange ones. Two large, white wings grew out of his back. Two antennae shot out of the top of his head, poking through his hair. His face was then shown, having two, large, green compound eyes on his normal human face. He threw himself against a desk, and his hands slid across it, throwing all the papers on it onto the floor. His jacket ripped off.]

[The scene went black. It opened back up with Devin wrapping his arms around the upper arms of a red Tetramand in golden armor. Then it changed to Alan in his Deadpool outfit riding on the hood of a NASCAR. A dark grey Petrosapien in a purple and orange outfit held Mason by the neck before throwing him. Alexis' eyes were seen glowing a bright blue. With sword in hand, Jessica, also in her Deadpool outfit, was shown lunging at a white Piscciss Volann. Just before the sword hit, the scene went black again and the episode title appeared.]


[The scene opened back up with Alan in his Deadpool outfit driving a police car.]

Pride (voice): What's your genius escape plan this time?

Alan: You'll see.

[Alan's phone began ringing. He pulled it out and answered.]

Alan: Arthur Curry's Dry Cleaning, how may I help you?

Jessica (voice): Where are you right now?!

Alan: Uh... the soup store?

[Alan suddenly jerked the car's wheel.]


[The car was then seen having flipped over the side of the bridge, slowly making its way down into the river below as Pride screamed. The scene cut away.]

Magnetic Personality2.png

Episode art by Ebomnitrix.