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10 Tiny Details You May Have Missed is an upcoming episode of The Top 10 Adventures.


I'd like to think I do a good job at foreshadowing things, even if it's describing a seemingly unimportant object for somewhere later on. Or a line of dialogue that gets pushed under the rug almost immediately even if it holds a lot of weight. Those kinds of details are the kind I'll be talking about in this list. I'll be covering details that have been followed up on, ones that are just easter eggs, and even bringing attention to details that no one seems to have picked up on yet.

The title for this episode is also a bit different because I'd like to do more than one of these, so this isn't necessarily the top 10, just a set of 10 tiny details you may have missed in The Alan 10 Adventures.

10 Tiny Details You May Have Missed[]

It's Always Sunny in Locus Carceran[]

In The Annihilators Part 1, Excambalir checks into Locus Carceran for a meeting with Starbeard, who we find out is actually a friend of his. Locus Carceran is effectively like the Incarcecon of Ultimate Alien, being a prison inside the Null Void, but instead of just randomly being thrown into there, it's actually one of several Null Void facilities meant to act as proper, civilized areas for prisoners to be held, and each one has the ability to transport guests, and sometimes prisoners, to Starbeard.

Well, when Excambalir is waiting to be called to meet Starbeard, he overhears a conversation being had by a Merlinisapien, Piscciss Volann, and Aetherisapien (or Petrosapien, whichever). The conversation they have is about the events of The Trial of Alan Nomaly, wherein Alan defeated Starbeard in combat to earn his right to keep the Simplicitrix, which is exactly what Excambalir was going to discuss with Starbeard. These three aliens actually are named after the three main characters of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Dennis the Merlinisapien, Charlie the Aetherisapien, and Mac the Piscciss Volann.

The Dating Game[]

In the third episode of The Alan 10 SkitsFreezerburnt, there's a skit called The Alan 10 Dating Sim, wherein the audience gets to choose between dating Alexis, Jessica, or Pride. And by choose, I mean the skit dictates the audience chooses Pride who proceeds to take out his tentacles for some sinister, nefarious purpose. Now, while The Alan 10 Skits is a non-canon series, Jessica says an interesting line of dialogue.

Jessica: Jessica Nietzsche, total badass in an indestructible Deadpool suit. Totally won't leave you for some manipulative vampire or anything like that. [becomes annoyed] What? I said I won't leave you for a manipulative vampire!

At the time of releasing the episode, this seemed... quite random. However, after the fact, the episode Alan Normally would go on to be released. The dialogue in The Alan 10 Dating Sim actually foreshadows Jessica being manipulated by Samael Missbrauch at the expense of Alan, even though it misidentifies him as a Vampire instead of a Mesmer, both of which exist in the series.

The More Faces Change[]

One of the more notable, yet mysterious, characters in The Alan 10 Adventures is the Agent. A Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, the most notable thing about the Agent is the fact his current incarnation, the Eighth Agent, looks like Alan. Even the Agent himself comments on this after regenerating in Alan 10, and seems absolutely bewildered by the fact he looks this way. When Time Lords regenerate, they have essentially any possibility regarding what they'll look like in their next incarnation, though it so far tends to be all human-looking.

That said, it seems nigh impossible that a Time Lord could have the same face twice. But that is exactly what happened with the Agent. As we learn in the final credit scene of RWBYA, the Agent is actually a human, an alternate version of Alan, who somehow came into the posession of a TARDIS and gained the favor of the Time Lords. In doing so, he strikes a deal with the Time Lords that his family will forget about him, while also being protected by the Time Lords, in exchange for allowing the Agent to become a Time Lord. The logistics of this, not to mention the fact the Time Lords even went along with it at all, are confusing, but not nearly as much as the fact the Agent got a repeat face in a process that shouldn't have any repeat faces.

By Star's Grace[]

Continuing with the Agent, but heading back to Locus Carceran, we actually see a small interaction between the Agent and Excambalir, wherein they accidentally bump into each other while walking through the hallway, Excambalir heading towards Starbeard, and the Agent away from Gearo. Now, when this happens, the Agent realizes who Excambalir is and what he's up to, and uses his sonic device to make a hologram of a weird facility.

The hologram is actually of the Annihilators base, as it can be easily figured out the Agent has at some point in his past interacted with the Annihilators of the future. Originally, this facility was going to be Locus Carceran, but seeing as how he's in Locus Carceran, it doesn't really make sense for him to pull up a hologram of it. Granted, randomly pulling up the Annihilators base as a hologram is also pretty weird, but not as weird as the other.

Something in the Woods[]

Heading way back to the beginning, we're looking into The Start of a New Adventure. When Alan somehow manages to flee his house to get out of having to explain the Simplicitrix, he heads to the treeline and stays there for a moment. The Agent, in his first incarnation, hides and scares Alan into turning into Mole-Stache for a short time before wandering off. After Alan changes back, he ends up being scared by... something else. Now, this has yet to be followed up on, so I can't actually say what it is, but I can say that it's not the only time we've had something like this. Two episodes later, in Learning the Ropes, there's actually rustling in the bushes around the time Alan and Alexis leave the woods, so there's obviously something out there, lurking.